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College Obsession
Part 6
By Catglee

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Chapter Six

I have a dream come true right here in front of me. I am going to jerk Ignatius Harding’s meat into submission along with anything else I want to do to his beefy body. He has to accept the reality of his predicament.

He shakes his head as if to say no, but the terror he feels doesn’t reduce the size of his fat boner. Instead, a clear line of pre-cum drips out of the slit on his wide corona, heading down to the cement floor.

I let my index finger trace a light feather trail from one ankle, up his calf, along the inside of his leg to his thigh, then up to the edge of his full scrotum. Along the way I pull at hairs, scratch at sensitive spots, letting one finger dip up under his ball sack towards the crack of his ass. Iggy grunts, shifting his stance to try and avoid my probing fingers, but he has no way to escape. Instead his thick dick just gets harder and drools more ball juice.

“Remember Ignatius, all the erotic times we could have had late at night in your room. I never asked for any reciprocation from you. All I wanted was to get my hands on your body and provide you with sexual release. But you would have nothing to do with it.

“Brian Culline and David Smytek were far more cooperative and they were rewarded for their acquiescence. But no, not you. You had to be Mr. Puritanical as if your body was so sacred. So what I am telling you now is be a good big boy and maybe I’ll let you go by tomorrow.”

He rolls his eyes and groans loudly, but his dick stays at attention. Funny how some guys are hard to figure, they never let you know what they really want deep down inside, but when you have them in the right situation they will let you do anything you want with their bodies. Ignatius is now a hostage to his own prick’s desires.

He knows from the past that when I gave him those sensuous back rubs, they stirred his cock into an erection. It embarrassed him and so he would never roll over on his back to allow me to finish him off. He sort of was afraid of it and what it said about his masculinity. But also, he sort of craved it. No doubt after I left his room, he jerked himself off and then felt guilty about it all.

Now the situation is entirely different. He can’t blame himself for what is happening to his cock, it is entirely my and Harvey’s fault and he can’t stop us. Deep down he wants me to force him to enjoy my wanton use of his naked body.

What a whore. He wants to be played with. I knew it. And here he was all through college Mr. Prude and “Don’t touch me again, EVER!”

The time has come to make my tethered house guest lose control. That big bound body is mine to play with and I want him kept helpless. I have to push him nearer to the edge.

While he is calming down from a pause in all that uncomfortable feeling up of his beefy body, quickly Harvey and I unfasten his arms before he is aware of it.

We quick step him back over to the massage table and restrain him face down on the padded surface. He looks so inviting lying there in all his nakedness. I slather him with more Oil of Wintergreen. He glows under the overhead light. His tight picker hole is fully exposed when I spread his melon-round butt cheeks.

I coat my index finger with lubricant and gently probe the entrance to his anus, slowly twisting it as I move deeper into the inner recesses of his butt.


“Yeah, you fucker,” I say in a cold tone, “I’m going to give you a real good working over, big guy. You’ve got to learn your lesson not to fuck around with me. You were nothing but a blatant cock-teaser back then, well now I'm the one who is going to tease your muscular hairy body all I please.”

His ropes are unfastened and he is propped up on his knees, bent over and wrists attached together as well at his ankles. His tight butt hole is completely vulnerable and his pendulous cock and balls well within reach.

I get a vibrating anal probe and after turning it in, I shove it up his butt. It soon does it’s job. Reaching underneath his belly, I grasp his cock and balls, then I gently squeeze them as the vibrator gets his juicy dick nice and firm.


The sensation is too great for him, his prick is quivering. His attempts to evade my vibrating probe are futile and only serve to drive it deeper past the tight anal sphincter into his hot soft fleshy cavity. Just before reaching the hard swollen prostate I ease up. I don’t want him to shoot just yet.

So I begin a gentle frigging up his butt-chute, making him squirm with another kind of fuck-lust. I know he wants to shit that device from his ass. But my flexible plastic worm just keeps up its patient and maddening probe.

Our strapped down guest is getting close to ejaculation, in spite of my delaying efforts. God, I enjoy fucking with that butch butt hole.

Finally I decide to give the big boy what he wants and needs: to shoot a huge geyser of hot sticky cum. We flip him over on his back and re-strap him sternly. By now he is sweetly docile. He looks so hot laid out in front of me, like a steamy delicious feast for the eyes. His meaty cock is propped up at a sexy angle.


I lean forward and bend over him. In a surprise movement I place my lips onto the jutting spike of his right nipple. Harvey joins me on the left one. As we lick and chew, suck and bite, Iggy’s hairy chest rises to ram the horny little cones into our eager mouths.

Fuck, he needs to be worked. My middle finger accelerates a thorough fuck of his butt and rams the hard nutty swollen prostate, giving it a good once over. Ignatius is out of control. His body jerks and writhes trying to escape and yet still enjoying every sensation. His nerve endings are being frigged, fucked, bitten, pinched, chewed tickled and scratched. He yells his fuck-lust in unintelligible sounds.

We increase our efforts. Then as I watch, the wet knob of Harding’s big prick just expand without anything touching it. The man is getting close to orgasm.


I slip off my smock and put on a pair of black leather gloves that I oil up with lubricant. Grasping the stiff and eager Harding cock, I slowly stroke it up and down the shaft from root to roof. My thumb rubs the center of the flange, gives it a gentle squeeze and then retrace its route.

His ass raises as far off the table as his bonds will allow, and the cock slit opens to eject a long stream of milky white cream towards his head. SPLAT!


It lands right on his face, and so do the next two squirts, then his hose just burps and spits until his chest is covered in clots of the cheesy protein fluid. I wait until his dick won’t drool any more cum before I stop my incessant pumping. I disengage, stand back and sweep my eyes over his hairy naked body.

He is covered with sweat. His chest heaves in deep breaths, and his ass still squirms, squeezing his thighs as best he can to release the tension in his balls and the unsatisfied feeling in his cock.

He is still horny and we know it. His dick never goes completely soft. Instead it just lies there on his abdomen, fat and semi-hard, still in need of more manipulation. This is more fun than I ever could have imagined. However it is time to call it a night.

Ignatius is almost weak and docile from all the exertion, so he is willingly ushered into the guest bedroom here downstairs. We fling him on his back onto the bed and rope him up to the four corners. Harvey washes him down to clean off all that sticky cum from his furry chest.


The covers are drawn up and the lights turned out. After all tomorrow is another day.

Harvey and I go upstairs, clean up and pour ourselves a good stiff drink. It sure has been quite a night, even better than I had expected for these many long years. Whoever said that a fantasy realized is always a disappointment? It certainly doesn’t hold true as this situation tonight proves.

To Be Continued………………………..

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