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College Obsession
Part 10
By Catglee

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Chapter Ten

That was such a hoot seeing Friar George in action. Hopefully Ignatius won't take it to heart and let that performance spoil the day's action.

I have a late morning's start. Harvey has already fed Ignatius his breakfast. He helps me with our guest to string him up for a series of enemas. Gallons of hot soapy water clean him out good. That chute must be cleared for today's agenda.

Then Harvey leaves Harding all to myself and goes off for brunch with some friends.


Ignatius by now is easy to handle alone. I strap him to a wooden stand, positioning him on his knees, kneeling on the concrete floor. That tight pucker hole almost seems to be winking at me.


I have no idea whether or not he has been butt fucked before. I hope that I am the first. Nonetheless I go very gently.

Slowly I ease my lubricated hard cock up into him. Several times I pause so he can adjust to the pressure. His tight sphincter firmly grips my probing penis. This is going to be sweet.

Then once I am all the way in, I rock my cock back and forth, nudging his prostate. I slowly withdraw and plunge back in at a slightly faster pace. Soon I am up to a fast piston fuck, Ignatius takes it like a pro.

I give his big fat white hairy butt a few playful slaps. I release the restraints and have him standing with his arms cuffed behind his back. I bend him forward and plunge back in.


I begin to realize that there is little need of any more restraints. Harding is totally into getting fucked by me and almost seems to enjoy it.


I have waited and fantasized for so long for this to really happen. So much for “Don't touch me again, ever!”


I can't hold back any longer. I shoot a huge load of cum up into his tight butt chute. The pleasure almost makes me black out. I break out into a sweat. I gasp for air. I am at last totally happy about my obsession that has now been fulfilled..

Slowly I withdraw and pull off the jism-filled condom and wipe myself off. I have to sit down after that big hot butt fucking of Ignatius Harding. I can't wipe the smile off my face.


“All right, Ignatius now it is your turn. I want to see you shoot your load in front of me.”

Harding stands up facing me. He grabs his cock and works it up to a hard erection.


To watch the man follow my direction is a delicious power trip. No more the modest college student, but a man getting his rocks off boldly and proudly.


He too breaks out into a big ass grim.


By now Harvey is back from brunch.

“Here is your suit all cleaned and pressed. Put on your freshly washed dress shirt and here is a new pair of underwear. Get dressed and I will take you to the car and I will drive you back to the Desmond.”

He didn't have time to shower before we leave. In the car he wreaks of salty sweat and pungent sticky cum. I have all I can do to keep the car pointed in the direction of his hotel, rather than do a U-Turn and head back to the house.

On the way there, he finally speaks. “You know, that was the most intense time I have ever had. That whole being held as a prisoner scenario is one of my secret fantasies. Too bad we had to wait until now. We both knew deep inside that it always was something that we both wanted.

“I really want to thank you and Harvey for taking me beyond my limits so expertly and safely. Listen, the next time I come up to this area, I definitely will give you both a call.”


“Great to hear that, Ignatius, You give us a ring next time. Oh by the way, I still have the business card you gave me in the bar Thursday night, so I'll send you copies of the video snapshots,” I remark as he gets out of the car. His eyes open wide and I leave him at the entrance of the Desmond with his mouth still hung open.

He glances back as I toot the horn and drive away.


If and when he does call, and I doubt that it will happen, I'll turn him down for another session. He refused me so many times in college, now it is time for him to know what it feels like to be rejected. Let him beg first and maybe, just maybe, I might consider a rematch. Let him be desperate and frustrated for a change. Payback is such a demanding bitch, but if you wait long enough, she sometimes does deliver.

The End (For Now?)