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College Obsession
Part 8
By Catglee

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Chapter Eight

Saturday mornings I like to sleep in. Harvey gets up ahead of me. He goes into the kitchen and fixes himself some breakfast. When he is finished eating, he whips up some scrambled eggs for Ignatius that are laced with a nutritional supplement that increases his sperm production three-fold, along with some sausage and wheat toast.

He brings it into our guest and feeds him by hand since he is still tied spread-eagle to the bed. After it is all eaten, Harvey leaves the room to give Ignatius time to digest his meal.

After I start my day, I give a call to George Camacho. He is a friend who once in a while helps us out with a sex partner. Today Ignatius is going to need some extra handling for what I have in mind for him. George is an expert with ropes and knots. With three of us controlling him the afternoon should go smoothly.

I ask George to bring his special outfit that I am sure will startle Harding when he sees my friend wearing it. I tell him that we will meet him down in the basement in about an hour.

Harvey and I go into the guest bedroom to retrieve Ignatius. After yesterday he is a lot more passive and comes along quietly. We tie him to a metal pipe and await George's arrival. Our guest is ready, bound tightly and hard-primed with a steel sound shoved into his prick as well as having his ball sac tightly roped.

George arrives and stands dramatically in the doorway. When Ignatius turns to see him, the expression on his face is one of shock and anxiety.


It seems that Harding is still a very Conservative Irish Roman Catholic and the sight of a Monk in the doorway stirs up fears of dreaded clergy abuse. The truth of the matter is that George used to be a Franciscan Brother in San Francisco but has since left the Order. As a sentimental memento he took his habit with him. He wears it now and again in Spanish Inquisition sexual role-playing. But Ignatius believes that the man in the brown habit is the real thing.

Much to the shock of our guest, Friar George inspects the package and goods. He clips clothes pins to the meaty nipples and strokes Ignatius up into an erection.


Now that the introductions are over it is time to get to the day's activities. “How about we play some Ping-Pong?” I ask.

The three of us bind Ignatius' arms up to the ceiling. He still looks so hot in naked bondage. We have no need of a ball or playing table, instead we only need the paddles.

First however we have to wet him down to enhance the sting of every blow. Water guns are aimed at his naked muscular body.


A strong forceful stream of icy cold water from a garden hose blasts his firmly-muscled belly and all up and down, front and back.


With Ignatius dripping wet, for the next hour or so we whack Harding on his round white hairy butt and firmly muscled belly. I just love watching how his butt cheeks ripple with every blow of the paddle. His hairy belly soon glows a bright pink. He grunts at every blow but takes it all like a man.


Now and again we double team him, striking his butt and belly simultaneously.


When we all have had enough of this sport it is time to start a new game. Harvey and I help George tie him in a hot looking new bondage position. Now his big prick and heavy balls are exposed and vulnerable.

We grab our Ping-Pong paddles and some colored balls for a contest. Whoever wins within the time limit takes the first turn in sucking off Ignatius. The scoring is as such: three points if the ball strikes his testicles, two points if it hits his cock, and one point for every pinched nipple. We take a stand about three feet back from the open-legged target and start batting balls one turn for each contestant. The Harding boy braces for the first impact.

We position the balls in our left hand and whack them with the paddle towards the intended target.


Harding jerks back his head at every strike of the Ping-Pong balls. When the time limit is up, we tally the scores. The results are as follows.


Ignatius is set up in the bondage position Friar George prefers. It is such a hoot to watch the Monk suck off this staunch Roman Catholic Irish Boy.

Much to Harding's reluctance his cock is a traitor to his religious beliefs and responds with a mind of its own. The winner expertly takes the naked man's hot load of cum.


Now each of us, in winning order suck out another hot load from the bound hairy naked man.

The nutritional supplement does its job and produces big loads at every ejaculation.

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We round off the afternoon with some good old-fashioned nipple play.

The man is tasty no matter what you suck and nibble on his body.


It is about time for supper. We all worked up quite an appetite. Ignatius is put to bed, tied spread out to the four corners of the mattress face up, as usual. Just this sight alone makes me drool.

Upstairs I put in an order for two pizzas from Papa John. The first pepperoni and the second, half anchovy and half spicy Italian sausage.

The Pizza Delivery Boy, as my luck would have it, just happens to be a hot number. Maybe another time we will play that scene. We have enough on our menu with a full plate of Ignatius Harding.

I get the guy's name and tell him I will ask specifically for him the next time.


I pay the bill and include a generous tip so that he remembers us.

We all sit down and devour the pizza as we discuss and laugh about our fun Saturday afternoon of sports.

Harvey brings some pizza to Ignatius and he feeds him by hand. It is time to relax watching some late Notre Dame Football game on the big screen television.

To Be Continued............

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