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Supermans Nightmares
Chapter 2 - The Second Night
By Wrstlr

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Superman’s Nightmares: The Second Night

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and The Atom/Ray Palmer are the property of DC comics. Gunther the villain is the creation of the author. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual authors fantasy.

Metropolis: Clark Kents Apartment

It was early Sunday evening as Superman aka Clark Kent through into his apartment in Metropolis. His journey back from Smallville had been a bit more of a challenge then normal without the full use of his super senses that he relied on to navigate safely. Superman changed out of his costume and put it up for the night because due to the absence of his heightened senses Clark felt it best to ask for Someone else to cover his Metropolis rounds for the night. Picking up the phone Clark called John Henry Irons aka Steel to see if he was available to cover his rounds. Steel said that he would be honored to cover the rounds for the night and in the morning to give Superman a rest. Clark hung up the phone and sat down on the couch in his living room, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts for a little cover on his fully framed body. Just as a test Clark tried to fire up his Telescopic Vision followed by his Microscopic Vision with no results at all. Recalling that the last time he experienced failures like this with his senses was due to solar flares altering the yellow suns radiation and changing his molecular structure a bit, Superman decided that the person who helped him through that would be the best one to examine him this time. Picking up the phone Clark Kent dialed the phone number for Ivy Town Detective agency home of Ray Palmer aka The Atom. Jean Loring, Rays wife answers, “Hello Clark, So nice to hear from you. How can I help you?” Clark responds, “Hello Jean. I am sorry that I had not called sooner but things have been complete chaos here for the past month. Speaking of which, Is Ray there? I need to speak with him about some personal things. “ A laughing Jean says, “Oh that kind of personal matter. Well I guess there is no harm in you knowing. Ray has been asked to help out at Metropolis university physics department for the next two weeks and has already left to your neck of the woods. Here is his number if you would like to contact him at his hotel. Hopefully he will be able to assist you with your personal problems. Just don’t forget little ole me here. Hope to hear all about it soon.” The two individuals then hang up the phones on their ends. Clark gets up and walks to the kitchen and prepares a drink of ice cold tea before returning to the living room and dialing up Ray at the motel. Clark dials up the hotel front desk and asks for Ray’s room. “Hello Clark, I see that you know I am in town, thanks to Jean I am sure.” Ray answers. “Hey Ray, Yeah I heard you were in town and I wanted to know, Did you bring your suit with you? I really could use your assistance with a personal matter but it is a formal engagement that would require you wearing your suit.” Clark inquires trying to use discretion and not give away that Ray was The Atom. “Of course, I never leave home without it. Are you needing me tonight at this late hour or tomorrow?” Ray responds fully aware Clark is asking about his Atom suit. “Lets get together in the morning for breakfast before work and we will work out the rest of the details then. I will meet you at your hotel at 7am in the morning.” Clark requests. “Ok just ring my room when you get here and will come right down and we can talk more about it. See you tomorrow Clark.” Both parties hang up their phones and Clark finally relaxes, for the first time all day it seems, and turns on the local news. An hour later Clark decides to turn in for the night and goes to his bedroom, strips out his shorts revealing his full naked frame of six foot two inches and well chiseled muscles to the empty room. Preferring to be extra cautious Clark walks over to his hidden wall safe, opens it and pulls out a Mother Box he had been given by Mr. Miracle a few years ago just in case he ever had a need for it. Clark programs it to act like an alarm Clark as well and to create a topographic map of Metropolis including structures, building heights, and distances between them for his usage if his senses do not return in the Morning. Lying down in the bed it is only a matter of minutes before Clark falls into a deep sleep with nothing more than a thin sheet covering his frame. Sound asleep Clark begins to dream again causing him to thrash about lightly in his bed.

Dream World:

It had been five hours since Superman had escaped from the gym and the humiliation that he experienced at the hands of Gunther Mueller. Superman was able to escape the gym barely and the more time he spent out in the sunlight the faster and more separation he could get from that facility. Eventually Superman flew to a remote area outside of town and hid in the clouds until nightfall fell on the city and he felt safe enough to return to his own home under the darkness so not to be seen by the public fully nude. Gunther during this time had begun his hunt for Superman and decided that the best starting point would be Clark Kent’s apartment since eventually the hero would have to return there, he just hoped that he would be able to arrive first before Superman. Gunther had a small gym bag with him as he walked out of the gym and headed towards Clark Kent’s apartment building. Gunther is completely naked and immediately everyone in the immediate area fills his ears with comments about his lack of attire. Gunther himself was rather proud of his body and saw no shame in his natural frame but soon realized that this was not the time to flaunt his body like this without bringing undue attention to himself. Noticing a nearby sporting goods store Gunther walks in, all the associates and patrons say nothing and are just in awe at seeing this six foot five inch two hundred sixty seven pound, blond hair, blue eyed, smooth muscle good except for the light blond hair bush surrounding Gunther’s flaccid 8 inch hooded cock and dangling nutsack with large nuts dangling near the bottom of it as he walks through the aisles picking up a jockstrap, pair of knee length black boxing shorts, and wife beater T-shirt and puts them on for everyone to view and then without hesitation heads back for the doors. Scanning the place the whole time Gunther notices that security guards are coming from an office near the doors towards him. They have grabbed their clubs and cuffs and intend to arrest him before he leaves. He even hears one of them stay in the office and call the police to report he was stealing from them. All of this seemed petty to Gunther and he scanned the whole building and found a alternative fire door that the guards were not expecting him to use and redirected himself in that direction. One of the approaching guards made a Dash to intercept Gunther and took a lunge with an electrified stun baton from behind the Olympian but Gunther was able to hear the changes in the air movements and dodge the approach with a simple quick sidestep causing the guard to land hard on the ground and knock the wind out of himself. Gunther got out the fire door setting off even more alarms and found a good hiding spot where no one would be able to see him in a nearby building. Gunther stayed there for a bit over an hour listening, watching, and using his new senses to ensure that the police, fire and public had disbursed and no longer looking for him before he resumed his walk to Clark’s apartment building. The sun had started setting when Gunther resumed his march. Along the way Gunther could only beam and absorb all the admiration that he heard gawkers whispering from sometimes blocks away. The whole walk Gunther was bobbing and weaving along the streets and sidewalks never missing a step thanks to his new visions and hearing which he constantly wanted to keep in use to train them to be even sharper. A block away from Clark Kent’s apartment building Gunther uses his telescopic and X-ray vision on the entire building. He learns that Superman’s apartment is on the top floor by the mail box, that the front door has three security guards and a doorman that could provide a problem with entry and all the other doors have a security system on them that could only be deactivated by residents or security guards. Gunther turns up a nearby alley to approach the building from behind and suddenly finds that his vision is blocked half way through the building between him and the apartment. Once behind the building though he is able to telescopically view the other building again, gains a pass code and enters it from the rear taking the first elevator he encounters and rides it to the top floor which only houses Clark’s apartment. Exiting the elevator Gunther realizes that he has no way into the apartment and is unable to scan the interior with any on his amazing senses. Gunther notices a nearby outdoors fire escape that continues around the building and decides that maybe due to all the security that maybe Superman would be a little lax and leave a back door open as well. On the deck outside Clark’s bedroom Gunther see’s that he is in fact correct and that Clark leaves the doors unlocked here and easily gains entry into his apartment. Inside Gunther drops his gym bag next to the large king size bed and heads out into the main apartment. Gunther prepped the gym Clark has on the other side of the bathroom by moving the equipment to the outer edges and leaving a good twelve foot square area for him and Clark to have another match this time entirely nude. Gunther is getting a bit hungry and helps himself to some fruit, nuts, and nice juice drink from Clark’s refrigerator than walks over to a chair in the far side of the living room in a corner so that Superman would not immediately see him when returning home. Thirty minutes later Gunther hears the changes in the wind nearby indicating that Superman is returning to his home but completely oblivious to Gunthers presence as he lands and enters the apartment. Gunther views the completely naked six foot two inch, two hundred forty six pound of muscles and mass enter the bedroom as well as the two prizes Gunther wanted to claim as his own from Superman, his cock which was a good seven inches soft and cut with a large mushroom head and the smooth ass globes and crack that he would fuck this time. Superman enters the apartment and heads directly to the bathroom so that he can clean himself after the encounter he had with Gunther at the gym. Superman starts the shower to let it warm up and steps up the toilet nearby letting out a torrent stream of piss that he had been holding for most of the evening hours. Gunther watched with amazement while Superman pissed for a good two to three minutes from his flaccid cock which began to slightly harden the whole time the hero pissed. When Clark was finished he gave his cock a couple of flips and then stepped into the shower stall to begin his shower. Gunther originally had hoped for Superman to come to the living room to surprise him but the events in the bathroom had started to excite him to the point that he could no longer just sit and watch. Gunther gets up from the chair walks back into the bedroom and through the bathroom door without making a sound. He quietly opens the shower stall door and enters hugging the oblivious hero from behind completely catching him off guard. Superman is completely startled when he sees a set of arms start to wrap around his chest from behind as well as a slight tingle as the foreign body touches him, “Lesson Two, you must never touch any part of yourself or me without me giving you an order.” Gunther whispers embracing the struggling hero in a back bearhug embrace. Superman comes to realize that he is unable to break Gunther’s embrace at this moment and stops resisting for a moment. Gunther releases his hold and lets Superman turn around and look at him face to face in the shower. “How did you … OOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!” is all superman can say as immediately after the first word Gunther reaches out and twists Superman’s nuts savagely. “I am the one in charge here. The only sounds I want to hear are your grunts and moans unless ordered otherwise. I am the one in charge here and you going to become my boy no matter how much you want to resist it. I am your trainer and eventually you will come to call me SIR.” Gunther states loosening up a bit of his grip on Superman’s nuts to allow him to acknowledge his place and Gunther reaches over and turns off the shower. “Now to be fair I am going to give you a chance to prove your superiority to me if you can defeat me in a untimed match, naked flesh on naked flesh, and the winner will be determined by either the opponent tapping out in submission or being knocked out for longer than ten seconds. If you win then you can have your way with me and do anything that want to for the remainder of the night and then we will part ways never to encounter each other again, and life will return to normal. When I win though your training as a submissive will continue and you will only do as I ever instruct you to while you are in my presence. “ Gunther states opening the shower door and leading the hero out to the gym room by his balls. In the gym room Gunther releases the hero’s balls allowing him a moment to recover as Gunther strips out of his clothes for the match. “How can I trust you? What guarantees do I have that you will not try and take advantage of that at a later time.” Superman questions. “Like you, I am a man of honor and honesty. If I make a pledge I keep that pledge just like you but I do understand if you do not believe me. You will just have to trust me.” Gunther states fully nude now and facing the nude Superman. The two chiseled muscle god’s take a starting position across from each other in the center of the room, shake hands, and begin to circle each other looking for their first opening. “I can tell by your elevated heartbeat that you believe you are going to defeat me by being aggressive and looking for a fast victory. “ Gunther states as Superman lunges for the Olympians legs only to have him easily side step the attempt. Superman stumbles for just a minute only to catch himself and feel Gunther swat him hard on the buttocks. “Here let me make it easy for you.” Gunther says clinching the hero in a head and arm lock. They hold the clinch for about ten seconds when Superman again goes for a leg takedown, “I knew that was coming a mile away” Gunther teases quickly sidestepping the attack tripping the hero on the way. Superman falls flat on his face but is surprised that the Olympian did not jump on top of him to take his advantage instead letting Superman return to his feet. Superman is starting to feel slightly fatigued due to the kryptonite coursing through Gunther’s body and feels that he may only have another chance or two to end this match. The two clinch again for about five seconds until Gunther says, “Here comes your Hip Toss.” Just as Superman starts his maneuver only to have it blocked by Gunther with ease. “Gunther proceed to do an arm bar on the hero and a immediately initiates a FIremans carry crotch lift on the hero making sure that his arm crushes the heros ball’s along the way. “AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” the hero cries out while flipping over the Olympians shoulder and on the mat by the pain from the maneuver. Staddling the hero’s chest Gunther gloats, “These new senses are great, How come I am able to use them though and you can’t. I have never taken anyones abilities before but only ever copied them” The surprise is evident in Superman’s eyes as he realizes that his opponent has an advantage in being able to hear, anticipate, and feel his movements in a manner that he never could. “I have never been able to see someone’s heartbeat, or feel their movements that way.” Superman states gasping for air as Gunther grabs a handful of pectorals in each hand and starts to work them over. The pain from the direct body contact, slaps, and clinching twists on each pec is incredible to the hero who is able to finally dislodge Gunther from straddling his chest. Gunther quickly recovers though and rolls Superman up into a double leg cradle exposing his buttocks straight up in the air. Superman struggles his way out of the hold and is able to roll over onto his belly for a minute or two. “Wow I can actually see the sweat developing on our bodies.” Gunther gloats while straddling the back of the hero and wrenching his neck with a double chin hold back. “Do you give?” Gunther asks noticing that Superman is beginning to show signs physically of fatigue. “I will never surrender to you.” Superman states between gasps of air. Tiring of this charade, Gunther puts a sleeper choker hold on Superman cutting off his air supply and causing him to pass out. “Now you are going to give me a proper shower and become my boy.” You former hero Gunther states smacking the hero’s butt cheeks with his hands and cock making them a bright rosy red. Gunther then picks up the unconscious hero, verifying that he still has a heartbeat and is breathing and walks back into the bathroom , dropping the hero on the floor of the shower and turns on the cold water to awaken him. As Superman starts to get up to a kneeling position Gunther turns on the hot water and hands the helpless hero some soap and a sponge, “You can start down there with my feet and I want you to scrub every inch of me from toe to head.” Gunther states. “If you do not comply you will be punched in the head, pectorals, or crotch region until you do it right.” Superman realizes that in his weakened state from the kryptonite in Gunther’s vein and just being knocked out he has no choice to comply and applys the sponge to Gunther’s right foot only to feel an immense pressure on his cock from Gunther stepping and applying pressure, “You must start with your mouth first and then the sponge and soap.” Gunther orders. Detecting the hesitation from Superman, Gunther raises his foot a bit and stomps directly on the hero’s cock and balls. “OOOOWWWWW!!!” Superman howls in response dropping his face right onto Gunther’s foot and starting to bathe it with his tongue. Superman takes each toe individually into his mouth licking them completely free of all traces of sweat before moving up the ankles and legs. Gunther now has a full ten inch hard cock that constantly smacks the hero as he moves up his legs. “Wash my nuts with your mouth, boy.” Gunther orders giving a slight kick to the hero’s own hardening cock. Superman complies with no resistance sucking each nut in individually and then both together lapping at them with his tongue for almost ten minutes polishing each nut globe with his mouth. Gunther then pulls the hero off his nuts and smacks his fully erect cock on the hero’s face. When Superman sticks out his tongue to lick it Gunther hits the hero upside his head. “Not until I give you permission. You got that.” Gunther states still smacking the hero all over his face and head. “Ok you cocksucker you are going to clean this with your mouth and swallow anything and everything that comes out of it. So open your mouth boy. “ Superman opens his mouth and Gunther in one full thrust shoves it all the way down the hero’s throat unleashing a torrent of his own piss which causes the hero to gag. Unfortunately as Superman tries to withdraw he is held tight by Gunther’s hands grasping his head where all he can do is drink the piss flowing down his throat. After unloading his piss for almost 5 minutes Gunther starts to face fuck the impaled hero on his fully erect cock, He even starts to feel the hero lick his shaft in response to the face fuck. Gunther even notices the hero reach for his own hardening cock to stroke it and delivers a foot to the hero’s balls in response. “I have not given you permission to touch yourself. Hands off.” Gunther orders still face fucking the helpless hero. Gunther feels his climax quickly approaching and tries to pull his nuts down a bit to hold himself back but unfortunately the hero is doing such a fine job that before Gunther can even stretch his balls he is releasing his kryptonite cum down the hero’s throat and into his gullet. Gunther keeps the hero impaled on his cock until every drop has been released into the hero. When he pulls out Superman collapses to the bottom of the shower and passes out. With Superman unconscious Gunther picks up the soap and sponge and gives Superman a full shower from head to toe paying special attention to the hero’s ass, anal passage, and cock and balls. “Tonight these are mine. “ Gunther gloats turning off the shower and drying himself and Superman. Picking the hero up Gunther sees and feels the hero’s eleven inch hard cock against his chest as he carries him to the bedroom and lies the hero on the bed opening his gym bag of toys. Taking out four sets of restraints, 2 wrist and 2 ankle Gunther restrains the hero spread eagle on the king size bed. Then he grabs a set of alligator clips and starts to work on hardening the hero’s pectoral nipples. Gunther smacks, pinches, bites and sucks on each of them until they are standing up loud and proud. Superman is lurched aware the instant that Gunther attaches the alligator clips to the hard nipples and thrusts hard against the restraints. Gunther takes the opportunity to take the fully erect hero’s cock into his mouth all the way down. Gunther delivers the most intense blow job Superman has ever experienced by pulling occasionally on the chain fastened to the alligator clips causing the hero to thrust wildly. For a period of twenty minutes the only sound filling the room are Gunther’s blow job and the moans and groans from the helpless restrained hero begging to release his cum. Gunther pulls off a second, “I want you to cum for me boy.” And starts back working on heros cock pulling the clips more frequently until Superman lets out a intensely load scream and shoots rope after rope of kryptonian cum into Gunthers awaiting mouth. Gunther swallows every rope of the precious semen from the hero. He then laps at the opening making sure he has gotten every drop of seed from the hero. Gunther notices that his own cock has become hard again, which he was hoping for, and releases the hero ankles from the bed attaching them to the headboard so that the hero’s butt is rolled up with his legs over his own head and cock directly over his own mouth. With no prep or fan fair of any type Gunther takes up a position similar directly above Superman’s buttocks and shoves his cock in his ass all the way to the full ten inches are in the hero who is now screaming from the immense pain of this method of intrusion. Instantly Gunther starts to fuck the hero with long deep strokes in a position ironically called “Superman position”. When he moved slowly he began to notice that his breath seemed to be colder and have a cooling effect on the hero even sometimes forming ice on the surface of the skin. When Gunther sped up he would keep his eyes wide open and the hero’s skin would seem to heat up. Faster and Faster Gunther pumped his cock in full length strokes in the hero building up to his climax. Just as Gunther felt his first shot of cum shoot into the hero a gigantic red flash came from Gunther’s eyes and Clark Kent’s apartment exploded with the force of Supernova separating the two from each other and sending them flying in opposite directions for many miles. Gunther passed out from the impact he had in the ground and was out for almost a full twenty minutes before he came to. When he awoke and opened his eyes everything he saw was red in color and his other visions were unable to work. “What happened?” Gunther questioned himself seeing that he was all alone in the middle of a country field. Superman awoke from the ordeal also about 20 minutes later about 3 miles down the earth’s crust due to the force from the blast. Superman was extremely weak due to the abuse and kryptonite poisoning he had just received but able to float to the surface. Once he got to the surface he was able to see that his entire apartment and the two building next to it had been completely destroyed by the force of the blast that was unleashed. All the local authorities and EMT’s were completely confused by what happened here but sure that there was no possibility of any survivors due to the severity of the damage to the building. When Superman appeared they quickly rushed to aid to support him long enough to steady his feet. In a matter of minutes Superman could stand on his own and did a quick leap away from the scene. For the time being Clark Kent was going to have to be dead in the eyes of the world. So he started to think about where he could go for the time being and the Hall of Justice seemed to be the best place to go. In big leaps Superman headed off towards the Hall of Justice. The further away Superman moved the more the picture faded and eventually went black.

Metropolis: Clark Kent’s apartment

Superman/Clark Kent awoke from the nightmare again to see that he had completely dismantled his bedding, cummed all over his body and bedding, and even soaked his body and bed with piss while experiencing the nightmare this night. Taking a quick look at Motherbox he saw that it was almost 6am and decided that he needed to clean himself up quickly and head off to meet The Atom. He would have to clean up this place at a later time. At precisely 7am Clark Kent arrived at the motel and met his old friend Ray Palmer for breakfast. They talked about the power issues that Clark had been experiencing and both agreed that it did need further inspection on a molecular level since it sounded like the same issue as last time. Clark did not mention the nightmares to Ray and they both agreed to meet at Ray’s hotel room at precisely 3pm. Clark Kent then headed off to work at the Daily Planet and Ray Palmer went to work at the University. About 1pm a story lead came to Perry’s desk about a Oil Rig fire that was occurring just outside of Metropolis. Since Clark was the only one in the office at the time Perry dropped the task on his desk. Clark did not pay any attention to it until ordered to do so by Perry yelling at him for still being at his desk and not on his way. Reading the note as Clark got up he instantly realized that this was a job for Superman and ducked into the nearby storage closet, changed into his Superman suit and attached motherbox to his belt before streaking off in the direction of the oil fire. In flight Superman tried all his visions again but still they would not respond but with Motherbox he was able to arrive at the correct location. A quick assessment of the situation was done when Superman arrived and he concluded that his superbreath would extinguish the flame from the rig and then his heat vision cut a backdraft fire to stop the grass fire that started. Taking a large inhale Superman started to feel strange, It seemed as though the air was not rushing to fill his lungs like normal and when he exhaled all that came out was a gasping puff of air not his normally super cold compressed breathe that he was looking for. Going to plan B Superman started a superspeed tornado run lifting the flame into the tornado and directing it into space. Then Superman approached the rig and tried to fix a damaged beam with his heat vision, but once again nothing happened. Fortunately the situation was secure and Superman flew off back to the planet to file his story and then head over to visit Ray. Arriving at Ray’s room at exactly 3pm Clark knocked on the door and was greeted warmly by Ray who was already wearing his Atom suit but keeping in invisible incase the public saw him. Clark and him sat in the living area and Clark explained about the problems with his Super senses seeming to have disappeared and now his super breath and heat vision were not working. Ray was more then willing to look Superman over on the molecular level. “So what do you say we begin.” Ray states getting up thinking Superman would follow automatically like usual. Realizing that Superman was not responding Ray turned around and states, “You need to undress and get in the bed if you want me to check you out.” This caused Clark/Superman to respond and do as he was instructed undressing himself to full nudity and climbing on top of the bed. Ray thought this was strange since usually his interactions had Ray following Superman’s orders and directions. This time he seemed to wait to be told what to do. The Atom activated his shrink device on his belt, setting it for a molecular level and started to examine Superman from head to toe on a molecular level. There did not seem to be anything different in his Molecular structure except for a new pheromone that Superman was secreting that was causing Ray to experience a little sexual excitement and enjoyment. Enlarging a bit Ray decided to have a little fun with Superman and started to tease the naked hero with little stinging slaps all over his pectorals which actually seemed to elicit a response from Superman. Curiously Ray moved down to Superman’s crotch region and did the same to the hero’s cock with no objection from the hero at all as his cock grew to its full length. Ray could not pass up this opportunity and enlarged to his normal size and started to worship on Superman’s cock since he did not object. Superman just laid there and moaned at the sensations going through his body. Ray tried to see if he could finger Superman’s anal cavity but he could not get the hero to respond. As a longshot Ray orders “Open up and Superman spreads his legs and buttcheeks opening up his pucker hole. Ray could not believe what was happening but decided that this was just too good to pass up grabbed some nearby lube and finger fucked Superman and lubed up his now released cock. “I am going to fuck you if you want Supes. You want to be fucked?” Ray questioned. Superman let out a meek, “Yes Please Sir.” Ray could not believe his ears but went to town and plowed Superman’s ass for a full hour before unloading in the hero’s ass. Ray collapsed on Superman who all of sudden seemed to come back to reality and realized what Ray had just done. Strangely though Superman did not get angry just a little upset at Ray taking advantage of him in this way. They discussed what Ray found that his molecular structure had not changed except for this new pheromone which Ray believed is what caused him to be so courageous this time. Superman asked that for now Ray and him not talk about what happened but that they would address it soon. Superman then dressed in his Clark Kent Suit and headed out of the room and back home. Ray made notes of everything that happened and sent them to Bruce Wayne because of his curiosity of what was happening to Superman with all this crime going on.

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