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The New Robin
Chapter 4 - The New Robin
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

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Robin pulls into the bat cave and parks his Robin Cycle in his usual spot and dismounts.

Batman is sitting naked at the bat computer typing in reports he looks towards Robin.

Robin is looking at Batman with a sexy grin on his handsome face.


“Well you must have had fun I know that they don’t lets kids stay up this late.”


“The meeting only lasted an hour I rode to Metropolis on my Robin Cycle to pick up a surprise for you.”


“A surprise for me well where is it?”

Robin lowers his briefs and points his finger to his penis area.

Batman’s mouth hangs open and a dreamy look cast over his handsome face in no time his penis goes to full erection.


“Oh yeah that’s a very nice surprise my cocks rock you got me good!”

Robin smiles and walks to his and Batman’s hidden room door he turns towards Batman and gives the come hither motion with his finger.

Batman jumps up from his chair and walks fast.

Robin steps inside the room follow fast by Batman.

Robin switches on the occupied light for the outside so Batman and he will not be bothered.

Robin tells Batman to lay down on the bed and watch him strip naked.

Batman runs to the bed and jumps in lays back and watches Robin do a very sexy strip for him.

Robin’s strip act put Batman in a dreamy stupor after Robin made his pecs indent rapidly flexed his very round beefy biceps and turned around and did with his very muscled buttocks a stripper like shimmy.

When Robin turned around from that his penis was in full erection.

Which put Batman’s mind into a sexual desire spell Batman’s eyes glue to Robin’s silver speckled penis.

Robin grinning seeing Batman stroking his penis and the dreamy look in his eyes.

Robin climbs into the bed with Batman and goes straight to his penis and starts sucking around the head.

Batman moans with pleasure then Robin goes to drawer and takes out the lube.

Robin starts slicking his rock hard cock and then his middle finger he puts the lube down and inserts his slippery finger deep into Batman’s hot asshole his main weakness Batman moans loud with deep pleasure.

Batman is totally in Robin’s power as Robin moves his finger back and forth.

Robin grabs Batman’s wide muscular spread legs and pulls him towards himself.

Robin then drapes both of Batman’s muscled lower legs over both his shoulders.

Robin picks up the lube and slicks up Batman’s throbbing cock then throws the lube aside.

Batman grabs an over stuffed pillow beside him and sticks it under his ass.

Robin sticks the head of his hard cock to Batman’s asshole and inserts it slowly.

Batman moans with very deep pleasure Robin just stuck his fat hard 9-inch cock into his main weak zone.

Robin starts pumping Batman in a slow rhythm and jacking Batman’s cock.

Batman’s eyes are half closed and in a very dreamy looking state.

Robin wraps his fist around both of Batman’s balls and then buries his cock as far as it will go into Batman.

Robin pushes the red button on the shocker cock ring.

Batman’s eyes go wide open and are very shocked looking.



Batman tries to push Robin back and out of his asshole but Robin has a death grip on Batman’s balls.




“To take all your power away Batman I’m going to shock pump your asshole until your lights go out!”

Batman’s strength drains out of him rapidly Robin makes sure to keep his cock buried deep and not let go of Batman’s balls.

It works Batman is trapped his well-rounded pecs indent hard at his nipples and make big circles his handsome head is jerking wildly.

Batman’s eyes are blinking rapidly in a shock like fashion and his penis has gone completely limp.




“Oh yeah Batman I’m taking all your power away all that muscle power of yours fading away I even took the power out of your bat penis it’s good and limp.”

Robin can tell Batman’s power is draining fast he lets go of Batman’s balls and picks up his limp penis and shakes it back and forth.

Then Robin grabs both of Batman’s arms and pulls him in a sitting up position Robin puts Batman in a bear hug.



Robin can see that Batman is almost completely powerless he keeps his cock still and starts skull fucking him.


“Where is all your power Batman? I will tell you where it is I have your power Batman I can feel your great power inside of me my hard cock is sucking all the power out of you!”

Batman has become to weak to speak Robin’s malice words paralyzing his mind all his muscle man power almost totally and completely gone.


“I think I’m going to cum hard Batman my shooting shock cum will destroy you!”

Robin’s last words of skull fucking and the shocking put Batman’s lights out.

Batman fell into deep darkness never in his entire life until now has his mind been completely drained of all power.

Robin pushes the button on the shocker cock ring it stops shocking Batman.

He lifts Batman off of his hard cock and throws him down on his back.

Robin goes to his utility belt and pulls out all of the items the Riddler gave him.

He takes the blind fold and puts it around Batman’s eyes and ties it firm.

He doesn’t know when Batman will be waking up but his cock is rock hard and throbbing.

Robin is totally in the power of the mind control drug but something about him falling into a trap and all of his power mind and body fucked and pounded out of him.

And then being webbed up in a sexual trap that rendered him totally submissive had a powerful negative effect on his mind.

Robin gets back into the bed he looks to see where the relax spray drug is then he rolls Batman over.

Batman’s does not move his breathing steady Robin puts his still hard penis back into Batman.

Robin starts pumping slowly sexual images flooding his mind.

But the one that takes control is the muscle bound to handsome and hung Alpha being fucked into a total and completely power drain shock stupor.

Robin starts pumping the still very out cold Batman faster as his mind replays Alpha’s muscled arms and legs limp no power impaled on the very handsome muscled out Omega’s huge cock.

Robin can see the pain and shocked look on Alpha’s face when Omega pulled his huge cock all the way out then slamming it back in making Alpha’s huge 14-inch cock go limp and completely drained of all it’s power.

Robin’s mind replaying the entire images of Omega turning Alpha into a weak submissive hung muscle man.

Robin pumps the out cold Batman faster and faster as his mind floods with images of Alpha stuttering making the dominant Omega aware that he had taken away all of his power.

Robin starts to ejaculate hard inside of Batman.

Robin’s muscled ass flexes to the max and goes forward hard as load after load of his hot cum shoots deep into Batman.

When Robin is finished climaxing he pulls his still rock hard cock out of the zapped out cold Batman and turns him on his back.

Robin picks up the relax spray drug and lays next to Batman.

His mind still playing Alpha’s complete mind total power drain over and over.

An hour later Batman starts to wake he is very groggy and weak.

Robin starts spraying a very weak Batman with the Relax drug.

Batman stuttering



“Fucking your world up Batman yeah breath this cool drug in that’s right inhale it!”

Batman does inhale the relax drug and soon he is breathing steady and is completely relaxed and in it’s power.

Robin removes the blindfold and looks into Batman’s eyes his pupils are pen points and glazed over.


“How do you feel Batman me taking all your power away and then drugging you?”


“You had your reasons old chum I love you no matter what.”

Like the Riddler said Batman is in a complete relaxed state of mind.

Robin picks up the mind control drug.


“Now Batman I’m going to put another drug into you but you don’t mind do you?”


“No old chum whatever you want to do is fine by me.”

Robin inserts the mind control drug deep into Batman and soon his mood changes from completely relaxed to troubled.



Batman goes silent.


“Feeling strange Batman are you?”

Robin grins a devils grin and goes to the recorder and pushes the play button.


“Batman this is the Riddler your new master you will obey my commands and you will do as Robin tells you to do you will obey!”


“Yes my master Riddler I will obey.”

Robin turns off the recorder and puts it in a leather sack he has pulled from the closet.

He reaches in and pulls out one of Batman’s costumes and boots.


“Batman can you stand up?”


“Yes I think I can stand.”

Batman gets up from the bed and stands a very drugged look upon his handsome face.


“Batman put this costume on and your boots.”

Batman puts his costume on and his boots when he is done he is in full hero etire.

Robin puts all the lose items in the leather bag.


“Ok Batman you and I are going to our master the Riddler I will drive us you sit on my side.”


“Yes Robin I will obey.”

Both Robin and Batman walk out the door to their room and go to the bat mobile and get in.

Robin on Batman’s side Batman on Robin’s.

Robin starts the bat mobile and drives out of the bat cave fast.

In no time both mind controlled heroes’ Batman and Robin pull into the driveway of the Riddler’s new hide out.

The Riddler and Alpha and Omega with wide spread grins on their faces.


“Robin pull the bat mobile all the way into the plant.”

Robin does as he is told and pulls the bat mobile all the way into the old abandon plant.

Omega pulls the door down and locks it.


“Ok you two muscle bound heroes’ jump out of the bat mobile.”

Both Batman and Robin do as told and are out of the bat mobile in no time.

Both the Riddler and Omega go to Batman the Riddler juts forward and rubs his now going very erect penis all over Batman’s bulge.

The Riddler lets out his usual high-pitched laugh.

Omega cups and squeezes Batman very muscle out buttocks both the Riddler and Omega are very happy.

Alpha walks up to Robin and starts stripping him naked when he is done he clears his throat and looks at the Riddler.


“Robin you will obey Alpha for now you will do whatever he tells you to do unless I say different you will obey correct?”


“Yes Master I will obey Alpha unless you say different.”

The Riddler and Omega walk a very mind controlled Batman to a place deep inside the hide out and is gone.

Alpha inserts his huge member between Robin’s ass crack and tells him to walk Robin obeys.

Mean while a confused Dick Grayson aka NightWing sits down on one of the steps that Alfred uses and wonders why Robin is driving the bat mobile instead of Batman.

End of part 4            David Circe.

Batman Robin NightWing Alfred and The Riddler Belong to DC Comics. This is work of adult fan art. No Copyright infringement intended. The Villain’s Alpha and Omega are my creation.

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