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Zach's Island Adventure
Part 7
By swphillyboi

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Zac’s Island Adventure

Chapter 7

Zach woke up the next morning when the two houseboys came into the cottage.

“Time to rise and shine Little Zach. Let’s check out that blow job technique. Do we need to plug in the shock box or are you feeling cooperative?”

Zach rolled over on his back. His nipples were swollen and stuck out from his chest. His pecs felt sore. He wanted to scream but realized it was useless. He threw a pillow on the floor, scrambled out of bed and knelt on the pillow.

Both house boys dropped their sarongs and the first walked up to Zach.

“Suck it, do a good job and no shocks today.”

Zach did his best, when he tried to pull back the house boy grabbed his just pierced ears and squeezed them as he held Zach’s face close to his body. Once Zach swallowed his first cum load of the day, the second house boy came over for his blow job.

Tears of humiliation rolled down Zach’s cheeks despite his best efforts to control them. Both boys laughed at him and called him a “cry baby”.

After Zach swallowed his second load of the day; he got up to go into the bathroom and rinse out his mouth but Manu walked into the cottage before Zach could move. Manu looked at the house boys who both gave him a thumbs up

“Back down on your knees Little Zach. I want to try out that sweet mouth for myself.”

A resigned Zach knelt back on the pillow as Manu dropped his sarong.

“Kiss it first Little Zach and then lick my furry balls before sucking my cock.”

Zach did as he was told. Once Manu shot his load, he handed Zach his little pink swimsuit and said it was time for his workout. He could have breakfast when he was done.

Zach started his workout but his pecs were so painful he stopped after a few minutes.

“Whatever you injected in my chest has made it really sore. I don’t think I can do the workout today, it’s just too painful.”

“Little Zach, I think you have me confused with someone who gives a damn about your aches and pains. Continue the workout or I’ll have someone bring over the shock box out here.”

Zach considered continuing to refuse but knew in the end he would have to go along with what Manu told him to do. He returned to his workout, his grunts of pain made Manu chuckle.

By the time Zach was told he could stop, he was exhausted and his stomach was growling. He collapsed on the ground.

A few minutes later house boys brought out a table, a chair and a tray of food. Zach was happy to dig into the assorted cut up fruit & pulled pork. There was a pitcher of fruit punch to wash down his brunch.

As Zach was finishing up the food he realized he was getting sleepy. He looked at Manu carefully observing him and realized the food or fruit punch, or both, were drugged. Zach couldn’t keep his eyes open. He slid off the chair and onto the grass.

After stripping off his bikini bottom, shoes & socks, Manu picked up Zach and carried him into the outbuilding with the tile room. He deposited Zach into the examination table and strapped him down. He removed his left bracelet and fastened a restraint on Zach’s left thumb. The thumb was attached to a chain which Manu used to raise up Zach’s arm.

A tattooist came into the room and started to draw a narrow snake that started on Zach’s shoulder before wrapping around Zach’s arm. The head of the snake with bright green eyes and a red tongue covered the top of Zach’s left hand. Once the outline of the snake was complete the artist went to work filling in the body of the snake with various shades of blue ink.

While Zach was unconscious Manu made two more injections close by each of Zach’s puffy nipples. He leaned over and sucked on each nipple. He was slightly disappointed but not surprised that Zach was not yet producing any liquid.

The snake tattoo was complex with some of the sparkle ink used and the need to make the body colors of the snake flow seamlessly down Zach’s arm. It took a little over two hours to complete the tattoo. Finally it was wrapped in clear plastic. Zach was just starting to become aware as Manu released his thumb and replaced his wrist bracelet.

Manu swept Zach up in his arms and walked over to deposit Zach onto the bed of his cottage. Still only half awake, Zach rolled onto his stomach with a pillow against his chest to help with the ache in that area of his body.

When Zach became completely aware he walked into the bathroom. He pulled the plastic wrap off his arm.

“Motherfuckers! What could be next for these maniacs? There has to be some way for me to get word off this island that I’m still alive.”

Zach took a shower and when he got out house boys were there to coat his new tattoo with some sort of ointment. They also turned his piercings and applied antibiotic cream. He was happy to learn that there was no family luau tonight. Zach was told there was food in the kitchen that could be eaten cold or microwaved.

He was pleased he didn’t have to deliver any more blowjobs. The house boys left after they finished their tasks. Zach turned on the TV and was horrified to see a film playing of him giving blowjobs to the houseboys. He quickly turned off the TV, those were not memories Zach was interested in reliving.

The next morning the house boys put some minimal makeup on Zach, wrapped a wispy blue sarong, which matched his new hair color, around his waist and took him off to Breakfast with Paki and his sons.

Zach was seated next to Paki who groped him all through the meal. He ran his fingers through Zach’s long blue hair, tweaked his sore nipples & ran his pudgy fingers down the body of the snake. Paki also insisted upon feeding Zach pieces of fruit from his hand.

Paki shocked Zach with a piece of information he imparted.

“I spoke to your parents. They are very upset about your demise. It seems especially hard for them to accept that there are no remains for them to bury. It was deemed too expensive and dangerous to try and recover any bodies from the wreckage. The ocean is quite deep at the crash site.

I’ve invited them to visit the island. I thought perhaps visiting the place you spent your final days might bring them a sense of closure. They seem quite excited about the idea. They will be here next week.”

Zach turned to Paki.

“Are you going to let me leave with them?”

Everyone but Zach thought that was hilarious. When the laughter stopped Paki put his arm around Zach shoulders.

“Little Zach, you are never going back to your former life. You must accept that fact. Sometime in the future I may sell you off to someone else but that won’t happen for a while. While your family is here we will keep you secluded in the laboratory building on the other side of the island.

You will be able to see your family on the security cameras around the island. Perhaps you will find it amusing to watch your family mourn you?”

“What a horrible thing to say. You people are crazy! Why would I want to see my family upset? My parents must be beside themselves. You are getting some kind of sick pleasure from inviting them here.”

Again Paki and his sons were amused by Zach’s statement. When Zach tried to get up and leave Paki grabbed his arm.

“You will stay here! I have heard that your oral technique is adequate. I think it is time I tried it out myself.”

Zach was horrified when Paki undid his sarong. His stomach hide most of his penis but Paki lifted it so Zac could get a better look.

Paki let go of Zach’s arm and entwined his hand in his hair. He pulled Zach’s head down.

“Please Paki! Please don’t make me do this. If you let me go I won’t tell anyone about what happened here. I’ll sign any confidential pledge that you want. Please don’t make me do this, please no.”

Paki was certainly not in peak physical condition, but he was very strong. His hand was at the back of Zach’s head. He kept a grip on Zach’s hair as he pulled his face down into his crotch.

The odor from Paki’s genitals rose up, a mixture of sweat, urine and something Zach couldn’t identify. Zach was afraid he might throw up in Paki’s lap as his head was pulled down next to his penis. Zach felt a large hand grab his balls and squeeze.

Paki chuckled.

“Open your mouth Little Zach or Hale will bust your balls. I don’t have any use for them. I am interested in your mouth and your boi pussy.”

The hand squeezed Zach’s balls enough to be painful so he opened his mouth and allowed Paki’s dick to enter. Paki’s sweaty flab was pressing on the side of Zach’s face. He remembered Europa telling him she wouldn’t mind giving him a blowjob since there wouldn’t be any fat stomach in the way. Zach now completely understood that sentiment.

Paki gave a hard yank to his hair.

“Cover those teeth Little Zach. If I feel a tooth on my dick I’ll have them all yanked out. Don’t just let my dick lay in there, get to work!”

Slightly increased pressure on his balls got Zach sucking, licking and slobbering on the dick in his mouth. His one thought was to get this over with as soon as possible. Paki let go of Zach’s hair and told him to kneel in front of him.

Zach did as he was told and now the flab pressed against his forehead and top of his head. It was actually an obstacle to sucking the dick, he had to keep pressing his head against Paki’s stomach. He was told to lick Paki’s balls and was rewarded with several curly hairs caught in his mouth before going back to sucking his dick.

To Zach it seemed like it took forever but in a short amount of time his mouth was flooded with cum. Paki kept Zach’s head pressed against him until he felt Zach swallow. When a satisfied Paki pushed him away, Zach fell to the ground. He covered his face with his hands and lay there sobbing.

Paki shoved him with his foot and Zach rolled away. Paki stood & adjust his sarong before he turned to his sons.

“You boys can play with Little Zach but no one fucks him until I do.”

The brothers got down on the ground with Zach who kept his eyes closed and tried to imagine being anywhere else.

Two brothers concentrated on Zach’s tender nipples. They squeezed, sucked and lightly chewed on the nipples while Zach moaned and squirmed. Hale gave Zach a little slap on the face.

“Open up little Zach.”

Zach did as he was told and immediately starting sucking on Hale’s dick. After Hale orgasmed, Kana and finally Manu inserted their dicks into Zach’s mouth. His nipples were never left alone and when the brothers were done with him Zach lay on the ground semi-conscious. His eyes were wide open but unfocused, instinctively he moved his hand to cover his red, raw nipples.

Manu gave Zach another light slap on the face to get his attention.

“Get up Little Zach. The tattoo artist had a little finish work on your arm.”

He grabbed Zach’s arm and pulled him to his feet. They went to Zach’s cottage where the tattooist was waiting. Zach meekly did whatever was asked of him. He held his arm in whatever position requested.

After the tattoo was finished 2 house boys came in and held Zach down on the bed while Manu gave him injections in his chest. To Zach they were getting more painful each day. When everyone left Zach curled into a ball and sobbed.

Dinner was delivered to the cottage and Zach did get up long enough to eat something. He took a hot shower which seemed to relieve some of the pain in his nipples. Zach tossed and turned the rest of the night.

The next morning Zach woke up laying on his stomach. He was shocked at the dampness on the sheets under his chest. He touched his nipple and was disconcerted when a tiny stream of cloudy liquid ran down his chest. He went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and just as he suspected his nipples were red and engorged and the area around them was puffy.

Zach heard the door open and a house boy appeared behind him in the mirror.

“Little Zach your breakfast is on the table. Wow! Looks like your titties are starting to sprout. Paki will be delighted.”

“Please don’t tell anyone. They can’t know about this. Please, please don’t tell them!”

The house boy laughed and left the cottage.

A short time later Hale, Kana & Manu rushed into the cottage. Zach had locked himself in the bathroom but the brothers had little trouble forcing the door open. Zach backed into a corner and did his best to fight them off but it was useless.

The brothers quickly got Zach’s wrists and ankles fastened together and carried him the tile room outbuilding. They strapped him down to the table and attached small rubber cups to puffy nipples, which had long plastic tubes attached to them.

Manu switched on a pump and the rubber cups tightened on Zach’s sore nipples. Zach begged them to turn off the pump as liquid started to flow down the tubes. The brothers laughed and Zach started to scream from the pain. Manu left to let Paki know about the quick development of Zach’s milk glands.

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