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College Obsession
Part 9
By Catglee

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Chapter Nine

As we pull away from the table after finishing our pizza, George asks before he goes home if he can stop in on Ignatius. “Of course, after all your help this afternoon, you are entitled to another shot at him,” I laugh.

There are surveillance cameras in the guest room so we can watch and listen to what goes on in there.

Friar George slips into the room with a lighted candle and approaches the sleeping naked man bound to the bed. He touches him on the leg to awaken him. Eyes grow wide at the sight if a monk viewing him in all his nudity bound spread out on the bed.


Ignatius is embarrassed that his cock is standing straight up. Friar George smiles as he comes closer. He sticks our a finger and waves it at Ignatius as if to say: “Shame on you, you naughty wicked boy!”


“I understand that what happened to you this afternoon was not yours to control. Such terrible things were done to you and your body. However, clearly you took pleasure from having your cock sucked. So much so that you ejaculated three times. Now that is sinful behavior.”

(Friar George is playing on Harding's Irish Conservative Roman Catholicism, feeding and re-enforcing his guilt about anything sexual, especially perverse gay sexual acts.)

“Your male member is your own worst enemy and it puts your immortal soul in danger of being condemned to the flames of Hell forever. You cock needs to be purged of its wickedness by the sacred scourge.”

He grabs the hard cock in his hand and wacks its sensitive knob. A few whacks and then a few wanks of the stiff member to keep it hard. Ignatius grimaces and squirms at every blow. And yet he never grows soft.

Friar George cups his heavy ball sac and gives it a few squeezes but not using much pressure. Ignatius keeps his erection.


Friar George keeps up attention to the man's hard cock and big balls until eventually Ignatius erupts still another time this day. The cum puddles on his furry belly.

“That is a clear testament to the evil that resides in your male member. May God have mercy on your soul!”


Friar George leaves the room smiling. He just loves playing on Catholic guilt, especially when it comes to sexual matters.

To Be Continued............

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