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Supermans Nightmares
Chapter 3 - The Third Night
By Wrstlr

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Superman’s Nightmares:  The Third Night

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and The Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom are the property of DC comics.  Gunther the villain is the creation of the author.    No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.


Superman aka Clark Kent has just left Ray Palmers room after the examination and encounter that he just went through.   Superman had never truly had sex with any human before man or woman and was completely confused at the events that had just occurred in the room.    Clark was so wrapped up in his thoughts he bumped into a couple of individuals at the lobby of the hotel.   Composing himself long enough to hail a taxi for the ride back to his own apartment Clark climbed into the cab and gave the address for his apartment building and handed the driver forty dollars for the trip.   He then set back and closed his eyes to try and sort out his thoughts about the earlier events.    He knew that he was able to have sex and that he was interested in experiencing it with a human, he just always thought that his first and only sex would be with Lois Lane instead of another man.    To some degree the thought of Ray teasing him and fucking him repulsed him mentally but also gave him a bit of a physical response of stiffness in his pectorals and cock region.  Clark actually yawned a bit and drifted off into a semi sleep in the back of the cab and his minds vision started to day dream a bit.  

Dream World:

Gunther is standing in the middle of an open field many miles from any town it seems.    His eyesight which was displaying everything in an intense red color has slowly began to fade into a normal pattern of sight for a human being.    He still felt a slight burning sensation in his eyes as well as on the bruises over his body and burn marks which he has sustained.   At that moment Gunther remembered the explosion in Clark Kent’s apartment and the intensity of the orgasm he received from Superman just a bit earlier.    Glad that he was alive Gunther took in a big breath and let it out with a big sigh.   Much to his surprise the tree that was nearest Gunther started to form icicles on it that quickly melted.  Curiously he takes in another breath, holds up his hand and lets out a small blast of air.   His hand which had some burn marks on it instantly was frozen into an ice cube from the blast of his breath.  In a matter of minutes the ice melted away due to the nice warm evening temperature out.    Activating his telescopic vision Gunther noticed that he was about three miles away from Metropolis and about 5 miles away from the gym where he trained and received treatment.   The completely naked Olympian decided that his best course of action would be to return to the gym and training center.   With his training and skills the whole trip took about 30 minutes in total at a full sprint for him.     Numerous accidents and onlookers watched the naked Olympic hero hunk run through the city without a care in the world.   Gunther knew what they were seeing and just would smile back at them all without saying a word.   Arriving at the gym Gunther is greeted by his trainer and team of Doctors that had returned after hearing the reports about his sightings and the explosion at Clark Kent’s apartment.   Seeing the bruises and burns on Gunthers body the trainer asks him to enter the training room for some treatments and they talk about the events that occurred between him and Clark/Superman in the past 24 hours.   The whole time he talks to them they are massaging his muscles, burns and bruises with a kryptonite steroid cream that they have frequently used before which has speed up his healing processes in the past.   The trainer then instructs Gunther to take a whirlpool bath for thirty minutes which he agrees to.   Entering the whirlpool they trainer excuses himself from the room for a bit.   The trainer heads to the room to meet with the doctors.    They start to discuss the remarkable feats that Gunther has experienced and survived.   They had always believed that he would be more then capable of confronting and maybe even defeating the hero known the world over as Superman but had hoped to gather more information about him first for Gunther to use.   In the whirlpool room Gunther is watching this whole exchange with his new telescopic vision and listening in on them with his super hearing.   Handing the trainer a syringe of a greenish liquid they instruct him to inject it into Gunther to help his muscles recover.     The trainer returns to the whirlpool room and injects it into the Olympian as ordered.    In actuality the syringe was a steroid compound laced with kryptonite and tranquilizers enough to knock out a bull elephant.    The doctors hoped that this would knock the Olympian out for an extended period of time so they could do a full examination of him,   Gunther was able to pick up on this fact with his new hearing.   In actuality the tranquilizer was not enough to knock him out but he acted as such so he could learn exactly what the Doctors intents were for him and the reasons why they wanted him to confront Superman.    The trainer struggled mightly to move the Olympian out of the whirlpool and onto the examination table that the doctors wheeled into the room, “He seems to have maybe even gotten a bit heavier, taller, and more massive in the past 24 hours.” The trainer states while lying him on the table completely unaware that Gunther was listening to the conversation the whole time.  The trainer and doctors wheel him into the laboratory and start to examine the Olympian physically checking his weight with now tops out at 275 pounds, his blood pressure and heart rate are normal,  and when they start to examine his manhood they now see that the opening from the hood of his cut cock is stretched open a little more and flaccid his cock is now about an additional half inch longer then before.  They start to hook up some basic monitors to track him while he is sleeping a few hours then they planned to take X-rays, MRI’s, and electrode tests to get even more information but under the belief he is knocked out this is the perfect time for them to step away and discuss their plans even more.    The doctors and trainer leave the room and go back to their office and discuss the ultimate plan they have been working on while Gunther listens in for almost 3 hours.   Gunther learns that he was originally picked out as a test subject when it was discovered that he was a mutant being.   The doctors has hoped that they would be able to build a genetically super being that no one could ever defeat physically,   someone that could be some charismatic that no being on earth could resist him in any manner mentally, and such a physical specimen that every human the world over could not resist to look at him and his appearance.   Having known about the hero Superman he was the standard that they would measure their creation after and in phases they would introduce him to the public.   Starting in the sports world, then the public in general and eventually politics.    The doctors and trainer hoped that with such a specimen they could seize control over the world powers and give a new birth the original Nazi regime that they represented and that Gunther would be the new Superior engineered race that they believed in.  They did build in a fail safe just to ensure that Gunther could be controlled in that they limited his metal intellect and implanted a microchip in his brain that would cause the blood vessels in his brain to rupture should he ever turn against them and their plan.    Once they had the world in their power they planned to actually use that to destroy Gunther anyway because he would always be a threat to them while alive.     Hearing that enraged Gunther so much that intense lasers shot out of his eyes and started to burn the equipment lying directly above him.   The two doctors and trainer heard the equipment crash and rushed into the room but got burnt to ash the minute Gunther turned towards them with his laser/heat vision eyesight.      With his eyesight cutting everything in its path Gunther used serious concentration and mental focus to try and get it to stop.   The pain was so intense that he could even hear the microchip in his brain melt and dissolve away instead of exploding.   In a matter of moments Gunther was able to stop the laser vision and control it as his emotional state calmed down.   He learned that he could control this heat/laser vision when he was mentally stable but it seemed that under extreme anger or stress it was uncontrollable for him.    He knew he was going to have to practice with these new powers to gain further control over them both.      Gunther then walked in to the offices the other three individuals used and never let him into and began to review all their records about him, Superman, their plan and even all the heads of the world powers at the time.   The most intriguing thing that Gunther learned was that all the world leaders would meet periodically at a place called “The Hall of Justice” on the outskirts of New York City and whenever a hero needed to contact them or other hero’s that was the place they would go.    Learning its location that is where Gunther figured he would be able to meet up with Superman once more, either by him already going there or Gunther getting there and having Superman summoned.    Its location was about three hours from his current location so Gunther walked into the locker room, opened up the locker he had there.   Put on his traveling clothes of muscle polo shirt with short sleeves, Blue jeans that normally required a belt but now were tight enough to accent his muscled without one, and a sports jacket with the five Olympic rings on it.  Gunther then walked into the lab and packaged up all the containers of kryptonite steroid cream, He injected all the liquid kryptonite steroid into his system and found three large lead lined containers with chunks of kryptonite in them.    He had plans for all of these supplies for both him and the hero known as Superman.  Gunther walked out of the gym facility planning to travel to New York but first he needed to make a stop to Clark Kent’s apartment building to see if his other bag was still intact before leaving.   Stopping about one hundred feet away Gunther turned back towards the gym and sent a hyper focus blast of heat vision towards it.    The whole facility exploded in a fireball that the surrounding public could witness and in just a matter of minutes the whole building collapsed into a heap of material.    Using his telescopic vision Gunther insured that there was no records trace of what the doctors and trainers had originally planned.   Gunther was now doing his own plans and any potential obstacle would be destroyed, he would ensure that.   Approaching the former location of Clark Kent’s apartment Gunther uses his telescopic vision and is unable to locate his other restraints that he used on Superman but was able to locate some of the other toys that were in his gym back like a cock cage, a prince albert ring, a human muzzle strap and most of all a gigantic dildo in the shape of a fist and a full eighteen inches in length.   Gunther gathered these items and then left off to New York and the Hall of Justice.   He was going to modify and be fully ready for Superman with everything he now had.  

Clark Kent’s Apartment:

The taxi cab driver had patiently waited for the past five minutes for the sleeping Clark Kent to awake and exit his cab. He announced their arrival, honked his horn, tried to talk Clark awake and be pleasant because of the big tip he was receiving on this trip which Clark paid for upfront. Finally as his patience was wearing thin the older driver states, “Look here boy, It is time for you to wake up and leave.” This approach caused Clark to stir open his eyes and realize that he was at his building. He meekly tried to apologize as he exited the cab and walked towards the front doors. Clark was able to stay alert enough to make it in his apartment, head towards his bedroom, undress and collapse in the bed falling directly back into sleep and to dreaming of his other self.

Dream World:

Superman arrived safely at the Hall of Justice late that night and decided that first and foremost he needed to get a good nights rest and recovery time. Once awake he would test out all his powers to ensure that he had fully recovered from the assault and kryptonite poisoning that he had sustained. Superman went to his private chambers in the Hall, took a quick shower in the solar shower he built there and then retired to the white queen size bed confident that there would be no visitors or disruptions as long as he was in this facility. The next morning Superman woke up feeling fully recovered from his encounters and restored. Just to test out his abilities he went to the kitchen hall and brought out the New York Times daily crossword, completing it in a total time of twenty seconds which is normal for him. Grabbing himself a bowl of cereal Superman then fired up a nearby computer and played a total of one hundred games of chess winning all of them against the computer. Walking to the hero gym he walked over to the 5 ton weights and lifted them off the floor one in each hand and did his normal ten reps which was about his limit. The then went over to the treadmill that the flash had built able to handle speeds up to the sound barrier. Supermans normal speed was usually only about three hundred fifty miles per hour and sustain that for about 10 minutes before having to slow down, which he easily achieved as well. He already knew that his leaping ability was still working strong so there was no need to test that. The last test he did was to check out his super voice with ventriloquism and that worked as well. Confident that he was at full power he went and back to his room, grabbed one of his costumes he kept there, and which made him invulnerable to most any type of gun shot or armory shell because of its own kryptonian properties, and dressed himself just incase any visitors showed up. He called up his wife Lana Lang just to let her know that he was in fact alive and that the explosion at their apartment was not his fault and in time would explain more to her. Next Superman sat at the mainframe computer at the complex and started doing extensive research into exactly who Gunther Mueller was in more detail and trying having a identity search done worldwide on the indentity of the trainer, and two doctors that he originally meant during the interview just a couple days ago. Superman knew that this entire process would take pretty much all his time for the day and dove right into the task at hand. The dream then shifted from the Hall of Justice to outside of a fancy New York Hotel where a unmarked car had pulled up and stepping out from the back seat was the Olympian Gunther. Gunther checked in to the hotel and took entered his penthouse suite room with about a dozen people assisting him with his couple of bags and others just gawking at the marvel that was in their presence. It takes almost a full three hours for Gunther to finally be left alone in the room because of the all people coming and going wanting to meet him, Hotel staff, reporters, photographers, other celebrities that have heard of his arrival in New York. With the suite all to himself Gunther begins to work on his bag of training toys that he plans to use on Superman to train him to be a full submissive to him. His plans are for another two private training sessions and then a final best two out of three bouts in a public place where he will establish himself as the New Superman be removing all traces of his defeated submissive boy sidekick and wearing them for himself with the whole world witnessing. Gunthers plan for today was going to be going to the Hall of Justice, suprising and punishing the hero physically again and unable to resist him by delivering and severe punishments applied by his powers, and direct physical contact first and then using various implements like restraints, leather straps, a kryptonite tipped whip, a kryptonite infused cock cage until such a time he shoots and forces the hero to swallow his full load. Then if the hero handles all that as a reward for his good service Superman, while still restrained, will be pumped to his full hardon and Gunther will piston his own ass on the engorged member until the hero spills his cum inside of Gunthers ass. It take Gunther about two more hours to prepare all of his implements and he calls the front desk to see about a discreet way to get from the hotel to various tourist spots throughout New York. It is about 3pm and they inform him that there is a underground private transport train that celebrities, diplomats, and other society elites have access to and that he is welcome to use. The entrance is gained by a special elevator button selection and a set of vehicles of his choice with GPS in them are available. Gunther packs his bag of toys, dresses only is a loose fitting T-shirt, leather jock strap with a cock cover, and a loose pair of shorts. He exits the suite, enters the elevator and presses the button sequence for private underground transport system. Gunther chooses a larger vehicle and take a seat programming his destination and the vehicle powers up and takes off with auto drive to his destination which he reaches in ten minutes. Stepping in the elevator he presses the only button available. When the elevator door opens Gunther steps out into the front lobby area of the Hall of Justice which he quickly recognizes from pictures that he has seen of the front of the building. Using his telescopic vision Gunther scans the interior of the complete building looking for security scanners, camera’s, any other presence, or indicators that would alert anyone of his presence. Gunther locates the preoccupied Superman in the main control chamber and devises a plan to approach undetected and jump the hero with ease. In a matter of seconds Gunther has snuck behind the hero unnoticed and almost immediately wraps the hero up in a sleeper headlock from behind. Superman only becomes aware of his presence when he starts to feel a little bit weak and this big set of arms wraps around his neck cutting off his air supply leading to unconsciousness very quickly. Gunther scoops up the knocked out hero with ease and takes him to the hero gym, strips him bare, and lashes him in a spread eagle pose binding both Supermans wrists and ankles with the new kryptonite studded restraint cuffs. The unconscious hero is brought back by a quick blast of cold breath to his flaccid exposed cock region followed by quick heat vision blasts to each pectoral nipple. Superman now sees that it was Gunther who delivered the surprise attack on him and starts to ask, “How did you … UGGGHHH!!!!” Gunther starts delivering rapid kidney punches to the spread out hero and in an authoritative voice says, “Know you place boy. You do not speak unless I give you permission.” Gunther lets up on his punches and waits to see how the hero responds. After his groans of pain subsides Superman lifts his head almost like he is ready to say something but instead just keeps quiet looking directly at his captor. In Gunthers hand is the kryptonite cock cage and a regular key lock. Superman gets a look of disgust on his face as he sees Gunther lean down and attach the key and lock to his flaccid nine inch cock. The pain is slight because it does not make contact until Gunther starts to tease him and when direct contact from the cock and balls touches the cage Superman screams out in pain. “This is your punishment for now but you will eventually get use to wearing this.” Gunther states drapping the key for the lock over his own neck in full view for Superman to see. “Now for the first part of today’s lesson you are going to learn the difference between pleasurable pain and punishment. Pulling out the leather strap Gunther steps behind the hero and begins to blister his behind with his bare hands and the straps alternating every five strokes. Every time the hero cried out, cursed, or drooped his head Gunther would stop and grab the kryptonite whip and deliver five lashes across the heros back causing him to convulse in pain. “This is going to continue until I hear you start moaning and getting hard from the paddling. This whip is a example of punishment that you must endure if you do not behave like a proper submissive.” After about an hour and 30 lashes Gunther can start to notice that the hero is responding properly to the spanking on his now bright red ass with light moans of pleasure, his nipples becoming erect, and even though it causes him pain his cock will start to harden until it contacts the edges of the cage and quickly soften back up. With the hero’s nipples fully erect Gunther attaches the kryptonite studded alligator clips with a chain attached to them. When they first make contact the clips actually draw a little bit of blood from the prone hero. Superman does not utter a sound until Gunther grabs the chain and gives it a quick tug. “FUCK!!!” the hero screams from the pain of the pull to which Gunther takes the chain and pulls hard stretching the full pectorals to a point it seems like they are ripping from the hero’s chest. Keeping the pectorals stretched Gunther states, “This is the punishment you will receive if you respond each time you respond inappropriately.” Gunther releases the pull and then thirty seconds later gives a quick tug again. It take almost another thirty minutes or so before Superman is no longer screaming from the tugs and the stretching pulls stop and the hero responds with more sensual moans to each tug. As a final implement Gunther attaches a kryptonite studded collar to the suspended hero and attaches a leash. Releasing the hero from his restraints Gunther gives the lease a gentle tug in the direction of the showers but Superman resists. Gunther responds by wrapping the leash around the hero’s throat and choking him with it. With superman gasping for air Gunther states, “When I tug the leash you follow. Any resistance and this leash will punish you by cutting off your air.” Gunther unwraps the leash and pulls towards the shower area again this time Superman heads in that direction with no resistance. “And that is the end of the first part of the lesson. Now for the second part,” Gunther states tugging the hero into the shower stall. “We will test to see if you remember how to properly service and clean your master, boy. Today we are going to start with the top and work our way down.” Gunther turns on the flow of water and leans in to kiss the hero. Without any hesitation Superman sucks in Gunther’s tongue and starts to suck on it like he had been taught. Still in a lip lock with the hero Gunther raises an arm over his head to expose his pit. Breaking the kiss he plants the pit firmly in Superman’s face. Superman hesitates until Gunther grabs his cock cage squeezing and twisting it until Superman starts to bathe the pit with his mouth and tongue. With a slight tug on the leash Superman moves to the other pit and does the same. After a few more minutes of that treatment Gunther pulls the hero’s head back and kisses him again as a reward. Next he pulls down slightly on the leash and the hero works his way down his neck to Gunther’s upper chest paying special attention to the nipples, Unfortunately the hero twice bit or scraped Gunthers nipples with his teeth without permission causing him pain from the cock cage being grasped and twisted. Most of the times during the bathing process moans of pleasure are heard from the hero but unfortunately he is prevented from getting hard because of the cock cage. Dropping to his knees Superman thinks he is about to have to work on the fully hardened, thick, eleven inch uncut cock staring him in the face only to see Gunther turn around, bend over and tug the leash so that Superman’s face is buried in his ass. Without any hesitation the hero bathes, rims, eats, and even slightly penetrates Gunthers ass lips with his tongue like searching for treasure. This goes on for ten minutes before the leash is loosened, Gunther stands up and turns back around and slaps the hero with his hard cock all over his face. “Are you wanting this boy?” Gunther asks the kneeling hero. Superman mistakenly answers, “Yes,” receiving a kick to the cock cage causing immense pain. “Wrong answer.” Gunther states slapping the hero with his cock again a few more times before asking again. This time the hero darts out his tongue to show his neediness for that mammoth cock in front of his face. “Start with the tip and hood. If I ever feel any teeth you will be punished by me pulling out, stomping your crotch and having you start all over again.” It takes four attempts and about 20 minutes for the hero to get it right and bring Gunther to the point of orgasm. “You ready boy. You better be because here it cums. You better drink everything that comes out or you will have to clean up the mess.” Gunther shoots about 20 ropes of sperm into the hero’s mouth, who swallows every bit of sperm offered. Then Gunther shoves his cock all the way in and released a torrent of piss which the hero can only readily gulp down without spilling a drop. Superman collapses to the floor barely conscious from the assault and kryptonite poisoning but witness’s Gunther lay him flat on his back and straddle his chest. Gunther takes the key for the cock cage, unlocks and removes the implement, and starts to rub the hero’s cock. “This is the reward you get for doing a good job boy.” Gunther massaging the hero’s cock. To assist Gunther grabs the ointment that he has in hopes to use it as a lube to impale himself on the hero’s quickly hardening cock. Squeezing a small amount into his hand Gunther touches the hero’s cock only to hear him scream out in pain and the cock start to go flaccid again, Gunther quickly realizes his own mistake an bends over to suck the ointment off the hero’s member. Instead while sucking the hero Gunther reaches around with the ointment and start to finger fuck himself to prepare to take the hero’s member in his ass. In a matter of minutes Gunther positions his ass lips at the tip of the hero’s cock and slowly impales himself on the hero’s ten inch full member. Gunther stuffs his ass the entire length of the shaft and starts to piston up and down on the weakened hero. Superman starts to moan really loudly from the pleasure and his body starts to convulse/vibrate quickly to the rhythm. Faster and faster the two vibrate and unknown to the two of them they have lifted off the floor and are in the air almost 30 feet. As they vibrations get faster the alligator clips, collar and leash fall away to the floor just as the hero unloads his 14 ropes of cum into Gunthers ass. After the last rope Is delivered the hero immediately starts to fall while Gunther stays hovering in the air. Superman’s body is still vibrating so fast that fades through the floor and disappears. In a matter of seconds alarms are sounding and Gunther realizes that Superman has triggered them to alert other hero’s. Gunther quickly swoops down and grabs his implements looking for an esacpe root. Gunther leaps from the floor busting through the ceiling and hovers about 60 feet in the air above the Hall of Justice as Green Lantern and a couple other hero’s arrive to see him. He thinks about his hotel suite and instantly him and his bag of toys take off in that direction. The dream slowly fades away the futher Gunther gets.

Clark Kents apartment:

Superman awakens once more to see that he has completely made a mess all over himelf again with cum and piss. As he stands up in drips down his chest and frame towards the floor. Mother Box announced that it was currently 5am and that he had two hours to get ready for his day at the Daily Planet. Clark heads to the bathroom and takes a quick shower to clean all the fluids off his body. Then stepping back into the bedroom before he gets dressed Clark decides to do a super speed clean-up of his room. The whole process takes about ten minutes and the room seems to be restored as new. The strange thing for Clark is that he actually seems to be a bit winded from the effort but quickly recovers. In the kitchen Clark notices there is a message on his phone answering machine. “Clark, this is your pal Ray. I just wanted to let you know that I feel sorry for what happened between the two of us yesterday. There was just something so enticing about the situation that I could not resist my own primal urges. I hope that we can still remain friends in the future and that nothing will change between us. If will admit though that if you enjoyed yourself I did as well and am open to exploring more but only if you are willing. You know how to contact me if you are interested.” The message brings to mind the images of what happened between him and The Atom the day before and that cause Clark to pause instead of just immediately deleting the message. Instead Clark saves the message and says that he will call Ray later to talk about the events that happened between them. Ten minutes Clark dons his superman costume and prepares to depart for his work at the Daily Planet. Superman exits to the roof of the building this time with a quick dash up the stairs. At the edge he steps off and realizes that instead of lifting up he is quickly falling towards the ground. Gathering his wits about him he bends his legs ready to spring up upon impact with the ground. Expecting to stay airborn Superman quickly realizes that instead of his normal flight he is descending again. It seems that instead of flight he is only able to leap great heights and distances. A trip that normally takes less than a second now has taken him almost thirty seconds by leaping. Unfortunately when Clark reaches the roof of the Planet Building and enters he has no time to examine why he can not fly. Clark changes clothes and makes the assignment meeting just on time which makes him happy since this has not been a regular occurrence lately. The first order of business Perry addresses is that Jimmy Olson has quit his job at the Daily Planet effective immediately. This catches everyone at the office by surprise because he was always a fixture there. Next Perry hands out the assignments. Lois is given the Luthor assignment like always and Clark is given a story about a yellow figure robbing banks and cash depository that resembled that fabled hero from nearby by the name of the Flash. Clark knew the real Flash/Barry Allen could not be responsible for these thefts because yesterday he his counterpart Kid Flash/Wally West went of a journey to the past to catch a time thief by the name of Professor Zoom. Clark Kent/Superman knew nothing about Professor Zoom so had no idea who this individual was or what he could do. Perry dismissed the assignment meeting and all the reporters took off in their own directions to cover their stories. Clark went to the last depository that was hit and started his investigation there. Without his visions or senses Clark had to rely on old school investigation techniques to find his clues. At each scene Clark/Superman began to notice that the villain was targeting each location in a pattern searching for individual whose named was listed as an employee at each location. Using this info Clark predicted that there was only three location left where an employee with that name worked. Changing into his Superman costume the hero decided that the best course of action for him to track down this villain was to continuously run from site to site in hopes to catch the villain with his superspeed which rivaled that of The Flash. It was only a matter of about two minutes of running that Superman picked up the faint trail of a yellow streak heading towards him at incredible speeds that rivaled his. As the two individuals got closer Superman saw a bright yellow costume that resembled that of the original flash in shape and with a bright red lightening bolt instead of the normal red suit with yellow bolt. Superman stopped his progress and turned around to chase the yellow blur that went by him. Unfortunately Superman no matter how much faster Superman increased his speed he could not catch the other individual. Reaching his max speed Superman began to notice that his muscles and body were tiring and his speed slowed down after about ten minutes and the figure separated even more from the hero. Finally Superman was able to catch up the villain while he was robbing the next location. “Stop right there. Just who exactly are you?” Superman asked. In response the yellow clad figure turned and streaked past the hero saying. “I am The Flash, or more precise I am the reverse of the Flash and if you want to know more about me you are going to have to catch me.” Superman starts to chase again after the yellow clad figure who leads him to an abandoned warehouse. “Stop, I surrender.” The Reverse Flash states stopping Superman in his immediate tracks and facing the yellow clad figure. Extremely winded Superman asks, “Ok, Who exactly are you and why are you looking for this particular person.” Between gasps of air. “My actual name is Professor Zoom and I am looking for this individual because in my time of the 25 th century this individual is responsible for the presence of my arch enemy called the Flash who is very similar to the one you know Superman. I travel through time tracking down any of his ancestors and attempt to kill them to erase him from my existence. There is nothing that you or anyone in this time can do to stop me either. Now be a good boy and stay here because you have no hopes to catch me.” and Professor Zoom streaks off only to notice that Superman is not pursuing him and just standing still. This actually confused the Reverse Flash and he approached the stationary hero. Superman is standing as stiff as a board not moving speaking or anything. Deciding that this was a opportunity for a bit of fun Professor Zoom dashed around the hero and stripped him completely naked except for this fabled red boots. Superman offered no resistance the whole time he did this. “So boy are you going to do anything? How about you answer me boy.” This actually caused Superman to respond. “I am going to stop …” Superman muttered stopping short of completing his sentence with Professor Zoom authoritatively ordering, “Quiet Boy. You will only do what I tell you to. You got that Boy.” Superman could only nod his head yes awaiting his next order. Realizing that for some strange reason Superman could not prevent him from doing anything unless he ordered it Professor Zoom decided that for his own amusement he would sexually tease, torment and frustrate the helpless hero. Since the hero was already nude in front of him Professor Zoom used his speed over the next 3 hours exciting areas all over the hero’s body but never granting him release. Unfortunately for Professor Zoom that three hour delay allowed the real Flash to catch up to him and capture him when he stripped out of his own costume in hopes to fuck the stationary hero. Immediately upon Professor Zooms capture Superman seemed to be released from his state and fled the scene immediately upon recovering his costume and going back to his apartment. Back at his apartment unfortunately the stimulation that he received from Professor Zoom had led to him having a semi hard erection and a case of blue balls because he could not bring himself to jack himself to completion and release. Realizing that he needed release Superman picked up the phone and dialed Ray Palmer asking him to come over immediately. In an instant the Atom appeared having traversed through the phone line to Clark’s apartment. Taking the role of dominant the Atom ordered Superman to service him by giving him a blow job then to finger his own hole and the Atom fucked the hero again allowing him to climax himself and fully freeing Superman from the submissive state completely once more. Suddenly there was a knock on Clark’s apartment door but instead of Clark, Ray answered the door to see Barry there. Ray informed Barry that Clark was not feeling good and said that he needed to be left alone and headed off with Barry. The two hero’s talked about what they have experienced of witnessed in Superman. Superman himself laid down in his bed to reflect on the events of what happenened to him.

Dream World:

Gunther arrived at his penthouse suite realizing that he now had the ability to fly. The rush of the air on his naked body actually overstimulated his body so much that upon his immediate stop he climaxed once more without even touching his member. Fully satisfied with everything that occurred recently Gunther began to make preparations for his final private encounter with Superman and then his public humiliation and becoming the new Superman for the world. He started off by calling a local television news agency and scheduling a television interview for them the next day where he was going to announce his formal challenge versus Superman. Then he decided that tomorrow would be the final training session for the hero into being a true submissive in all capacities. This final training session would be where he would completely define what his expectations were for the hero as a submissive. Pushing the hero to the breaking point and making him have to beg and plead for release over the course of a full day and depriving the hero of everything he could ever want or need sexually.

Next Chapter: The Fourth Night. The training is finished and Superman is about to lose all control.

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