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The Last Kryptonian (Prologue)
Chapter 1 - Part 1
By Wrstlr

The following characters Superman and original kryptonian beings are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.

Superman, the true hero boy scout of the universe. The most powerful man in the universe. Originating from the planet krypton and now residing on earth since his forced exile from his birth planet. He has seen glimpses over the year of what his home planet was like never knowing the true story of his home planet. He will soon learn there is so much more to the planet of his birth and not everything is as he has been told.

Many eons ago in the Andromeda Galaxy there was a planet that was teeming with life with no name. There was life all over the planet and its inhabitants actually lived in underground dwellings very technologically advanced. They were biped aliens standing anywhere from 6 feet tall to 8 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 300 to 450 lbs a piece. They were light tan skinned creatures that had no concept of clothing or need for such garbs. Due to the radiation of the red sun and radiation belts they could not expose themselves on the surface of the planet for very long periods of time.

Underground they built a teeming large technologically advanced world far beyond anything human kind has ever known. They all had large sexual organs for reproduction and since they were omnisexual beings they were able to reproduce and bear children based on the attachments to their partners. This was their life for many many years.

Eventually their scientist predicted that the planet was going to receive a even greater dose of radiation that would penetrate through the surface of the planet due to a solar flare storm that was about to happen. They created a series of Stasis chambers for their population to hibernate in. The lead scientist would then be awoken after 20 years to see if the planet was safe for the other residents to be awoke and return to their life. So just days before the solar storm their whole society enters their chambers and put to slumber all with the intent of preserving their society and culture.

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