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Smallville - The Betrayal
Part 3
By Wolfpek
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Working hard to keep hi own pounding heart from his throat and breathe normally, Lex stood back to survey the flawless superhero slumped, at his mercy, within glowing kryptonite bonds. The tubing still sucking pure power from the pierced balls.

"You are mine......and now for the main course"

He released the passed out captive from the relentless sucking tube and constricting bonds, and knelt to catch the falling deadweight of his prisoner over one shoulder, and stood to adjust to the limp burden. Although he had admired it, stuffed into many jeans, and shorts over his developing years he had never actually seen Clark's ass... and this is how he had always dreamt of witnessing it's glory for the first time. He had a full length mirror placed in the cave for this purpose, as he turned to finally realize his dream, his mouth went dry, and he nearly stopped breathing all together. It surpassed his wildest imagination.

Here he was, bald, white Lex who could never live up to his father's expectations...and look daddy.. I can have anything... I have superman.

Resting helplessly over his shoulder was the most beautiful ass he had ever seen, naked, perfect, steely mounds, of dimpled muscle draped over his inferior frame and enclosed by his black sleeved arm encircling the massive upper thighs. Luscious and inviting as juicy spring peaches, arched in unwilling submission, bent to his will. The limp limbs swinging slightly with Lex's movements.

"Oh Clark, you can't even conceive what I've been planning for this over these long years"

He carried his precious load to yet another hellish devise. A hollow three stepped platform, the apex of which had a hole in the center over a lethal looking machine, which contained tubes and hooks, and shackles at each corner on the two lower steps.

He gently laid his captive face down over the device, affectionately inserting the cock into the hole at the top. He had not anticipated it's thickness and should have made it wider, and once again, with relish, shackled he powerful limbs in place. He knelt to face his prize, pulled the slumbering head up by the soft raven hair and slapped a cheek.

"Clark!!! Clark!!! come on wake up... come on"

"Unnnnghhhh wha.... oummmnng"

"That's it good boy... I really need you to be awake to experience this. I'm going to fuck you now...and I need you to feel it.."


"Don't worry, using a kryptonite drug, I have arranged it so that you won't remember.... and that I can do this again whenever I feel like... you'll never know"


Lex's tongue invaded the soft mouth.

"Now let's have you hooked up good" and turned his attention to the complicated machinery under the bench.


As he reattached the ball sucking tubes, and wound a small kryptonite ring too tightly above the balls turning them a dark blue, another pumping vacuum tube docked snugly over the shaft. Two more sucking vacuum tubes enclosed painfully over his erect pierced nipples.

An awakening Clark felt himself milked relentlessly, every scrap of power drained into the machine. He cannot understand why his dick has remained rigid after such a recent explosion.

Lex once again surveyed his ghoulish handiwork. A young superhero bound in a humiliating ass up position, lewdly milked from every appendage by the tentacles of his infernal machine.

He knelt again, as in church before the ripe waiting mounds of muscle the focus of his fetish, reverently he enclosed the blue balls exposed in-between the spread legs in his hungry mouth, biting slightly to encourage a frightened moan, and then upward, past the most secret of places the perineum, and finally finding the twitching tender brown pucker.. teasing around the rim at first, greedily nibbling away at the tender black shoots of hair that surround the heavenly gate, and finally plunging into the tiny rosebud opening.

"UUUUUuuaaaaaaooooooo mmmm nnnoo nooooo..."

Clark tried to squirm away from the disgusting, moist, snake exploring his most vulnerable place, but the milking tubes and bonds only force the cleft deeper onto the face of his traitorous friend.

Lex had intended to enjoy this longer but after nearly an hour of slurping at the moist tunnel, he could bear the ache in his loins no longer.

He stood stock still for a moment, his long dripping rod casting a shadow over the writhing glutes, enjoying the moment of menacing threat.

"nnooo Lex please,...don't"

"Shhhh shhh Clark. This is going to happen...but keep pleading. Beg me for mercy... it's making me hard"

Then, abandoning his affectionate care for his friend. He now wanted to hurt to inflict pain. He stabbed his aching member mercilessly into the virgin opening.


Clark could actually see the pain sear into his center as his ruined asshole was ripped open by his friend's pillaging dick. The muscles of the sphincter shocked into opening painfully attempt to close into normal shape around the huge invader. Tears well into his eyes, as he unsuccessfully attempts to retain control, under the ministrations of the frantically milking tubes, and pistoning thrusts of his false friend. He felt a buzzing ache, once again singe the base of his cock up toward the lower shaft.

"Unngh unnn ooompf unnng..." his only rhythmic comment.

The scream drove Lex into an even deeper frenzy, the delicious moans and grunts enclosed his dick into an excruciating ecstasy. "Yeah... scream for me Clark... I'm raping you.... I AM RAPING SUPERMAN!!"

Good and evil, yin and yang, hero and villain are always linked locked in eternal conflict. The two men explode into ropey spurts of cum simultaneously as one, both screaming in rapture and pain.

As Clark finally fell into merciful blackness, Lex fell on top of the wide sweat soaked back of his conquest in joyful exhaustion. "Look daddy, I have raped Superman"

Carefully he cleaned his friend's hunky body, licking away the mixture of blood and semen that oozed from the ruined super hole. He knew that the mixture of kryptonite and rugs forced into the youth would prevent him from remembering this ordeal, and would also allow Lex a way to call him under his control at will... from time to time. He had read the prophecies is the cave and understood the both had destinies to fulfill. Again assuming his favorite position of sleeping hero over his shoulder he carried the sleeping nude slave secretly back to his home and bedroom.

Tucking the ravished stud safely into his own bed, he once more kissed the too pretty red lips.

"Goodnight Clark my friend....until we meet again"

The End