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Habeas Corporal
Part 3
By Wolfpek
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His advantage was all to brief as his opponent caught the next kick pulling his aching groin into devastating contact with the corner pole.

"You've been a naughty boy, and naughty, vain little boys deserve a nice hard spanking"

With a mad lust made his challenger light as air he through the ring warrior back over the corner rope, this time the long schemed for, luscious ass raised high while the fighter's limbs dangled face down. Savage froze, slacked jawed, at the sight of his prize presented, exposed and helpless, before him. The sharply defined lines of muscle framed the round hard glutes, so much more succulent than he had hoped. Dancing around in that little white thong, the cocky fuck had practically begged for it, and he was going to give it to him.

"Yees, a very, very bad boy"

The stud grimaced as the savage palm beat the marbled perfection of that ass glowing red, and the savage tongue, still salty with wrestler cum licked catlike very inch of the stinging raw flesh working it's way, inexorably inward toward the defenseless crack.

On one or two occasions, out of boredom, horniness, or pity the cruelly beautiful corporal had allowed some fags he knew to suck him off, but he would never allow anyone so much control as to penetrate his hole. Yet, here he dangled over the ropes, unable to prevent this sick freak from doing just that. Calloused hands dug unto each cheek prying them apart, and he shuddered as he felt the cool wet tongue cover his helpless hole, the bristling hairs of the dyed goatee tickling the surrounding flesh, as the merciless tongue plunged in worming toward his prostate. He heard the crowd roar its approval, and inexplicably his bruised cock began to rise again and rub against the turnstile.

He raised his head to face his audience and saw poor Brad. A line had formed behind him, fisting their dicks, each waiting their turn to ram their need into his unresisting hole, while watching Savage's latest victim share in his fate.

He dropped his head. The sucking mouth had left his open pucker, cool, wet and insufficiently prepared.

Savage climbed up the ropes, his feet resting on the middle rung, and pulled out his own, raging insatiable cudgel, level with it's target, fisted it a little slapping it against the abused booty. It needed no encouragement. He teased into the entrance, barely kissing the rim


That was all he needed. He plunged, all the way in past the deliciously tight rings of muscle, and stopped to savor the feeling of his fat cock buried to it's hilt into that unwelcoming chute, the shocked muscles spasming delightfully along the shaft s if to hold him in.

The inverted red face of his victim winced at the blindingly painful invasion, unable to repress the scream that leaked out from behind his clenched teeth as strangled growl.

Using the ropes for leverage, Savage pulled back and entered again, this time gently almost lovingly, enjoying the way his victim's hole clung to his cock, as if tailor made to be raped.

Savage knew that he could have boys just for asking, some even into rough fantasy play, but there was nothing like taking hot, and unwilling, straight men. It was a bad habit but nothing mad his cock so happy as punishing these cocky tough guys and what his cock wanted his cock must have.

He increased his rhythm in time with his increasing need, still slow but steady and insistent into the loosening quim.

The Corporal, his head bobbing with each thrust fought against the pain and humiliation, to keep his senses alert for any chance of escape and revenge. To his shame he became aware of undeniable sense of intense pleasure to be taken in this way, to feel his captors rod ramming past his prostate into his most vulnerable place, as his own, now rigid member, rubbed to painful stiffness against the corner ropes. Something about his capture and rape felt almost good, and seemed somehow right. It was as if the body he had built so carefully into perfection was made to be taken in exactly in this way.

No! It was wrong! He would escape and he would kill that sick pervert for this.

His dick was still on the side of the first argument. Savage was now pounding into him with brutal ferocity. The vicious thrusts were rubbing his member raw against the rope over which he was slung. Thrust after vicious thrust brought him over the edge, and for the second time during this match Corporal Punishment exploded pulsing waves coating the ropes and dripping onto the mat.

Savage was only seconds, behind. With one final thrust he screamed and shot all of his rage and cruelty into the hunk's ruined asshole.

He jumped backwards off the ropes and admired his work, cum oozed out of the raped hole. He gave the upturned prize one last smack, and raised his hands in victory. The crowd stood on its feet and cheered. Savage took his bows and watched them file out, leaving a used Brad lying bound and senseless on the floor. He jumped out of the ring, and shouldered his first victim.

Approaching the second, he lifted his drooping head by the buzzed hair.

The corporal realized that the compellingly repulsive sight of Brad's ruined ass, must look much like his own

"Now don't go anywhere. I'm just going to put our poor friend here back into his cage, and I'll be back for you"

The marine spit in his eye. "Faggot"

Savage chuckled and let the head drop. He swaggered out of the empty hall. Brad's unconscious head and arms swaying with each step. The marine wrestler, tried to struggle himself free, but this humiliating position left him quite helpless.

He heard the door again and dread filled his soul.


It was his friend Gabe! They had been wrestling the circuit for some time, and had become friends. Gabe was a lean ripped fighter, with an angel's face hiding a devil's imagination. He was a fun guy, for a fag. The Corporal had even, generously, let Gabe blow him a couple of times. He was saved!

"Gabe! Help me "

"Corp! What happened?"

" It was Savage. He's lost his mind. Don't fuck around, he'll be back any minute. We have to get the fuck out of here!"

Gabe had quickly jumped into the ring, climbed up on the ropes, and was tugging at the ropes, which bound his friend's wrists. He shrugged. "I'm not worried about Savage"

"You don't understand! He's got Brad, and he's coming back for me. He'll get you too! Now hurry the fuck up!"

"No buddy, you don't understand. See in exchange for a little favor, Savage said I could have a little something I always wanted"

The hands left the ropes, to cup the still helpless ass.

"All I had to do was slip a little something in your water. Maybe you noticed that you were moving a little slow today"

"You.. What???!!"

"Savage was right. You do talk too much"

Once again his tiny thong found it's new use as a gag. His friend's finger explored his, still oozing, hole.

"Sorry bud. You would never have let me, and it was an offer I couldn't refuse"

He stroked the marine's sweaty muscled back, and using the ropes for leverage, as Savage before him slid his cock into the slick gaping hole.

"Oooof!" He felt his friend's long, thick betrayal fill his velvet chute.

In the glow of ecstasy, Gabe grinned at the lone spectator in the hall.

"Thank you Savage" he grunted between thrusts," I owe you one"

"Yes, yes you do" he gazed through Gabe…s smiling eyes.... And I always collect"

The End