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East is West
Part 9 - The End
By swphillyboi

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East is West 9 - The End

When Jim woke up on his fourth day back at the quarry; he felt a little more like himself. When he stood to retrieve his breakfast tray he realized his balls no longer ached. He reached down to feel them and was relieved that they felt like they were returning to their normal size.

With the hobble chain still attached to his ankles it was difficult to get the tray off the floor. Jim was pleased when he finally got the tray back to his cot without dropping it. He ate the breakfast and wondered what was in store for him today. Jim didn’t have to wait long, his cell door opened and four guards walked into the cell.

“Come on Jimmy. Time to clean you up.”

The pulled Jim into the hall and sat him in a wheelchair.

“The Doctor says you have to keep the hobble chain on, so you don’t wander off on your own again. So this makes it easier to move you around.”

Jim was taken to the shower room and strung up by his wrists. First was an enema followed by an ice cold shower. His body was coated in oil before he was put back in the wheelchair and taken to the milking room.

As they fastened to the chair Jim put up some token resistance. He grunted as the probe was inserted into his ass but actually the electric shocks had become less painful. He was also having some trouble emptying his bladder so Jim thought his prostate had been damaged by the repeated shocks to the gland.

The procedure was still exhausting and Jim was glad to be roughly placed into the wheelchair and taken back to his cell. Jim just lay on the cot, too exhausted to even eat lunch. In the afternoon he was taken back to the milking room. It was a short session since there was little sperm to be harvested.

Jim ate his dinner and pondered his options. He still hoped someone would come from DC to look for him and Artie. If they came soon perhaps they could still rescue Artie from wherever Morelike had sent him. Of course there was no curing what had been done to Artie. Jim looked down at his hairless body, the rings hanging from his engorged nipples and the tattoo around his navel.

It all seemed so hopeless, even if rescue came tomorrow, Jim’s life would never be the same. He got very little sleep that night. Jim looked around the room and thought about ways he could end his life. The thought of continuing as Dr Morelike’s guinea pig was more than he could stand.

The next morning Jim was awakened by his breakfast tray pushed under the door. He felt groggy as he walked across the room. The ring that encircled the base of his dick fell onto the floor. Jim picked it up to see if it was broken but the ring was still intact. He reached down to his crotch and realized that the ring had slipped off because his scrotum was so deflated. His hand grasped at his balls and he realized he could hardly feel them. They had shrunk down to the size of beans. Jim dropped the ring onto the floor.

Suddenly Jim remembered Morelike saying that he wasn’t sure what effect the drugs would have on his testicles. He left the tray on the floor and went back and sat on the cot. Jim reached down and massaged the remains of his balls. It was almost like he hoped he could coax them back into full size.

A short time later the guards opened the cell door. They pushed the untouched breakfast tray into the hall. One guard saw the metal ring on the floor and picked it up. They all looked over at Jim who paid no attention to them as he sat on the cot massaging his almost empty scrotum. The guards laughed as Jim looked up. He seemed unaware of the tears running down his face.

After a brief discussion the guards decided they should report to the Doctor what had occurred. Jim paid no attention as the guards departed.

Dr Morelike was delighted by the news. He dismissed the guards and started to make other plans. A stunned Jim just lay in his cot staring at the ceiling. He ignored the lunch tray that was delivered to his cell.

Late in the afternoon the guards returned and escorted Jim to the shower room. He sat mutely in a chair as the one strip of hair left on his head was shaved away. He was showered and received an enema followed by an infusion of something oily. His body was anointed with scented oil and his nipples and cock were gilded with some kind of gold paint.

Jim paid little attention to anything as he was walked to a room he had never seen before. It was luxuriously furnished with red silk hangings on the wall. Scented candles burned in several candelabra. In the center of the room some kind on hammock hung from the ceiling by silken ropes.

The guards moved Jim over the center of the room and placed him in this odd hammock. His wrists were fastened to silk ropes, his ass partially settled on a strip of fabric and his legs stretched out with his ankles fastened to other silken ropes.

The guards left and Jim lay there. It seemed an odd type of thing that he was attached to but he wasn’t really uncomfortable. Jim started to feel lightheaded. He wasn’t sure if it was the scent from the candles or the fact he hadn’t eaten anything all day. He started to wonder if he was going to be left here all night.

Jim had dozed off when he heard a door open and close. He opened his eyes and saw Dr Morelike standing beside him. The Doctor was wearing a brocade dressing gown.

“Mr East, I’m so sorry if I woke you.”

Jim just stared and refused to say anything.

Morelike laughed.

“Cat got your tongue or are you vocal cords somehow attached to your shruken balls?”

Jim grunted as a small hand grasped his scrotum and squeezed.

“My goodness Jim. Is there anything left in there? Oh yes, now I feel the tiny little things. Luckily I think we got enough sperm out of you to complete our experiments.

You’ll be proud to know we have found a way to use your seed to impregnate willing women. I have great hope to raise a whole group of genetically superior offspring using your enhanced sperm.”

Jim opened his eyes wide in horror.

“You demented little pervert. If it’s the last thing I do I will kill you. I will make you suffer for what you have done to me and to Artie.”

The Doctor laughed again as if Jim had just told him a great joke. He reached up and grabbed a rope and pulled. One of Jim’s leg was pulled up and away from his body. He walked to the other side of Jim and pulled another rope and Jim’s other leg was pulled up and away.

Now that his legs were spread wide, Jim realized what a vulnerable position he was in. Knowing what had happened to his friend; Jim started to fear the doctor was going to operate on him. He bit his lip to keep from begging Morelike to not cut him.

Jim watched with large frightened eyes as Dr Morelike pulled a stool between Jim’s legs. The Doctor dropped his robe onto the floor. Jim was horrified to see Morelike was naked under the robe. His eyes dropped to the little man’s crotch and was shocked to see a normal size cock there. He was more shocked to see that cock was already hard. He pulled at the roped holding his legs but couldn’t move them at all.

“What do you think you’re going to do to me!”

“Well my dear Mr East, for some time now I have felt we need to be closer. I’ve always admired you from afar but now I think it is time to be more intimate.”

Jim continued to struggle, he could feel oil leaking from his asshole and dripping onto the floor. Morelike climbed up on the stool and lightly stroked Jim’s thighs.

“Just relax Jim. This is going to happen whether you like it or not. You can’t stop me, you are completely defeated.”

Jim shook his head and attempted to clench his asshole. The Doctor forced one finger into Jim’s asshole and then a second finger soon joined the first. Jim’s eyes were wide open and he glanced around the room hoping someone would appear and stop this horror.

Morelike moved his body forward and placed the head of his dick against the pinkish circle of Jim’s hairless, oiled asshole. He pushed and despite Jim’s resistance the head entered his body.

Jim groaned in shock and pain but the head made no progress.

“Please, please don’t do this to me. Just kill me but don’t do this. It hurts, oh god it hurts so much. Please, please don’t do this!!!!!

Dr Morelike tenderly stroked Jim’s thighs, he even leaned forward and took Jim’s cock in his mouth and sucked it before speaking.

“I’ve waited too long Jim. I’ve wanted this from the first time I saw you. This is going to happen, you can’t stop me this time. If you relax your muscle it will hurt less.”

Jim shook his head. He couldn’t stop the tears running down his cheeks. He kept hoping he would wake up from this nightmare. He choked out the words.

“I can’t let you in me. I wouldn’t be a man anymore if I loosen myself and let you in. I can’t just surrender to you… I can’t… please, please just kill me!”

The dick pulled back out of his hole and Jim thought he had convinced the Doctor not to humiliate him like this, not to rob him of his manhood. His felt tremendous relief. Jim took a deep breath and relaxed for a moment.

Dr Morelike could see the relief on Jim’s face and took the opportunity to shove his entire cock into Jim’s colon. Jim screamed like an animal caught in a trap. The cock was pulled back until on the head remained in Jim’s body and then it was driven back in him. It happened again and again. Jim’s asshole burned and he hated the full feeling when the cock was inside him. He tried to tighten his asshole but he couldn’t do anything. The cock just kept thrusting into him and he kept screaming.

Jim could hear the Doctor laughing as he bludgeoned Jim’s insides with his hard cock. He heard the Doctor tell him how soft and smooth he was inside. He told Jim that no woman had ever felt as delightful as Jim’s ass.

Suddenly Jim felt Morelike thrust into him and stay still for a moment as he moaned in pleasure. Jim knew that he had another man’s cum inside him and something snapped in his mind. He closed his eyes. Jim hoped the pain would stop once that hard cock softened and slid out of his ass. He could feel the oil and the cum slip out of his stretched asshole and drip onto the floor. His asshole still burned and he felt bruised inside.

Dr Morelike climbed down off the stool and put his robe back on. He moved the stool to the side of the room. Jim waited for the ropes holding his legs to be loosened. Instead Morelike went to the door of the room and flung it open.

“I’ve broken him in for you. Enjoy yourselves.”

Dr Morelike left the room and Jim opened his eyes to see a line of men come into the room. The first person in line was Harold and Seth was right behind him. Jim was quiet as one after another the men used him. One after another they thrust into him until they climaxed. Jim lost count of how many men used him.

Eventually it was over. Jim was taken down and placed in the wheelchair and pushed back to his cell. Someone held a glass to his lips and Jim swallowed the contents. He was glad when it put him to sleep and hoped he would never wake up.

The next morning Jim woke up. His ass hurt and there was a cold sticky mess underneath him. Guards came and took Jim to the shower room. That night Jim was placed back in the sling. Dr Morelike never fucked him again but others were happy to use Jim. Night after night he lay in the sling, eyes wide open and quiet as man after man slammed their cocks into him.

Six months later…

Dr Morelike entertained several men in his office. He had sent for Jim to be brought to the office. The door opened and the men all turned to see the person walk into the room.

The person who came into the room looked tall. They had long blonde hair that went halfway down their back. It was a wig that was fastened to its head with adhesive. The face was heavily made up with blue eyeshadow, rouge on the cheeks and bright red lipstick. Dangling earrings hung down from each ear.

A red satin corset was tight around the waist; it pushed the flesh up to fill out its perky breasts with rings through the nipples.

Elaborate bracelets with multi-colored crystals went halfway up to the elbows of both arms. They looked pretty but were strong and could be used to restrain the arms. The fingernails were shaped and polished with bright red polish.

A red garter belt was around the waist, black fishnet stockings were fastened to the garters. On the feet were high heeled shoes fastened with tiny locks around each ankle. A tiny cock only a couple inches long peaked out below the garter belt. The scrotum had shrunk to a tiny ball of flesh. If someone carefully examined that little ball of flesh they could feel the two little peas of hardened tissue inside.

Hidden between the firm, fleshy cheeks of their ass was a stretched asshole that required a plug to keep shit was simply dropping out. The muscle could no longer seal the opening.

This person, who had once been Jim East, strode into the room with confident steps. Quite used to walking in the high heels. The breasts bounced and the earring swayed and caught the light as he walked. He walked over to Dr Morelike’s chair and spoke in a masculine voice that seemed wrong coming from such a beautiful creature.

“You sent for me?”

“Yes Jimmie. I think it is time for you to spread your wings and go out into the world. These nice gentlemen came here today to see if perhaps they would like you to come and live with them in their country.”

Jim wasn’t sure if he wanted to beg to stay here which was at least familiar or beg to be sent away from the laughter and the insults that he was subject to every day. Maybe it would be better somewhere else. Maybe it would be easier to forget who he used to be in unfamiliar surroundings.

“Jimmie, you walk around the room and let these gentlemen get a good look at you.”

Jim did as he was told. He let the men poke him and feel him, let them play with his tiny dick and squeeze his breasts and grab the cheeks of his ass. Jim smiled the whole time, it was kind of nice to be admired.

The end or maybe the beginning….