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Smallville - The Betrayal
Part 2
By Wolfpek
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Clark, of course knows this cave. It is as familiar as a womb, where he was first planted in this new earth. The airless late September night makes the cavern dank and humid. How could the thieves have discovered what was so well hidden?

Before entering, his x-ray vision can make out alien shapes within the cave. Large boxes and tables, but he senses no other life forms. How could they not be guarding their valuable stash?

He motions Lex to follow with his flashlight and they enter. In the center of the room is a large glass tube which resembles, somehow an old fashioned phone booth connected to some sort of console by a ventilation system with a series of buttons inside, also a series of benches, some of which have manacles connected to them. Looking at them fills him with a prescient dread "What were you working on Lex, animal testing?" Lex ignores him. "Thank god it's still here and intact"

A strange hissing sound comes from inside the tube, suddenly a large steel band drops around it."Shit! They've rigged it...Clark, that's a bomb. Unless I can get inside and hit the release button. That'll destroy the whole town" He rushes to the tube but cannot lift the band, an electric charge send him backwards across the room and flat out on the floor.

"Lex, are you all right?"

"Just go, there's no time! The release button is the red one on the upper left"

Clark wastes no time, even for him the band is heavy. Charges shoot out from it but his strength is able to withstand them and finally lift the band he opens the tube steps inside and quickly hits the button. The noise stops for a moment. The band swings back into place, and a new hissing sound begins as a green gas fills the tube. He bangs against the glass but is shocked to find his immense strength fail him as the dry vapor fills his lungs. His head begins to swim in an unnaturally green sea, green fills his head, his lungs, his nostrils, every orifice seems to suck in this green, choking him, he claws at his throat ripping the threadbare t-shirt open to reveal a creamy smooth chest. The liquefying gas seems to swirl his mind his strength, his will down into himself, down down into his cock, which swells painfully hot. His burning loins seem to now control his entire being. He feebly slaps his hand against the glass " L me" as he slumps against the side of the booth. Through have and heavy lids he is confused to see a very calm Lex smiling at him through the glass.

"Don't worry Clark, I'll help you with that" he opens the door of the booth, as the helpless youth slumps to the floor. Gently, Lex lifts him onto his feet, against a T-shaped bench which reaches the height of his shoulder blades. He leans the youth backward painfully expanding the powerful chest upwards to the ceiling. He stretches the muscular arms along the top and closes the top and closes the manacles attached at the ends around the wrists.

"Poor Clark, it looks like the meteor rock gas disagreed with you. My research indicates that it places all of your strength and will entirely in you cock, and leaves you weak and helpless". Leaning over his catch he lovingly runs his fingers through the soft raven hair caressing the boyish cheek. "L..lex...whaa..?"

"Ssshhhhhh. Here drink this. It will help. Where did the glass raised to his lips come from? Lex was his friend, Lex was helping him, he drank." Good boy"

The spinning sensation became stronger. It was liquid meteor rock "l..lex..why?"

"Why?" with one tug the remaining T-shirt is ripped away to reveal the bulging pectorals, and rippling six pack abs.

Although his face retains something of an angelic innocence, since leaving high school, Clark has grown from the thin and beautiful, thin, youth into the physical image of masculine perfection. It irritates his captor that this image of Nietzsche's ideal Ubermensch, should come from off world and not from the human race. He would punish the beauty for that as well.

Lex lewdly runs his hands over this writhing flesh scape. Cruelly pinching the tender rosy nipples, and lovingly lowering his face, parting those, too pretty full red lips with a thick burrowing tongue into a lingering kiss.."A lot of people like me spend their lives dreaming about how it would feel to rape the hometown hero. But you know me Clark, I'm not the kind of guy who just dreams about things. You gotta make your dreams happen."

Trembling with years of pent up anticipation he removes the clinging blue jeans to reveal, as he had hoped, snowy tighty whiteys constraining a massive bulge the top of which was already stained with heroic precum from the tip already peaking out from above the waistband. His information he indicated the kryptonite would have this effect on the victim but he hadn't dared hope. He lowered his slobbering mouth over the strained fabric, licking and sucking until the thin white cloth becomes nearly translucent over the mouth watering cock imprisoned within it.

"Clark? Cla-ark? Can you hear me? I hope you can hear me. Your about to be naked now, naked and in my power"

Through the meteor mist Clark feels himself exposed to the will of his captor, and hears a soft protesting moan escape his lips. Music to the ears of the new villain.

"Considering the amount of meteor rocks you've ingested so far. These next precautions are superfluous, but I don't like to take any chances. I consider them decoration. These manacles are made from meteor rock alloy" He feels tight cuffs around his wrists. "As are these pins"

"My research team are calling the active ingredient in these rocks 'Kryptonite', and I have made quite a few toys from it for us to play with tonight

"AAaaaagh" A sharp pain pierces his left nipple, and another in the right. Lex stands back to admire the greenish metal piercing, the sweet, now bleeding pink nipples.

"Now this may sting a bit as well, but we need to collect some of your vital juices for our research" He reaches in between the heavily muscled legs and pulls out a long tube with curved fang like nipples at the ends.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Clark's scream echoes off of the walls of the cave as the needles sink into his tender balls. As his tormentor flips a switch on the side of the bench, he feels an intense sucking from the device latched to his balls.

Clark feels his friend's hands pull and tug on his skewered tits, and his hot mouth kissing his spasming belly.

He feels his achingly stiff member enclosed in the hungry prison of Lex's mouth, which struggles to contain all of the massive growing meat without gagging. The copious precum collecting in his mouth tastes of salt and power.

Clark feels his friends hands roam freely over his betrayed body, twisting at his pierced nipples, the machine relentlessly sucking on his skewered balls, all the while Lex, whom he trusted, devour his throbbing cock. Intense waives of pain and pleasure roll from his swimming brain, down passed his burning pecs, into his groin and finally exploding into the insatiable tubes and his mentor's hungry mouth, as he falls into an exhausted swoon.

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