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East is West
Part 8 - The Return of Jim
By swphillyboi

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East is West 8 - The Return of Jim

Sometime during his night on the hard, cold dirt floor Jim managed to fall asleep. He woke up as he was rolled onto his back. Jim could see Cage’s dick hanging over his face, the man was kneeling by the top of Jim’s head.

“Open yur sweet month Hafy. I wan te give yer sum cream fer yur breakfast.”

Jim could see the knife in Cage’s hand so he opened his mouth wide and allowed Cage’s half hard dick to enter. As he thrust his hips down Cage leaned over Jim and reached one hand down to position his knife against Jim’s balls. Cage used his mouth to suck on Jim’s nipples and to pull the rings with his teeth.

Jim gagged as Cage’s dick pressed at the back of his mouth. Cage giggled and continued to thrust down until his dick actually entered Jim’s throat. Unable to breath a panicked Jim tried to move away but with his hands still tied behind his back and Cage pressing down his entire weight on Jim’s chest he could go nowhere.

Cage pulled back a little and allowed Jim to take in some air before pushing his dick back into Jim’s throat. Keeping it there a little longer this time before pulling back.

“Yer doin real good hafy. Damn yer goin te make me bust my first nut of the day.”

As Cage said the words Jim could got a mouthful of sour tasting cum in his mouth. Cage raised his body off of Jim. Jim coughed and attempted to take in some deep breaths while Cage stood over him and laughed. After a couple minutes Cage started to piss on Jim who managed to roll onto his stomach so at least the piss didn’t hit him in the face.

When he was done Cage pulled on a pair of pants.

“Wen Perry gets back Hafy we aim to try out that perty ass of yurs.”

Jim groaned and rolled onto his back again.

“Hey Cage. My arms are really cramping. I can’t even feel my hands. Could you please tie them in front for a while? When we start fucking they’ll be in the way if you leave them behind my back.”

“Yer got a point Hafy. We best wait til Perry gits back.”

Jim groaned again and rolled to his side.

“That’s okay. I didn’t realize you’d need your brother’s help. I guess you’re right you probably can’t handle me on your own. I understand you being afraid to do it on your own.”

Cage kicked Jim in the side and Jim let out a long groan.

“I sure as fuck ain’t afraid of you Hafy. I dun’t need nobudy’s hep to handle you.”

Cage pulled Jim up into a sitting position.

“Jes yer member Hafy. Yer give me any truble and I’ll cut yer.”

Jim hunched his shoulders, kept his head down and sobbed as Cage moved behind him with his knife tightly grasped in his hand.

As soon as Jim felt Cage cut the rope holding his hand together, he whipped his head back with all his strength. He hit Cage right in the face and was gratified to hear the crunch of Cage’s nose breaking.

Jim got to his feet; Cage was flat on his back, blood streaming from his smashed nose. Jim raised his foot and brought it down as hard as possible on Cage’s groin. Cage managed to scream before his mouth filled with vomit. He gasped for breath, unable to pull any air through his bleeding nose.

Jim picked up a nearby wooden chair and smashed it down on Cage’s chest. The knife dropped out of Cage’s hand and Jim grabbed it. Using both hand to hold onto the knife Jim drove it into Cage’s stomach and twisted it. He pulled out the bloody knife plunged it into a different spot and twisted it again.

Blood spurted out of Cage’s abdomen for a couple minutes before it slowed as Cage’s heart stopped beating. One of the dogs approached Jim snarling with his teeth bared. Jim grabbed the chair again and swung it, hitting the dog in the head.

The stunned dog went down and Jim hurried over to slit its throat. He looked over at the other dogs, which were now cowering in the corner. Jim massaged his hands trying to get full feeling back in them and then swung his arms to loosen them up.

When he felt a little better Jim found a pump and filled a bucket a water. He poured it over his head to wash away some of the filth he was covered in. The cold water helped him come to full consciousness. He pumped some more water to wash out his mouth and to drink.

Jim sat on the remaining chair by the table and ate some bread that was sitting on the table. He looked around the cabin and spotted an axe leaning against one wall. Jim grabbed the ax and moved the chair so he could sit and rest behind the outside door while he waited for Perry to return.

He continued to eat the bread and occasionally drink some water. He felt the need to pee and walked over to where Perry’s corpse lay in the floor. He peed on the body and smiled. It actually made him feel better.

Jim returned to his chair and waited. He tensed when he heard someone moving closer to the cabin. Perry opened the door and took a step inside. He spotted his brother’s body on the floor but before he could move towards it Jim brought the ax down on the top of his head.

Perry went down on the floor. Jim pulled the ax back and hit Perry’s head a second and third time. Once he was sure Perry was dead, Jim dropped the ax. His breath was coming in gasps so he sat back down on the chair until he got himself under control.

Once Jim felt better he started to look around the cabin. He was able to find some clean clothes and put them on. Continuing to root around Jim found some almost new boots and best of all a stash of cash. There was a little over $50. This would definitely buy a train ticket that would take him far away from Bedlow Springs. The last day had been hellish but Jim was starting to feel more optimistic.

The only hat left for Jim to wear was an old stained one that has belonged to Cage. He dipped it in the water to try and get it a little clean and stuck it on his head while it was still wet. Jim knew he would be quickly spotted with that ridiculous single strip of hair on his head.

As Jim was getting ready to leave he saw the dogs start to nose around the dead bodies. He started to chase them away but shrugged and realized he didn’t care what happened to the remains of Perry & Cage and doubted there was anyone who did care.

Jim moved the thick burlap covering the windows to look outside. He didn’t see anyone around so he left the cabin. Perry must have been out checking traps since there was a pile of fresh muskrat pelts hanging on a hook beside the door.

Since it would give him a reason to be coming out of the swamp Jim decided to take the pelts with him. They were already strung on a metal hook so they were easy to carry. An optimistic Jim started walking away from the town, hoping to find the railroad tracks that he could follow to the next town.

Checking the position of the sun Jim thought he had been walking for about two hours before he came to a road. He had been scraping off the paint on his fingernails as he walked. He saw a roadhouse down the road in what he figured was in a direction away from Bedlow Springs. He started to walk that way staying close to the side of the road so he could duck into the woods if anyone came along the road.

When he got close enough to observe the road house Jim stayed out of sight watching to see if there was any activity. He didn’t see anything suspicious and he was feeling really hungry. Maybe he could find out how close he was to the next town or even get a ride at least part of the way.

Jim pulled the hat down so his face was in shadows and walked toward the road house. He went inside, a bell on the door announced his arrival. An older woman came through a door with a smile on her face. She did give Jim, with his earrings and outlined eyes, a strange look but the smile came back quickly.

“What can I do for you dear?”

“I’d like to get something to eat.”

The woman gave Jim an appraising look from head to toe and the smile faltered just a bit.

“Well I must tell you that I’m not interested in trading food for those pelts.”

Jim chuckled.

“I have cash to pay for the food.”

“I have a nice lamb stew on the stove or I could make you a cold sandwich.”

Jim smiled.

“The stew sounds great and I’d like a beer to go with it.”

The woman nodded and disappeared back through the door in the back wall. Jim choose a door towards the back of the main room away from the daylight coming through the windows.

In the kitchen the woman had a hurried conversation with her son. He hurried out the back door of the building and went over to the barn. He saddled a horse but walked it a distance down the road before getting on and riding away quickly.

Jim had a big bowl of stew delivered to him with a warm roll and a cold beer. He dug in immediately. He hadn’t had a good meal in days. As he was finishing up the stew a large piece of apple pie was delivered to him.

Just as he started to eat the pie Jim’s stomach growled alarmingly. The first pain in his gut struck right after that. Once the first spasm passed Jim went out into the kitchen clutching his stomach. He was directly to the outhouse at the edge of the woods.

Each time Jim thought he could get up and go back inside another wave of cramps struck him. He sat in the stinking outhouse that was filled with flies clutching his stomach with both hands. He thought this is what he got for eating a heavy meal after having almost nothing in his stomach.

He knew he didn’t dare rent a room here for the night. Jim decided as soon as he felt better he would pay for his meal and find a place in the woods nearby where he could rest overnight. He would buy some rolls to take with him. They shouldn’t bother his stomach.

He groaned as another severe cramp hit him. There was nothing for his body to expel but that didn’t stop it from trying. Jim broke out in a cold sweat and started to feel lightheaded.

Jim thought he heard horses’ hooves but he couldn’t be sure. The cramps kept coming and he had to struggle not to drop to the muddy dirt floor and roll into a ball. Now he was sure he heard voices. He struggled to his feet. His only chance was to get to the woods and find someplace to hide. He stood up and pulled his pants up. Jim slowly opened the outhouse door. He was pleased to see no one standing outside.

Staggering Jim exited the outhouse and turned towards the woods. Standing a short distance from the outhouse was Dr Morelike surrounded by 12 members of his guards. Jim quickly turned but more guards were lined up between Jim and the roadhouse. The woman was standing by the back door. She laughed as she looked at Jim bend over with another cramp.

“Those herbs I put in his stew sure did the job. I might have over done it some.”

Dr Morelike joined in the laughter.

“Mr East I hope you won’t take this as an insult but we really needed to stay downhill from you.”

Everyone laughed at that and Jim was annoyed that he could feel his face blushing. Several guards came over and quickly attached a small length of chain to his wrist rings and a hobble chain to his ankle chains.

One of the quarry wagons arrived and Jim was loaded into the back with two guards. Everyone else got on their horses. Dr Morelike was helped onto his horse with its special saddle. The whole group headed back to the quarry.

The guards taunted Jim on the ride but he refused to say anything. He couldn’t believe he was back in Morelike’s clutches. He should never have gone to that roadhouse. He realized that he was much closer to the quarry than he realized. Somehow he had gotten turned around in the swamp.

When they pulled into the quarry yard Jim saw a lot of people were out to see his return. One face he could see in the crowd was Harold who was pointing at Jim and laughing. Jim realized that Harold had played him from the beginning and was never trying to help him.

Dr Morelike was helped off his horse and he came over to the wagon where Jim was sitting.

“My dear Mr East welcome back. We are all missed you and are happy to see you back.”

The crowd clapped and cheered. It was several minutes before Morelike continued.

“I’m sure your dear friend, Mr Seagram, would have liked to be here to welcome you back. We did let him know that you had abandoned him before he left us. Even though, to be honest, he was not a prime specimen that was the cachet of owning a member of the United States Secret Service.

We got a very nice price for him from a Middle East potentate. Dear Artie will spend the rest of his days surrounded by beautiful women as a harem eunuch. It did require me perform some minor surgery but I didn’t mind that inconvenience.”

Jim was horrified. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Morelike had such a self-satisfied expression on his face that Jim knew he was telling the truth. The little man smiled as he continued.

“Jim, I must tell you that you created a lot of hard feelings by leaving us without even saying goodbye. We tried our best to make you feel welcome and you just threw all that back in our faces by running off. I’m afraid the folks here may give you something of a hard time now that we brought you back.”

Jim looked over at the people in the crowd many held switches cut from willow trees and some held belts in their hands. Two guards pulled Jim out of the wagon and the crowd formed a gauntlet for Jim to travel down with his hands still secured in front of him and his ankles hobbled.

They pushed him in the open space between the crowd. Jim tried his best to avoid the switches and belts without much success. Some people grabbed at his clothes and tore them. The cheap materiel of the shirt made it easy to rip it completely off Jim. The pants were sturdier but Jim was pushed to the ground. While some people hit at Jim, with the switches and belts, others pulled the boots and socks off his feet. Someone had a knife and slashed the seams on both side of the pants. Many hands grabbed at the pants ripping them and soon Jim was naked.

Before the crowd could do more damage to Jim, guards got him to his feet and propelled him into the main quarry building. Jim was hurried to the room where his sperm was collected. Morelike was waiting with two syringes. The guards held a squirming Jim while the Doctor injected drugs into his balls. He screamed in pain as the guards undid the chains on his wrist and ankles rings and strapped him into the milking chair.

Since Jim’s time at the roadhouse took care of cleaning out his system there was no need for an enema. The collection tube was quickly fastened onto Jim and the probe hastily introduced into his rectum.

Jim continued to scream in pain when electric shock after electric shock was delivered to his prostate. When his balls were drained the guards took him to a cell and dropped him on the hard cot before leaving and locking the door as they left.

A tray of food was shoved under the door later. Eventually Jim managed to crawl across the cell and eat the food. The next day he was taken to the collection room twice and twice again the day after that. Jim seemed stunned. He made no attempt to fight the guards, he had no thoughts of trying to escape.

The third day Jim was left in his cell. Food trays were pushed under the door but Jim didn’t see or talk to anyone. He wondered what Dr Morelike had planned for him.

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