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Chapter 1
By Tyler Bernard

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Doctor Mason was a genius, no doubt about it, but you would never know it to look at him.

A kindly, spectacle wearing grey haired man, quiet, never wanting to create a fuss,  just quietly working away in a small side building at the medical research centre. He was gently mocked by other researchers, but the carried on, politely, working on his various projects. Nobody knew just how twisted up he was inside, how he managed to conceal his genius and his perversity behind his pleasant exterior.

Claudio was a paid intern at the centre, just working during the summer, getting some extra points towards his degree. He was losing interest in the whole field of medical research, as he had discovered the pleasures of women and parties and alcohol, and, being a 20 year old Spanish boy, away from home, he wanted to make the most of them. He now believed he would rather be an artist. On the day he was moved into Doctor Mason’s research programme, he was thinking of quitting to go on a round the world trip with two girls he had met recently. He did not want to be sitting in a dusty basement room, logging endless figures down on a notepad for the polite but dull study on muscle and nerve degeneration that Doctor Mason was running. It was so boring that he had actually drifted off to sleep at his workstation on the first morning, and had awoken, suddenly, much later. He thought he would be in trouble but Doctor Mason was meek and quiet, he never complained at all.

Little did he know that the Doctor had already selected him to be the next guinea pig for a new, secret process he was working on. The Doctor had put him into his first sleep by means of a drugged drink, and he had moved him, quickly and quietly, to an examining room where he had been stripped, examined and measured. All his vital statistics had been measured and catalogued, and Claudio met the requirements perfectly, he was young but not that fit, he had some muscle development but it was hidden in a layer of fat, he had an average sized cock, and good skin. Perfect for what the Doctor had planned. The Doctor redressed him, and returned him to his workstation. Dr Mason would bring some excitement into this boy’s life.

He had already started the process, with a few drops of a colourless, tasteless fluid in the morning tea. By the end of Claudio’s first day he had already dosed him four times (They drink a lot of tea in medical research). Dr Mason carefully documented the changes.

That night, Claudio had a restless sleep. For some reason his muscles and joints really ached. He thought he might be coming down with flu, and was all ready to phone in sick. But, by the morning, the symptoms had subsided, and he felt perfectly fine.

Claudio had a commitment to seeing out at least two weeks with the Doctor, anyway, he needed the money and the girls would not be departing on their trip for a month. He continued the boring process day after day, just noting down figures, drinking tea, and daydreaming about the girls. But he was a bit concerned that every night his muscles ached and buzzed. He spoke to Doctor Mason, who said it was probably a side-effect of the inoculations Claudio had taken in preparation for his world trip, and it was nothing to worry about. However, if the symptoms persist, he should consult with the Doctor again.

The next morning, after a particularly sleepless night due to the twinges and aches, Claudio was exhausted. He staggered in to work, exhausted, and began filling in his paperwork as normal, but he could hardly focus on the paper due to his tiredness. The Doctor, kindly, said he could go and lie down for a few hours. Claudio gratefully accepted, and he was out like a light as soon as he hit the bed in the examining room.

Doctor Mason stripped him again, and began a full follow-up examination. He was pleased with the results – the boy’s musculature had definitely increased, his chest and abs were definitely more defined than before. He decided to go onto level two. He produced a large box of syringes, all carrying a different number, and, carefully, he went round the boy’s body, injecting a measured amount of a mysterious fluid into every accessible muscle, each time from a different syringe. He made a note of which syringe went into which muscle. He even injected the boy’s cock, and carefully noted it on his research.

As a final stage he inserted a micro-transmitter very carefully next to the boy’s spinal cord in his neck – this was by far the most dangerous step of the operation but it passed off successfully. He redressed the boy and left him to sleep it off – he was going to need the sleep.

The boy awoke, much later. At first, he felt much refreshed from his sleep, but within minutes, a dry ache began to take hold in his muscles, the sort of aching you would have after a particularly vigorous workout. He also had a stinging sensation from his neck – maybe something had bitten him? He returned to his work, hoping the ache would pass, but it did not, in fact it got worse and worse. Soon, he was practically unable to move. Doctor Mason pretended to be concerned, suggesting he may be having some sort of allergic reaction. He advised the boy to lie down, and he would monitor him.

Claudio spent several hours rolling and groaning, and by the end of the day, things were no better. Claudio was totally unable to move, and his body felt like it was on fire. Doctor Mason applied ice-packs, and agreed to stay with him and keep an eye on him until he felt better. He stayed by the boy during the night, and watched the transformation taking place.

The boy’s muscles physically grew during that twelve hour period, absorbing the body fat, leaving the boy toned and muscular by the morning. Doctor Mason was happy with the result, it had confirmed many of his theories, now he needed to move to the next part of the procedure.

As the boy slept in the early hours of the morning, the Doctor removed an electronic device from his office and brought it over to where the boy was resting. He ran through a series of tests, adjusting a dial on the machine to different frequencies. He compared the list of syringes against his results, and entered the data into a computer. He was now ready for his experiment.

As the boy slept, he finely adjusted a wheel on the device, and pressed a button. The sleeping boy’s left forefinger rose gently, as if it had a mind of its own. He adjusted again, and another finger moved. More adjustments, and the whole hand moved, then the forearm, then the foot, He moved through the boy’s body piece by piece, getting each individual muscle to operate separately. He had total control over the boy’s body, although only one muscle at a time. Quite quickly he had worked out which settings controlled which muscle, and he programmed the data into his computer.

The computer contained an anatomical model of the human body, and over the last ten years, Doctor Mason had programmed it to understand which sequence of muscle movements were involved in a series or simple body moves, such as walking, or waving, or picking up an object. With the data he had just received, he instructed the computer to move the boy’s arm to his forehead.

The boy’s arm did exactly as commanded, a bit robotically, but nevertheless it was a start. Doctor Mason had isolated all areas of the muscles that were needed for life, such as breathing, and controlling the heart, but all the muscles involving physical movement were now under his control.

It was then that the boy awoke, naked, on the operating table, one hand pressed hard against his forehead. Claudio was at first confused, his muscles still ached. He lowered his arm to his side, and looked down, to reveal his nakedness. He sat up, suddenly, and saw Doctor Mason sitting nearby

‘Where are my clothes?’ He asked, in shock.

The Doctor pointed to the discarded clothes nearby, and Claudio stood to get them. He had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t like being naked in front of strangers – he was ashamed of his body and did not want anyone to see it without his permission.At least, he had been ashamed for, as he passed a mirror, he got a brief glance at himself, and he had to stop, retrace his steps and take a better look. His body was now slim, toned and muscular, to a level he had never seen. He could see the outline of muscles across his stomach, something he had never seen before, and his pecs were rounded and prominent. His arms and legs had gone from being shapeless limbs to strong looking, powerful appendages. And his cock – my god, his cock looked magnificent! He drank in his new beauty for several seconds, before realising he was still naked, and the Doctor was still staring at him. He became alarmed.

‘What has happened to me?’ He asked.

‘Don’t you like your new body?’ The Doctor asked. ‘I put a lot of time and effort into it. I think you should examine it in some more detail’

The Doctor clicked the mouse on the computer.

And Claudio’s right had rose up, robotically, of its own accord. It flattened out, like it was going to slap him, and then it pressed against his flat stomach, and began to rub, in a circular motion. Claudio tried to stop its movement, but it refused to respond. He also seemed to be rooted to the ground, as neither of his legs wanted to move. In fact, none of his body wanted to respond to his impulses. A wave of fear engulfed the boy, he wanted to cry out, but even his jaw and lips refused to function. All he could create was a strangled, croaking sound from deep in his throat.

‘Don’t be alarmed’ said the Doctor. ‘I am now in control of your body. Do not fight it, my computer is providing more powerful nerve impulses to you limbs than your own nervous system can. I implanted micro transmitters at different frequencies in your muscles, along with the muscle growth hormone. Sorry it may be a bit robotic and rough at first, but the computer needs to learn how your systems work, it will get better, I assure you’

As if to prove his point, the Doctor activated the boy’s legs. Like a marionette puppet, the boy’s legs moved, as if they were moving for the first time, rotating the boy round slowly to face his controller. The Doctor was concerned that the boy would lose his balance and tumble over, but the computer did an adequate job of preventing this. He froze the boy in position, while he went next door to collect the virtual reality suit.

Claudio wanted to wake up – this must be a dream, but his body refused to comply. He simply stood there, immobile, like a shop window dummy, arms and legs splayed. The kindly old Doctor still looked the same as ever, but Claudio now saw him in a new light – this was not just some odd eccentric, he was under the control of a total maniac.

Within an hour, the Doctor had wired in the glove of the virtual reality suit to his computer system. Now, whenever the Doctor moved his own hand. The boy’s hand would follow his movements. Shortly after, he had the whole suit up and running. He went through the series of movements he had worked out, each movement he made being duplicated by the statue-like boy. The suit had been developed for an erotic role-playing game, so it was sensitive to movements in all areas – the Doctor was pleased to note that he could even get an erection out of the boy by stimulating his own cock. With a few hours practice, he had got the boy to move almost like a human. He could get the boy’s body to pick up fragile objects, or touch gently or firmly, he knew how much pressure the boy’s hand was applying, and all the data was fed back into the computer.  He ran a test, asking the computer to make the boy perform complicated movements and actions, and the computer complied, with satisfactory results. The Doctor removed the VR suit. That had only been for training, he now intended to control the boy just through the power of his mind, linked to his powerful computer.

The Doctor’s headset was a miracle of technology. It could read the most sensitive nerve impulses from the Doctor’s own mind and feed them to the computer, with the computer reacting immediately to control the same function in the helpless boy. The process of taking control of the boy was remarkably quick – the Doctor was concerned at first that he would not be able to make the boy move, without stimulating his own muscles to move. So that he could not, for example, get the boy to wave without waving his own arm. However, this turned out not to be an issue – it was as if his brain immediately recognised that another body was attached to his system, and adapted. Now the Doctor could sit in a chair, think about walking, and the boy would walk.

And now for the next part of the procedure, the Doctor thought. He could control the body of the young boy now, make his muscles and limbs do as he pleased. But when a human moves, his skin and nerves give feedback to the brain, and the Doctor wanted that feedback, only he wanted it to feed back into his own mind – he wanted to feel what the boy felt.

That is where the transmitter in the neck came in. By attaching a new relay to the headset, and carefully tuning in, the Scientist managed to tap into the nerve impulses going to the boy’s brain. He tried a variety of tests – anything from jabbing with a pin to tickling with a feather – and the sensations were pumped into the Doctor as if they were coming from his own limbs. It was an intoxicating experience. He decided to adjust the level of feedback, so that he experienced the boy’s pain at lower levels, while the pleasant and sexy experiences were heightened.

As a final test, he stimulated the boy’s cock. He didn’t want to go through anything as complicated and time consuming as self-stimulation, so he had programmed a shortcut key on the computer for the job – hit F1, and the boy would almost immediately go hard. He had been tempted to set up F2 to reverse the situation, but decided it was unnecessary, the boy would go flaccid by himself after a period of time. He had plans for the other function keys too – once he had worked out the boy’s tolerances, he would program the F3 key so that he could stop the boy just before he climaxed, in effect keeping him at just a millimetre below maximum sexual stimulation for as long as he wanted. He had made certain conclusions in his research about how long a young stud’s body could be kept in a state of maximum sexual limbo before something broke, well, he was a scientist, it was up to him to find these things out...

He hit F1, and marvelled at how quickly the cock went rock hard. He ran his own hand up and down it- he was pleased to see that he could feel the boy’s sexual sensations through the headset, as vividly as if they were his own. It was a bizarre experience – touching someone else’s cock and feeling the sensation they were feeling. He also noted from the boy’s expression that the boy was experiencing all the sensations too – that was good, he didn’t want the boy to be totally cut off from the experiences he planned to put him through.

Poor Claudio felt the man’s hand touching him, and he wanted to pull away, but his muscles refused to act. He was also horrified that his own cock had just popped up, like it was on remote control, and he was feeling sexual sensations like none he had ever felt before.What was this pervert doing to him?


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