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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion
Chapter 6 - Venom Flood - 6
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion, Part 6 final chapter.

Mean while…

Hypnotic Scorpion looks over his handy work he re-powered and power brain re-programmed both Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp.

Both totally power brain conquered and completely controlled by their very malice nature and super mutant master Hypnotic Scorpion.

Both fallen heroes’ even after being fully re-powered have the look of a handsome muscle man who has been ego raped with his mind in hell.

This evil villain has been wrecking both studs’ mind area of their power brain to very high destructive level’s.

Lucky for Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp their very powerful master has a power brain mind area restorer computer and the  drugs to calm the mind and ego from the skull rape sessions.

Hypnotic Scorpion has not been fully restoring Alpha Wasp’s power brain mind area leaving a low to high percent damaged as long as he is mostly functional.

Alpha Wasp so sexy and his stuns all and cast a powerful sexual spell on the mind when he enters a room.

His looks now would only cast pity, his beautiful short cut jet black hair shaved from head to toe, his very sexy eyes surrounded by a death mask.

Custom made scorpion stingers inserted all over the fallen hero Alpha Wasp’s tortured body!

Alpha Wasp looks stoned out of his mind the defeated heroes’ pecs indenting when his handsome head jerks up then down continuously his eyes seeing everything Hypnotic Scorpion did to him before all at the death match arena!

Hypnotic Scorpion kept Alpha Wasp’s memory intact to let him see his lost so much is he in love with Superpower Wasp, this subdued stud’s memory erased being used to rape his mind and ego area of his love Alpha Wasp’s power brain.

Hypnotic Scorpion this time around erased Alpha Wasp’s memory and restored fully the fallen super mutant God like stud Superpower Wasp’s.

The evil villain Hypnotic Scorpion after he would have Superpower Wasp completely power drain Alpha Wasp.

The highly malice natured Hypnotic Scorpion would work on Superpower Wasp’s one true weakness, his asshole!

Hypnotic Scorpion’s all powerful weapon’s of believe and extreme expand venom his main tools used on both very puppet like heroes’.

Hypnotic Scorpion commanding a very malice acting Superpower Wasp, with his long fingers spread open Alpha Wasp’s asshole then Hypnotic Scorpion sprayed the red tender rectum with the expand venom.

Alpha Wasp moaning very loud as he dropped face down his beautiful eyes in a very shocked look!

His thick muscular legs go spread eagle his pinched very muscular ass jerking up and down non-stop as his very powerful tight asshole became larger and larger the pain maddening!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp my sexy slave do you know this drunk acting wasp mutant here with us?”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes master he is my life partner Alpha Wasp.”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “That’s right my stud puppet, tell me are you a hero and a super mutant?”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes master I’m a hero and a super mutant.”

And indeed Superpower Wasp is a super mutant, to be classified as a super mutant you must have 70 to 90% more super strength then a regular mutant and a usual 9 or more unique ability power’s.

And the awesome God like Superpower Wasp has a perfect 90% more super strength and more then 9 unique abilities and one is very hidden a not yet found unique ability by Hypnotic Scorpion.

Hypnotic Scorpion found and absorbed into himself then drained him dry the super mutant very-very muscle bulked out so handsome even a straight man or two would fall for his spell binding male beauty!

Superpower Wasp a super mutant stud hero being totally completely and utterly in super mutant Hypnotic Scorpion’s power for over 5-years of hell and ultimate malice non stop!

All his mind control and hypnotic and obey venom and two mind wrecking deadly venom's can not make the totally conquered super mutant Superpower Wasp reveal what it is.

Hypnotic Scorpion had many Ah went missing captured heroes’ as slaves.

But when he power trapped the awesome brutally muscle bound and handsome Superpower Wasp.

The fallen super mutant Godlike heroes’ power brain re-programmed to his new master’s will!

 All his other slaves became handsome muscular destroy toy’s having the defeated stud Superpower Wasp help him in this task, to take their life’s away!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “My sexy puppet Superpower Wasp look into my eyes!”

Superpower Wasp obeys and his beautiful but very drug like eyes meet Hypnotic Scorpion’s.

Like with Alpha Wasp the evil villain’s powerful red and green eye beams lock on to an open wide to the Max Superpower Wasp’s un-blinking eyes!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Here my super mutant very-very muscle bound stud puppet I thought it would be oh so nice! For you to see all the things you did to your life partner, Alpha Wasp!”

Hypnotic Scorpion starts flooding Superpower Wasp’s thoughts with all he did to his beloved Alpha Wasp!


Hypnotic Scorpion keeps his powerful eye beams to Superpower Wasp’s eyes flooding his thoughts with all the cruel malice things he performed on his losing power rapidly his true love Alpha Wasp.

After an hour Hypnotic Scorpion stops and looks his handy work over.

Superpower Wasp’s stunningly handsome head jerking his full lips sexy mouth hanging open wide his beautiful eyes in a very shocked state!

His huge power pecs indenting rapidly back and forth at his good sized nipples making big round craters his moans and groans in a weak helpless way, HE’S WRECKED!

Hypnotic Scorpion smiles an evil grin all this time Superpower Wasp’s one very hidden unique ability power may at last be revealed to him and made his own.

Alpha Wasp the key that un-locked the conquered super mutant Superpower Wasp’s final unique ability power, that has not been destroyed like the other twelve great power’s he absorbed and took forever away!

The 6ft9 super muscle bulked stunningly handsome Superpower Wasp is un-aware of anything Hypnotic Scorpion used the sexy Alpha Wasp to skull fuck him senseless!

The images of the awful things he did to his love Alpha Wasp flooding and damaging more and more of his power brain mind area!

As he hears and looks upon a helpless Alpha Wasp’s pain and suffering at his hands!

Hypnotic Scorpion walks behind a muscles quivering and drugged out of his mind looking Superpower Wasp he pushes his very fat stinger penis head to the wrecked super mutant’s un-tight asshole.

 Hypnotic Scorpion’s very large stinger penis hole opens and powerful blasts of the deadly believe venom, soaking his rectum and going deep inside of mind area webbed up Superpower Wasp!

The powerful believe venom brings a zapped senseless Superpower Wasp some what back to himself, the believe venom erasing most but not all.

Two very malice scenes keep playing over and over power pounding  Superpower Wasp’s mind area down a certain low percent at a time he’s being slowly all power paralyzed.

He is seeing what he did to his Alpha Wasp making his superior A-1. Power brain mind area weaker and weaker!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “I feel your pain my Superpower Wasp I had a talk with your beloved Alpha Wasp he told me that he will only forgive you if you reveal your final unique ability power to me your loving master!”


Hypnotic Scorpion quickly goes to a drugged out of his mind looking Alpha Wasp and pushes his huge stinger penis head to Alpha Wasp’s asshole.

Like with Superpower Wasp powerful blasts of the believe venom soak his no longer tight rectum and go deep into the fallen death match champion!

The powerful drug like effect of the deadly venom brings Alpha Wasp out of his stupor and re-energizes his power brain and muscle bound physique and he looks more alert now flexing his awesome muscles.

Hypnotic Scorpion whispers his instructions to Alpha Wasp and then both stand in front of a wave after wave of two visions of cruel malice things he did to his Alpha Wasp.

Superpower Wasp watching himself do the evil malice things to his love his life his Alpha Wasp! Two guilt wrecking balls hammering away at his  power brain mind area.

Guilt a very powerful power brain mind area drain weapon if used right.

Superpower Wasp’s power brain mind area damage is 31% and rising! Hypnotic Scorpion playing the two most wicked malice scene’s over and over in the poor love struck fallen defeated completely and totally conquered stud’s mind!

Alpha Wasp - “My love, my stud Superpower Wasp you worked me over and hurt me so bad! I will only forgive you if you tell our master what your one and only remaining unique ability power is, tell our master and I will forgive you!”


Superpower Wasp looking and acting drunk but with love in his eyes for his long time not seen life partner Alpha Wasp tells Hypnotic Scorpion to ask and he will be told.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp reveal to your master your one and only left unique ability power and your love Alpha Wasp will forgive you!”


Hypnotic Scorpion shuts Superpower Wasp’s power brain down putting the 6ft9 awesome stud into limbo until Alpha Wasp hears his commands.

Hypnotic Scorpion -  “Alpha Wasp go to Superpower Wasp and kiss him suck him squeeze his two huge round sensitive testicles and sting him with multi love venom’s all over then command him to obey you! My very sexy stud puppet Alpha Wasp!”

A feeling re-energized Alpha Wasp struts quick to a very power failed helpless looking super muscular and stunningly handsome Superpower Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion re-starts Superpower Wasp’s power brain and before his eyes is his love Alpha Wasp a wide grin appears on his handsome face.

Alpha Wasp starts kissing an all muscles quivering from power brain re-start Superpower Wasp.

The defeated super mutant hero is feeling tremendously joyful and happy, he has not felt this way in over 5-years!

Superpower Wasp - “My love! I have wanted this moment to happen for a long time tell me you love me and let me feel you close to me!”

Alpha Wasp goes close to his Superpower Wasp and their lips and tongues meet a 10 second very hot and passionate kiss.

Alpha Wasp pulls away and with a tear falling down his left cheek…

Alpha Wasp - “OH! Is this real? My sweet Superpower Wasp, I love you so much! Hold me don’t ever let go please!”

Tears keep falling down Alpha Wasp’s handsome face as Superpower Wasp holds him and tells him how much he loves him too!

A loud sound starts it is a full sized bed coming out from a wall.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “The both of you have been good slaves I’ll give you sex war time on this bed here for a couple of hours until I return one or both must use his stingers and venom or be punished!”

Both Superpower Wasp and Alpha Wasp answer… “Yes master!”

Both happy and walking to the bed and get in together and start kissing very hot and loving both their stinger penises are fully erect and throbbing!

Superpower Wasp - “We must do as master says sex war time but master has drained away all but one of my unique ability powers I want you to work me over my love like you use to, I have and will always be in your power my love Alpha Wasp!”

Alpha Wasp - “Are you sure my sweet super stud?”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes! I always loved the way you worked me over taking all my will to resist your commands away! Putting me in your power my love my life my Alpha Wasp your driving me insane do it to me sexy!”

Alpha Wasp - “Okay! I will put you in my love power my sexy super bulked up and my stunningly handsome life partner, Superpower Wasp here goes! Your big huge testicles first!”

Superpower Wasp smiles as Alpha Wasp goes down to his big testicles and he starts sucking each one in turn putting a powerful suction to one at a time!

The power suction is melting Superpower Wasp down his moans and groan loud and full of pleasure!

As Alpha Wasp power sucks each huge testicle he strokes his Superpower Wasp’s fat throbbing stinger penis with his right hand fist.

Superpower Wasp moaning with deep pleasure if his Alpha Wasp keeps doing this to him he will cum and cum hard soon!

Alpha Wasp keeps power sucking both of Superpower Wasp’s huge testicles and fist stroking his fat throbbing 25-inch stinger penis.

With his left hand free he sticks his first finger to a moaning and groaning with deep pleasure Superpower Wasp’s main weakness his asshole and works it around and around.

Superpower Wasp - “OH! My love, you are working my main weakness I will cum very fast if you keep working my main weak area!”

Alpha Wasp - “Oh! We can’t have that my love stud, I think you need a little of my love sick venom!”

Now with three fingers to his tender main weak spot his asshole, 3-stinger’s come forth and goes into Superpower Wasp’s rectum pumping him full of the powerful love sick venom!


Alpha Wasp grins a devils grin as he watches his love Superpower Wasp’s big huge bubble shaped pecs indenting at his good sized nipples and his handsome face contorting!

Alpha Wasp stops stroking his loves going limp stinger penis and sucking both of a now in a love sick venom drug like daze Superpower Wasp’s big huge testicles.

Alpha Wasp - “How are you feeling my sexy stud Superpower Wasp? Like what I did to your main weakness?”


Alpha Wasp - “Oh yeah your right that’s not my normal love venom, I got that love sick venom from a almost destroyed me brown recluse spider mutant I used a all muscle destroyer venom on him and then after he was destroyed I absorbed all his venom’s!”


Alpha Wasp moves quick and turns his love Superpower Wasp over completely and sticks the head of his fat stinger penis to Superpower Wasp’s very swollen rectum!

He shoots load after load of the same spider mutant love sick venom to Superpower Wasp’s main weakness his very swollen asshole and slams it in fast and deep!


Alpha Wasp grins a devils grin and slam pumps his love Superpower Wasp and loads him with more and more of the spider mutant wrecker venom.

Alpha Wasp hearing and seeing the helpless defeated stud Superpower Wasp below him his awesome buttocks muscles quivering and flexing his main weakness his asshole paralyzed!

Alpha Wasp shoots a huge load of his sperm deep into a now very helpless and will tell what his final unique ability power is to his love and conquered him Alpha Wasp!

Alpha Wasp removes his going limp slowly stinger penis from Superpower Wasp’s hot and very swollen asshole then turns him over and looks over his handy work!

Superpower Wasp looks very shocked and very drugged, his beautiful eye pupils are to pin points and glazed over all of his awesome muscles are quivering rippling and flexing!

Alpha Wasp - “Now my sweet sexy defeated and spider venom webbed up and took away all your will and security protection of your final unique ability power, tell me all about your soon to be drained out of you unique ability power! You will obey!”


Alpha Wasp - “Tell me a few more thing’s my sexy big and so muscle bound very-very-handsome life partner Superpower Wasp…

Do your extreme sensory antenna’s have any weakness? And where is this all powerful command venom’s location?”

A skull fucked out of his mind looking Superpower Wasp answers…



Alpha Wasp - “Tell me my stunningly handsome super muscular stud what does the Tri-power paralyzing venom do to your powerful extreme sensory antenna’s and host?”




Hypnotic Scorpion comes walking into the room clapping his hands.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Very-very good my Alpha Wasp your power brain thought module perform perfectly with my words said to your Superpower Wasp, now give him an anti-venom sting so the fun can begin!”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes master, he looks pretty wiped out, my venom and your last questions are working him over!”

Alpha Wasp bends over Superpower Wasp and runs his right hand up the zapped super mutant 10-pack abs and to his left huge bubble round muscled pec nipple.

From Alpha Wasp’s first finger comes forth a three inch long stinger that goes in fast! Superpower Wasp moans weakly then Alpha Wasp’s finger starts vibrating as the anti-venom loads into Superpower Wasp.

Superpower Wasp starts to come out of his spider mutant venom loaded shock and starts feeling better and soon is back to the way he was before Alpha Wasp totally fucked him up!

His face is very sad looking,  he now knows his Alpha Wasp doesn’t remember him and made Hypnotic Scorpion able to take away his final unique ability power.

Superpower Wasp with only one unique ability left if drained he will lose his 90% more super strength and become a normal male mutant a super mutant no more.

And if by chance he and Alpha Wasp are rescued by the Trio of Power they won’t be able to fix it!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp get up from Superpower Wasp and then both of you come to me!”

Both Superpower Wasp and Alpha Wasp say… “Yes master!”

With both standing in front of Hypnotic Scorpion he goes to Superpower Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Look into my eyes my stud puppet Superpower Wasp!”

Superpower Wasp obeys and Hypnotic Scorpion’s eye beams lock onto his eyes, soon all his memories of Alpha Wasp are gone.

He then erases his knowing he has lost all but one of his unique ability powers and has all still intact the beams stop and Hypnotic Scorpion smiles.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “My slave Superpower Wasp do you know this wasp mutant here with us?”

Superpower Wasp - “No, I do not know who he is master.”

Hypnotic Scorpion goes to Alpha Wasp and then back to Superpower Wasp and restores both their aggressive abilities then showing Alpha Wasp images of what Superpower Wasp did to him.

With Superpower Wasp he only let him see certain parts and no sound of what Alpha Wasp did to him.

And filled him with powerful desire to make the un-known wasp mutant deploy his extreme sensory antenna’s.

He then made both of their stinger penises go fully erect and not able to go limp when done he smiles a devil’s grin and looks them over.

Both Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp look at each other with hate for one another.

Hypnotic Scorpion tells them that they look angry with each other and should battle it out to stop the anger.

Hypnotic Scorpion tells them to start and walks to the bed and sits down watching.

Without their wings Alpha Wasp can’t run fast enough from a mad as hell looking Superpower Wasp’s grasp!

With one hand he grabs Alpha Wasp by his waist and pulls the struggling and shorter and weaker enslaved hero his life partner close to his fully erect stinger penis.

With the other hand at his stinger penis the pre-lubed with short acting mobility stun venom head goes straight to and in Alpha Wasp’s asshole and goes deep and more of the same venom loaded!


Hypnotic Scorpion can read both of their minds and knows Alpha Wasp is in shock and Superpower Wasp is indeed thinking and is going to load Alpha Wasp with his not knowing his final unique ability power venom.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis is fully erect watching the very handsome 6ft9 super muscle bulked Superpower Wasp slam pumping a very muscle bound but are paralyzed 6ft3 very handsome and sexy Alpha Wasp senseless.

Superpower Wasp - “Oh yeah!  All those not as big as my muscle’s of yours have been neutralized and feel my fat stinger penis pounding you?”


The words from Alpha Wasp were Hypnotic Scorpion’s, his thoughts at the moment very weak and submissive not at all aggressive.

The words Alpha Wasp said to him makes Superpower Wasp’s mad feelings go to the Max and he flexes his very muscular buttocks forward hard!

A big load of his final unique ability venom is deposited into a very helpless and from loud moaning to yelling louder and louder as Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s are deployed!


From either side of Alpha Wasp’s forehead circle’s appear and very rapidly his 22-inch long rust colored extreme sensory antenna’s come forth.

His extreme sensory antenna’s tips are like most 7-inches round oval shaped and glowing brightly rainbow colors very unusual.

Hypnotic Scorpion is fascinated he has never seen the deployment of extreme sensory antenna’s it is a rare site and only a unique venom and failure of all normal sensory functions will make this happen.


Superpower Wasp - “OH! Yeah, you’re good and wrecked! You’re going to be even more wrecked when my more powerful extreme sensory antenna’s pound yours limp just like your stinger penis is now!”

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis went limp fast when the Godlike Superpower Wasp’s big load of his unique ability power venom got deposited deep into him.

Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s have only been deploy one other time via his love Omega Wasp.

The gentle calm nature Omega Wasp became angrier then he has ever been in his life at Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp caught Alpha Wasp with a brute ant mutant he hated with a passion!

After a long angry business meeting of one of their always seemed to be a problem companies.

Omega Wasp stormed out of the adjured meeting because he had caught Alpha Wasp checking out the hated brute ant mutant.

After an hour of steaming in their hover-craft an even more angry Omega Wasp found his Alpha Wasp.

The brute ant mutant’s penetrated stinger penis was pumping and fist stroking Alpha Wasp’s fully erect and oozing pre-cum stinger penis.

Omega Wasp pounded the brute ant mutant senseless and fought with a saying he was innocent Alpha Wasp.

Omega Wasp in anger bought a black market drug that caused Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s to deploy.

 And with special S&M gloves to be used with the drug Omega Wasp worked his love his life Alpha Wasp over for three day non-stop!

Later a more mad then he could ever be Alpha Wasp showed Omega Wasp the video tape that proved he was indeed innocent.

The brute ant mutant had slyly use certain drugs and venom to have his way with Alpha Wasp.

For many months Omega Wasp’s shame kept him from looking into his love and angry Alpha Wasp’s eyes.

 To make matters worse when Omega Wasp would try to talk and touch Alpha Wasp he would not listen or allow his touch and would walk away.

All this ended when Alpha Wasp caught his Omega Wasp crying something he had never seen from him and both started taking and making love again.

Superpower Wasp slows his slam pounding of an all muscles rippling and quivering from coming back to normal short acting mobility venom.

Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s come forth very fast just like a totally zapped Alpha Wasp’s, a tremendous feeling of ecstasy washes all over the super mutant stud’s body.

A happy grin spread’s wide on the very-very muscular drop dead handsome Superpower Wasp’s face.

As his thicker 25-inch smooth ivory black and bright glowing light blue tip’s extreme sensory antenna’s head for Alpha Wasp’s also advancing pair.

They get close about 6-inches away and Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips start blasting multi-changing bright rainbow colored blasts.

At a still coming on strong Superpower Wasp’s glowing more and more brighter blue pair.

Both touch Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips blast brighter and brighter all way’s changing rainbow color light blasts.

To a glowing brighter and brighter and brighter but still not launching a counter attack, Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips.

Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips begin to quickly put multi colored rings and squeezing tighter and tighter around both of Superpower Wasp’s blinding bright  blue extreme sensory antenna tips.

Then with a powerful loud hissing sound from Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips…

A one second blast from each envelope both Alpha Wasp’s gone to pitch black no light what so ever extreme sensory antenna tips.

Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna ‘s tips look to be destroyed very black no movement stuck like glue to Superpower Wasp’s glowing super powerful bright.

 All the glowing very bright rainbow color squeezing rings fade of all light and color and then simply disappears.

Alpha Wasp starts talking out of his head weak pleading words his eyes blinking rapidly all of his beautiful muscles twitching slowly then speed up then slow again.

Alpha Wasp’s big round bubble pecs indent ruff at each rock hard nipple and hold for ten seconds then release while the un-crater parts ripple here and there.

Superpower Wasp grabs Alpha Wasp’s limp stinger penis at the base and starts swinging it back and forward as he listens to the very weak begging words of a broken Alpha Wasp.

A very high tone sound comes from Superpower Wasp’s super bright extreme sensory antenna tips…

And in a blink of an eye both of Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna oval tips are entirely surrounded with shrinking just to fit dim lit blue circles.

Hypnotic Scorpion watching with deeper and deeper fascination and over and over putting the words,  MUST-USE-TRIPOWER-PARALYZER-VENOM! In his thoughts.

Then the very low light blue circles pulsate brighter exactly one second then disappear Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s break away from Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s.

Both shaking wildly then go completely stiff and slightly quivering.

The green area’s of Alpha Wasp’s eyes keep going back as his head continuously shakes! His very round bubble pecs now indenting back and forth fast at his hard nipples the rest of his muscles limp un-moving.

Superpower Wasp smiles big and starts flexing his very erect throbbing stinger penis making a seizure acting Alpha Wasp bounce up and down.

Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna’s starts doing a victory display and goes straight upward and 3-inch long electric arc’s dance all about the 7-inch around very-very bright blue oval tips.

After a good five minutes Superpower Wasp stops flexing his stinger penis and his extreme sensory antenna tips are right at a still just slightly quivering Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips.

Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips stop glowing completely and rise above Alpha Wasp’s slightly quivering extreme sensory antenna tips.

Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna lowers until the tips are touching Alpha Wasp’s.

A loud sucking sound comes from both of Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips and they look like they are sucking Alpha Wasp’s no longer quivering extreme sensory antenna tips.

They keep pulling off and going down deeper each time slowly up and slowly down onto Alpha Wasp’s looking very destroyed extreme sensory antenna tips.

On the forth time Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips go very deep enveloping Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips down to the middle of them.

Each time going down on Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips and stopping for five minutes now they have stopped not moving just sucking power.

Then all of the sudden both start shaking like they are having convolutions.

And come up and off of Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips that have two inch long stingers dripping yellow Tri-power paralyzing venom.

Superpower Wasp’s smile changes to a hyper wide open mouth and a very shocked look upon his very-very handsome face as his extreme sensory antenna’s fall down to Alpha Wasp’s head.

They shake wildly then stop and just the tips rise slightly every five seconds and jerk hard three times then fall back down and stop moving.

Alpha Wasp no longer looks zapped out instead he looks fully powered and refreshed smiling from ear to ear.

Superpower Wasp is the one who looks totally wrecked his head jerking up and down his eyes very drugged his huge round bubble pecs indenting at his rock hard nipples with the rest of his awesome muscles un-moving.

Alpha Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips sting Superpower Wasp’s extreme sensory antenna tips once more.

This makes them swivel like a snake once then fall down limp to Superpower Wasp’s upper ten pack abs no movement putting them in a power drain coma!

Superpower Wasp’s head down with his chiseled chin resting on his upper pecs area his eyes glazed over his pupils are pin points no muscle movement.

Superpower Wasp’s power brain frozen fully powered but frozen unable to perform except breathing and heart beating the rest frozen!

Hypnotic Scorpion ejaculated twice watching what just went on he gets up from the bed and walks to both Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion

“Very good my sexy Alpha Wasp pull away from Superpower Wasp and let his very limp looking stinger penis slide the rest of the way out of you!”

Alpha Wasp obeys and walks forward as Superpower Wasp’s very limp stinger penis comes out of him and falls down ward.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Tell me how did your extreme sensory antenna’s re-power? They looked very weak and almost all drained of power!”

Alpha Wasp - “His incredibly powerful extreme sensory antenna’s had mine in their power but during the five minute victory show mine tapped into one of my power reservoirs and fully re-powered themselves and me.”

Hypnotic Scorpion reaches down and picks up Alpha Wasp’s limp stinger and starts sucking it in no time Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis is fully erect and pulsating.

Hypnotic Scorpion stops sucking and tells Alpha Wasp to go and ram his fat 22-inch stinger penis up Superpower Wasp’s rectum.

Alpha Wasp quickly obeys and rams his fat throbbing hard stinger penis up a no reaction from it Superpower Wasp’s rectum.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Now pump him slowly Alpha Wasp while I remove his final unique ability power from his stinger penis venom reservoir!”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes master!”

Hypnotic Scorpion goes to his knees and is about to inject his thick needle like DNA extractor when a loud alarm and flashing red lights begins.

He stands fast and goes to this rooms security monitor and looks upon about forty mutant hero and two of the Trio of Power coming fast!

He very little time he goes to both Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp he scans Superpower Wasp’s power brain completely frozen no need to shut down.

He shuts down Alpha Wasp’s power brain while he is still pumping Superpower Wasp his forehead lowering to Superpower Wasp’s upper back area.

He doesn’t have time to do anymore then that to them, if he doesn’t go now he will be destroyed he runs to a near by closet and is gone.

Alpha Wasp standing stud style with his fat 22-inch long stinger penis to the hilt with his big testicles riding shotgun to his went missing precious love Superpower Wasp ‘s main weakness his asshole.

Superpower Wasp also standing stud style his drop dead gorgeous head pointing down with his chiseled chin to his awesome huge upper bubble pecs.

Lazer sounds from two areas of Hypnotic Scorpion’s hide and soon from two different directions storm in LightningStrike and EnergyMan along with forty of the allied mutant protection force!

LightningStrike and EnergyMan give commands to all their separate teams and all forty go to work…

LightningStrike and EnergyMan walk to Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp.

LightningStrike - “It’s Superpower Wasp! EM Please come see if both are okay I’ll call for the team to make way for an alerted stat-rescue transport pod!”

LightningStrike goes and touches both and with deep love in his innocent eyes he walks away making sure everything is being done to his and EnergyMan’s commands.

The stud EnergyMan goes to both and with the pure energy flowing though his entire muscle bound body his puts his hands upon both.

When he is finished he separates Alpha Wasp from Superpower Wasp and puts a good feeling energy web around both.

Soon a stat-rescue pod comes into the large room and both Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp are taken away to the Trio of Power’s main fortress.

LightningStrike walks to a sad looking EnergyMan…

LightningStrike - “Tell me everything EM! First Superpower Wasp and then my beloved Alpha Wasp!”

EnergyMan with a big tear falling from his left eye then it crystallizes and disappears, Superpower Wasp was always his favorite…

“Superpower Wasp only has so much time left two years at the Max to live maybe a little longer with our brother’s TopStar’s touch…

Alpha Wasp longer but his life span has been greatly shorten…

Both their wings have been destroy and power brain mind area damage to both Superpower Wasp almost critical Alpha Wasp 45%!”

Both go to each other and start crying hard! Holding hugging trying to find comfort.

In days ahead both receive new top of the line power brain and both their power brain memories fully restored.

All bad memories have been erased they are also given their wings back new sheer rainbow colors indestructible metal ones that are as light as a feather.

Ring Master - “Good evening gentle men! Welcome to you all! And thank you for showing up for tonight’s announcement from the still! Death Match Champion for a consecutive 5-years!… Alpha Wasp!”

The crowd goes wild chanting… “Alpha Wasp will always be the Champion of the Death Matches he is forever number 1 our heart is his.!”

Rex comes walking up with a Mic in his hand waving to cheering fans of Alpha Wasp.

Rex - “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

The crowd quiets down and soon you could only hear a naked Duke Anaconda’s 36-inch long snake-penis flop to the floor…

The crowd roars with laughter and Rex pats his pec’s and looks that way and smiles with desire, seeing both Duke Anaconda and a naked Count Anaconda pulling his snake-penis back up.

Rex - “Now Duke-A! Put that monster away! And with its mate Count-A beside you and lets get the show on the road! GENTELMEN! I give you Alpha Wasp plus MORE!”

The crowd goes mad! And the lights in the area go out it is completely dark!

Then a spot light shines on a kneeling on one knee with his head looking downward muscle man down on floor in the middle.

Then his head rises up and he stands to his full height everyone can now see that it is Alpha Wasp he is in rainbow colored brief’s.

The crowd goes wild clapping and shouting his name over and over!

Then the spot light grows larger and landing beside him is Omega Wasp looking muscular and handsome as always and dressed in black with silver sparkling brief’s.

The crowd goes insane shouting Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp’s names over and over!

Then the lights go dark again then a wider yet again the spot light shines on Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp and a landing down behind them D Angel Ant.

The super muscular D Angel Ant awesomely handsome in gold brief’s puts a hand to Alpha Wasp’s shoulder and Omega Wasp’s shoulder.

Then the lights fade one more time and from up above a spot light shines on a larger and more muscle bound then all three it is Superpower Wasp in multi-colored blue briefs.

He flies in three fast circles and starts lowering down to all three D Angel Ant bows and steps back as Superpower Wasp lands on the opposite side of Alpha Wasp.

The crowd goes mad and chats over and over again Alpha Wasp Omega Wasp Superpower Wasp and D Angel Ant the roaring goes on and on for a good five minutes!

Finally Rex puts his hands up and all quiet down and finally silence.

Alpha Wasp - “I want to thank you all for such a nice greeting for me and my mates Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp and or good-good friend D Angel Ant!”

The crowd cheering louder and then falls silent again.

Alpha Wasp - “As everyone knows the Death Match Champion has the option to stop being the Death Match Champion as long as he has a successor!”

The crowd moans loud chanting there will never be another Death Match Championing like you Alpha Wasp!

Alpha Wasp smiles and lowers his head then up it comes again.

Alpha Wasp - “Thank you all so much but it is time for me to spend all my time with my two husbands here I think you know them both Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp!”

The crowds cheering loud for both Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp!

Alpha Wasp - “So by my right as the Death Match Champion I will now step down and proclaim as your new Death Match Champion our very muscular and drop dead handsome D Angel Ant!”

The crowd starts cheering D Angel Ant is the new Death Match Champion over and over again!

A handsome stud walks to Alpha Wasp and the rest he has two Death Match Champion belts in his hands of bright gold and two gold crowns.

He hands one to Alpha Wasp both Omega Wasp and Superpower Wasp work together putting it on their Alpha Wasp.

Once this is done Alpha Wasp motions for D Angel Ant to turn and he puts the beautiful gold Death Match Champion belt around his waist then the golden crowns go on both.

The crowd cheering loud for all for another good five minutes then slows and stops.

D Angel Ant kneels down to Alpha Wasp and bows his head then Alpha Wasp touches his shoilder and he looks up smiling big!

Rex - “Alpha Wasp I must say you will be missed and you have been the best Death Match Champion so far to date and may our new Death Match Champion here D Angel Ant do as well let’s all praise our new and former Death Match Champion’s!”

The crowd does just that and for a many minute’s the cheering goes on and on!

Then stops as Rex tells everyone the new Death Match games will begin in six months and we have a bunch of fun for all tonight so lets begin.

Later after the festivities are all over and Alpha Wasp Omega Wasp Superpower Wasp and now D Angel Ant’s  home they are.

Omega Wasp - “Are you sure your going to be okay with me and D Angel Ant sleeping together and you know.”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes my love as long as I get some of him from time to time and I know you get to have some of our Superpower Wasp as we talked about now go on and be with him!”

Omega Wasp smiling big and then kisses his Alpha Wasp with deep love and passion then heads to the east-wing and is gone.

Sometime later Superpower Wasp has just climaxed big time inside of a feeling very happy Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp - “Oh my love!”

Superpower Wasp - “What my sweet sexy love?”

Alpha Wasp - “Don’t pull it out just yet I’m not finished with!”

A smiling very big Superpower Wasp… “Yes my love!”

The end.           David Circe.

All the people in this story are my creation………..DC.