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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 8
By swphillyboi

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Zac’s Island Adventure

Chapter 8

Zach’s breath came in gasps. Hale & Kana watched as the liquid in the tube got thicker while Zach continued to beg them to turn off the pump. Manu returned with his father. It took Paki a few moments to catch his breath after hurrying out from the house. He had a huge smile on his face.

“This worked faster than we hoped. Look at those tubes. It looks like he is actually producing milk. Get those tubes off him.”

Zach sighed with relief, at last someone listened to him. The pump was shut off and the cups were taken off his nipples. His eyes still filled with tears Zach looked up at Paki.

“Thank you.”

Paki laughed, he indicated that the table should be lowered and he climbed on top of Zach. He licked at his face chuckling at the salty taste of his tears. He placed his mouth over Zach’s lips and forced his tongue into his mouth. Zach was prepared to accept almost anything as long as the milking tubes were off his sore nipples.

Zach was left breathless from Paki’s plunder of his mouth. Paki worked his way down, sucking at Zach’s throat and leaving red marks there before placing his mouth over Zach’s right nipple. He immediately stated to chew and suck at the nipple.

Zach screamed from the pain, worse even than the pumping. He begged Paki to stop but the old man just switched to other nipple and continued the torture. He filled his mouth with breast milk and spit it into Zach’s face.

“You are delicious Little Zach, taste yourself.”

Zach sobbed and continued to beg Paki to leave him alone. With Paki spread out on top of him Zach had trouble getting his breath. He was relieved when Paki climbed off him. Manu handed his father a syringe which Paki quickly plunged into Zach’s right pec with a smile on his face, he followed with a shot in Zach’s left pec.

Zach was too exhausted to do more than groan from the two painful injections. Hale freed Zach’s wrist & ankles and pulled him to his feet. Paki slapped Zach in the face to get his attention.

“Your parents with be here in a few days so we will be moving you to the other side of island. Don’t worry, we will film your memorial service so you can witness your family’s grief. I think we will suspend your breast injections for a few days and see how things develop.

I think in a week or so you’ll have a nice set of titties. I’m hoping we might be able to use your milk while your family is here. I bet you’ll enjoy seeing them use your milk in their coffee or tea.”

Zach sank to his knees and grabbed Paki around the knees begging Paki to let him go. Manu pulled Zach to his feet.

“Time to go back to your cottage Little Zach. You need to get some lunch. You need to keep your strength up, so you can produce a high quality milk.

Paki and his sons laughed at the horrified expression on Zach’s face. Hale & Kana pulled Zach to his feet and took him back to his cottage. A protein rich lunch was already laid out. The brothers made sure Zach ate the entire lunch. The penis shock machine sat waiting on the lunch table in case Zach proved truculent.

Zach was also encouraged to continuously drink water or fruit punch. He did as he was told, too traumatized by the changes that had been made to his body to consider disobeying. Zach felt uncomfortably full by the time he was allowed to stop eating and drinking. Paki’s son left and Zach lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

A few hours later Manu appeared beside Zach’s bed, pink bikini clutched in his hand.

“I need you to get up. We can’t let milk production interfere with your daily workout.”

Zach shook his head.

“No. My chest it too sore to workout. It’s just too much, leave me alone!”

Manu reached down and squeezed Zach’s nipple, causing a quick spurt of milk.

“Workout time! Get up or you will find out what real pain is all about.”

Zach clamored to his feet and stood still while Manu covered him with sunscreen. Once his body was completely covered Zach pulled on the pink bikini and adjusted his cock & balls in the tiny pouch. He followed Manu out to the workout area and put on his white lacy socks and pink sneakers.

Manu refused to alter the brutal workout routine despites Zach’s, moans, groans and tears. When it was finished Zach fell to the ground, hands clutched on his swollen, sore pecs and sobbed. Manu opened his sarong and let loose a thick stream of urine directed at Zach’s face.

“Enough with the dramatics Little Zach. The boys are waiting to clean you up.”

Zach struggled to his feet, toed off the sneakers before pulling off his socks and bikini. Manu picked up a hose and gave Zach a quick shower with cold well water. Zach felt like his balls were trying to retreat into his body as Manu directed the water directly onto his crotch.

Manu left Zach to the ministrations on some house boys. They carefully went over every inch of Zach’s body to be sure there was no hair regrowth. Any trace of hair was quickly given a treatment of hair elimination lotion.

Zach was relieved to finally being allowed to relax in the warm tub of flower scented water. He was reluctant to get out of the tub and stood still while he was dried and anointed with skin softening lotion. The boys complimented him on his tan lines. They told him how pleased Paki would be which was hardly comforting to Zach.

They took him back to his cottage where a physically & emotionally exhausted Zach fell into bed and quickly went to sleep. He was shaken awake several hours later and ate a huge dinner again drinking a large amount of fruit juice and water. After dinner Zach sat for a long time, stared into space and wracked his brain to try and think of some way to escape this island.

Zach wondered what his life would be like even if he was able to escape. His body had been modified against his will and he wasn’t sure how effectively the changes could be reversed. Tears ran down his cheeks until he finally emptied his full bladder went back to bed. Happy to escape briefly into sleep.

The next morning Zach woke with an urgent need to empty is bowels & bladder. He hurried into the bathroom and noticed as he sat in the toilet that his nipples were both leaking. A stream of milk ran down his chest and dripped into the toilet.

Once he was finished on the toilet he took a quick shower. He held a towel against his chest when he walked back into the main room. The three brothers were waiting for him, the bed had been stripped of sheets and two house boys were busy remaking the bed. They placed a plastic tarp on top of the remade bed.

Hale reached out and grabbed the damp towel away from Zach. He grabbed Zach dick in his hand was led him over to the bed.

“Get on your hands and knees Little Zach. You need to be milked.”

Zach shook his head.

“Fuck you. I’m done with this bullshit. Just leave me the fuck alone. I am not some animal that you can do whatever you want with, I am a man.”

Hale back handed Zach, splitting his lip and knocking him to the floor. He reached down and rolled Zach onto his back.

“You WILL do as you are TOLD! Papa owns you, you have no rights on this island. Get up on this bed or we hook up the shock machine and use it to fry your dick.”

Zach did as he was told. He closed his eyes and tried to not think about the pain in his face and uncomfortable full feeling in his chest. Someone’s fingers spread some lubricant on his asshole, darting briefly inside to spread the lubricant there. Next Zach grunted as a small butt plugs was shoved inside him.

Hale chuckled.

“There’s our good man-cow. Positioned to get milked. Good job Little Zach.”

Rubber cups, attached to clear tubes were placed on Zach’s engorged nipples. The cups were squeezed so suction fastened them to his chest. Zach steeled himself to what he knew was coming. The pump was turned on and he briefly opened his eyes to see the white liquid moving down the tubes to a glass collection jar in the floor.

Zach was grateful that his nipples did not hurt as much as yesterday when he was milked. He was surprised when the butt plug started to gently vibrate. A greased hand grabbed his dick and gently moved back and forth stimulating Zach into an erection. It didn’t take long for him to ejaculate into a glass vial. The second erection and ejaculation took longer. Zach’s dick started to feel sore when it was forced into a third erection and there was little left in his balls to shot into the vial.

Zach hated to admit that his chest started to feel better, less full, as the milk was pumped out of his nipples. He grunted again as the butt plug was pulled out of his asshole. The pump was shut off and the cups removed. Zach scrambled off the bed just as his breakfast was delivered. Manu sat with him to be sure he finished all the food. Hale & Kana left with Zach’s milk & sperm. The milk was delivered to Paki for his breakfast and the sperm was spread on Europa’s breakfast.

When Zach was done eating he sat back and looked across the table at Manu who smiled.

“You are going on a trip today Little Zach. Not too far, just to the other side of the island. We want to get you settled in the lab building before your family arrives for the memorial service.”

Zach just nodded. He knew there was no point in making any comment. Zach hoped there might be a chance to escape or get to a phone or computer that would allow him to contact the outside world.

Zach was somewhat unnerved by Manu smiling at him, almost as though he could read his thoughts. He looked away and a few minutes later 2 houseboys came into the cottage carrying a large plastic storage container. Manu waved them over to where he & Zach were still sitting at the table.

“Little Zach your travel outfit has arrived. Get up so the boys can get you ready.”

Zach did as he was told and was mystified when what looked like some leather straps were pulled from the container. He quickly realized it was some kind of body harness.

The boys came over and placed it over his shoulders. They quickly tightened a strap tightly around his neck. A boy wrapped leather straps around each of his arms, the straps had leather mittens attached and the end and these were fastened around Zach’s hand. They trapped his fingers & thumb inside and were secured around his wrists with a couple of small padlocks.

The front of the harness had two chrome rings which fit around Zach’s nipples, straps connected in the back to a large ring in the middle of his back. In the front one of the boys settled a chrome ring around Zach’s pearl encrusted cinch ring.

In the back the other boy pulled a long strap staring down from the back ring. He greased up the attached butt plug and roughly shoved it into Zach’s asshole which brought a startled grunt from Zach. He rose up on his tip toes to vainly try and avoid the plug being seated firmly inside him.

The strap was fastened to the front crotch ring before the boy used the back ring to pull the strap tight. Each of Zach’s legs had two straps crisscrossed around his legs before being fastened at his ankles.

Manu ordered Zach down onto his knees and when he hesitated the two boys forced him down. Straps were attached to each ankle and pulled until Zach’s knees bent and his feet were next to his firm buttocks. Zach started to complain about his discomfort when Manu grabbed his balls and gave them a squeeze.

Zach’s mouth opened in surprise and a rubber ball gag was jammed against his teeth and fastened behind his head. One boy pulled Zach’s blue hair back into a pony tail at the back of his head while the other boy pulled a leather hood over the top of Zach’s head. The hood covered his eyes, ears and the top of his nose. A strap went under his chin to hold the hood in place.

Finally the laces at the back of his head were pulled taut, his spike of blue hair standing out vibrantly against the black of the mask. The laces were tied tightly and his two wrists were clipped together in front of his body.

Zach was pushed over onto his side. He tried to right himself but the harness held him too tightly to allow any serious movement. He could see nothing and the thick leather covering his ears greatly reduced his hearing. Unintelligible grunts were the only sounds he could make.

Zach’s struggles to move did cause the butt plug to churn around inside his colon and to push against his prostate. He was further humiliated when his dick started to firm up and was still able to hear Manu and the boys express the opinion that Zach was enjoying his bondage.

Manu easily picked Zach up and carried him to a nearby jeep. There was a cushion in the back of the jeep and Manu placed Zach there in his knees. The house boys used roped and the rings on Zach’s harness to secure him in the back of the jeep.

Manu was in the driver seat and Paki got into the jeep’s passenger seat. Manu maneuvered onto the gravel road that led to the laboratory building. It was a rough ride, Zach was securely fastened but he still moved around as the jeep bounced along the road. Each bump seemed to push the butt plug into Zach and he soon had a full blown erection from the prostate stimulation.

As intended Zach had no idea where they were going. He could feel the change in the air as they moved away from the water to the more humid interior of the island. The sun was not as strong, probably from a canopy of trees. They made a few turns but Zach couldn’t be sure even what direction they were heading in.

They stopped once and he felt a soft greasy hand on his dick. He knew it must be Paki’s hand. Manu hand was harder, the skin rougher. Zach grunted through the gag as he was quickly brought to orgasm. With several of his senses impaired and the hard plug pressing on his prostate the feeling was intense.

Paki caught Zach’s cum with his other hand and smeared it over Zach’s lips and nose. Tears gathered under the mask, as Zach suffered one more humiliation. They were soon back on their way.

When they stopped again Zach was unfastened from the jeep and lifted into Manu’s arms. Zach knew they had gone inside a building when he felt the air conditioned air on his skin. Manu set him down on a cushioned surface with a padded half wall in front of him.

Zach was grateful when he felt the hood laces being loosened. Manu lifted the hood off Zach’s head. Zach blinked at the bright lights as Manu released the ball gag and removed it from Zach’s mouth. Manu hooked a small length of chain to the neck piece of Zach’s harness.

Zach moved his stiff jaw, grateful to have the gag removed. Manu held a bottle of water to Zach’s mouth and he swallowed several mouthfuls of water as he looked around the room. It was only the size of a large closet but he faced a wall of windows which looked out at the Pacific Ocean.

Manu took away the bottle of water.

“Little Zach this building will be your home for the next few days. I’m sure you are happy for a change of scene. To express your gratitude Papa and I would like you to practice your oral skills.”

Manu produced a rubber ring which he jammed into Zach’s’ mouth, preventing him from being able to close his jaw. A naked Paki walked into the room. He stood in front of Zach and masturbated, when his dick got stiff he plunged it into Zach’s mouth.

Zach could do nothing to prevent the dick from moving to the back of his throat. The chain held him to the half wall in front of him so he could not move his head back. Paki fat was pressed against his forehead and actually blocked his eyes. Zach gagged as Paki pressed his dick against the back of Zach’s mouth before actually pushing it into Zach’s throat.

A panicked Zach squirmed, trying in vain to move back. Paki put his hand behind Zach’s head holding it steady as he pulled his dick back slightly allowing Zach to cough and gag. Drool filled Zach’s mouth and dripped down his chin.

Paki pushed his hips forward and penetrated a little further into Zach’s throat, cutting off his breathing. When he pulled back this time Zach screamed for him to stop. Paki and Manu laughed as the fat man pushed forward again.

He established a pattern and Zach learned to take a breath when Paki dick retreated from his throat. Zach was instructed to suck the dick which he did, happy to not have it lodged in his throat. Eventually Paki resumed face fucking.

To Zach it seemed like Paki would never cum but finally he received a mouth full of bitter tasting semen. He pulled away from Zach who coughed and chocked as he spit Paki’s cum onto the floor. The combination of drool & cum ran down his chin onto his chest.

Manu discarded his sarong and moved in front of Zach who begged, as best he could with the ring holding his mouth open, to please leave him alone. Tears were running down his cheeks and falling to his chest to mix with the drool & cum. Zach could feel it reach his dick and start to drop off his PA onto the floor.

Zach had never felt such shame & humiliation. He had behaved badly when he was hooked on booze & drugs but he truly felt that he had never done anything in his life to deserve this.

Manu paid no attention to Zach’s pleas and quickly took his father’s place face fucking Zach. Much to Zach’s dismay Manu managed to outlast his father. He kept his dick lodged in Zach’s throat as he ejaculated directly down to his stomach.

Once he was done Manu unfastened Zach and carried him into another room. Zach looked around the windowless room. The walls and the ceiling were painted white. There was a bed in the middle of the room and a sink, toilet & shower in one corner of the room.

Zach found himself dropped onto the bed. Manu worked on getting Zach free from the harness. Once freed Zach just lay there sobbing and coughing. Manu went out of the room and brought in a plastic tray with some food and a few bottles of water. Zach didn’t even look up.

Manu patted Zach on the head.

“Papa & I are heading back home. You have a nice night Little Zach.”

Manu walked out the door as Zach lay sobbing on the bed. He heard the lock slide home.