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Habeas Corporal
Part 2
By Wolfpek
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A mechanized pulley lowered a naked, struggling figure, hanging by the ankles from the shadows of the catwalks toward the waiting crowd. It was Brad Martin, bound and gagged. Cum dripped from his spent cock, and from his grotesquely ravaged asshole, as he disappeared into the ravening wolves of the audience.

All of his worst suspicions about Savage were real. This was no act .The slimy fuck was a rapist"You're next, stud!"This was Savage's chance. The marine found himself pulled off balance, slamming his head against the turnstile as he fell toward the canvas.

Disoriented by the shock, and the blow to the head. The jarhead was unable to prevent the heel' snatching him into a suffocating bear hug, displaying the nearly nude ass, again to the delight of the crowd. The Corporal's eye found Brad among the crowd. His body jerking in reaction to the thrusts of an unwanted assault.

The lack of breath began to fog his mind, and he passed from consciousness understanding, fully, his fate.

. The Savage cock grew harder, as it's new victim fell limp within the malicious embrace. He gave the stud one last squeeze, and allowed him to drop heavily onto the matt. A brutal kick turned the wrestler flat out and face up before his captor. He lifted and dropped a muscled arm to the matt; to make sure this magnificent beast was truly in his power. He noticed a red dot on the slab of peck, and then another. He put his hand to his nose, and mouth.

He was bleeding. The cocky punk had fucked him up pretty good. He smiled.

When a good hunt always comes with a price. It would make his prey's suffering all the sweeter.

He feel on all fours and ground his cock against that of his sleeping challenger, forcing his tongue in-between the parted lips, blood still dropping into the peaceful face. He licked along the stubbled jaw line and blew into his ear, his dripping cock now rubbing into the cleft between the pecs. He whispered "pay back time". There was no responseTo avoid further interruption, he kicked the passed out tough guy onto his stomach to tie his hands behind his backHe stood up, slung the fighter over his shoulder, raising his free arm in victory. The crowd roared its approval.

He circled the ring, allowing everyone a clear view of the helpless ass, only the bottom of the crack covered by the taunting spandex, until impatient chant grew from the mob.

"FUCK HIM! FUCK HIM!" He knew what they wanted. But he had no plans to rush.

He slammed his victim up against the corner ropes. The corner of the ring was biting into backbone. The bound arms forcing the tits skyward. The knees hooked into the second rung, and locked his lips around the right nipple, twisting the left between thumb and forefinger, His mouth still clamped on the heaving tit. His hands worked its way below the pectoral shelf, along the abs to grab the stiffening cock under it's tiny cup, and began to jack.

The jobber's dick grew beyond its confines, rendering the trunks redundant. The suckling mouth reluctantly left it's teat, and kissed it's way down the trail blazed by his avaricious fingers to lick the piss slit poking out of it's cup, and chew away the stretching fabricCorporal Punishment was yanked awake by Savage yanking away his tiny trunks, with his teeth.

Hung as he was, bound arms hung over the corner rope like soggy laundry, he could only hurl empty threats and obscenities, while Savage went to town alternating pummeling his abs and chest with loving strokes, and nibbles over his writhing naked torso.

"Get off me you sick faggot!"Savage smiled:"You talk too much"

He collected the ripped trunks from the floor to stuff them in the wrestler's mouth. Muffled grunts of protest continued as the pummeling subsided into an insistent caress. Nuzzling into the hollow at the base of the throat, while flicking the tender nipples, and cupping the rounded pecs. His mouth follows into the valley between the heaving tits.

Again the hands act as scouts, lightly tickling the bruised ribcage incurring the delicious shudders he was hoping for. The sculpted torso lurched in a vain attempt to evade the torment but had no where to go. The relentless hands slowed as they neared their inevitable goal following the, molding the lean hips, like sweaty clay, to the top of the legs, stroking back up to the exposed cock. Thick and beautifully formed he jacked it slowly, deftly reaching under to gently roll the delicate balls in his palms. His mouth played along the trail, filling the navel with his thick tongue, and, ever so gently, teasing the crack with one fingertip.

The angry protests muffled by the rank gag softened into growling moans, and shallow breath. Through it's revulsion, the beautiful cock grew thick and strong in his hand. His mouth wateredSavage knew exactly how to tame these hostile studs. The steely muscles may be impenetrable, but their sneering vanity always fell under the intense spell of his ravenous worship.

Lost in the clutches of his captor's malevolent adoration, the marine's head fell backward, a primal groan stifled in this throat. Delicate fingertips lightly tormented his raw nipples in time with the relentless tongue which danced along his shaft and piss slit, carried him along a rolling wave from his pounding heart through his quivering loins to burning madness erupting his steaming shame down the heels greedy gulping gullet.

Before he could recover the rank gag in his mouth was replaced with a thick tongue coated with his own salty semen. Rough hands ripped him from his scarecrow perch slamming him to the matt far below. There was no chance to breathe before the savage boot stomped relentlessly onto his sculpted torso, and ground its heel into his naked still dripping cock.

Handicapped as he was by the hands securely bound behind his back, he defending himself as best he could by pulling his tormentor down with his powerful legs.

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