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Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion
Chapter 1 - Venom Flood - 1
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

Alpha Wasp Vs Hypnotic Scorpion, Part 1 (Venom Flood)

Greetings to all you gentlemen we hope you have enjoyed tonight’s matches.

We now come to our final match.

The hero and death matches champion, Alpha Wasp Vs the newcomer villain Hypnotic Scorpion!

The crowd cheers and many roar loud to Alpha Wasp, praising him.

On two monitors both contenders’ status are shown.

Alpha Wasp front pose:

- 6ft3 short jet-black hair green color eyes muscle bound super strength 22-inch stinger penis when fully erect android type power brain.

 - Weapons goggles, gauntlets, utility belt, red rust colored flex metal shield protection briefs.

 - A very long listing of venom’s next to some say can be deadly.

 - Has wings can fly at lighting speed.

 - Best known as: 5-year Death Match champion/Mutant allied force hero.

Hypnotic Scorpion front pose:

 - 6ft3 shave bald no hair brown colored eyes muscle bound, super strength 26.5-inch very fat stinger penis when fully erect.

 - Black flex metal shield protection briefs, with hypnotic circles and red centers all over them.

 - Weapons, gauntlets utility belt many type stingers long list of venom’s next to some say can be deadly.

 - Best known as: Top Master of muscle men slaves/Drug Lord.

Alpha Wasp flies in from the side door and circles the crowd, flying close and waving to all.

Hypnotic Scorpion enters via the contender’s waiting room, he is brutally handsome and he is dripping in muscles.

Alpha Wasp is a little bit jittery, he has heard the rumors about this villain and how he does his victim’s bodies and mind.

The ringmaster walks up and stands in between Alpha Wasp and Hypnotic Scorpion.

The ringmaster - “Congrats to you both for making it here to the final round, this will be a death match or declaration of owner ship, may the best man win! When you hear the bell begin fighting.”

Alpha Wasp - “I heard nothing of this declaration of ownership! When did this come about?”

The ringmaster - “Alpha Wasp, you know this rule has always been in effect, your opponent has ask for it to be known vocally.”

Alpha Wasp fans his wings fast, he does this when he is angry or upset.

Alpha Wasp turns and looks at Hypnotic Scorpion he is stunned at how handsome this guy is, his huge bulge makes Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis starts going fully erect.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “I see my good looks are making you sexually energized stud hero, it will be a pleasure taking all your power away.”

Alpha Wasp - “AH! Yeah well you’ll have it to do stud villain, thinking your going to turn me into your slave I don’t think so!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “We will see soon enough stud hero.”

The bell rings and Alpha Wasp flies straight up fast keeping his eyes on Hypnotic Scorpion he has a venom that will put this villain’s power down fast if he can get him with it.

Hypnotic Scorpion launches his attack with stingers from his fingers but Alpha Wasp is to quick he dodges out of the way.

Then lighting fast he flies, Hypnotic Scorpion can’t see him anymore and starts looking around upwards.

When he turns Alpha Wasp is right in front of him his pec’s stingers go into Hypnotic Scorpion’s awesome pec’s loading him with Tarantula venom deadly to Scorpion’s.

Alpha Wasp’s pec’s start indenting and rippling pumping venom into Hypnotic Scorpion.


The crowd cheers and chants over and over Alpha Wasp’s pec stingers put Hypnotic Scorpion down.

Hypnotic Scorpion is in a daze and starts walking around the ring like a drunk.

Alpha Wasp pulls down Hypnotic Scorpion’s briefs and pushes a button on his right gauntlet a vibration starts.

Alpha Wasp wraps his fist around Hypnotic Scorpion’s huge limp stinger penis, with the powerful vibration it starts going fully erect.

Alpha Wasp starts stroking Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis soon it starts dripping pre-cum.

Alpha Wasp’s stinger penis is rock hard it self lube’s with more Tarantula venom he bends the dazed villain over and puts the head of his stinger penis to Hypnotic Scorpion’s tight ass-hole then slams it in as far as it will go.


The crowd goes wild cheering Alpha Wasp’s name.

Then Alpha Wasp starts pumping Hypnotic Scorpion and stroking his stinger penis, in no time Hypnotic Scorpion starts ejaculating hard load after load of his sperm shoots out then slows and stops.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s muscular arms are limp hanging down, his handsome head jerking back and forth.

Alpha Wasp pulls his stinger penis out of Hypnotic Scorpion and walks to the front of the crowd with his briefs pulled down and his stinger penis fully erect.

Alpha Wasp grabs his stinger penis and shakes it up and down for the crowed.

Alpha Wasp - “That big muscle bound stud villain is feeling all dazed and his sperm supply is all gone I bet!”

The crowd is roaring the jack-off lights going off wild.

Alpha Wasp is flexing his awesome muscles for the crowd smiling.

Hypnotic Scorpion did his homework on Alpha Wasp and knew he had the ability to use Tarantula venom on him, he took an antidote before the match.

The effects did zap him good but now wearing off and completely going away fast.

Alpha Wasp with his back turned to Hypnotic Scorpion still smiling and flexing his biceps and rippling his round pumped up pec’s for the crowd.

When a hidden stinger the villain’s taint stinger, from between Hypnotic Scorpion’s balls and ass-hole comes forth, it’s just like a Scorpion’s extension and stinger being three-inches long.

It goes to Alpha Wasp’s ass-hole and stings him pumping him full of stinger penis complete paralyzing venom and stinger penis venom eliminator and rapid super strength drain venom.


Alpha Wasp’s muscled legs spread wide and his muscled buttocks starts flexing and he starts pumping his groin back and forth he is very drugged looking his eyes bulging out.

Then Alpha Wasp’s legs straighten his awesome bubble like pec’s start to indent wildly at his rock hard nipples.

He starts walking in a power drain and stinger penis limped out stupor, his mind area of his powerbrain zapped senseless.

Alpha Wasp is in a complete daze his stinger penis going completely limp and shrinking faster and faster getting smaller and smaller as he walks around the ring in a very dazed state of mind.

The crowd goes wild seeing this.

Hypnotic Scorpion goes to Alpha Wasp and stops him.

Alpha Wasp doesn’t know anything or what’s happening to him his mind stunned senseless.

Hypnotic Scorpion starts stripping Alpha Wasp of all his weapons and briefs even his boots when he is finished,

Alpha Wasp is completely naked his stinger penis limp and powerless and much smaller.

Then from his utility belt Hypnotic Scorpion removes a shaving devise and begins shaving Alpha Wasp’s entire head, until he’s completely bald like himself.

Then he removes a black leather like collar from his utility belt it has small circular dome lights all around it, with one-inch diamond sharp needles attached.

  Hypnotic Scorpion puts the collar around the neck of this severely power brain stunned heroes’ throat, Alpha Wasp is completely unaware of the needles as they pierce his muscular neck and skin.

Hypnotic Scorpion grabs Alpha Wasp’s shrunk stinger penis and shakes it up and down for the crowd.

He then starts walking a power-drained stupor Alpha Wasp around the ring, Alpha Wasp is completely helpless he will remain this way until a shock snaps him out of the stupor.

The super strength and other two venom’s wrecked his mind, he knew when the stinger penis paralyzing venom went into him and stinger penis venom eliminator venom he had been stung with those two before.

But never had he been loaded with super strength wipe out venom! The effect damaged a certain percent of the mind area of his power brain.

Hypnotic Scorpion is a master and knows how to wreck his slaves and victim’s minds.

He has for a long time watched and studied Alpha Wasp, now he will put his work to use.

Hypnotic Scorpion spreads Alpha Wasp’s muscular legs wide then bends him over his huge fat stinger penis self lube’s with three venom’s obey mindcontrol and hypnotic.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis is huge the head of it fat he sticks it to Alpha Wasp’s ass-hole and starts forcing it into him.


Hypnotic Scorpion keeps forcing his stinger penis until it finally goes into Alpha Wasp’s ass-hole stretching it to the max.

He pushes it in as far as it will go and then starts slamming Alpha Wasp senseless with it.


Hypnotic Scorpion loads Alpha Wasp with mind control venom then loads him with powerful hypnotic venom and obey venom again.

Hypnotic Scorpion pulls his stinger penis all the way out then slams it back into Alpha Wasp.

Alpha Wasp’s muscular legs buckle and go to shaking

Hypnotic Scorpion pulls his stinger penis out of Alpha Wasp then slams it back in fast.


Alpha Wasp goes down to his knees then falls face down to the floor.

Hypnotic Scorpion goes to him and ruffly yanks him back to his feet.

The crowd is going nuts seeing Alpha Wasp totally being controlled and dominated.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Stand and spread your legs Alpha Wasp and then bend over and spread your ass-crack you will obey me!”

Alpha Wasp stands and spreads his muscular legs wide then he bends over and with his fingers spreads his ass-crack exposing his swollen ass-hole.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s stinger penis head self lube’s with mind control hypnotic and obey venom again.

He puts the huge head of his stinger penis to Alpha Wasp’s swollen ass-hole and rams it into him.


Hypnotic Scorpion loads a helpless Alpha Wasp with the three venom’s again.

The plan is simple loading Alpha Wasp with these three venom’s will stun his powerbrain’s ability to react and function normality

Hypnotic Scorpion bottoms out and pulls a very weak and venom zapped Alpha Wasp upward to a standing position.

Hypnotic Scorpion them pulls Alpha Wasp’s upper body and head close to his and he starts skull fucking him.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “How did it feel when I took away your super strength and paralyzed your stinger penis and all of your stinger penis venom?”


Hypnotic Scorpion - “You still have some venom left Alpha Wasp time to take it all away!”


Hypnotic Scorpion with his two index fingers starts rubbing Alpha Wasp’s rock hard nipples then he pushes inwards and both of Alpha Wasp’s pec stingers pop out.


Hypnotic Scorpion then puts both his index fingers to Alpha Wasp’s outer parts of both Alpha Wasp’s nipples and five-inch long stingers go in fast.


Both of Alpha Wasp’s pec stingers fully extend and come forth then start melting dripping away to nothing.

He then pulls his stinger penis out of Alpha Wasp fast and turn him around facing him and the villain’s two pec stinger’s shoot into Alpha Wasp’s pec’s and destroy all of his pec venom’s.


The crowd is going mad the entire jack off rooms went full as soon as Hypnotic Scorpion stung Alpha Wasp’s ass-hole.

Alpha Wasp is wrecked his handsome now bald head jerking his pec’s indenting wildly his eyes looking very drugged out of his mind.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Where is all your power muscle bound stud hero your muscles are flexing but your not doing it for the crowd now are you?”


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Ah but you still have some power Alpha Wasp the power indicator says you still have 75% power reserves left.”


Hypnotic Scorpion grabs Alpha Wasp’s left arm and brings it back to himself and puts his index finger to Alpha Wasp’s hand.

Like with the pec stingers a five-inch stinger goes into Alpha Wasp’s hand.

Dozens of Alpha Wasp’s fingers and thumb stingers come forth and then they melt away dripping to nothing all of the venom destroyed as well.

Hypnotic Scorpion does the other hand the same way when he is done he lets Alpha Wasp’s hand fall down dripping the remains of stingers and venom.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “That’s where your wrong Alpha Wasp your power brain is fully charged the monitor says so hum let me see what I can do about that.”


Hypnotic Scorpion removes his stinger penis from Alpha Wasp and walks around in front of him eyeing his handy work.

Alpha Wasp is still able to stand but like a drunk and his handsome head jerking and his pec’s indenting rippling and quivering.

Hypnotic Scorpion commands Alpha Wasp to look him in his eyes Alpha Wasp obeys.

Powerful green and red probe beams go into Alpha Wasp’s eyes.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “You will obey me Alpha Wasp drop your power brain security control NOW!”


Hypnotic Scorpion keeps his eye probe beams fixed on

  Alpha Wasp’s eyes directly Alpha Wasp’s head jerks hard up and down then back looking into Hypnotic Scorpion eyes.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Good Alpha Wasp as I detect your security override numbers you will call the commands out to me and delete your control!”


Hypnotic Scorpion green and red eye beams intense his eyes are locked on Alpha Wasp’s eyes.

Alpha Wasp - “22 Alpha Wasp delete render full command to Hypnotic Scorpion over ride complete.”

Alpha Wasp - “27 Alpha Wasp delete render full command to Hypnotic Scorpion over ride complete.”

Alpha Wasp - “49 Alpha Wasp delete render full command to Hypnotic Scorpion over ride complete.”

Alpha Wasp - “32 Alpha Wasp delete render full command to Hypnotic Scorpion over ride complete.”

Alpha Wasp - “25 Alpha Wasp delete render full command to Hypnotic Scorpion over ride complete.”

Hypnotic Scorpion’s eye beams stop an evil smile on his handsome face.

Alpha Wasp’s head drops down to his pec’s.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Not yet muscle bound stud hero but soon how did you like me raping your power brain?”


Hypnotic Scorpion - “That’s right I did and now to finish you Alpha Wasp bend over and spread your ass-crack you will obey me!”

Alpha Wasp does as he is commanded he bends over and with his fingers spreads his ass-crack exposing his very swollen ass-hole.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s huge stinger penis head self lube’s with hypnotic mind control and obey venom once again.

He inserts into Alpha Wasp’s now very hot and swollen ass-hole and drives it as far as it will go and stops.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Feel my power Alpha Wasp all of yours is so weak and depleted time to end this show!”

Hypnotic Scorpion flexes his muscle bound body forward and loads Alpha Wasp with power brain drain venom.


Hypnotic Scorpion withdraws his stinger penis from Alpha Wasp and walks around to the front of the defeated hero.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Look into my eyes Alpha Wasp you will obey me!”

Alpha Wasp’s eyes meet Hypnotic Scorpion’s powerful probe eye beams.


Hypnotic Scorpion grabs Alpha Wasp by his shrunk stinger penis and leads him around then stops.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp you look so weak and tired lay down on your stomach you will obey me!”

Alpha Wasp - “Yes I will obey!”

Alpha Wasp’s wings start and he floats up and then lands face down his muscular legs spread wide his handsome face to one side.

Hypnotic Scorpion straddles Alpha Wasp’s waist and lifts his huge rock hard stinger penis and strokes it.

He leans forward with his stinger penis in hand and puts the head of it to Alpha Wasp's right wing attachment and a 5-inch stinger goes into Alpha Wasp's wing.

It starts to melt fast.


Then Hypnotic Scorpion stings the left one and it melts and drips down to the floor a very shocked and pain ridden

Alpha Wasp’s handsome head jerking wildly.

Alpha Wasp is moaning loud he is defeated conquered by Hypnotic Scorpion his power brain losing energy rapidly.

Hypnotic Scorpion grabs a in sever pain Alpha Wasp and stands him to his feet.

Hypnotic Scorpion commands Alpha Wasp to stand a jerking all over his muscle bound body Alpha Wasp obeys his green eyes very red and glazed over and drugged out of his mind look.

Hypnotic Scorpion reaches into his utility belt and pulls out two very small round glass vials with white power in them.

He walks to Alpha Wasp and opens one of the vials and sticks it under Alpha Wasp’s right nostril.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp inhale this it will take your pain away one to each nostril inhale hard get it all!”

Alpha Wasp does as he is told and inhales the white power drug Hypnotic Scorpion sticks the other now open vial under his left nostril.

Alpha Wasp inhales the entire white power drug up his nose.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Oh yes Alpha Wasp the pain should damage more of your mind area of your power brain the hallucinatory drug will make your power brain weaker and weaker with my eye beam probes I will help drain your power brain.”


Hypnotic Scorpion stands in front of Alpha Wasp the defeated heroes’ eyes are un-blinking glazed over very drug looking.

Hypnotic Scorpion’s eye beams start with intense force locking on to Alpha Wasp’s very drugged looking eyes.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp see my huge stinger penis it self lube’s with power brain drain venom now I’m inserting it into your abused ass-hole you can feel it can’t you?”


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Now I’m slam pounding your swollen ass-hole Alpha Wasp I’m going to this with my power paralyzing stinger penis drain most of your power reserves until your so weak and totally powerless.”

Alpha Wasp under the powerful hallucinatory drug and Hypnotic Scorpion’s power brain probe beams it’s as if it is really happening to him the pain and every image.


Hypnotic Scorpion locks onto Alpha Wasp’s memory banks and his huge stinger penis goes to dripping pre-cum.

He is seeing Alpha Wasp in different matches being worked over he now wants Alpha Wasp to re-live his past tortures.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp do you see what I see that big stud Super Tarantula is ripping your wings off!”


Alpha Wasp’s handsome head jerking his pec’s indenting wildly his entire muscle bound body shaking and jerking.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Alpha Wasp Death Hornet is flooding you with black powder power draining dust venom from his wings your getting weaker and weaker he’s dusting your stinger penis hole and your ass-hole he’s got you!”


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Oh man Alpha Wasp Death Hornet is inserting his huge stinger penis into your ass-hole he’s got you in his power he’s stretching your ass-hole so wide!”


Hypnotic Scorpion’s plan is working Alpha Wasp’s power brain getting weaker and weaker fast.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Look Alpha Wasp Ultra Wasp has you totally in his power he using some type of wasp sexual thermion gas your totally in his power your bending over and spreading your ass-crack!”


Alpha Wasp’s power brain is almost drained Hypnotic Scorpion goes for the final blow that will drain the stud heroes’ power brain.

Alpha Wasp’s power brain will not be destroyed by a complete power drain he still has solar cell like a small star or sun that keeps him alive.

When an android power brain is drained to this stage it makes it possible to re-program it and then it can be re-powered.

And that’s exactly what Hypnotic Scorpion plans to do to the defeated stud hero Alpha Wasp.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Oh look Alpha Wasp MindDrain Spider is webbing your balls watch Alpha Wasp!”


That worked Alpha Wasp’s power brain is drained.

Alpha Wasp head hangs down to his pumped pec’s his eyes glazed over un-blinking then Alpha Wasp talks like a robot and says his last words under this now totally drained power brain.

Alpha Wasp - “Power brain drain complete!”

The crowed goes insane seeing the stud hero Alpha Wasp totally defeated by the hunk villain Hypnotic Scorpion

Hypnotic Scorpion smiles and says to the crowd. - “Look what I did to the stud hero Alpha Wasp oh don’t worry now that his power brain is drained I can re-program it to obey my every command and re-power him and drain all his power again and again!”

The crowd cheers the new champion Hypnotic Scorpion.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “I proclaim ownership of Alpha Wasp!”

From a speaker a voice says. - “You have that right you will receive champion title and trophy but no money that’s the rules do you understand?”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Yes I understand and I got what I came here for!”

Hypnotic Scorpion takes a devise from his utility belt it’s a air breathable thin but very strong rubber webbing S&M tool the rubber sheet are 6-inches in width.

He pulls out a long wide piece of it and wraps it around the power brain drained Alpha Wasp’s head it has a sticky adhesive.

He pushes a button on it and Alpha Wasp’s limp muscle bound body starts turning around and around being rubber webbed up.

When this is done Alpha Wasp is completely encased in a rubber cocoon all his muscle bound features very visible.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Oh yeah I took all his power away I can’t wait to re-power and de-power him again and again and again!”

Hypnotic Scorpion laughs an evil laugh

The ringmaster comes to Hypnotic Scorpion with the trophy and hands it to him he takes it and then throws the powerless Alpha Wasp over his shoulder and walks out of the building.

He goes to his hovercraft and puts Alpha Wasp inside he is about to get in when an angry voice calls to him.

Omega Wasp - “Your not taking my lover any where you fiend!”

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Omega Wasp I have every right to enslave Alpha Wasp I could have destroyed him but I didn’t!”

Omega Wasp flies to the side of the hovercraft where his love Alpha Wasp is and starts to reach for him.

Hypnotic Scorpion pushes two buttons on his gauntlets and points them at Omega Wasp.


Hypnotic Scorpion - “Like my weapon Omega Wasp a special sound wave tuned to drain a wasp’s ability to think stunning the mind!”

Hypnotic Scorpion walks over to a brain stunned Omega Wasp and pulls down his briefs his stinger penis self lube’s with obey venom.

He puts the huge head to Omega Wasp’s ass-hole and slams it into him.


Hypnotic Scorpion flexes his muscle bound body forward and loads Omega Wasp with obey venom then withdraws his stinger penis and pulls Omega Wasp’s briefs back up.

Hypnotic Scorpion - “Omega Wasp you will fly into Devil’s Volcano and destroy yourself you will obey!”

Omega Wasp - “Yes I will fly into Devil’s Volcano and destroy myself.”

A very drugged looking Omega Wasp turns and flies upward and towards Devil’s Volcano.

Hypnotic Scorpion laughs an evil laugh and gets into his hover craft he puts his hand to Alpha Wasp’s rubber webbed up head and pats it and flies off.

End of part 1 - David Circe.

Alpha Wasp Omega Wasp and Hypnotic Scorpion are my creations. (David Circe)

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