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College Obsession
Part 7
By Catglee

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Chapter Seven

Later in the night, about half-past two, I creep out of bed and head downstairs. It is the perfect time to realize another part of my fantasy life with Ignatius Harding.

Back in college sometimes I would sneak down the hall to to Iggy’s room. I knew he was sleeping when I cracked open his door. Most times there was little to see.

However there was this one night while he was asleep on his back in his white undershirt and striped cotton pajama bottoms with the covers rolled down to his knees. Lo and behold he had an erection. I watched as it flagged up and down beneath his thin cotton pajama bottoms. I would have loved to creep up to him and free that hard prick from its confinement. Gently to take it in hand and wank him off to the orgasm it was yearning for was so overwhelmingly tempting. Back then it was out of the question.

Now I have another chance in a similar situation. I open the door to the darkened guestroom and see that he is soundly sleeping. He still remains firmly tied to the four corners of the bed.

I light an oil lamp by his bedside, flooding the room with soft flickering light. Ever so slowly I slide down the bedding covering his nakedness.

He looks like a dream offering lying there bound, naked and cock-hard. He must be dreaming about the earlier time of the evening with me and Harvey. I watch as his stiff prick jerks up to attention and then slowly flags, only to spasm once again. A college memory that is going to go from fantasy to reality.


I reach back for a chair to sit beside his sleeping form. My open right hand strokes his furry muscular chest ever so gently so as not to awaken him right away. I run down over his firm belly to the dark patch of pubic hair. Moving further down across his muscular thigh and fuzzy muscled leg, I ascend again inside his right leg up to his crotch.

He stirs a little but not enough that he comes awake. His stiff cock, however is wide awake and salutes me. I grasp it gently and slide my closed fist up and down the stiff shaft coaxing dreamy pleasure out of the sleeping man.

It takes but a few minutes to wake him in the silent room in the flame of the flickering oil lamp. His eyes flutter open and he turns his face to me.

“Just attending to your early morning woodie, you don’t mind do you?” He says nothing and closes his eyes again.

I stroke his hard cock a few more minutes and then I stop. I brought with me a black humming massager. I snap it on to a low setting and approach his erection with it.


I grasp his stiff member with my left hand and rest the vibrating black head at the center of the flange between the meaty ridges of his corona. Slowly I descend the shaft and travel up again, only to rest the massager on that sweetly sensitive spot again. This makes Ignatius wiggle his bound naked body from side to side and thrust his hips up and down.

For a change of pace I rest the massager under his scrotum on that sensitive place just above his anal pucker. Ignatius thrashes about even more frantically.

Jacking up to a higher setting, I move across the meaty corona in small circles. Now again back to the ridge of his cock head. I rest it there. It doesn’t take long for him to ejaculate a nice rope of cum up onto his hairy belly.

He breathes heavily in relief as I towel him off him off. Just as silently I pull up the bed covers, blow out the oil lamp and quietly slip out the door.

Morning has broken.


To Be Continued……………………...

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