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Chapter 2
By Tyler Bernard

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Part 2

Alone in the examination room, on his knees and totally naked, Claudio slowly and robotically jerked himself off.

The Doctor had started the process, by hitting the F1 shortcut key to create an erection, and then had activated the F3 shortcut, preventing the boy from ejaculating. He had made the boy’s right hand move to the boy’s erect cock and begin slowly, methodically rubbing up and down the rock hard shaft, and had locked off all the other muscles so that the stud was totally unable to do anything other than what he had commanded.

He been watching him for an hour or so, fascinated. He had of course got a strong erection himself but he felt no need to jerk himself as, thanks to the transmitter in the boy’s neck which was feeding back to the Doctor’s headset, he was getting full benefit of all the 20 year old stud’s sexual sensations, and that was much more stimulating than rubbing his old, unresponsive organ.

After enjoying the show for a long while, he had gone next door to get some food and contact one of his colleagues, leaving the boy’s body on autopilot. A safety feature built into the machine forced the boy to shift position slightly every ten minutes or so, to prevent cramp, but beyond that the boy was totally under the computer’s control.

Every now and then, the Doctor would return to the room and apply some lubricant to the boy’s cock, to prevent it being rubbed raw by the constant motion of the hand, but beyond that he did not participate.

He simply enjoyed the sexual sensations being transmitted into his headset from the boy’s straining nervous system. He had adjusted the settings so that the Doctor could enjoy the sexual sensations without any of the discomfort, but there was no such relief for his test subject, who found himself constantly pushed to the very edge of climax, before the computer brought him back under control, and started the process all over again.

Claudio was in pain from kneeling on the hard floor for so long, but that was not what he was concerned about right now... all he wanted, after jerking his cock constantly for 90 minutes was to come. His balls and cock ached terribly, but still he could not stop. He wanted to scream out, beg the Doctor to let him come, but his mouth did not obey. He was coated in sweat from the exertion. He didn’t think he could tolerate this much longer, but what choice did he have? His own hands were abusing him sexually, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Doctor Mason was on the phone to a man called Browning, who had been working for the research and development division of a private company, heavily involved in creating new technologies for law enforcement. The Doctor had heard a rumour through the scientific grapevine about a new surveillance technology that was being worked on and he felt it would be an ideal compliment to his own ongoing experiment. He also knew something about Mr Browning, and how the company employing him had overlooked certain criminal convictions in the man’s history, convictions of a sexual nature, which would make him very susceptible to the Doctor’s offer.

The technology on which Browning was working was intended to address a very simple problem – The number of undercover officers and agents injured and killed because they were discovered to be wearing a wire to record conversations with criminals. The new technology was a form of neural transmitter, installed into the skull via a simple operation.

When activated, the device would give the agent’s backup access to images being seen by the undercover agent’s own eyes, as well as the sounds being heard by his own ears. It had the advantage that there was no way it could be detected by a body search, and was powered from the body itself so never needed recharging, although some of the test subjects had complained about privacy issues, because once it was installed, it operated 24 hours a day, and there was no way to turn it off except by removing the implant altogether.

Doctor Mason felt this very characteristic made it ideal for his muscle control experiments. At present, he could only control his test subject Claudio when he was in the Doctor’s own line of sight, otherwise it would be like controlling a deaf and blind man, he would have no idea what the subject was about to walk into. With this new technology, however, which could undoubtedly be routed directly into the headset he had already developed, he could envisage sending his subject out into the world, unaided, where he could control his every action, and see, hear and feel everything he did.  

The phone conversation went better than expected. Once the Doctor had outlined his achievements in muscle growth and control, and provided a brief description of the state of his first subject, in a way that Doctor Mason assumed would be very appealing to Browning’s particular tastes, it was not long before Browning was practically leaping to offer his employer’s secret technology in a trade with the Doctor.

Of course, Doctor Mason would not be giving all his secrets away, not yet, but he could give Browning temporary access to the headset, and maybe some private time alone with the test subject, whilst he examined the transmitters and schematics Browning promised to bring with him. From the details provided, it seemed likely that the technology would be a perfect match. Browning even revealed that the technology had already gone to the manufacturing stage, under extreme secrecy, and it may be possible, for a price,  to get hold of a few boxes of transmitters for the Doctor’s use. Browning’s lab was just over the other side of town, and although the Doctor was feeling tired after a long day’s work, Browning had insisted on bringing the data and a sample transmitter over immediately. He would be there within half an hour.

The Doctor was happy with how things were going, and he returned to the examination room, where Claudio, helpless, was still pumping away, unstoppably, at his cock. Although the boy’s facial muscles were not under Claudio’s control, the young hunk’s eyes did not lie, and the Doctor could see the anguish and humiliation of the boy written all over them. He decided to loosen up his control a bit. Reaching for the computer terminal, he deactivated part of his control over the boy, releasing just the muscles he controlled in the head and the boy’s left arm and hand. He kept the right hand working at its task.

At first, Claudio did not realise parts of his body were back under his own control – he had been under automated operation for so long, he was no longer trying to fight back. But as soon as he realised he could move his face freely, he began wailing loudly, and begging the Doctor to let him go. Simultaneously, with his one free hand, he grabbed at his other robotically operating limb, trying to release it from his cock, but it was not like moving a limp, dead limb, the arm was powerful and strong with all its muscles running like an industrial machine, and he found himself unable to detach it.

The Doctor watched, with a pure scientific curiosity, as the two sides of the boy’s body seemed to fight each other, the free uncontrolled left arm tugging and pulling at the enslaved, controlled right.

Desperate to climax, the boy then tried rubbing on his cock between the strokes of the robotic hand, trying to get that extra bit of stimulation needed to finally climax, not realising that no amount of fondling or touching would make the slightest bit of difference, as the computer now controlled his sexual organ, and the F3 control, until it was deactivated, would prevent him climaxing permanently.

He could keep rubbing away for the next ten years and he would never get beyond the 99 percent mark. Not even the body’s natural safety valve would work - there would be no release of spunk in a wet dream while the boy slept, unless the computer allowed it. In fact, unless the F3 control was deactivated, the boy’s balls would gradually fill up with spunk until they could take no more, and eventually something would have to give...

Doctor Mason decided he had seen enough for one day. He did not want to break this subject, not yet, as he had so many plans for his first prototype. Reaching over to the keyboard, he clicked F3 again, and the cum lock was deactivated. He also relaxed control on the boy’s other muscles to fifty percent, almost low enough for the boy’s own nervous system to regain control. He kept the right arm and cock at full strength.

Almost immediately, the boy’s body began to spasm and contort. Claudio’s back arched, and he collapsed onto the floor. The muscular limb kept pumping away, remorselessly, as the boy squirmed and rolled on the floor. The boy was panting like an exhausted dog, and the Doctor could see him desperately trying to regain control of his functions. He could also see the boy contorting as he built up again towards a spectacular orgasm, but this time with no cut off to stop him. The boy was now almost weeping in pleasure and pain as his thighs lifted his butt high off the cold floor. His whole body tensioned like an archer’s bow, and he climaxed violently, with a spurt of high pressure spunk ejected high into the air, only to crash back onto his stomach as a second jet erupted. The boy screamed, and a third spurt ejected. A fourth, less powerful jet spilled over the still pumping fingers, and the boy crashed back to the ground, spent, unable to move even if he had been empowered to do so. Only the right arm still moved, jerking repetitively up and down like a car windscreen wiper left on after a storm.

The Doctor deactivated the arm, and it dropped, exhausted, to the ground. The cock was still erect, but it would slowly relax in time.

He decided to give the boy some rest, as he had put him through a lot that day. He disconnected all control over the boy’s muscles. However, just to be on the safe side, he put a control pulse through the boy’s thigh muscles, not tensioning them but preventing them from being operated, so that the boy could not walk anywhere. The results of this exercise had been interesting, and he wanted to write them up before his guest got there. There was no rest for the wicked, he thought, as he left his naked, exhausted victim to recover on the cold concrete floor.

Browning was balding, red faced and extremely overweight – he had been heavily overfed as a child, and had seen no reason to stop this habit as an adult. When he arrived at Doctor Mason’s office in the research building, he looked like he was on the verge of collapse, but in fact he had only walked a few hundred yards from where he had parked his car. When Mason opened the door, Browning practically shoved the box containing the data into Mason’s hands, he was so keen to get inside and look at the Doctor’s project.

The Doctor closed the door, and pointed Browning towards the examining room.

Claudio’s legs were unresponsive and he was trying to pull himself across the room using just his tired, exhausted arms. He had covered half the room when the door opened, and an enormous fat man who he had never seen before entered. For a second, Claudio thought help was at hand, but that thought soon faded as Doctor Mason entered the room. Claudio also recognised the lustful, greedy look in the fat man’s eyes as he examined Claudio’s muscular naked form. He had seen the same in the Doctor’s eyes as he watched him undergoing the auto-masturbation procedure, and he realised this new visitor was not here for pleasant conversation.

Doctor Mason picked up the headset, and showed it to the visitor, inviting him to try it on. He then explained the operation of the keyboard. The Doctor had never had reason to explain this out loud before, so it was the first time that Claudio had heard what the function keys did, and how he had been kept in that pre-ejaculation limbo for so long. To hear the Doctor explain it in his mild, unremarkable voice filled Claudio with fear, as the impassive, measured words made the horror of what was being discussed all the more terrible.

Doctor Mason was eager to get on with researching the neural transmitter, so, after he had explained the basic functions, he decided he would leave this overweight slob of a man alone with the subject to learn how to control the boy’s body, and to have his perverse fun. Mason estimated that he would need a good two hours to fully examine the transmitter and its schematics, so he informed Browning that he would be left alone in the examining room with the prototype – Claudio - for that length of time. He did not relish the thought of what this slob would do with his finely modelled creation, but he needed the transmitter, and if this was the price of getting it, so be it.

Browning smiled his sweaty, red faced smile, and closed the door behind the Doctor. He adjusted the headset, and turned to face the boy, who was still sprawled on the floor, unable to stand, or escape, but still in control of most of his other muscles. That situation quickly changed, as Browning began to experiment with the headset. His first act, of course, was to hit the F1 key, and watch the boy groan and tense as his cock returned to its rock hard state.

He concentrated on the prototype, as Mason had called the boy, and watched as the 20 year old hunk’s limbs one-by-one tensed and stretched out under Browning’s control. The computer was assisting him, but Browning still took some time to get a smooth, flowing motion out of the boy. He was so used to forcing his own flabby, out of shape limbs to reluctantly move that he found it a learning curve operating those fit, agile limbs of the boy – he almost made the boy throw himself across the room several times by over-estimating the effort necessary to operate his fine, physical body.

However, the technology was very intuitive, and he soon had the boy literally dancing at his control – he had visualised the moves of a cheap pole dancer he had seen on some internet clip, and pretty soon the boy was duplicating the moves, sticking out and gyrating that fine ass, twisting and turning for the benefit of the fat technician. Browning ran his arms over the boy’s fine skin and muscle as he gyrated in front of him, enjoying every second of the control he possessed over the boy.

Over the remainder of the two hours, Browning forced the boy into ever more excruciating sexual positions and acts, making the boy crawl and climb all over his festering flabby skin, forcing him to lick, and caress, and explore all those dark crevices between his folds of flesh and fat, getting a unique double feedback from both the boy’s and his own body. He especially enjoyed it when he controlled the boy’s mouth onto his own erect cock, and felt the double pleasure of his own sexual arousal and the boy’s own sensations of experiencing another man’s organ in his mouth for the first time. He ejaculated freely onto and into the boy several times, feeling what it would be like to have his own cum running down the boy’s skin, or in the back of the boy’s throat. He also ejaculated the boy remotely, and felt the sensation of how a fit, muscular young body feels as it climaxes, for the first time in his life.

Claudio would have thrown up many times over, if his body had let him, but instead, he had to almost sit back and watch from inside his trapped mind as his own, young body was remotely operated to carry out the fat man’s deranged and perverted wishes. He felt his mouth opening, and felt his body moving towards the fat man’s filthy erect cock, practically hidden in the folds of fat below the man’s gut, and he felt he would go insane – he was about to suck off another man, a man who was both his physical and sexual inferior, and yet there was nothing he could do to prevent it. He felt the foul, slimy texture of the man’s flesh, the man’s putrid sweaty aroma filling his nostrils, and felt his own lips obligingly closing into contact with the filthy pale skin on the man’s cock.

Browning was surprised to find that he could almost experience the boy’s emotions, not just his actual physical sensations. That seemed to run at odds with what he would have expected, as the transmitter in the boy’s neck should only be passing sensations and feelings, with all the responses such as disgust and fear being created in the boy’s mind. Browning could tell just from the deep wails and groans which escaped from the boy’s immobile lips that he was hating the experience, and maybe Browning’s own mind was interpreting the boy’s data and creating a sensation similar to what the boy’s mind was experiencing. He did not know, but it only served to intensify his own experience -  the two conflicting emotional responses mixed together in his head to create a whole new emotion - it was like sweet and sour, his own extreme sexual arousal mixed with the boy’s extreme sexual revulsion and disgust.

Browning felt he could easily become addicted to this new reality. Sometimes, he loosened up part of the prototype’s body, to feel him struggle and fight, but he never gave him freedom. The two hours passed for him like fifteen minutes, although he was sure that for the young stud the experience probably felt like two weeks of uncontrollable misery.

When Mason re-entered the room, Browning was putting his oversized clothes back on. Claudio’s young sleek form looked tiny in comparison to all that skin, and Mason’s lips curled in disgust at the filthy, dishevelled state of the immobilised boy after the intense sexual session. However, his objective was complete – he had examined the technology, and was happy to see it was fully compatible. The only question now was, will he have to develop his own version of the transmitter, or would Browning be willing to give him a few boxes of factory fresh products, in some sort of deal?

Not surprisingly, Browning was keen to co-operate. He would provide several crates of transmitters, if necessary, but he had his demands. After those two hours of lust, Browning knew one thing for sure – he had to get one of those headsets, and he wanted to get his own private prototype to play with. He already had the perfect subject in mind – an athletic looking youth who worked in the post room at Browning’s office, a slender, 19 year old skinhead boy who under normal circumstances would have been forever outside Browning’s reach. Browning made his proposal as clear as possible – give him control over the post room boy, and Mason could have all the transmitters he would ever need.

The Doctor smiled, and invited his new colleague to send him a letter tomorrow, a letter to be delivered by hand, by that boy from the post room. Mason would do the rest.

To be continued...

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