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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion
Chapter 3 - Venom Flood - 3
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion, Part 3

Hypnotic Scorpion takes the rubber webbed up complete power brain drained and almost all power reserves depleted Alpha Wasp down from his very broad shoulder.

He stands the conquered Alpha Wasp up and looks up and down the very thin rubber webbed frame.

Seeing all of Alpha Wasp’s muscles and the imprint of Alpha Wasp’s much shrunken stinger penis.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s very fat stinger penis inflates to it’s 26.5 inches looking at the muscle bound stud heroes’ blank eyes and how his sexy lips are downward in a looks drugged out of his mind frown.

Hypnotic Scorpion begins un-webbing the muscle bound lifeless form of the once 5-year death match champion and hero rapidly.

When he is finished un-webbing a completely very muscle bound naked with his chiseled chin down to his round bubble pecs and his glazed over staring into utter darkness eyes Alpha Wasp!

The conquered hero is like death in a graveyard.

Hypnotic Scorpion looks over his handy work and grins a devil’s grin thinking about his evil plans of re-programming re-powering then de-powering repeatedly Alpha Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion removes the leather sting collar then reaches upward, pulls down a flexible material sling harness, and wraps it around Alpha Wasp’s bottom pecs area.

Alpha Wasp’s very muscular arms and legs hang limp as the harness holds up his entire body.

Then finally Hypnotic Scorpion reaches for two power brain re-program tubes attached to both are red and black coiling type wires that go to a power brain re-programming computer.

Hypnotic Scorpion inserts the correct tubes into each of Alpha Wasp’s ears.

Hypnotic Scorpion then sits down at the re-programming computer and starts typing in Alpha Wasp’s new power brain’s commands and changes.

It will take Hypnotic Scorpion 15-minutes to completely re-program the fallen hero Alpha Wasp’s power brain to his complete and total control.

When he is finished Alpha Wasp will still has his memories but his will control module and his aggressive unit stabilizer, his ability to make his power brains security functions act, are all shut down, disconnected.

With Alpha Wasp’s security code, numbers locked in his memory banks, Hypnotic Scorpion also takes complete and total control of the defeated heroes’ android power brains total defense system.

He types in the security numbers he got from a power brain breached and raped Alpha Wasp’s power brain and over rides Alpha Wasp’s control and gives himself Hypnotic Scorpion all the power over Alpha Wasp’s power brain!

Hypnotic Scorpion’s superior type black market power brain has just to blink once and Alpha Wasp’s power brain will be scrambled and stunned into a wrecked completely submissive powerless tool putting the fallen hero down for the count.

Hypnotic Scorpion finishes the power brain reprogramming he goes to a refrigerator stocked with 100’s of wasp mutant and Scorpion mutant and other re-powering nectars and gets four cans of the special nectar that repowers all wasp mutant’s.

Alpha Wasp is un-able to drink so Hypnotic Scorpion starts an IV in his muscular neck and a large feeder tube is used.

Soon one can is deposited into the conquered hero and Alpha Wasp starts to come to life but all he can do is moan and his muscled arms and legs still limp powerless.

The next can is deposited and Alpha Wasp’s lowered head goes up, his pecs flex and ripple and indent showing power gain, his muscular arms and legs and buttock cheeks all flex and begin to come alive!

Hypnotic Scorpion removes the IV and opens the third can and puts it to Alpha Wasp’s full lips he tilts the can and Alpha Wasp swallows down the re-powering nectar fast!

Hypnotic Scorpion tells Alpha Wasp to take the forth can and drink it down Alpha Wasp obeys and drinks down the re-powering nectar.

Once finished Hypnotic Scorpion takes the empty can from a glowing Alpha Wasp.

All of Alpha Wasp’s muscle bound body flexes forward his green eyes glow along with all of his awesome body his stinger penis is restored to normal and so is his pec and finger stingers and all his venom's.

He is still very handsome and muscle bound and still bald like his new master.

Alpha Wasp’s wings do not restore, Hypnotic Scorpion used a certain type of acid like melt down venom on the heroes’ wings totally destroyed them.

Now just scared tissue is left! That power was taken away from Alpha Wasp he is now grounded.

Hypnotic Scorpion releases Alpha Wasp from the flexible belt that was holding him up.

Alpha Wasp’s very muscular legs spread wide and his well made muscle arms pump with power he juts forward again with his very muscular pinched buttock muscles rippling and pumping with power!

One more entire body and eye glowing starts as all of Alpha Wasp’s muscle bound body flexes forward his stinger penis and big balls and all, he is fully re-powered restored!

Alpha Wasp relaxes and stares straight ahead awaiting his command or power draining to start.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp who is your master? Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”

Alpha Wasp - “You are my master and I’m your muscle bound total obedient slave, you will de-power me and re-power me again and again!”

Hypnotic Scorpion begins to strip completely naked no clothes no weapons when he is done he stands fully erect in front of a re-programmed power brain Alpha Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp I’m going to stand in front of you and flex my muscle bound body and stinger penis, you will watch me and see only me and my muscles flexing and stinger penis bobbing up and down!”

Alpha Wasp’s head jerks ruff then is still, Hypnotic Scorpion’s power brain has complete power over Alpha Wasp’s power brain controlling it commanding it dominating it complete control!

Alpha Wasp - “Yes master I hear and I will obey!”

Hypnotic Scorpion begins flexing his huge round biceps making them pop up and down then he indents his big round pecs making them ripple and shimmy indent at his hard quarter inch long nipples.

Alpha Wasp watches as Hypnotic Scorpion flexes his awesome muscular body before him, the powerful villain is truly handsome his body could win body builder championship titles his stinger penis is what allot of mutants call a paralyzing stinger penis!

Making the one, the paralyzing stinger penis inserts into weak all over his body dazed a metal mind drainer!

Alpha Wasp’s fully restored stinger penis reacts to the muscle show and goes to full erect and throbs and pulsates!

Hypnotic Scorpion turns around and does a buttocks stripper shimmy, he’s using his muscle flexing to test how potent his power brain control is over Alpha Wasp’s power brain.

The evil villain then starts flexing his stinger penis as Alpha Wasp’s eyes are glued to it, the mind area of his power brain being hypnotized into total submission!

Hypnotic Scorpion keeps flexing his stinger penis watching Alpha Wasp’s eyes glaze over and becoming very drug like, his power brain mind area being entirely hypnotized webbed!

Hypnotic Scorpion keeps flexing his stinger penis for an hour then stops.

Alpha Wasp’s power brain mind area locked in a strange void the hypnotic trance another part of his all-powerful master’s complete control!

Hypnotic Scorpion walks over to an intercom and pushes a red button.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Come to my S&M room now!”

A strong lower toned voice answers - “Yes master, I will obey!”

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis head self lubricates with stinger penis venom wipeout venom.

He walks over to a completely power brain mind area hypnotic controlled Alpha Wasp and orders him to bend over and spread his ass crack.

Alpha Wasp immediately obeys and spreads his very muscular legs wide and bends over and spreads his ass crack exposing his tender asshole.

Hypnotic Scorpion inserts his fat stinger penis into Alpha Wasp fast making the defeated heroes’ very muscular legs shake and buckles.


Slowly he regains his composer with a feeling of weakness washing over his entire body and the damaged and hypnotized mind area of his power brain!

Hypnotic Scorpion shoots a huge load of stinger penis venom wipeout venom deep into Alpha Wasp.

This has a mind zapping effect on Alpha Wasp, he starts flexing his asshole muscle, and his well made twin buttocks flexes and he pumps back and forward.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “That’s right Alpha Wasp I just took all your stinger penis venom away! It’s all gone and your other venom's will be too and soon all your power will be drained away!”


Hypnotic Scorpion turns himself and Alpha Wasp towards the door, when done he slowly pumps Alpha Wasp.

The S&M room door opens and in walks a totally naked, brutally handsome and super muscle bound wasp mutant of 6ft9 inches height his limp stinger penis appears to be a fat cut 25-inches if fully erect.

Like Alpha Wasp, this drop-dead handsome super muscular wasp mutant’s wings had been clipped.

Alpha Wasp’s lower jaw hangs open wide and a very shocked look spreads over his handsome face!

Alpha Wasp knows this wasp mutant very well they use to be a couple very much in love! Inseparable partners.

The wasp mutant is Superpower Wasp once the top leader of the mutant protection force he disappear one night while Alpha Wasp was away on business.

Searching went on and on to no avail this wrecked Alpha Wasp badly! For a very long time, The Trio of Power had to keep Alpha Wasp at their compound because he just shut down.

When all hope was lost of finding him, Alpha Wasp began doing the Death Matches to battle his rage and take his mind off his life partner and lost in love with Superpower Wasp.

When Omega Wasp came into his life things got better for the stud hero Alpha Wasp and his mind came to grips with the lost his new love Omega Wasp stop the sorrow.

Superpower Wasp walks up to both Hypnotic Scorpion and Alpha Wasp and stops, he has a blank look in his eyes very drugged looking glazed over pupils are pen points.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp, do you know who this is?”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes he is my went missing first life partner Superpower Wasp master!”

A tear falls down Alpha Wasp’s handsome face more of his power brain mind area becomes damaged weaken!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp, do you know who this is impaled on my fat stinger penis?”

Superpower Wasp - “No I do not know who he is master.”

Alpha Wasp’s head goes down, to his chiseled chin, it rests on his big round pecs, and sadness spread all over his handsome face!

And again his power brain mind area being damaged it is like the very powerful stud villain Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis is between his power brain folds pumping and shooting venom all over his power brain!

Hypnotic Scorpion - “AH! Does that make you sad Alpha Wasp? Tell me!”


Hypnotic Scorpion smiling knowing his power brain put the image of his stinger penis pumping Alpha Wasp’s power brain and coating it with venom’s.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “HUM, well you can be sad and weak at the same time!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp pick up this wasp mutants stinger penis and super suck it until he shoots his sperm load then swallow it down!”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes master I will obey!”

Superpower Wasp picks up Alpha Wasp’s limp stinger penis and starts sucking it, in no time it starts going fully erect throbbing and pulsating!

Hypnotic Scorpion keeps pumping Alpha Wasp slowly both powerful sexual stimulation’s are zapping Alpha Wasp senseless!

His handsome head jerks up and down fast! His muscular hips jut forward then back continuously, his pecs start to indent at his rock hard nipples making circle shape craters.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp flex your mighty muscle pecs and biceps while you’re super strength sucking this mutant wasp’s stinger penis, Alpha Wasp watch Superpower Wasp flexing his super build muscles!”

Both Alpha and Superpower Wasp’s answer yes master.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp make your fat 25-inch when hard stinger penis go fully erect! You will obey!”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes master! I will try to erect my stinger penis! Your stinger penis and venom’s have my stinger penis so limp non-functional acting, powerless!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “OH, poor-poor slave Superpower Wasp you mean to tell me your beautiful stinger penis won’t go erect?”

Superpower Wasp - “No master my stinger penis will not go erect.”

Hypnotic Scorpion smiles and pulls his long and more then normal fat 26.5 stinger penis out of Alpha Wasp’s still some what swollen asshole.

Hypnotic Scorpion walks around to a sucking Alpha Wasp’s fully erect and throbbing stinger penis Superpower Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp stop sucking Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis, stand up and turn around and walk to your circle for your master please!”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes master I will obey.”

Superpower Wasp stands and turns away from Alpha Wasp and walks to a red circle in the room and stops, his eyes still very drugged looking and with no showing of emotion.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp look into my eyes you will obey!”

Alpha Wasp does obey and looks into Hypnotic Scorpion’s eyes like before from the evil villain’s eyes intense light beams of red and green lock onto Alpha Wasp’s eyes.


Hypnotic Scorpion with his complete and total control over Alpha Wasp’s power brain shuts down Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis erection ability.

Alpha Wasp’s throbbing stinger penis goes very fast to limp.

Alpha Wasp starts speaking out of his head Hypnotic Scorpion shutting down his stinger penis erection ability zapped him senseless!

Next Hypnotic Scorpion stops Alpha Wasp’s ability to see next hear then a command to spread his muscular legs wide and finally non mobility non vocal command.

The bright green and red beams from Hypnotic Scorpion’s eyes stops Alpha Wasp’s handsome head falls down with his chiseled chin resting to his well made pecs.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s 26.5 stinger penis had went limp but seeing the very sexy muscle bound stud before him naked very handsome and muscular his power brain completely obeying his power brain makes him very rock hard!

Hypnotic Scorpion turns and walks up behind Superpower Wasp with a throbbing and pulsating stinger penis.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp spread your muscular legs and bend over and spread your asscrack!”

The very incredibly muscle bulked up brutally handsome Superpower Wasp does as he is commanded.

  And before the evil villain is bent over with his long fingers pulling his tight asscrack open exposing his no longer tight ass hole.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis is still very erect he points the very fat head at Superpower Wasp’s exposed asshole.

From the villain’s rather large stinger penis hole opening comes forth two very rare and powerful venom’s.

Strong spraying blasts away at Superpower Wasp’s asshole and going inside too.


Superpower Wasp keeps talking out of his head begging his master not to do this to him it doesn’t work it never does.

The two deadly venom’s are Superpower Wasp’s bane these two completely totally broke him.

One is called believe venom the other extreme inflate venom Hypnotic Scorpion controlling the amount of venom and using an inert matter as well with both.

Both rare venom’s can be delivered many ways oral skin eyes or deep within.

Both venom’s act upon delivery the believe venom makes the victim think whatever he is told is true no matter how insane or ridiculous and gives the victim allot of energy and thought ability.

It lasts for different periods according to amount of venom given.

And at a deadly price, once it starts wearing off the effects make the victim very weak feeling and metally drug down on and off permanently for the rest of the victim’s life.

The extreme inflate venom is exactly that, wherever it is delivered to will swell anywhere from 5times to 20times the normal size.

The extreme inflate venom if delivered to say certain area’s of a body which should not swell say as the eyes can be very deadly!

The deadly side of effect of the extreme inflate venom is the rapid shrinking can effect the victim’s memory ability and a strong brain stun effect whether it be a normal brain or a power brain for the rest of the victim’s life.

Both are deadly, are not allowed in the Death Matches at all, and are forbidden and illegal!

The area in which these two rare and deadly venom’s hale from is a very hard to transport to region of mutant world.

With two rare breed’s of spider and scorpion mutant’s both have the two deadly venom’s.

Both these rare spider and scorpion mutant’s are evil strange and very disquieting!

The reason why Hypnotic Scorpion has both he comes from the area, which is seldom, but atleast monitored once a year by Trio of Power leader TopStar.

Hypnotic Scorpion can deliver either venom single or both at a time.

The evil villain Hypnotic Scorpion watched and waited for the right time to use a powerful blast from his stinger penis of the believe venom…

To a super mutant super muscular godlike hero he very much wants as his own Superpower Wasp.

A wore down and weakened from a very powerful super spider mutant villain that caught Superpower Wasp off guard one night at the mutant protection force headquarters.

Superpower Wasp had just finished washing away the soap from his super muscular body and was relaxing under the very warm refreshing water.

When he felt the pain of ten stingers projected to his groin area launched via a super evil spider mutants webs.

A very shocked look spread over the handsome super muscular Superpower Wasp.

As he tries to remove stingers from his stinger penis his large testicles and sack and even his area between his testicles and rectum but the powerful venom are to fast acting.

Superpower Wasp


The evil spider villain’s name Herokiller Spider.

Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis in full erection he is helpless the multi-venom attack took all his super mutant abilities away!

  As he falls to the bathroom floor, his very muscular arms and legs go spread eagle, another one of the super mutant evil spider’s venom stinger’s effects.

Herokiller Spider smirks as he walks to the fallen venom flooded Superpower Wasp.

Herokiller Spider is taller7ft3 slightly more super bulked muscular then Superpower Wasp.

In addition, his stinger penis is a rare mutant type rapid power drainer type when forced into his victim’s this only happens to every one in 1,000.000 mutant’s produced…

Call by all an asshole wrecker 30-inches long when fully erect!

When this type of mutants stinger penis is fully inserted into a victim, dozens of glands secrete a very rapid power draining venom!

Herokiller Spider’s stinger penis head is 13-inches around!

All mutants fear this type of stinger penis! Forced insertion into the soon to be drained of all power destroyed victim!

The helpless Superpower Wasp’s eyes look drugged to the Max as the even more muscular Herokiller Spider stands over his all muscles quivering body.

Herokiller Spider

“I’m here to destroy you not as muscle bound as I’m but close, soon you will be drained of all your powers hero!”

Superpower Wasp is totally in the evil and very powerful and more deadly then a usual villain’s power.

The fallen heroes’ huge round pecs act like they have a mind of their own ripple and indent continuously his fat 25-inch stinger penis throbbing pulsating hyper-erect.

Superpower Wasp’s handsome head jerking in every which direction his eyes bulging pupils to pin points un-blinking fixed!

Herokiller Spider grabs Superpower Wasp’s rock hard stinger penis near the head and lifts the venom-flooded hero upward towards his very giant fully erect stinger penis!

The evil villain points the gigantic huge 13-inches around mushroom like head of his stinger penis to Superpower Wasp’s asshole.

Load after huge loads of mind wrecking venom’s and a swelling venom flood Superpower Wasp’s asshole!

All gashing venom’s force open Superpower Wasp’s very tight rarely stinger penis entered asshole.

Superpower Wasp’s powerful tight rectum starts to swell faster and faster allowing the mind wrecking venom to enter freely and deep into the fallen hero!

Superpower Wasp


Herokiller Spider grins an evil grin seeing the venom’s working over this super mutant the super muscular heroes’ reaction to the mind wrecking and very deadly swelling venom!

The rapid acting venom’s raped the withering Superpower Wasp’s…

Once a super powerful asshole and power brain mind area severely damaged! Even this early he is total defeated conquered finished!

Herokiller Spider puts his huge stinger penis head to Superpower Wasp’s now very stretched and swollen asshole of 9-inches around.

And starts forcing it into the very trapped and wrecked super mutant stud heroes’ fist sized asshole!

As the evil Herokiller Spider blasts different types of lubrication venom’s all over, and into the very huge hole near the bottom of Superpower Wasp muscular buttocks.

Mindless weak willed words spill forth from the Top-hero Leader of the allied mutant protection force!

Finally Herokiller Spider’s asshole wrecking stinger penis slides into and bottoms out.

He keeps shooting multi venom’s deep into the nearly three forth percent mind area damaged Superpower Wasp’s…

Most advanced power brain the damaged mind area climbing to credical and looking very much close to being destroyed Superpower Wasp’s now totally limp body!

Superpower Wasp’s mind area of his power brain along with his other powers getting drained so fast as the evil villain pumps this heroes’ completely wrecked asshole rapidly!

Herokiller Spider - “Oh yeah, I can see not as muscle bound but close as I’m hero that I have almost taken all your powers away! Soon you will be destroyed!”

No responses from Superpower Wasp his beautiful eyes rolled back into his head! His super mutant powers drained his super muscular physique very limp lifeless looking!

Superpower Wasp’s via venom hyper-erected stinger penis limp and shrinking rapidly it’s once fat 25-inches now if erect only 15-inches! Another of the evil mutant’s venom’s effect!

Hearing no words from his super muscular toy, he is destroying…

The evil Herokiller Spider keeps going faster!

And then the evil villain stops his mouth hangs open wide a very shocked look on his ugly face as he falls backward to the floor he is dead as dreams!

Ten Mutant Allied Protection Force heroes’ all enter the bathroom including a crying Alpha Wasp.

From all of their fingers and thumbs 100 stingers landed and destroyed the evil villain Herokiller Spider!

Alpha Wasp after seeing his sole mates very visible damage went into complete shock!

Both he and a almost destroyed Superpower Wasp were transported at light speed to the Trio of Power’s main Fortress.

TopStar with his healing power touch ability was able to save Superpower Wasp but with deep sorrow to his Supreme Power Brain…

The evil villain Herokiller Spider had loaded Superpower Wasp with two venom’s the top leader and immortal protector of this alternate earth Mutant World…

With his, awesome healing power could not heal two of the venom’s put to Superpower Wasp he knows the two venom’s and the area they came from!

A alert and smiling allot at his Alpha Wasp and more then allot laughing at his to charming lover Alpha Wasp’s no acting normal mannerisms.

Superpower Wasp was almost completely healed after staying three months at The Trio of Power’s main fortress.

Finally, Superpower Wasp and Alpha Wasp settled back to their very nice and secure home.

Alpha Wasp’s non stop attending to a looks very normal but has very painful soreness at times rectum muscle paralyzed no grip ability Superpower Wasp.

The still very brutally handsome super muscular super mutant’s energy drops without warning along with his power brain being stunned un-able to hear his loves voice calling to him.

Alpha Wasp has TopStar come by once a week and touch the love of his life hoping that   a big change will happen, so far no.

Superpower Wasp works out three times a day for three hours each time 7-days aweek.

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis almost staying on full alert watching his Superpower Wasp working out naked every day.

Superpower Wasp works his asshole muscle trying to make it as super tight as it was.

He puts all of his super mutant power to the task but what the evil Herokiller Spider’s venom did to his rectum muscle may and looks to be permanent!

Superpower Wasp flexing all his super muscles with a put in a trance and fully erect all of the time seems like Alpha Wasp.

Superpower Wasp seeing the makes him insane with desire and randy every time he lays eyes upon Alpha Wasp.

Their sperm supplies being totally drained if not for a sperm multiplier drug they both take every morning!

Alpha Wasp is very good with money he has at his young age become very rich.

Superpower Wasp was totally amazed when he found out about this side of his captured his heart secretly and forever in his Alpha Wasp’s power.

To most, Alpha Wasp is like a dumb blonde but the love of his life Superpower Wasp knew better.

He knows his Alpha Wasp is the slyest smarter then any male mutant he has ever known and makes your stinger penis want to never go limp never!

One day Alpha Wasp has to travel to a problem moneymaker of his and of coarse his Superpower Wasp’s plants to right a slight to Alpha Wasp no problem.

Superpower Wasp had just worked out for three hours non-stop he was laying naked on the king-sized bed his awesome super muscular body relaxing.

Alpha Wasp walks into the room also naked his 22-inch stinger penis fully erect bouncing up and down as he gathers things for his business trip he must leave in two hours.

Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis goes to full erection watching his Alpha Wasp getting himself ready to leave.

Superpower Wasp - “Hey my too sexy muscle mate come here to me.”

Alpha Wasp turns and is instantly weak no power to do anything but obey.

When his eyes see the super muscle god with a fully erect stinger penis and ten pack abs and very huge and round pecs calling the now very much in muscle worship a trance Alpha Wasp.

Once to him Superpower Wasp tells a totally in a sexual spell Alpha Wasp to come to the bed and mount his throbbing stinger penis.

Alpha Wasp quickly does as he is told he flies to Superpower Wasp’s sticking upward and very venom lubricated stinger penis.

He lowers his finger spread exposed asshole slowly down onto Superpower Wasp’s throbbing fat stinger penis.

Superpower Wasp quickly loads the stud Alpha Wasp going down on his stinger penis with short time acting obey venom.

Alpha Wasp


Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis being sucked by Superpower Wasp as Superpower Wasp pumps Alpha Wasp senseless!

Finally, Alpha Wasp is put in a power drain stupor as load after load of his high protein sperm shoot into his man Superpower Wasp’s eager mouth.

Superpower Wasp also at the same time ejaculates deep into his beloved Alpha Wasp.

Superpower Wasp removes his fat stinger penis from his mate and looks down at his beloved one with deep love and over powering affection.

With a can of wasp re-powering nectar held to Alpha Wasp’s sexy lips Superpower Wasp watches his sole mate drink it down and then fully re-power before his loving eyes.

Standing at the door Alpha Wasp and Superpower Wasp kiss each other with deep passion then stop looking in each others eyes with loving smiles on both faces.

Alpha Wasp

“I still wish you would join me my love we could say it’s our second honey moon our villa there always puts a smile on your face!”

Superpower Wasp

“You no I hate saying no to you my love and yes I love that villa of ours with all the fun stuff you did with it but it’s rank time again Top Sergeant Alpha Wasp!”

Superpower Wasp grinning from ear to ear as he looks at the very happy smile on his Alpha Wasp’s face.

Alpha Wasp

“Top Sergeant oh yeah! How many of us Top Sergeant’s are there might I ask?”

Superpower Wasp

“Lets see, Omega Wasp and Midnight Spider and Hermes and Apollo Ant’s a total of five for our entire one thousand heroes’.”

Alpha Wasp

“DAMN! I just got a metal image of that sexy Omega Wasp putting Midnight Spider in his power again!”

Superpower Wasp watches Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis go fully erect and his face and eyes in a dream like state.

Superpower Wasp


Alpha Wasp snaps out of his Omega Wasp dominating Midnight Spider fantasy and stands at attention with his right hand to his forehead fast!

Alpha Wasp


Superpower Wasp

“At ease Top Sergeant!” “Are you forgetting that Midnight Spider won twice out of the five matches…

And had Top Sergeant Omega Wasp totally conquered and webbed up and hanging by his big balls first time second time hanging from the head of his very-very shrunken stinger penis?”

Alpha Wasp

“My love why did you have to remind me of that now I will be rock hard all the way to our plant, speaking of I got to go will be late for the meeting of the board!” “I love you so much!”

Alpha Wasp kisses Superpower Wasp and gropes his huge balls while Superpower Wasp knees his loves buttocks.

Alpha Wasp pulls away then turns and says…

“My love there is a repair man coming in about an hour to fix the back security system force field he checked out so let him in love you forever! Bye!”

Alpha Wasp hurries to his favorite deluxe hovercraft and is gone.

Superpower Wasp laughs thinking about his Alpha Wasp’s sex drive.

  He turns and goes to his computer and starts working.

About an hour later, the front door bell snaps Superpower Wasp attention from his hero rank duties.

He get up from his computer desk and flies to the front door, he pushes the two way voice camera button and standing with a tool box in his hand is a very handsome bald mutant.

Superpower Wasp - “You must be the security re-pair man insert your identity card into the slot next to you.”

The handsome bald mutant male dressed in a baggy cover all suit grins big, shakes his head up and down, pulls from his pocket a card, and inserts it into the slot.

The green OK light flashes, Superpower Wasp pushes the door open button and tells the handsome mutant to come in.

The handsome mutant grins and shakes his head up and down and removes his card and comes on in.

Superpower Wasp - “Thanks for coming we have had a glitch in our very back security force field hope you can make it right.”

The handsome repair man with a sexy grin

“I think I can fix it shouldn’t take very long.”

Superpower Wasp - “Excuse me for saying this but doesn’t that baggy cover all your wearing get a little bit to hot for you?”

The handsome repair men smiling big…

“Yes this thing can be a little bit unconvertible I usually ask if I can take it off but I’m naked so I won’t ask.”

Superpower Wasp finding this handsome repair man very-very sexy says…

“Oh it’s OK pull that baggy thing off I don’t want you to be unconvertible working.”

The handsome repairman grins big and thanks Superpower Wasp and quickly disrobes.

Superpower Wasp is stunned looking at the about 6ft3 very muscle bound brown eyed huge stinger penis mutant man before him.

Superpower Wasp’s stinger penis goes to full erect looking this very sexy mutant man up and down.

The handsome bald repairman’s eyes also scan the super mutant super muscular build brutally handsome male before him and blushes as his huge and fat stinger penis goes rock hard too.

Superpower Wasp - “Oh don’t be embarrassed I’m glad your huge stinger penis went hard it’s beautiful!”

The handsome bald repairman’s face stops blushing and he grins that sexy grin again from ear to ear he asks…

“Your Superpower Wasp the head leader of the allied protection force aren’t you?”

Superpower Wasp - “Yes I’m, excuse me for being rude and not introducing myself but your very sexy and stunningly handsome I hope your our repairman all the time!”

Superpower Wasp’s eyes lock onto the handsome repairman’s stinger penis it is twitching and bobbing up and down.

After fifteen minutes Superpower Wasp’s eyes are locked onto the handsome repairman’s dancing stinger penis his ears listen to a hypnotic voice telling him to wrap his lips around the head.

Superpower Wasp’s lips wrap around the head of the handsome repairman’s huge stinger penis and he starts sucking and going up and down.

As Superpower Wasp, super sucks the repairman’s stinger penis the hypnotic voice ask him to please swallow his high protein sperm load.

Superpower Wasp trapped in a hypnotic web mumbles yes and a huge load shoots into his mouth and he swallows down.

Superpower Wasp rapidly stops sucking and stands up to his full height with a very shocked look on his handsome face.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Superpower Wasp I’m TopStar your friend don’t you recognize me?”

Superpower Wasp - “Hi TopStar so good to see you what brings you here to our house?”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “EnergyMan and LightningStrike and I are having an all night sex party with just the new Top Sergeant’s”

“And you love it when we all dominate you and take away your super mutant power and slowly drain the rest until your almost but not completely powerless!”

Superpower Wasp - “Oh yes that sounds great TopStar! I feel so energized and my mind thinking about everything lets hurry and get there can’t wait!”

Hypnotic Scorpion smiling as he pulls two pair of soft metal flex protection briefs from the baggy coveralls.

On the way to Hypnotic Scorpion’s main hideout in a stealth hovercraft with the anti detection unit turned on.

And two very bright beams going into the drugged out bulging eyes of Superpower Wasp feeling another super mutant’s ten stingers at his groin!

When Hypnotic Scorpion pulls into his hideout and the door closes behind he looks over at Superpower Wasp who looks to be a drug addict going into sever withdraw.

The evil villain grins and then he speaks just so many words and Superpower Wasp is smiling and ready for his power drain party.

End of part3 - David Circe.

Alpha Wasp Superpower Wasp Omega Wasp Midnight Spider Apollo Ant Hermes Ant TopStar EnergyMan LightningStrike Hypnotic Scorpion Herokiller Spider are my creations.

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