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The Last Kryptonian (Prologue)
Chapter 2 - Part 2
By Wrstlr

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The following characters Superman, Jor-El, new Kryptonians and original Kryptonian beings are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.

Over the next twenty thousand years this unnamed planet in the Andromeda galaxy has underwent some major changes. It developed a atmosphere that could sustain life on the surface and a new humanoid race resides on the planet now. This new race has named the planet Krypton and is well developed at this present time. They have their own science division, run by a man named Jor-El, who constantly monitor the planet and surrounding space to ensure no harm comes to them. Crime is minimal and criminals are banished from the society to the out-lands of the planet or out into space. They believe that they have the Utopian society here that everyone craves. They are about to find out how wrong they are.

3 days before explosion:

Jor-El was having a pretty normal day in his office at the science institute reviewing information that had been collected over the past couple months from space. It was late in the day and all the other scientist had left to get some rest for the night. He was actually beginning to get a little disturbed by the data. Jor-El honestly believed that the nearby sun was going to grow and then go nova on itself within the next five days. He had a presentation to give the governing body in regards to his data and hypothesis to prepare for in 2 days. He sets the data aside and takes a minute to reflect on just how much has changed from 20 years ago while picking up the plans for the intergalactic rocket that he had been developing in his free time. This was something that he eventually hoped could be used to explore the nearby Milky Way galaxy in the near future. Some planets there had him intrigued about what possible life existed there.

20 years earlier:

On this particular dig which had very little assistance with since most of the rest of the science society was focused on the decaying orbit of stars and nearby planets in the galaxy. He had been exploring and mapping this particular cavern for nearly a month now picking up remains of rudimentary fossils and tools that he felt were tens of thousands years old. His own society was still relatively new to the planet maybe only being there about 50 or so years. He knew that this cavern had been explored before in the past but no one had ever mapped it or gone as far in as he had. He was a 25 year old man standing 6'2" and a very built frame of 235 lbs so he could easily handle all the physical work that this exploration took on him. He hoped that by exploring this cavern he could locate a new resource of much needed minerals and water which were necessary for further terraforming of the planet. He is just about to reach the end of tunnel that is partially blocked by falling debris which he has been removing and exploring. There is finally a opening large enough for him to safely pass through and explore further down. He lights up a new light source and walks through the opening into a enormous hollow open space about 3 miles in diameter with about 10 other tunnel openings leading out from it. In the center of the complex stands 3 different structures all made out of a transparent metal he did not recognize. In amazement he approaches the first of the three structures and starts exploring the warm exterior with his hands about a third of the way down the first wall he see's a recessed rectangular area that runs from the floor to a height of almost ten feet high. With very little force this area gives way and opens up revealing the inside of the structure. The whole space and adjoining caverns light up brightly upon the structure opening. With a bit of apprehension Jor-El decides to enter the structure and see what is inside. Once inside what he finds looks like a fully functional lab with exam tables, burners, high tech computers, and numerous other machines that he does not recognize. He then looks towards the out walls and see's many capsules all sealed and linked together. They stand over 8 feet tall each and are completely sealed and enclosed as far as he can tell. Taking a few pictures he rushes out of the structure and cavern in a rush to show what he has found to the scientific community. He exits the cavern and mounts his hover flier all excited. He knows that he has found a gold mine for his society to explore.

3 days before explosion:

Jor-El is lost in his thoughts about all the developments that have occurred since that date 20 years ago. All of the technology they currently have is due to him finding that underground society and integrating their technology and history with their own. Their community had gone from a society of about two hundred thousand inhabitants to almost a million and growing at a exponential rate each year. They could traverse hundreds of miles in just seconds due to transporters, open windows to new dimensions beyond their wildest dreams, and produce all their own resources with very little drain to the Eco-system. He even smiled as he thought about how he was able to impregnate his wife lara, previously unable to have children, who just gave birth to his son Kal-El just 3 months ago due to that technology. He just imagined what it would be like to meet this ancient Kryptonian race. In his lab down the hall he still had the first original pod that he found 20 years ago in hopes he could open eventually.

As if on cue alarms start to ring out and his visual display screen pops up in front of him jarring Jor-El back to reality. His lab was on the display barely visible due to a thick smoky fog. Jor-El, who is alone at the facility rushes to the lab to examine what happened and when he opens the door he is immediately overtaken by the fog as it rushes out into the corridor. Jor-El's eyes adjust in a matter of seconds to be able to start making objects out in the lab. The first thing that catches his eye though is the 8 foot well built humanoid figure that is outlined across the room near where the pod had originally been stored. Jor-El thought he must be dreaming so closed his eyes for another 10 seconds then opened them again just to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Opening his eyes the mist that had permeated the room had dissipated enough he could clearly see this eight foot tall naked being from head to toe standing where the pod had originally been stored. Without approaching the being Jor-El took in the magnificent specimen 20 feet away from him. The being was easily 8 foot tall, a estimated 400 lbs of chiseled mass and developed muscle. Even his manhood was as thick as a regular humans wrist and hanging softly at a length of about 9 inches and uncircumcised. The being just stood their like a statue with eyes closed but the chest heaving indicating that it was alive. Jor-El quickly grabbed a nearby handheld medical computer to see about scanning the being in front of him in hopes to scan it remotely before it became alert of its surroundings. He quickly powered on the unit and started the scan. The beam hit the being and suddenly its eyes opened and started scanning its surroundings. There was about a 5 minute pause as the two just stood there looking each other over and the surrounding lab which was still intact and looking none the worse for wear. Then Jor-El hears a calming voice directly in his mind stating, "Who are you and where am I?" Then the being across from him collapses on the floor of the room. Jor-El rushes to the creature and scans him again to verify it is still alive. The scan shows where the beings heart is Jor-El touches the area near the beings enormous pectoral region to verify it is pumping. The scan shows that the beings muscles though are severly atrophied causing the being to collapse. Jor-El transports the being to a medical lab for further examination. For the next 4 hours the being is laid on the table with computers working to stimulate his muscles. The scans show that the being is absorbing the energy and radiation so quickly it was repairing its muscles faster then Jor-El had ever seen. The being seems to be asleep the whole time so Jor-El does a lot of hands on exploring of the being as well rubbing his muscles, exploring its reproductive areas watching that humongous circumcised cock respond and get to a full hard length of 13 inches and as thick as a mans regular forearm. The beings flesh is so warm to the touch Jor-El just had to keep exploring. Hoping to extract a sample of genetic material Jor-El continues to stroke the cock for almost a full hour. Suddenly Jor-El sees the being open its eyes and in his mind he hears the command "Don't Stop" In just a few more strokes the creature is spilling its seed shooting out in jets completely destroying the dish Jor-El hoped to capture the seed in. The beings eyes then shut again immediately and its energy levels drop excessively low and the energy absorption into the being seems to ramp up for a extended period of time. Jor-El pulls up a chair and sits next to the being admiring it for the remainder of the night after calling Lara and explaining what happened.

2 days before explosion:

When the being awoke again the next day. Jor-El was in the chair observing it just waiting their with wide open eyes. Jor-El thought it might be more comfortable and easier for them to understand each other if the being awoke to see a similar humanoid present with him so he had stripped all his clothes to reveal his own naked body matching the beings. The being started to look over Jor-El's naked body and did see some similarities, Jor-El was only six foot 2 inches and weighed only about two hundred pounds now with about a 5 inch cock that was circumcised. For a man Jor-El's age he was very handsome. Jor-El though only seemed to have a cock for reproduction which puzzled the being. For a couple of hours Jor-El would try and talk to the being to get a name, where it was from, see what all information he could gather. Even though Jor-El verbalized everything the being seemed to pick up more by physical demonstration. Once in awhile Jor-El would get a mental command he understood but usually it was a simple thought structure of about 2 to 3 words. Words like "Must find home., Where am I, and pleasant sensations to the being were about all Jor-El could understand and make out. His wife created a pair of pants/shorts for the being which Jor-El demonstrated to him on how to put on. The being was able to move around on his own and walk on his own as well. About mid morning more of the scientist started to come into the science hall. Jor-El called them all in together to show the being to them all and they all got excited at this development. Jor-El explained that he had other duties he had to take care of, meeting with the board of governors and rechecking about the pending nova from their red sun. In his mind he heard the being say "Understand" and Jor-El left the room full of the being and five scientists that said they would stay with the being to study it. In his office Jor-El worked on finishing his report to the governing body. The latest data collected showed increased gravitational pull from the red sun was increasing greatly hour by hour. The original timeline Jor-El had of 5 days had shrunk by 12 hours overnight. Every couple of hours Jor-El would check in on the scientist and being but no real progress seemed to be made since the morning. About 6pm in the evening Jor-El heard a thought from the being "Must Leave" and then heard some large crashing from his lab. Jor-El had just finished his report for the governing body and got up and rushed to the lab. What he found when he opened the door was all 5 scientist laying on the floor naked, covered in cum, and their asses ripped open with the being no where in sight. Jor-El quickly locked down the building but no sign of the creature was found. It had just disappeared.

Day of the explosion:

The original Kryptonian used an ability it had when fully energized to transport to return back to his home. He was unsure if he would make it or not. He then came to realize that he was on his home planet but when he arrived home all he saw around him was destroyed, ravaged and in pieces. It looked like someone had completely ransacked all the parts of his labratory complex. Using all the energy he had he started transporting from underground dwelling to dwelling to find similar results. All he ever saw was signs on the structures that all said "Property of the House of El". Emotionally all this came to was further anger at the interlopers and a hatred for the society that was on the surface. Jor-El as he figured out was a liar to him it seemed. The other doctors only wanted to experiment on him all the time and take advantage of him sexually. His blood boiled with hatred. His energy levels only stayed high enough due to all his hatred that he was forming. Due to their influence he started to identify himself as being more male so his body started producing more male hormones that only fueled his rage more. He then started to feel the planet start shaking violently like it was being torn apart.

During this same time Jor-El went back to his office for a quick look at the latest data. The latest showed that again another 12 hours had been shaved off the time frame before the nova of the red sun occurred. He must present these findings to the governing body and insist that they evacuate the planet in order to survive. He went to the council meeting to present his findings. They governors did not agree with his finding though, due to inaccurate data that their own computers fed them that did not match Jor-El's. Fearing the worse Jor-El went to his home and told his wife Lara of his beliefs and that their only hope of survival would be to flee the planet with his rocket. Unfortunately they would have to decide who would be the traveler. They decided to send their sun Kal-El to the Milky Way galaxy to a planet called earth in hopes that their memories would survive. Jor-El sent memory crystals about their society and its findings. He was in the middle of the dictating what he could about the ancient kryptonians when he felt the planet violently shake. He immediately called to Lara to grab his Son and load him in the rocket. He grabbed all the crystals, except the ones he was dictating and loaded them up with his son, family crest, and a sample fabric blanket in the rocket. He and Lara kissed their son and closed the rocket capsule.

Out of the blue after the shocks subsided the ancient Kryptonian appeared in front of Jor-El. Jor-El hit the button to start the launch countdown of the rocket simultaneously. The engines fired off and the rocket left the house of El sending its contents on their path to earth. Without a word being said Jor-El could see that the ancient Kryptonian was enraged. Without even a thought the being turned on Lara and grabbed her and threw her across the room, where her body snapped due to the force of his throw. Jor-El was shocked as the being approached him. The being then quickly grabbed Jor-El and ripped his clothes off. He stripped off his shorts, revealing his thickening cock and forced Jor-El's mouth onto it. Jor-El could not object as it kept thickening and lengthening the full 13 inches down his throat, which caused him to tear up in pain. Another more violent planet tremor occurred disturbing him and the being leading til a short separation for 2 to 3 seconds before the being grabbed Jor-El again. This time he flipped the naked Jor-El over and shoved his fist in Jor-El's ass completely dry making Jor-El sob in so much pain. Five minutes of fisting and the ancient Kryptonian started to leak pre-cum on his swollen cock. He shoved it all the way in to Jor-El and started to fuck him raw and fast. Jor-El could feel the beings climax approaching and could only anticipate the dread. Then just before the being climax, Jor-El got a mental message saying "Death to all El and culture. I will hunt all of your kind down and kill you all." The being began to shoot his load while fully immersed in Jor-El's ass and the force of the blast started tearing Jor-Els body apart causing instant death. Immediately after his climax the ancient Kryptonian disappeared from the house of El with two dead bodies and a need to recharge before destroying everyone else of the surface world. Just then another large quake occurred this time followed by an explosion from the planets core fragmenting it into large chunks hurtling into space.

Prelude Part 3: Evolution and Extinction of a race potentially.

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