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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion
Chapter 5 - Venom Flood - 5
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion, Part 5.

Hypnotic Scorpion smiles seeing both Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp hanging before him all their power almost completely drained helpless defeated very conquered.

Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis and testicle’s very shrunk shriveled up Alpha Wasp’s Stinger penis still rock hard and sticking straight upwards and just inside Superpower Wasp’s mouth.

Superpower Wasp’s nipples and fingers dripping multi-colored venom’s from his stinger’s melted down all his venom are very neutralized wiped out.

He laughs a evil laugh and walks out of his S&M room with a can of re-powering scorpion nectar in his hand to drink for a good high he’s feeling great!

With the 5-year death match champion and the X-super mutant top captain of the allied mutant protection force as his slaves he has finally done what other villain mutant’s could not do.

Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp hanging and swaying slightly each others glazed over eyes staring into darkness.

Unaware of each other both their chiseled chins resting on their upper pumped up pecs.

Meanwhile two days later still no hopeful news…

D Angel Ant walks around the large room in a dazed out of his mind state.

Omega Wasp taking out his frustrations on the super muscular incredibly handsome top captain of the allied mutant protection force thought to be a super mutant by many.

Draining the stud D Angel Ant down to 10% of his power reservoirs making him almost normal male powered.

Only he did this slowly to the awesomely handsome and super built head leader of the mutant protection force two days running.

Omega Wasp decides it’s wrong and feels the need to stop he halts the walking around the room in a power drain stupor D Angel Ant  and brakes him down.

He inserts his stinger penis into D Angel Ant which brings him out of his stupor but he is still under the all powerful wasp mutant obeying venom.

The awesomely muscle bound stud D Angel Ant looks like he has been on a drunk for a good week Omega Wasp, worked him over big time!

Omega Wasp loads him with a short time acting sleep and forget venom.

He walks the sleeping D Angel Ant over to the bed and tucks him in.

Omega Wasp goes to his communication console and calls to the Trio of Power’s main headquarters.

TopStar - “TopStar here.”

Omega Wasp - “TopStar, it is Omega Wasp any news about my love?”

TopStar - “I don’t want to get your hopes up Omega Wasp but LightningStrike may have found something he and EnergyMan each are leading a twenty solder mutant force team each.”

Omega Wasp - “Found what TopStar?”

TopStar - “Hypnotic Scorpion’s newer hover-craft has a different emission exhausts cleaner more unique vapor trail he’s tracking it and will re-port in before any action is taken.”

Omega Wasp - “That is good news! And I won’t get my hopes up but I must say I’m going crazy so worried with my love in that fiends power!”

“And it’s all over the news and they are showing the entire thing I saw it all! I almost broke down glad D Angel Ant is here with me!”

TopStar - “I know you are Omega Wasp, all of us know of the love you both have for one another!”

“We love you two deeply and more bad new we think Hypnotic Scorpion may be a super mutant, speaking of D Angel Ant may I speak with him?”

Omega Wasp - “A super mutant that’s all I need to hear! Oh sorry D Angel Ant he’s sleeping at the moment I can go wake him up for you if you want?”

TopStar - “No that’s OK Omega Wasp just have him contact me when he is up and about, chin up Omega Wasp and all my hopes! TopStar out!”

Omega Wasp tries to keep from crying! His love, his life, his Alpha Wasp, in the hands of that monster Hypnotic Scorpion a might be super mutant.

He shakes his head and goes to the kitchen and finds 4 cans of all ant mutant re-powering nectar.

Both he and Alpha Wasp have all type mutant nectar’s on hand from parties thrown over the years, a large supply was bought when D Angel Ant and Slywind Ant were together and came for regular parties.

He walks to a still sleeping D Angel Ant and creases his hair and thinks the Trio of Power’s reproduction android’s sure named you right.

This huge muscle bulked stud here is an Angel and I’m in heaven! Omega Wasp shakes him awake with smiling eyes looking at him sleeping.

D Angel Ant is groggy and disoriented Omega Wasp puts a finger to the nectar can and tips it getting some on his first finger and wipes it to D Angel Ant’s sexy full lips.

D Angel Ant eagerly licks the nectar then Omega Wasp puts the can to his mouth and tips it.

D Angel Ant swallows the nectar down fast!

D Angel Ant - “MORE!”

Omega Wasp opens another can and puts it to D Angel Ant’s lips and tilts D Angel Ant swallows down the nectar fast like he is so dry and thirsty.

D Angel Ant’s awesome muscles start to flex and his huge round pecs indent at his quarter inch long nipples making large craters.

After the third can his entire body flexes hard and his light blue eyes begin to glow slightly.

When the forth can is drank his eyes glow bright and his entire awesome muscle bound body begins to glow and every muscle flexing in no time he is fully re-powered!

D Angel Ant - “Oh yeah! That felt so good Omega Wasp you fully re-powered me what did you do fully de-power me?”

D Angel Ant starts laughing then stops as he looks at the expression on Omega Wasp’s face.

D Angel Ant - “Omega Wasp! By the look on your face I guessed it right, what did you do to me?”

Omega Wasp - “Want to see? I taped it for my love and my pleasure don’t worry no one else will see it I promise!”

D Angel Ant with his eye browls high and his eyes with a very serious look.

D Angel Ant - “You’re kidding me right?”

Omega Wasp - “No D Angel Ant you was trying really hard to zap me first I just beat you to the lightning fast insertion and all powerful wasp obey venom load!”

Omega Wasp starts frowning and looking guilty as sin D Angel Ant smiles then laughs.

D Angel Ant - “You see I told you we would work the top-top thing out, you are one of the very few that has ever stuck a stinger penis up my ass and fully de-powered me stud Omega Wasp!”

Omega Wasp - “Come on I will show all the security controls and how to check them and see to it this place is secure at all times if you get your way with me and I have a strong feeling you will!”

D Angel Ant smiling big - “Much obliged, one of the few who has penetrated me and put me totally in his power!”

They walk arm in arm to all the security control units and scrambler over ride full force control computer Omega Wasp goes over all the security controls with D Angel Ant.

Omega Wasp - “Under stand this security system now and how it works D Angel Ant?”

D Angel Ant - “Yes and thank you Omega Wasp I’ve never seen anything like it awesome protection!”

Omega Wasp - “My Alpha Wasp and I own the Main Frame Security Protect System Co. We both have high aptitudes in security ability and if we were to let go of all our other Companies we own, MFSPSC here would keeps us comfortable always no worries ever.”

D Angel Ant - “DAMN! I didn’t know how wealthy you and Alpha Wasp were I knew you both had money, didn’t know it was that much!”

Omega Wasp - “Yeah my love Alpha Wasp, Is a wizard at making money our combined wealth is staggering D Angel Ant!”

D Angel Ant - “I can’t say the same Omega Wasp, even as top captain of the allied force, it takes all I make to pay the bills and buy enough nectar to keep me going each month.”

Omega Wasp - “D Angel Ant come to work for me and hopefully my love, my life, he and I have been talking about asking you to be our live in protector and security guard.”

D Angel Ant smiling big - “After you Omega Wasp, completely de-powered me and rammed that same sized fat and long 25-inch stinger penis of your so deep in me and loaded me down with that powerful wasp mutant obey venom, you need a guard?”

Omega Wasp blushing and going rock hard - “Yes we need a full time live in security protection guard and if you decide to take the job the pay will be ten times the amount your making now as top captain and you will have the entire east wing of our home as your own and much more.”

D Angel Ant smiling big and fondling Omega Wasp’s and his rock hard stinger penises…

“But Omega Wasp I enjoy being top captain of the mutant hero force I can’t give that up to He-man Spider, I want him to take it from me with all his power should be easy for him to put me down!”

Omega Wasp - “DAMN YOU! D Angel Ant, you just put a metal image of He-man Spider working you over then webbing your shocked eyes and super powerful looking muscular body up making you act weak and helpless!”

D Angel Ant looks hard at Omega Wasp with wrinkled lips.

Omega Wasp - “Any way you wouldn’t have to D Angel Ant as top captain you would only have to have the two next to you in rank take over for short times when you are with my love and I away on business matters.”

D Angel Ant still stroking his and Omega Wasp’s hard throbbing stinger penises…

“But Omega Wasp don’t you have security android’s to guard you and forgive me Alpha Wasp?”

Omega Wasp - “We did, the newest top of the line supreme mega-power android’s with stealth protect and fun functions with scrambler defenses.”

D Angel Ant still stroking both rock hard stinger penises…

“Your kidding? Those are the android’s that can be whatever you want them to be a top a bottom more muscular less muscular taller shorter and next to the Trio of Power’s android’s in security ability too right?”

Omega Wasp’s big round pec’s indenting at his rock hard nipples feeling the incredibly all over muscle bulked D Angel Ant stroking both of their throbbing stinger penises.

Omega Wasp shakes his head and smiles big but still scanning the sexy Godlike D Angel Ant before him…

“Yes that’s the ones.”

D Angel Ant, smiling big watching Omega Wasp flexing his pinched very muscular buttocks and pumping back and forth…

“Where are they? May I see them?”

Omega Wasp frowns because he is very randy and knows that will slow to a halt but motions for D Angel Ant to stop and follow him D Angel Ant stops and follows.

They both come to a door that says Eastwing Omega Wasp shows D Angel Ant the door open numbers and they both walk in with rock hard stinger penises bobbing up and down.

D Angel Ant’s mouth hangs open as dim lights keep turning on as he looks upon the luxury of this part of the beautiful house which would be his if he takes the job.

Omega Wasp opens a sliding door and enters D Angel Ant following close behind.

Omega Wasp then claps his hands and lights above come on, in the center of this rather large empty room are all three of the mega power android’s.

D Angel Ant’s mouth and eyes both open to the MAX as he watches two fully muscular and tall mega-power android’s double dicking a fully muscled out too and as tall helpless and being worked over and a total slave to them both.

D Angel Ant with a ragging hard stinger penis…

“Who did this to them?”

Omega Wasp’s stinger penis went limp seeing the two mega power android’s at play their malice action’s to the weak acting slave android…

“Two evil spider villain’s did this to them as they stripped my love Alpha Wasp of his weapons, had him naked and doing the same thing to him you see happening to the will always be a weak acting slave mega power android it seems.”

Omega Wasp - “My love had just won a difficult match, I was following him he had Alex-1 with him he named them all, he signaled that we needed a few thing and ask if I would stop and get them I said yes.”

Omega Wasp - “My love and Alex-1 got out of the hover-craft he signaled for the other two, he liked watching them smile and hear the random greetings he and I programmed them with.”

Omega Wasp - “The two were walking towards my love and Alex-1 with big grins on their handsome faces and stopped no movement their eyes blinking fast as if they were being re-programmed.”

Omega Wasp - “Alex-1 walked in front of my love and put a force field around my Alpha Wasp and alerted him to the two intruder’s as both came out of the shadows.”

Omega Wasp - “Both were awesomely handsome and muscle bound with huge stinger penises they stood in front of my love and Alex-1 both typing keys on their gauntlet’s and pointing them at the other two now looking very helpless mega power android’s.”

Omega Wasp - “My Alpha Wasp demanded to know what they wanted but both stopped typing and just smiled as the other two of our mega power android’s came walking up one to the right and left of Alex-1.”

Omega Wasp - “Together they made Alex-1 drop his force field around my love and go to complete nude mode, then both put their first fingers to each of his ears and in seconds wipe all his programming except the total weak acting slave program.”

Omega Wasp - “My Alpha Wasp very angry started launching stinger’s but both fiend’s blocked them with web shields and hit buttons on their gauntlets and pointed at my love.”

Omega Wasp - “They scrambled his power brain thought module then stripped him totally naked had him hanging from power drain webbing and were about to destroy him when I showed up with thanks to Alex-1 two living close by mutant heroes’.”

D Angel Ant with a limp stinger penis now…

“How did you keep them from scrambling the three of your power brain thought modules?”

Omega Wasp - “Alex-1 scanned the two fiend’s venom’s and weapons before he was re-programmed and we took measures, their both very dead now!”

D Angel Ant - “Alpha Wasp made it through that all right didn’t he?”

Omega Wasp - “Physically yes he has been zapped with power brain thought scrambler before as you know it only last two minutes at the most and can be more deadly to the one who used it on the other.”

Omega Wasp - “They planned on killing my love with deadly to all wasp mutant’s complete power dryer spider venom!”

“But as you know it takes two spider mutant’s shooting both deadly loads at the same time and two minutes of pumping to complete the release loads.”

Omega Wasp - “A stinger penis or penis is the only way that deadly venom can come, my love use to try and fix our mega power android’s especially Alex-1 no use he won’t come to this area anymore unless he just has to.”

D Angel Ant - “Are you not worried about them being turned on? Is there any danger?”

Omega Wasp - “No danger they have to be mobile for 1-hour daily the two working Alex-1 over and his slave duty actions does the job.”

“All three will shut down when the hours up promise the keyed in east-wing entrance codes begin their time .”

Omega Wasp motions for D Angel Ant and both walk out of the room down the long hall and out of the eastwing of the house.

Omega Wasp’s stinger penis starts going fully erect seeing the awesomely muscle bulked and very-very handsome D Angel Ant now walking in front of him.

D Angel Ant turns towards the as well very-very handsome and almost as muscular as he is Omega Wasp and his un-cut stinger penis also goes to full erection.

Omega Wasp and he come close to each other and start kissing for a good three minutes and stroking each others stinger penises.

Omega Wasp pulls away and says…

Here is the paper work if you want the job of being our security guard.

D Angel Ant walks over to Omega Wasp’s computer desk and signs.

D Angel Ant - “All signed, I’m now your loyal protector and still your commanding officer Sergeant Omega Wasp!”

Omega Wasp - “I almost forgot TopStar said for you to contact him when you are awake.”

D Angel Ant - “When I’m awake? But I’m up and throbbing you got me! I’m totally in your power sexy Omega Wasp my conqueror!”

D Angel Ant with a very dazed look in his light blue eyes walks to his utility belt spreads his very thick muscular legs wide and bends over and pulls out his communicator and pushes a number then speaks to TopStar.

Omega Wasp looking at the incredible stud heroes’ powerful rippling buttocks his hypnotizing good looks and awesome all over muscle bulk driving him mad with desire!

Omega Wasp smiling thinking my triplepower sexual venom breath might just have tied him up again I guess, I will see soon enough.

D Angel Ant remains bent over talking on his communicator then stops and puts the devise back to his utility belt and stands up and turns toward Omega Wasp and walks back to him with a ragging hard stinger penis.

Omega Wasp also has a ragging hard stinger penis seeing the very dazed looking Godlike D Angel Ant walking to him with his fat un-cut stinger penis bobbing up and down as he walks drunk like.

D Angel Ant puts his arms around Omega Wasp’s pinched very muscular buttocks cheeks and starts kneading both.

Omega Wasp’s hands go to D Angel Ant’s very muscular neck and pulls him forward their lips and tongue’s meet.

The kissing is hot and very passionate as each strokes the others throbbing stinger penis, Omega Wasp keeps loading D Angel Ant with the triplepower sexual venom breath minute after minute!

D Angel Ant’s huge round pecs indenting rippling all over both his well made buttock’s muscles flexing and jutting forward and back his beautiful eyes looking very drugged.

Omega Wasp brakes away from D Angel Ant’s beautiful mouth and looks him over and grins big watching D Angel Ant’s entire body builder physique flexing and quivering.

His handsome head hanging down and going from side to side slowly as he moans and groans.


Omega Wasp wraps his fist around D Angel Ant’s head area of his throbbing rock hard stinger penis and leads him to the very end of the king sized bed.

Omega Wasp turns a very drugged out of his mind looking D Angel Ant, when done the fallen stud D Angel Ant is at the very foot of the king sized bed his handsome head hanging down going back and forth.

Omega Wasp lays down in the bed and spreads his very thick muscular legs wide he grabs his pulsating stinger penis at the base and works it back and forth.

D Angel Ant’s eyes glued to it as he tries to grasp and stroke his stinger penis all his muscles quivering and rippling.

Omega Wasp - “What is happening to you D Angel Ant? Tell me how your feeling.”


Omega Wasp - “Oh yeah come suck my throbbing stinger penis D Angel Ant my stud sex puppet make me cum and swallow it all down now!”

D Angel Ant acts quick and wraps his lips around the head of Omega Wasp’s rock hard throbbing stinger penis and starts sucking going up and down the shaft.

Omega Wasp starts melting and his handsome head goes back and a feeling of pure sexual pleasure flood his entire muscle bound body.

D Angel Ant stop sucking very briefly and with his long fingers spreads open Omega Wasp’s rather large stinger penis hole and darts his very powerful saliva venom dripping turned to tube tongue in and out of it going very deep.

Omega Wasp doesn’t feel the short acting B-1 muscle paralyzing venom with D Angel Ant’s lips once again working his very sensitive stinger penis head area.

But soon the venom starts to take full effect, all of Omega Wasp’s awesome muscles start to rippling and quivering, his huge round pecs dancing wildly.


The Godlike D Angel Ant stops sucking Omega Wasp’s stinger penis and stands up smiling and looking down at a un-able to move Omega Wasp.

D Angel Ant - “I felt your venom breath sexy Omega Wasp it had me dazed for a little bit but my regenerative ability put a halt to it fast, now it’s pay back time.”

Omega Wasp - “What are you going to do to me? I can’t move!”

D Angel Ant just smiles his sexy grin and with his wings fanning floats directly above the un-able to move Omega Wasp.

From D Angel Ant’s wings silver dust like particles start falling down on Omega Wasp.

His entire body from head to toe he is being coated with a dust to liquid very powerful sparkled silver texture mind control and stinger penis erection along with a few other venom’s.


D Angel Ant - “I see my silver sparkling mind control and stinger penis erection and multi venom’s is melting down all your will taking away all your ability to resist my commands!”

The sparkling silver venom covers all of a very much under it’s power Omega Wasp his fat 25-inch cut stinger penis fully erect pulsating throbbing and sparkling silver.

When this very rare and unique at first dust then turns to liquid upon contact venom which dries fast it is like a tight fitting Lycra body trap suit to the victim .

Even though full mobility is still intact, the victim thinks he’s immobile and helpless another side effect of this powerful venom.

D Angel Ant hovers down and grabs Omega Wasp’s very silver coated stinger penis and dusts uncovered areas.

Then turns him over and starts dusting Omega Wasp’s entire backside with the sparkling silver venom he moves Omega Wasp’s wings from side to side turning them to a silver sparkling pair.

Then with his long fingers he spreads Omega Wasp’s asscrack exposing the tender red asshole, it is soon a metallic silver.

When he is finished Omega Wasp is a muscle bound stud with  shocked eyes his sexy mouth hanging open very drugged looking and a beautiful metallic silver body.

Quickly all his awesome muscles start returning to normal his mobility almost normal but completely drain of all his will power.

D Angel Ant flies to a face down Omega Wasp and turns him and puts him to a sitting up position at the end of the bed, then he lands some several feet facing a very acting drugged out of his mind Omega Wasp.

D Angel Ant - “Stand up Omega Wasp and walk to me!”

Omega Wasp obeys and stands and staggers to D Angel Ant, he stops before his stud dominator.

D Angel Ant - “Omega Wasp put forth your extreme sensory antenna’s you will obey!”

Not all mutant’s have extreme sensory antenna’s but all flying insect mutant types do and many non-flying as well.

They are rarely used because a mutant from this earth must be un-able to use any of his other normal sensors for them to deploy and when made to they can be very painful or feel very good depending of the citation.

It takes a unique super powerful venom to make a mutant deploy them, D Angel Ant’s silver dust to liquid venom is such a venom.

That can break and make the victim deploy his extreme sensory antenna’s a very unique mind wrecking tool the Godlike stud D Angel has!

Extreme sensory antenna’s are and can be a hidden power source of about a 50% power reserves with acting like they have normal metal abilities.

There can never be two extreme sensory antenna’s together, even in love making, when this happens a power battle begins one pair of antenna’s will be drained senseless and into total submission to the others.

Omega Wasp is unable to fight the command with his will all drained.

Round slits appear at the upper forehead area and out come Omega Wasp’s 25-inch long black shining with small testicle like size oval tips that glow bright green his extreme sensory antenna’s.


Omega Wasp’s standing but acting drunk like his head jerking continuously his muscular arms sway back and forth and his antenna’s bobbing about his powerful pecs indenting at his rock hard fat nipples.

D Angel Ant smiles big checking out his handy work, watching the totally in his power and very glittering metallic silver hunk Omega Wasp drunk acting helpless captured completely powerless before him.

D Angel Ant’s stinger penis is throbbing and pulsating seeing Omega Wasp completely covered in his metallic silver venom he is beautiful to behold!

D Angel Ant - “Oh yeah! This is going to be so good sexy Omega Wasp and while I was talking to TopStar, I was working a cool devise at my utility belt that found the video recording unit and it has been and is taping all of this!”

D Angel Ant - “Omega Wasp my sexy silver puppet turn towards your video cam and flex all your silver coated muscles for me until I say stop!”

Omega Wasp, obeys D Angel Ant and starts flexing all his awesome muscles.

Never has he been so broke down by a venom like this very powerful dust to liquid ant mutant type.

Sure Alpha Wasp had tricked him or ask for consent to top and with his many different venom’s from the past 5-year death matches used many he obtained on Omega Wasp.

And even when Alpha Wasp was under the influence of the malice venom from MindDrain Spider and pounded and drained Omega Wasp down using his large assortment of venom’s on him.

D Angel Ant’s powerful silver mind control dust to liquid venom not only drained away the stud Omega Wasp’s will but also all his aggressive ability turning him from a total top to a complete submissive sex thirsty bottom.

D Angel Ant - “Oh yeah! My shining silver stud puppet Omega Wasp my venom that melted you down is quickly leveling off your not so drunk acting now your so willing to obey all your top feelings fading away!”

So true Omega Wasp stopped acting drunk just slightly dazed his eyes scanning the awesome muscular stud very erect and throbbing stinger penis muscle bound stud master before him.

Omega Wasp has one hand touching feeling his silver shining stinger penis the other going back and forth squeezing and pulling his rock hard silver speckling pec nipples.

D Angel Ant is going wild with desire to insert his same size fat un-cut stinger penis into Omega Wasp and start the final pay back he planned.

D Angel Ant - “Omega Wasp my beautiful silver sex puppet bend over and with your long fingers spreading your ass crack for me!”

Omega Wasp with a dazed but happy smile obeys and very fast  he is bent over his thick muscular legs spread to the Max his long fingers pulling back his ass crack exposing his sparkling silver asshole.

D Angel Ant waste no time and sticks the head of his stinger penis just outside of Omega Wasp’s silver asshole.

And his stinger penis hole opens and very forceful powerful spraying blasts of ecstasy venom go all over Omega Wasp’s asshole and deep inside.

Omega Wasp’s handsome face just smiles a drunk man’s smile as powerful sexual feelings flood his already sex hungry power brain!

D Angel Ant has to force his stinger penis into Omega Wasp’s very tight silver rectum, the sexually insane Omega Wasp moaning very loud with desire not pain.

Finally D Angel Ant’s fat stinger penis head and shaft slides inside and goes deep, Omega Wasp lets out a very loud moan of pleasure and delight!

D Angel Ant - “Now Omega Wasp my silver stud toy stand straight upward for me and start flexing your rectum and beautiful buttocks muscles.”

With a dreamy dazed and smiling big look on his handsome face Omega Wasp obeys.

D Angel Ant starts flexing all of his incredible muscles as he slowly molds and pumps a moaning and saying short feeling very good words sparkling silver Omega Wasp.

D Angel Ant slows his pumping then stops he power flexes his fat stinger penis and Omega Wasp can feel his dominator’s very huge and bubble like pecs to his venom soaked wings and muscled back.

And the Godlike stud’s fat stinger penis flexing and lifting him off the floor then down and up Omega Wasp’s pulsating stinger penis bobbing up and down along with his muscled arms and legs.

D Angel Ant smiles looking down at Omega Wasp’s throbbing very erect silver stinger penis the good sized hole is open wide an effect caused by the stinger penis erection part of the silver dust to liquid venom.

D Angel Ant - “My silver stud sex puppet your about to shoot sperm out of your stinger penis and if that happens! What your feeling will stop and go away! Is that what you want?”

Omega Wasp - “No Master! No your stinger penis feels so good so-so good it’s making me feel weaker and weaker but so-so good with each thrust please tell me how to keep that from happening PLEASE!”

On either side of D Angel Ant’s upper forehead two thick and same length 25-inches just like Omega Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s thrust out very fast giving D Angel Ant a potent good feeling rush.

The 25-inch long as well as Omega Wasp’s like his stinger penis length when fully erect with 7-inch around sized oval tips that glow bright gold.

D Angel Ant’s two almost looking the same extreme sensory antenna’s start moving towards Omega Wasp’s looks to be magnet to steel advancing to do battle extreme sensory antenna’s.

D Angel Ant starts telling a  keeps smiling then frowning slightly then smiling sparkling silver muscle bound very-very handsome completely being dominated Omega Wasp how to stop his climax.

Omega Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s and oval tips glowing bright green stop just 4-inches from D Angel Ant’s bright gold glowing extreme sensory antenna’s and oval tips.

From both of Omega Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tip’s green powerful blasts envelope and lock on to a looked to be off guard D Angel Ant’s gone stiff quivering extreme sensory antenna’s!

A shocked look goes all over the brutally handsome stud D Angel Ant’s face and eyes!

D Angel Ant’s extreme sensory antenna oval tip’s start to fade fast the gold color goes out completely and turn just black and stay stiff and quivering weak and helpless acting then stop and go stiff un-moving paralyzed looking!

Omega Wasp’s glowing very bright green extreme sensory antenna tip’s rise up above D Angel Ant’s stiff paralyzed un-moving no lights anymore extreme sensory antenna tip’s then start going down until all 4 tip’s are touching.

From Omega Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips that are touching D Angel Ant’s…

A loud power suction sound being heard while blasting green beams to D Angel Ant’s now limp swaying back and forth,  they’re being power drained extreme sensory antenna’s.

Some type of green color substance starts spraying and coating D Angel Ant’s oval extreme sensory antenna tips.


D Angel Ant starts to pump Omega Wasp in a very disorderly way, his big pecs indenting hard and constantly his beautiful blue eyes open wide looking very shocked.

D Angel Ant’s extreme sensory tip’s look like they are being sucked of power and of all mobility by Omega Wasp’s spraying  them with a green wrecking venom extreme sensory antenna tip’s.

The green spraying stops and the green blasting more intense then halts and the magnetic lock stops and...

D Angel Ant’s extreme sensory antenna’s go limp and fall down either side of a very looking stunned senseless D Angel Ant’s head.

Both D Angel Ant’s extreme sensory antenna’s quivering and trembling very weak acting.

Omega Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s do a shooting green power blast’s upward in a victory like display then head towards D Angel Ant’s weak acting and limp quivering extreme sensory antenna’s went completely dark no light in the oval tips!

Then like a magnet to steel D Angel Ant’s limp extreme sensory antenna tips go up fast and lock onto Omega Wasp’s looking all powerful extreme sensory antenna glowing very bright green oval tips.

Then two small holes open at the very tops of both D Angel Ant’s extreme sensory antenna tip’s and a suction sound starts.

As with his wings comes forth silver glitter blasting away at Omega Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna oval tips glowing bright green.

Omega Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s bright green glowing oval tips begin to fade faster and faster then stop glowing completely and just turn black.

Both start to shake and quiver acting very weak and more helpless acting then D Angel Ant’s did.

Then both go completely limp looking very drained of power.

D Angel Ant’s extreme sensory antenna’s coil around Omega Wasp’s lifeless limp antenna’s and go up and down glowing even more brighter gold then before.

Small silver electrical spikes coming from the gold extreme sensory tips coiling and going up and down Omega Wasp’s defeated extreme sensory antenna’s.

D Angel Ant’s more powerful dominate extreme sensory antenna’s the conquering victor!

Omega Wasp’s once happy sex face has turned to a shocked looking mouth hanging open eye pupils to pin points.

The very handsome muscle bound stud Omega Wasp looking to be a pounded into a senseless state of mind hero.

D Angel Ant’s victorious extreme sensory antenna’s working Omega Wasp’s very weak helpless and limp extreme sensory antenna’s over big time!

And sending D Angel Ant all of Omega Wasp’s power brain memory bank shows, some of past times he went from a top to a total bottom!

D Angel Ant begins to pump a completely dominated Omega Wasp faster he starts telling his silver stud puppet soon all his super strength and power brain power will be gone!

End of part 5………………………………David Circe.

All character in this story are my creation…………2/25/2005

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