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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion
Chapter 2 - Venom Flood - 2
By David Circe
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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion, Part 2

The crowd watches as Hypnotic Scorpion walks out of the arena with a rubber webbed up completely power brain drained Alpha Wasp.

Almost the entire crowd has a shocked look on their faces not believing the 5-year death match champion has lost and will be enslaved.

As they all stand and get ready to leave a side door opens and out walks Rex, walking like a drunk and very drugged looking! With a portable microphone in his right hand!

Rex - “Someone stung me with deep sleep venom! Thanks to my valet Randy, coming to my aide I was woke up to see what happened!

Rex - “Hypnotic Scorpion is a well known villain and everyone knows villain’s are not allowed to have android type power brains only heroes’ are suppose to have them via The Trio of Power! His was one of a growing number of black market and illegally got power brains!”

Rex - “This match does not count!  And should have been stopped! WE HAVE TO SAVE ALPHA WASP!”

Rex announces to the crowd and on world wide TV that no more death matches will proceed until Alpha Wasp is rescued!


Hypnotic Scorpion pulls his hovercraft into his hide out lair garage, with a totally defeated, rubber webbed up and power brain drained Alpha Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion flips his hover craft anti-detection shield off.

Then Hypnotic Scorpion grabs the rubber webbed up Alpha Wasp and takes him to his S&M room to start the power brain re-programming of the fallen hero Alpha Wasp.

Meanwhile Omega Wasp totally in the powerful and very potent obey venom from the villain Hypnotic Scorpion flies to Devils Volcano to destroy himself.

He is almost there when the awesomely handsome and very muscle bound D Angel Ant tries to stops him.

D Angel Ant - “Omega Wasp snap out of it! Your not going to go into Devil’s Volcano!”

Omega Wasp hears what D Angel Ant is saying but still proceeds, getting very close to the opening.

D Angel Ant takes from his utility belt a venom analyzing unit and grabs Omega Wasp’s by his foot and starts flying backward fast!

D Angel Ant sticks the sharp needle to Omega Wasp’s lower right leg muscle and keeps a firm grip on the venom zapped Omega Wasp.

The spaced out Omega Wasp, keeps trying to fly forward to the Volcano but D Angel Ant keeps a firm hold on his right foot and keeps flying backwards.

A small bell sounds and D Angel Ant removes the venom unit and looks at the read out.

The read out says Scorpion mutant obey venom.

D Angel Ant has the antidote in his utility belt and pulls out the injection devise.

Omega Wasp - “D Angel Ant let me go I have to obey Hypnotic Scorpion and destroy myself!”

D Angel Ant - Not today stud hero we need you! I need you to help me save Alpha Wasp!

Omega Wasp keeps trying to fly towards Devil’s Volcano but D Angel Ant has a firm grip on his right foot and keeps flying backwards.

D Angel Ant knows he has to act fast and finds a large vein on Omega Wasp’s lower right leg and injects the antidote.

Omega Wasp starts coming out of the obey venom trance fast.

Omega Wasp - “Sorry D Angel Ant! That obey venom he used on me was very potent! We must go find my Alpha Wasp!”

Omega Wasp starts to cry and turns his handsome head so D Angel Ant can not see this.

D Angel Ant flies to Omega Wasp from behind and puts his huge muscular arms around him.

D Angel Ant - “Calm your self Omega Wasp, I’m here to help you find Alpha Wasp! Don’t give up hope!”

Omega Wasp - “Thank you D Angel Ant, lets go to Alpha Wasp’s and my home we have allot of contacts and we have the most modern computer system around we can start there to find my love!”

Tears keep falling down Omega Wasp’s handsome face.

D Angel Ant turns Omega Wasp around and looks into his beautiful eyes and gently wipes the tears away with his long finger.

D Angel Ant - “Both you and Alpha Wasp are my most top rate Sergeants in our allied mutant protection force, I love you both deeply! Everything will be all right I promise!”

A beeping sound comes from a box on D Angel Ant’s utility belt.

D Angel Ant picks the box up and looks at it Rex is sending a voice message.

D Angel pushes a button and Rex starts talking to him.

Rex - “D Angel Ant, have you found Omega Wasp?”

D Angel Ant - “Yes I found him and gave him an antidote to the obey venom that fiend gave to him he’s at him self now.”

Rex - “Omega Wasp, so sorry about what happened to Alpha Wasp someone zapped me with a deep sleep venom stinger! I would of stopped the match!”

Omega Wasp - “Not your fault Rex, I was called by someone and went to where I was suppose to meet this man.

  No one was there and it was a long way from the arena! This was a planned attack more then likely set up by Hypnotic Scorpion!”

Rex - “Omega Wasp I know this is killing you! I have a team working on finding that fiends hide out, please go to your home and I will call you when we find his hide out!”

Omega Wasp - “Thank you Rex! D Angel Ant and I are on our way to my loves and my home now to check on some contacts Alpha Wasp and I know and search our computer to find him.”

Rex - “That’s good Omega Wasp, please try to calm down I can hear your heart braking we will do everything in our power to find your love Alpha Wasp!”

Omega Wasp has tears running down his handsome face he thanks Rex and hands back the communication devise to D Angel Ant.

D Angel Ant - “Rex, we need to get a hold of The Trio of Power and let them know about what has happened.”

Rex - “D Angel Ant, I have already got in contact with them they are also helping to find that fiends hide out, you should be hearing from one of them soon!”

Rex - “More then likely it will be either TopStar or EneryMan, LightningStrike is taking this bad he beside himself sick over what happened tonight!”

D Angel Ant - “I see Rex, thanks we are almost to Omega and Alpha Wasp’s home keep us informed, I hear another beep someone is trying to get through to me, Rex contact us if you find out any thing!”

Rex - “Will do D Angel Ant, give Omega Wasp a big hug from this King Cobra snake mutant! Rex out.”

Both Omega Wasp and D Angel Ant fly down to the entrance gate, Omega Wasp pushes the numbers and the gate opens.

Both walk through the gate and it closes behind them.

D Angel Ant pushes a button on his communication devise and it is EnergyMan.

EnergyMan - “D Angel Ant have you found Omega Wasp?”

D Angel Ant - “Yes EnergyMan, I found him and he is OK.”

EnergyMan - “That’s good D Angel Ant tell Omega Wasp we are using everything we have to find Hypnotic Scorpion’s hide out, when we do we will inform you both!”

D Angel Ant - “He heard you EnergyMan and he and I thank you for your help! We are at Alpha and Omega Wasp’s home, contact us there if you find the evil fiend’s hide out!”

EnergyMan - “Will do D Angel Ant, you can count on us! EnergyMan out!”

Omega Wasp and D Angel Ant walks into the home it is huge and beautiful! Omega Wasp walks to his and Alpha Wasp’s huge bedroom where the computer is.

D Angel Ant is right behind him.

D Angel Ant is stunned looking at this room how big it is and all the great features.

D Angel Ant knows that Alpha Wasp and Omega Wasp are very rich Alpha Wasp from his money from the death matches over the 5 years and he gets 50% of all death match video sells.

In addition, Omega Wasp came from a very rich family and he was dripping in money when he and Alpha Wasp first met and started going together.

There are two huge computers in the room both side by side at beautiful oak wood desks.

One is Alpha Wasp’s and the other is Omega Wasp’s

Omega Wasp stands looking down at his computer tears running down his handsome face.

D Angel Ant goes to him and puts his very muscular arms around the sad stud heroes’ waist and gives him a big hug!

D Angel Ant - “This hug is from Rex and me and all the fans of your stud hero and lover Alpha Wasp!”

Omega Wasp turns and gives D Angel Ant a kiss on his sexy mouth and D Angel Ant kisses back.

Both D Angel Ant and Omega Wasp’s stinger penises go rock hard as they keep kissing one another with much passion.

Omega Wasp has always had a crush on D Angel Ant and so has Alpha Wasp he is so stunningly handsome and dripping with muscles!

The kissing gets very intense! As both their fat 25-inch stinger penises are sticking way up high out of their briefs to the top of their pecs.

Omega Wasp stops kissing D Angel Ant and turns away; he is ashamed of himself and steps a few feet away.

D Angel Ant comes walking up behind him he still has a rock hard stinger penis and he can see Omega Wasp does too.

D Angel Ant gently turns Omega Wasp around towards him and he can see the shame in his beautiful eyes.

D Angel Ant - “Hey muscle man don’t be ashamed! Your Alpha Wasp would not want you having tears rolling down your handsome face.

  I think he would forgive us both, he loves you so much and I know he would want you to be happy!”

Omega Wasp - “Your right D Angel Ant, he and I both have a strong crush on you and if we find him and fix this nightmare disaster, maybe we can have you over for a threesome.”

Omega Wasp - “I want to get rid of this pain and making love to you I think would help me but I’m a top and I know you are also, do you think we can work that out?”

D Angel Ant - “Oh Omega Wasp I think we can, lets strip down out of our hero costumes and see what we can do, what do you say?”

Omega Wasp - “Yeah that sounds great! I have never seen you naked D Angel Ant, your awesome body and good looks are stunning every time I lay eyes on you!”

Both muscle bound very handsome stud heroes’ strip completely naked both have rock hard stinger penises and smiles on their handsome faces.

Omega Wasp takes D Angel Ant by his hand and walks him over to his and Alpha Wasp king-size bed.

Omega Wasp pulls back the covers and gets in on his lover Alpha Wasp’s side and lays down on his back looking at the stunningly handsome muscle bound D Angel Ant’s body, as he gets into the bed too.

Both go to each other and start back kissing D Angel Ant goes on top of Omega Wasp and their rock hard stinger penises rub on top of each other.

D Angel Ant is a Latino male and one of the very few ant mutants that have wings.

Both start kissing with much lust and passion D Angel Ant starts looking for weaknesses on Omega Wasp’s awesome body he goes to Omega Wasp’s ears first.

Omega Wasp can go either way a top or bottom but with the love of his life Alpha Wasp, he is usually the top and Alpha Wasp most of the time wants it that way.

Omega Wasp moans as the awesome stud D Angel Ant nibbles at his ears.

D Angel Ant is a total top but from time to time, he has bottomed for his now dead lover Slywind Ant, killed by one of the rebel dragonfly clans.

And the stud D Angel Ant while trying to save his lover, fell into a trap that completely paralyzed his android power brain, set by four of the dragonfly clans most powerful and evil members.

All the dragonfly mutants have enormous penises very fat and long, with a very potent mind wrecking sperm!

Four of the powerful dripping with muscles dragonfly clan ganged up on the power brain disabled muscle bound stud D Angel Ant.

And took their turns slam pumping him senseless and passing him around after each one had deposited a huge load of mind wrecking sperm into him.

They made D Angel Ant look at his dead lover on a huge screen monitor while each one pounded him down into a almost completely all power drained stud hero.

Lucky for the completely powerless D Angel Ant the evil Dragonfly mutant men did not destroy his utility belt that was sending a silent homing beacon.

A large mutant force that included Alpha and Omega Wasp came and destroyed the four evil Dragonfly mutant men.

D Angel Ant was a muscle bound Ant mutant male wrecked he was taken to the Trio of Power’s fortress along with his dead lover Slywind Ant.

  It took several months to heal D Angel Ant the leader of the mutant allied hero force.

The Trio of Power kept Slywind Ant’s dead body preserved until D Angel Ant was able to attend his lovers funeral, a very sad day it was indeed.

D Angel Ant goes to Omega Wasp’s neck and sucks up and down he doesn’t realize that Omega Wasp’s stinger penis head has self lubed with top male drain venom.

Quick as lightning Omega Wasp rolls himself and D Angel Ant over and now he is on top and his stinger penis finds D Angel Ant ‘s tight asshole.

Before D Angel Ant knows what hit him Omega Wasp’s stinger penis slides as far into D Angel Ant as it will go!


Omega Wasp flexes his muscle bound body fast and his fat 25-inch stinger penis shoots a huge load of top male drain venom deep into the stud hero D Angel Ant’s body!

D Angel Ant’s top male thinking draining away fast!


Omega Wasp - “You need a huge load of very potent wasp obey venom D Angel Ant coming right up!”

Omega Wasp once again flexes his awesome muscle bound body and his fat stinger penis and shoots a very huge load of wasp obey venom deep into the venom zapped D Angel Ant!

D Angel Ant looks as if he is trying to fight the effect of both venom’s his huge bubble pecs indenting at his rock hard nipples but soon the battle is over.

D Angel Ant’s eyes glaze over and are closed half way his pecs stop indenting, he is now totally in the stud hero Omega Wasp’s power!

Omega Wasp test his venom effect on D Angel Ant and commands him to keep flexing his very muscular buttocks as he starts pumping him slow and steady.

D Angel Ant obeys and starts flexing his very muscular buttocks as Omega Wasp’s stinger penis pumps a very venom controlled D Angel Ant.

Omega Wasp looks down at D Angel Ant’s muscle upon muscle ripped abdominal wall he has a ten pack of power!

Omega Wasp looks further upwards to two very round and powerful pectoral units with two perfect rock hard nipples where stingers hide in wait.

Omega Wasp keeps pumping D Angel Ant’s warm and stinger penis enveloping ass hole opening.

As D Angel Ant continues to flex his very muscular buttock muscles, Omega Wasp looks down to see D Angel Ant’s stinger penis fully erect and dripping pre-cum down the long shaft.

Then Omega Wasp looks at the incredibly muscular God like handsome D Angel Ant’s face and sees that he is totally in his power and Omega Wasp’s climax begins!

He quickly pulls his sperm erupting stinger penis out of D Angel Ant’s warm tight hole.

And takes it to D Angel Ant’s mouth and commands him to wrap his lips around his stinger penis head and swallow down his flowing seeds.

D Angel Ant obeys and swallows down load after load of Omega Wasp’s sperm supply for a good three minutes.

Omega Wasp afterwards goes and gets a warm wet wash cloth and comes back to D Angel Ant and cleans his sperm trail and around the studs mouth.

A beeping sound starts and Omega Wasp walks to it.

It is EnergyMan via a very secure private communication devise.

Omega Wasp - “Yes EnergyMan, Omega Wasp here.

EnergyMan - “Just wanted to let you know LightningStrike has organized a team of 20 flying mutant force protector’s and is on a hunt for Alpha Wasp!”

Omega Wasp smiles big - “That’s good news EnergyMan if anyone can find my love, it’s our LightningStrike!”

EnergyMan - “Omega Wasp the three of us and so many more want you to know that a full scale red alert top priority scan is now in effect hopefully we will locate him soon.”

Omega Wasp - “Thank you so much EnergyMan! I think I need to start looking too for my love."

EnergyMan - “Ah, D Angel Ant hasn’t told you yet?”

Omega Wasp - “Told me what? No D Angel Ant hasn’t told me any thing, what is it?”

EnergyMan - “Our top and most select intelligence sources have discovered that this was a well planed capture of Alpha Wasp and you Omega Wasp was to be either captured or destroyed.”

Omega Wasp - “Why? EnergyMan, who would want to do this to my love and me?”

EnergyMan - “It is not just Alpha Wasp and you Omega Wasp there was one more person on the list.”

Omega Wasp - “Who else EnergyMan?”

EnergyMan - “D Angel Ant, who ever is behind all this wants him the most.”

“They have tried to capture him three times already.”

“The last time, two super power mutants stripped him naked and used new black market devises in and on him that wrecked multi-areas of his advanced class A-1 power brain.”

“The two super power mutants were caught on D Angel Ant’s home security cameras.”

“We saw every thing they did to him both super mutants have expander stinger penis and with that kind of power both super demon’s took the D Angel to hell!”

“We just got lucky enough of our mutant protection force showed up and fought the super mutants and kept them from taking our D Angel Ant away!”

Omega Wasp turns and looks over at a still two venom controlled D Angel Ant and breaths out loud relieved but now worry floods his mind about his love Alpha Wasp.

EnergyMan - “Omega Wasp?”

Omega Wasp - “I-HAD-I-DAMN! EnergyMan I think I’m going to be sick!”

Omega Wasp runs to the nearest bathroom when he walks back out he has a cold rag this time on his four head.

Omega Wasp - “I’m back EnergyMan, sorry about that!”

EnergyMan - “No I’m the one who needs to apologize Omega Wasp, I didn’t mean to upset you but you do need to know what is going on.”

Omega Wasp - “That is true EnergyMan and I’m glad you told me! I’m not going to let D Angel Ant out of my sight, he can guard me and I can guard him.”

EnergyMan - “That makes me feel allot better Omega Wasp, I know how secure your and Alpha Wasp’s place is, can I tell D Angel Ant his new task is to guard you, until further notice?”

Omega Wasp - “UM! Well if you’ll wait on me to de-venom him.”

EnergyMan laughs out loud - “That’s OK Omega Wasp when he’s back to himself please have him contact me, I’ll be on duty.”

Omega Wasp - “ I sure will EnergyMan, when LightningStrike comes in, you tell him Omega Wasp smiles at him with lots of love!”

EnergyMan - “I will, EnergyMan out!”

Omega Wasp goes to the main security control room and sits at the highest command watch and destroy intruder insinuate and deploy unit, he types in his commands and pushes the green button.

Omega Wasp smiles knowing that he and D Angel Ant are very safe and secure.

Omega Wasp walks back to D Angel Ant the all power muscle man is still under the control of the two potent wasp venom’s and will be for several more hours.

Omega Wasp sits in a chair near the bed.

He commands D Angel Ant to get up from the bed, stand in front of him, and flex his muscles.

Until his new master thinks of something else much better for him to do.

D Angel Ant obeys.

End of part 2 - David Circe.

Alpha Wasp, Omega Wasp, D Angel Ant, Rex, TopStar, EnergyMan, LightningStrike are David Circe’s creations.

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