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Part 3 - The Catch Of The Day
By Wolfpek
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It still went it his head, the attention from fans and media. Especially the two Sheila s with the big tits who kept him talking as the sun sank lower over the Sydney Cricket Grounds, and the crowds had wandered out through Rupert Murdoch's Disneyland shopping area on their way to the parking garage. Leaving nothing more than vague promises to meet later, the two lovelies had disappeared leaving him alone on the now quiet field. His mates were already at the Royal working on their first VB, and first pick at the Sydney girls. He was eager to join them. He had only one more night in Sydney before heading home to his brand new killer flat in St. Kilda.

The press described Jarrod Hunt as a strongly built youngster, but at 21 he would rather be described as a man. He couldn't argue however with the strongly built. At 185 cm, and 96kg bursting out of his brief uniform, he was, to say mildly and intimidating figure on the field and off. The 21 year old 2003 third "Best and Fairest" of the Victorian Football League impatiently trotted back to the locker room anxious to catch up to his friends brushing passed a slow moving janitor, creepy looking fella, on his way in, and stopped to appraise himself in the mirror on the way to the shower.

The question was should he take time to shave? Deciding against it, many women seemed to enjoy the sandpaper feeling as he kissed their long white necks, he appraised wide stubble covered jaw, running a hand over his spiked light brown hair. No question the uniform was flattering the form fitted sleeveless jersey coated his rounded pecs and tapering six pack like a black and white striped liquid. The brief spandex shorts strained to cover his high, round, dimpled ass cheeks and embarrassingly pronounced dick. The thick thighs seemed to burst out of the abbreviated shots.."Crikey! How the fuck did I manage that?" He had just noticed a bleeding gash on the inside of the upper right thigh. Footie is a rough game, he rarely walked off the field with some sort of bruise, but usually he knew how he had acquired them.

"Might be an idea to have that looked at" A reedy voice came from behind him. The janitor was a small dark man, unusually thin with sunken eyes and a very bushy mustache "I had a cut like that on my arm last month, right near got infected. My doctor gave me some cream for it. I still have some left" He reached into a locker and pulled out a small jar, and tossed it to the midfielder. He showed him a a long barely visible scar on his arm. "See? Like new. You can keep it. She'll be right"

Jarrod cautiously sniffed at the white cream. The heavy menthol scent was as Dis-orienting as shot of strong whiskey. What the hell? Seemed alright. He decided to give it a go. He sat down on the bench, dipped his finger cautiously in the viscous goo and touched it to the cut. The sting nearly sent him to the ceiling.

"I figured a big guy like you could handle a little sting. After the first shock, it goes numb and feels better. You need to apply a little I'll show you. The strong smell of the cream already creating a confusing buzzing sound in his ears, a normally shy Jarrod nodded, and the mysterious janitor knelt between the monumental open thighs, and begin to spread the cream into the now pleasantly healing wound uncomfortably close to the bottom of the snug shorts. The hand began to work it's way up creepy under the hem. Jarrod lifted a hand to his head. "Sorry , I'm feelin a bit dizzy, think I need a showe..r. Hey! wha..?"

"Shhhhh shhh. That's to be expected now. You just lay back on the bench..that's right...good boy. That's just how we make you nice and cooperative for your new owner."

A powerful arm fell uselessly to the floor. Doc smiled

"Whaa..? AHH..mmmunn" The creeping hand had reached the thick cock with the stinging cream. As he closed around it he noticed it was already rigid and dripping. The young one's were always so easily aroused, especially when they were primed for a night out with the ladies.

"How does that feel?" was the taunting question. "You, know there is a special place in heaven for the fag who designed these uniforms. You have no idea just how succulent you look in these shorts. It's almost a shame to strip you. I'm surprised we haven't had more requests for Footie players. I figure since we're down here we might pick up a few of your teammates for the auction pool. Maybe we'll just see how those tits look" He pushed the clinging striped material up above the hard rounded pecs, grabbing them roughly. Tugging at the light layer of hair that accented the deep cleft and lower curve.

"mmmmm...These will be popular in your new home. I am told you will be the centerpiece of a Hong Kong brothel" He said as he lowered to suckle on the erect brown nubs. This guy was particularly delicious.

Jarrod felt his molester slither up to lie flat along his immobile body. In between, he felt a terrifyingly long dick harden against his torso. The mustache tickles around his mouth as a revolting tongue forced it's way past his parted lips. He felt a hand smooth through his spiked hair.

"Now where are my colleagues who will help me package you up? You see Mr. Hunt, I am not permitted to be alone with the victims for too long. My employers have learned that I do not posses the will power not to sample the merchandise. If they don't show soon, I'm just going to have to rape you right here and now" The figidty hand slid down cupping a firm round glute and under the streched matrial of the shorts, passed the strap of the sweat soaked jock to cram covered finger into the unexplored hole. A schocking sting engulfed the moist interior flesh.


"That's right..moan for me, a young man's moan makes me so hard.....They really should have been on time" Showing surpising strength with the dead weight of the drugged athlete, he flipped his helpless prey face down and draped the hunk over the bench.

He'd seen cathedrals, bridges, and towers but is there finer architecture than this? Ever since his childhood in Vienna staring slack jawed at the nude fishing youth bent over the Donner Brunnen in the Neuer Markt he longed for just these round full globes bent upward yieling and unwilling before him. He slapped the upturned mound and was pleased to find it hard and resisting as steel. He twisted the constricting fabric of the footie shorts up and around revealing the open cleft which hid the treasure of the small round hole. Reaching under he released the stud's rigid cock from the prison of the jockstrap and twisted it painfully backward to display of ass and cock to his hungry tongue.

A softly moaning Jarrod felt a tongue flicker along his piss slit, through the buzzing fog, up the shaft, and dive into his twitching hole, and then wafter what seemed ages of the slimy wet invasion withdraw. He felt a hand grasp his hair and pull his head backward. What followed was the most intense blinding pain he would ever know, as without warning Doc's impatient cock ripped past his unexpecting sphincter and began to ramrod against his prostate while mantaining stranglehold on his dick.

Doc worried that the scream might bring any remaining staff to his victim's aid,but it did not last long as the young athlete quickly lost conciousness after the first brutal thrust. He looked down at the young athelete, limbs dangling with every thrust, the intricate play of muscles in the limp back. This guy could kill him one handed, and he was raping the stud. There was no way to describe the brutal power he felt looking at a virle young hunk as his dick raped his helpless asshole.

He dropped the youth's head, and without losing rythym flipped a leg back up over his shoulder so that he could gaze into the beautiful insensate face, and now both legs up over his shoudlers the muscle stud's arms and head hanging loosley over the side of the bench, the sexy footie uniform twisted into no more than lewd jewlery decorating the nude form lost within his obscene embrace. He felt the fires join into his aching loins and knew he was close. Savagley he yanked his hunky straight toy up so that the head rested on the bench and leaned in close to force his tongue as far as possible between the parted lips and down into the throat. "I'm raping you, stud" he tought and with that exploded into the deflowered bowels of the VFL's third best and fairest. The kiss, however, continued.

"Goddammit Doc!!!" HIs tardy colleagues stood in the doorway/ "Can't we leave you alone of five minutes?.. The boss is going to have our asses for this"

"Maybe he doesn't have to know"

"Jesus Doc, Look at him. I hope you haven't done any internal damage."

"Where were you anyway?"

Norbert smiled sheepishly, and stood aside. Doc saw another delicious ass draped invitingly over the Andre's shoulder, also decorated by those enticing footie shorts.

"We picked up a few of his teammates over at the Royal, for the auction pool. We reckon they'll be big sellers. What'll we do about Hunt?"

"We'll he's no virgin now. How about you each take a turn, and we clean him up good before we crate him"

"Thought you'd never ask" Norbert advanced on the unconcious stud.

Doc smiled. he loved his job.

To be continued....

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