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Part 4 - Inside
By Wolfpek
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Even from the air the compound looked impenetrable, and beneath the cover of jungle barely perceptible. With minimal jolting the small jet descended through the rain-forested mountains to touch down on the private landing strip. There seemed to be a small contingent waiting to receive him. He adjusted his caftan and prepared to meet these freaks.

Stepping from the plane, he is greeted by a chubby but distinguished looking man, surrounded by an entourage of some of the most handsome men he had ever seen in one place in various stages of undress. Several of these, in only fatigue pants and boots were carrying machine guns, and one big, somewhat delinquent looking kid in his early twenties carried a tray with champagne. His muscle magazine body completely naked save for the serpentine tattoos which covered his lean upper body, the heavy chains surrounding his neck, ankles, and wrists, and a coating of oil.

"Welcome, Mr. Jabran, to our little paradise I trust you had a comfortable journey. I am Streiger, Mr. Sin's personal assistant. I assume you'd like to refresh after your journey. I have arranged for your private viewing of our current stock before this evenings festivities."

Nick, now disguised as Faisal Jabran, a new client of Mr. Sin's looking to increase his harem, declined revetment and scanned the compound. It was indeed a paradise worthy of the Arabian nights, for perverts anyway. A formal tropical garden decorated with classical nude statuary, fountains, and strolling peacocks. What caught Nick's/Jabran's eye, were the over forty menacing, heavily armed, barely clothed soldiers guarding the front entrance alone, we wondered how many in average surrounded the compound. It would require more than investigation to shut down this operation. A military strike force would be necessary.

Streiger noticed his gaze. "I see that you prefer the military type. As you have noticed we have an impressive collection, garnered from some of the best armed forces on the planet. US Navy seals, marines, FBI….."

Nick's eyes widend..It was Novak among the armed contingency. He had served with him in the marines. Bit of a hound dog with the women, his muscles, blond hair, and deceptively innocent smile populated his bed with scores of ladies. He had heard he had been killed during the first Iraq conflict. He is heavily armed, how is it they are keeping him here? Had he joined them?

"….. Of course, as members of our permanent staff, use of them is complimentary to all visiting clients, however, we request that you do not molest them during their shifts. You understand security is a priority here. It is best to request your choice with our concierge, and he will be sent to your quarters. As you will see most of the space in the compound is made up of gymnastic facilities. A minimum of 5 hours of intensive excersise is mandatory. All of our merchandise, of course is in peak physical condition."

"The festivities tonight?"

"Ahh yes, along with the auction you will attend, there is an indoctrination ceremony tonight. A very well known American footballer is to be linked to his new owner. I am certain you will find this ceremony..entertaining. Our compound can be a bit confusing, it is laid out into a series of nine concentric rings, some of guest can become a bit disoriented at first, so we assign escorts to show them around. Now, allow me to present Virgil, he will escort you to your quarters. Virgil has a rather shady history, petty crime mostly. We picked him up off of the streets of Nashville when he made the fatal mistake of attempting to gay bash one of our raptors. Now he is one of our house favorites"

Virgil's submissive nod was a poor disguise for the contempt briefly glimpsed under is lowered eyelid's. The enslaved redneck hoodlum turned to lead the client further into the compound. Even Nick could not help noticing the smooth dimpled buttocks swaggering away from him.

As the entered a second courtyard the scene shifted slightly from Omar Kayam, to the world of Marquis DeSade. The graceful arches remained but, everywhere he looked he saw unbelievable scenes of the degradation of young men. One such unfortunate hanging upside down, seemed to be at the center of a small seminar on electronic torture.

The lecturer attaching several wires to assorted private parts.

There were various scenes of whipping, submersion in the decorative fountains, and bondage. All watched over by yet more impressive looking arm guards, dressed only in boots caps, and ammunition.

They past into the elegant main lobby of the resort surrounded by a massive state of the art gym. Crowded with yet more of these naked muscle men working out intently. He noticed one had been interrupted in his set, by an eager formally dressed guest who had bent him over a leg bench to pump away into the poor slob's asshole. The muscleman made no move of protest.

He was relived to be shown to a quiet hallway outside of his suite.

Virgil opened the door to a palatial suite, expertly frescoed throughout in Pompeian splendor representing the same scenes that he had just witnessed. Was there no relief from these images?

"My orders are to help you relax now" came the southern twang, as Virgil reached for his dick….

To be continued………………………………….

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