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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion
Chapter 4 - Venom Flood - 4
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion, Part 4

Hypnotic Scorpion has Superpower Wasp bent over his awesome thick muscular legs spread to the Max the super mutant’s asshole swelling fast!


  Before capture Superpower Wasp was never known to have a weakness this was common knowledge to all.

The evening the evil Hypnotic Scorpion sent his fellow villain Herokiller Spider to slay the no weakness one.

The super mutant super bulked muscular stud hero his weakness was found his asshole by two mutants Alpha Wasp and via spy cam the evil Hypnotic Scorpion.

Hypnotic Scorpion had perfect control over the distribution of his venom’s.

He only gave Superpower Wasp enough of the expander venom to stretch his long since been super tight rectum to 7-inches around.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis head being 9-inches around with lots of venom’s as lubricant would slide right in.

Superpower Wasp bent over his head jerking up and down his words weak and broken.

Hypnotic Scorpion puts his fat stinger penis head to Superpower Wasp’s now 7-inches around asshole different venom’s shooting out of the evil villain’s penis hole as lubrication.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis slides deep into Superpower Wasp and bottoms out.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp I’m going to give you back a past memory or two an old friend of yours, I have all of your memories stored in my main computer and many within my memory banks.”


Hypnotic Scorpion removes his stinger penis from Superpower Wasp and goes around to his bent over head and lifts him up.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Stand up Superpower Wasp and spread your muscular legs for me I shot enough obey and hypnotic and mind control venom into you will obey!”

Superpower Wasp


Hypnotic Scorpion - “ SIR!  Your fully re-powered now all your super mutant super strength re-stored, your top model power brain fully functional, Top Captain Superpower Wasp! Sergeant Guard Scorpion here SIR!”

Superpower Wasp stands up fully flexing his pecs and biceps - “At ease Sergeant! Give me the situation at present!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “ Top Captain Superpower Wasp you have been attacked by a villain super mutant hornet, Nightmare Hornet he got you good before we could get him don’t worry sir he been destroyed!”

Superpower Wasp - “Very good Sergeant! But I don’t feel a thing Sergeant, where is the chief medical officer Dr. Solitaire Spider?”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “I will go get him Sir be right back!”


Hypnotic Scorpion walks out the door goes to take a pee then comes back dressed in a white lab coat and stethoscope around his neck, the door opens and he walks in.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “What is it this time a night Jazzleo!”

Superpower Wasp - “I have been injured Loneone, get over here and take care of it I will lay on this table right here!”

Superpower Wasp walks to an S&M tilt table and lays down his handsome head and eyes facing upwards thinking he is in his old friends mutant protection force fortress medical room.

Hypnotic Scorpion smiles and starts talking to Superpower Wasp, he hearing his old friend and just below his rank Solitaire Spider a very handsome and muscle bound and super mutant like himself a brown recluse spider mutant.

Most brown recluse spider mutant males are villain’s but not all, but most tend to stay to them selves after very hated sex with a mate both go to be away from each other and be alone, going out and mixing with others when only necessary.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Well Jazzleo I see nothing topside turn yourself over and let me see!”

Superpower Wasp turns his awesome muscle bound body over his fat beautiful stinger penis and huge testicles laying back behind his pinched buttocks.

Hypnotic Scorpion pulls Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis backward to it’s full limp length as if to examine it.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “I see the problem Jazzleo, looks like you got some melt down stingers to that power rectum of yours it’s swollen to about 7-inches around DAMN THAT LOOKS PAINFUL! Is it?”

Superpower Wasp - “No! Loneone I feel nothing must be some kind of venom keeping me from the pain can you fix it?

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Give me a second to get the meds and equipment.”

Hypnotic Scorpion has the venom to shrink Superpower Wasp’s very much swollen asshole but not the believe venom it will have to wear-off on it’s own.

The evil villain walks to a drawer and pulls out a fat 7-inches around and 12-inch long retractor dildoe.

This type of dildoe when pressure is applied it will shrink and keep shrinking, Hypnotic Scorpion has used this on Superpower Wasp over the five years he has had him as his captive slave.

  This dildoe making the shock shrinking less mind wrecking.

Hypnotic Scorpion shoots the shrink venom all over the dildoe head and soon has it good and slick.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “OK Jazzleo this is going to put a shock to your system prepare yourself!”

Superpower Wasp - “I’ve felt your medicines before Loneone I know what fun they can be let’s get this over with old friend!”

Hypnotic Scorpion -   “All right Jazzleo here it comes glad it’s you and not me!”

Hypnotic scorpion insert the head area of the shrink venom soaked dildoe into Superpower Wasp’s swollen rectum.

The effect is fast and starts shrinking Superpower Wasp’s swollen asshole very rapidly! This shocks Superpower Wasp senseless!


Superpower Wasp’s rectum shrinks fast around the retract dildoe and soon it is back to it’s normal size and color.

Superpower Wasp’s buttocks flexing and jutting up and down rapidly his eyes blinking rapidly then stop he’s out cold.

Hypnotic Scorpion smiles an evil smile and removes the dildoe and takes it back to a sink then walks back to the zapped senseless Superpower Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion turns Superpower Wasp over onto his back and then picks him up and bends his limp body over and slams his huge stinger penis into the taller and even more muscular Superpower Wasp!


This snaps Superpower Wasp awake he starts standing upward his eyes all drugged looking even more then before.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp work your stinger penis try to make it go fully erect you will obey!”

Superpower Wasp grabs his limp stinger penis and starts working it vibrating it nothing it won’t go erect!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Well I guess you were telling your master the truth it won’t go fully erect will it my slave Superpower Wasp?”

Superpower Wasp - “No master my stinger penis will not go erect your venom’s and huge stinger penis have paralyzed it so sorry master, I want to make you proud of me!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “I’m going to make your stinger penis go fully erect Superpower Wasp hold up your limp stinger penis by the head with your long fingers.”

Superpower Wasp obeys and with his fingers he pulls his limp stinger penis upward.

Hypnotic Scorpion puts his middle finger to the base of Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis and a one-inch long stinger goes into the main vein and pumps it with a two hour erection venom.

Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis goes fully erect fast to it’s fat 25-inches sticking upward high.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “There now my sexy super muscular slave Superpower Wasp how does that feel? Look at your beautiful rock hard stinger penis!”

Superpower Wasp looks down at his rock hard stinger penis and smiles big his damn sexy smile.

Superpower Wasp - “Oh thank you master! Thank you so much!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Your welcome slave now lets go take all that handsome muscle bound wasp mutant’s power away want to?”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes very much do I want to help you take away all that very handsome muscular wasp mutant’s power away!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp when I talk to the mutant wasp in there you can only hear malice words from my mouth only malice words!”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes master only malice type words will I hear!

Superpower Wasp in the iron like grip of the believe venom.


Hypnotic Scorpion removes his stinger penis from Superpower Wasp and they both walk back to a shut down Alpha Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s eye beams begin and they focus straight to Alpha Wasp’s blank eyes.

In no time Alpha Wasp’s normal abilities are back he stands with his muscular legs side by side looking at Superpower Wasp and his rock hard stinger penis.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp spread your muscular legs wide and bend over you will obey!”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes master I will obey!”

Alpha Wasp does as he is told quickly and is bent over looking down at the floor knowing he will soon feel pain!

Hypnotic Scorpion’s very fat stinger penis hole spurts out the three power brain zapping venom’s mind control obey and hypnotic they coat his 9-inches around stinger penis head and he slams it into Alpha Wasp fast!


Alpha Wasp’s muscular legs start to shake hard he is unable to lift himself back up as quickly as before but finally does but not all the way.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “How did that feel Alpha Wasp? Tell your master!”


Hypnotic Scorpion starts pumping Alpha Wasp slowly pulling almost out then slamming it back in then steady pumping him.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s huge stinger penis is making Alpha Wasp jut forward and back with each stroke.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp picks up this stud wasp mutant’s limp stinger penis and start sucking it, when he ejaculates swallow down his sperm supply!”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes master I will obey!”

Superpower Wasp wastes no time and picks up Alpha Wasp’s limp stinger penis and starts sucking it going up and down making the head area his main target.

In no time Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis goes to full erection the two sexual stimulation’s are zapping him senseless!

Alpha Wasp’s muscular body starts to shake all over his pinched buttocks juts forward then back his big round pecs indenting at his nice sized nipples making sunken craters.

Soon Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis starts oozing pre-cum Superpower Wasp can taste the high protein rich sperm making his suction to Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis head more stimulating and powerful!


Alpha Wasp’s entire muscle bound body jerks forward hard and load after load of his sperm shoot into an eager Superpower Wasp’s mouth and is swallowed down.

Both Hypnotic Scorpion and Superpower Wasp suck and pump Alpha Wasp as he keep shooting his sperm supply for a good two minutes then finally slows then stops.

Mindless words come out of Alpha Wasp’s mouth as he is put into a power drain stupor.

Hypnotic Scorpion hearing Alpha Wasp’s helpless weak words starts his climax and he flexes forward hard and dumps huge loads of his hot sperm deep into the fallen hero!

Superpower Wasp stopped sucking when the last drop of Alpha Wasp’s sperm ceased he stands and grins big looking at a power drained stupor Alpha Wasp before him.

Superpower Wasp steps aside knowing that his master will now shove this stud wasp mutant off his huge stinger penis and he does, Alpha Wasp walking around the room dazed out of his handsome head!


Hypnotic Scorpion grins seeing Alpha Wasp in a power drain stupor and walking around the room in a complete daze seeing nothing hearing nothing.

Hypnotic Scorpion tells Superpower Wasp to go get Alpha Wasp and lay him on the tilt table spread eagle.

Superpower Wasp grins big, goes to Alpha Wasp, leads him to the tilt table, and lays him down completely spread eagle!

Superpower Wasp is joined by Hypnotic Scorpion grinning from ear to ear he loves what is fixing to happen.

Alpha Wasp laying on the table his handsome head jerking his eyes looking much drugged out of his mind, he is unaware of anything now.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “I want you to sting one of his big testicles and load him with weak mind venom.

Superpower Wasp - OH! Thank you master I will obey, he will be waking up to pain and a weak mind very soon!

Superpower Wasp picks up Alpha Wasp’s huge left testicle he puts a very firm grip to it and does not waste time.

A stinger comes forth from his first finger, goes into Alpha Wasp’s left testicle lightning fast, and un-loads a good dose of weak mind venom.


Alpha Wasp’s head goes ruff to one side and his moaning and groaning are very loud and pain filled!


Alpha Wasp came up from the table walking around feeling the powerful effect of the weak mind venom and mind wrecking pain to his left very swollen testicle!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Go get him Superpower Wasp we are going to fuck that power out of him!”

Superpower Wasp grinning big! - “OH! Yes master I will obey!”

Superpower Wasp goes to a weak mind venom loaded Alpha Wasp and turns him towards Hypnotic Scorpion.

A frighten look spreads across the fallen stud heroes’ handsome face looking at his master evil grin.

Hypnotic Scorpion reaches up to a wide spring S&M belt once Alpha Wasp is to him he quickly wraps it below Alpha Wasp’s pecs and buckles it secure.

Hypnotic Scorpion lets go and Alpha Wasp is launched upward bouncing then stops as his well made body swings around and around.

Alpha Wasp’s feet are 4-ft from the floor his stinger penis very limp and hanging downward along with his muscular arms and legs.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp we are now going to take away all your physical power and your power brains you x-death match champion and allied mutant protection force hero and my new slave!”


Tears falling from Alpha Wasp’s eyes the weak mind venom doing it’s job very well.

Hypnotic Scorpion laughs an evil laugh as he pulls the weak acting Alpha Wasp’s pinched very muscular buttocks to his 9-inches around stinger penis erection and high sex drive venom lubricated head.

He starts lowering Alpha Wasp onto his huge stinger penis head, it has to be forced into Alpha Wasp.

From Hypnotic Scorpion’s large stinger penis hole opening shooting the two venom’s making Alpha Wasp’s asshole good and slick!

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis goes into Alpha Wasp’s asshole then deep into him, the villain’s two venom’s shooting coating Alpha Wasp’s insides.

Alpha Wasp making helpless weak pleads as his very fat 22-inch stinger penis goes to full erect soon his weak acting is somewhat less as the high sex drive venom takes hold.

Hundreds of sexual images flooding his mind area of his power brain a drugged out of his mind look and crooked grin appears.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Now Superpower Wasp insert your fat stinger penis into this soon to be drained of all power x-heroes’ occupied asshole lets show him how it’s done!”

Superpower Wasp - “YES MASTER!”

The 6ft9 super bulked up muscular super mutant Superpower Wasp’s 25-inch stinger penis hole oozes fast all over the head starts lubrication with some type of white color venom.

The white venom now thick all over Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis head is rapid sperm multiplier venom.

Superpower Wasp shoots loads of the white slick venom onto Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis and what is exposed of Alpha Wasp's tender asshole.

The venom doesn’t effect Hypnotic Scorpion this venom must be delivered deep inside it’s victim and the evil villain will shoot blasts of venom until Alpha Wasp’s absorbs the venom.

Superpower Wasp has done this before and like an expert his fat stinger penis starts going into Alpha Wasp sliding on top of his master’s paralyze stinger penis.


Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis bobbing up and down as Superpower Wasp bottoms out and both he and Hypnotic Scorpion start working pumping a pecs indenting pinched buttocks flexing then relaxing then flexing again and again!

Superpower Wasp shoots a huge load of the sperm multiplier venom deep into Alpha Wasp the effect is fast and starts working.

Alpha Wasp’s two testicles start getting bigger and bigger faster and faster zapping an already mind area damaged Alpha Wasp.

The stud hero speaking weak and out of his head words as his two testicles swell.

When it is over both Alpha Wasp’s testicle’s are the size of to large navel oranges and hanging very low downward.

Finally the pain subsides as once again the high sex drive venom takes hold Alpha Wasp looking like a very stoned drug addict, his eyes wide open and power dazed out looking.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Oh yeah fuck this feels good Alpha Wasp start sucking your throbbing stinger penis while Superpower Wasp and I double stinger penis you!”

Alpha Wasp - “I-I-WILL-O-O-OBEY-MASTER!”

Alpha Wasp starts sucking his own stinger penis as Hypnotic Scorpion and Superpower Wasp double stinger penis pump him.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp how this feel? Tell me!”

Superpower Wasp - “OH YEAH! Master so tight feels so good!”

Alpha Wasp starts doing an impending very loud ejaculation moan.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp swallow down your sperm load!”

Alpha Wasp obeys as his climax roar gets louder and louder sending him into a power drain stupor.

Hypnotic Scorpion smiles and nods his head at Superpower Wasp and both shoot a load of power drain venom into a going into a stupor Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp stops sucking his stinger penis and flexes backwards as a triple power drain puts him into never-never land!


Hypnotic Scorpion and Superpower Wasp continued to de-power Alpha Wasp until he was down to 25% of his power reservoirs then Hypnotic Scorpion loaded him with power brain drain venom and out went his lights.

Superpower Wasp smiling looking at the power drained Alpha Wasp.

Superpower Wasp - “Master we drained him fast it felt so good! Are you proud of me?”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Oh yes my Superpower Wasp you did your master proud! Here go to him with this rag and wipe off the sperm he shot all over his face for your master!”

Superpower Wasp takes the rag from his master and goes to a hanging from the spring belt and starts wiping off the sperm from Alpha Wasp’s face.

Like before a scorpion like stinger extension comes from between Hypnotic Scorpion’s legs and a three-inch stinger goes into Superpower Wasp’s asshole and starts loading him with the three mind and body wrecking venom’s!


End of part 4……………………………..David Circe.

Alpha Wasp Omega Wasp Superpower Wasp D Angel Ant Rex TopStar EnergyMan LightningStrike Hypnotic Scorpion HeroKiller Spider all named in this story is my creations!    

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