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My Jock
Part 2
By Stud Stealer

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It took about a month before I saw Jake again.

My phone rang, one late Friday night, and I answered to about ten seconds of silence. I’d almost hung up again when I finally heard his voice, hesitant and doubtful, and the corners of my mouth curled up.

“Hey,” he said. “It’s- eh, it’s me. Jake. I, eh, just… wanted to come pick up my shoes. My Nikes. You still have them, right?”

“Of course,” I said. “2307 Vinewood Boulevard. I’ll be waiting for you.” 

With that, I hung up. About an hour later, I heard a car pull up in my driveway, and the doorbell rang a few moments later. I opened the door to find the gorgeous linebacker on my porch, looking uncomfortable but handsome as ever. I let him in with a big grin on my face.

“I’m just here to get my shoes back,” he grumbled.

He followed me into the living room, where I sat down on the couch and poured myself a couple inches of whiskey.

“Suit yourself,” I said, my tone quite indifferent, “Those Nikes of yours are over there, by the fireplace. Close the door on your way out.”

Jake walked over to his precious shoes and took them. He was clearly trying to act casual, but it wasn’t working so well. The poor stud was obviously filled with nerves, avoiding my gaze and trying to ignore the fact my belt was already undone. For a few moments he just stood there, holding his Nikes, not moving an inch.

“Well?” I finally said, amused by his visible struggle. Again, he was torn between two worlds; his brain told him to leave, but his body wanted to stay.

“You know the way, Jake. You have your shoes, the exit’s over there.”

Still, no movement from the big jock. He was staring at the unlit fireplace, trying to stare into the nonexistent flames to avoid reality. Then he put his shoes back on the floor, and finally brought himself to open his mouth.

“D-did… did you tell anyone? About- last month?” the stud muttered, and I shook my head.

“I told you I wouldn’t. I have better things to do with my time than outing some sophomore college jock.”

He nodded, and fell back into silence for a while. I sighed, but didn’t pressure him again. I simply sat and drank my whiskey, enjoying the sight of his strong body. I could almost feel those muscled legs and arms again, pure strength under silky smooth skin, bulging curves and rippling trenches on his well-defined physique.

“I… I hooked up with another guy,” Jake finally admitted. I raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say a word. “At a party, last week. He’s the same age as me. I, eh, I had a couple beers, and… he came up to me, and we went somewhere quiet.”

“Good for you,” I said. “How did you like it?”

He shook his head, embarrassed. “N-no, eh… it, it didn’t work. I wasn’t… I couldn’t get it up. H-he said it probably was because of the alcohol, but I’d only had about three beers. I don’t get it. With you, it…” his voice died out.

“I see,” I said. Jake was blushing heavily, still avoiding my eyes. I told him to take a seat, and the boy awkwardly sat down on the couch opposite of me. “Well, why don’t you tell me what you remember of our encounter, Jake. What was it that made that so much more exciting for you than fooling around with some student twink?”

“I-I dunno,” he mumbled. All his usual jock pride was gone, reducing him from his usual alpha self to an embarrassed, confused boy. 

“He just… eh, he let me do all the work, I guess. It felt like I was supposed to be in charge. But with y-you, it…”

“It felt like you were no longer in charge, huh? Like I was the one deciding what was happening?” I finished his sentence. Jake finally looked up to me, his innocent puppy eyes sending shivers of impatience down my spine, and he nodded slowly. I grinned, and took another sip of my whiskey.

“You were in the woods, out in the open,” I continued, “Letting yourself be felt up by this old, strange man. Getting told to suck his cock and actually doing it. You were nervous, someone might walk by and see you, but that only made it so much more exciting, didn’t it?”

The jock nodded again, his face turning a whole new shade of red that contrasted beautifully with his long golden hair.

“Well, boy, that’s cause you’re not just a fag,” I said. “You’re a bitch. A slutty little whore, a pervert, a fag who gets off on the idea someone might expose them. You want a real man to dominate you, boss you around, treat you like a piece of trash. Am I right?”

Jake shook his head, frowning, anger boiling up within him. “I’m not a fag.”

“No?” I asked, “Then why are you still here? Why didn’t you just take your shoes and leave?”

His anger subsided a little again, making way for the gorgeous confusion and insecurity my words were conjuring up in him. He shook his head, then shrugged, unsure what to say or how to defend the little pride he had left.

“That’s what I thought,” I grinned. “Anyway, I’m happy to have you here, but only if we play by my rules. You wanna leave, go ahead. If you stay, you do as I tell you.”

Jake clenched his jaw. He didn’t say a word, all sorts of emotions visibly bubbling in that thick body of his, but he stayed on the couch. His burning curiosity was bigger than his heteronormative pride. The big linebacker agreed to play my game, a game in which he would undoubtedly be ruined. My grin only widened, and I downed the last bit of liquor in my glass. Finally, I could start toying around with this beautiful dumb jock. I’d waited a whole month for this moment.

“Let’s start by telling the truth,” I said. “Tell me you’re a faggot.”

His eyes shot up at me, flashing anger and shock, and he instinctively shook his head. Then he remembered my conditions on staying, and he threw me a hateful look. I just raised my eyebrows, staring at him expectantly.

“I-I’m a faggot,” Jake muttered, quick like ripping off a bandaid. Of course, that wasn’t gonna do it for me. “What was that, boy?”

“I’m a faggot,” he repeated, louder and angrier this time. “I’m a faggot. Happy now?”

I chuckled. “Very good. Now you’ve finally admitted it, we can really begin. Take off your shirt, shoes and shorts. And be quick about it.”

While his contemptuous expression persisted, the hunk started to strip right in front of me, once again revealing his sculpted body. Soon, I had the beauty sitting on my couch in just his white boxer-briefs and socks. I suddenly felt an insatiable hunger for his body, those trunks of legs and that beefy barrel-chest evoking my appetite like never before. I ordered him to stand up and flex. Jake reluctantly obeyed. His 220 pounds of muscle soon towered over me, and I bit my lip impatiently as the jock lifted up his arms and started to flex for me. I saw the humiliation on his handsome face and relished in it. He was this huge, impeccable hunk of a man, beautiful from head to toe, and I could make him do anything I wanted.

Even better, he wanted me to make him do anything I wanted.

“On your knees,” I said, and the beast descended to the ground. Despite the anger and humiliation in Jake’s expression, I noticed that his underwear was already starting to bulge more. He was such an easy fucking target.

“Like it when I boss you around, huh?” I taunted, touching his crotch with my shoe. The boy refused to meet my gaze, but really had no way of denying his arousal.

“Such a little fag,” I continued. “Why don’t you lick my shoes clean? They’re real dirty.”

“Fuck you,” Jake spat. “I ain’t doing that. And stop calling me a fag.”

I sighed, then lashed out. One quick slap across that pretty face of his. Not enough to really hurt him, but enough to yank him back to reality. He jumped up, and lifted his fist as if he was gonna hit me back. Then he decided against it, and walked back to his clothes.

“Fuck this. I’m outta here,” he said.

I sighed again, and poured myself some more whiskey.

“If you leave now, you don’t have to come back, ever. As I’ve said before, I don’t need boys who won’t admit to what they are. You can take those fucking Nikes and get out.”

Jake mumbled another curse under his breath while he put his clothes back on. He grabbed his Nikes and threw me one last furious look before walking toward the hallway. Just before he could leave, I spoke again.

“Just remember, Jake. You’ve already experienced it for yourself, with that hookup. Nobody else is gonna make you feel these things. If you leave now, you will never feel this pleasure again.”

I heard him stop in his tracks. No matter how much he might have hated me in that moment, he knew I was right. Or if he didn’t know, he was too scared that I was.

“You’re lying,” he tried. “I don’t need you. I don’t need this. You’re wrong.”

“Am I? Think about it, Jake. Try using that fucking peanut brain of yours, for once. Those feelings I gave you, those things I did; have you ever felt anything like that with a girl? A boy? Or even while jerking off to porn? Have you?”

He stayed silent, which I took as a ‘no’.

“Exactly,” I continued. “You can leave now and risk never feeling anything like that for the rest of your life. I won’t ever look at you again. Or you stay, take those fucking clothes off and start doing whatever I’m telling you to do.”

It took a while before the thick stud made up his mind. Meanwhile I was calmly sipping my whiskey, not even looking at him in the corner of the room. The door to the hall was still open, but Jake was frozen solid in the door opening. After maybe six, seven whole minutes, I heard him close the door and walk back toward me. Our eyes met, and another wave of pleasure rushed through me as I saw the look of despair on my pretty boy. Without a word, he took off his shirt, shorts and shoes again, and he kneeled down in front of me.

The jock leaned forward, and tentatively brought his tongue to my boot. It was just some mud, nothing too harrowing, but that was beside the point. This humiliating act was his surrender, a true sign he had fallen into my web and was now being suffocated in the ideas and feelings I was putting into his head. He had caved.

“That’s a good boy,” I chuckled, while Jake licked my shoes clean. My cock was raging in my pants at the sight of the half-naked athlete like that. “How about you put that tongue to better use and start sucking me off?”

I pulled open my pants, pulled them down a little and finally revealed my boner. Jake audibly gulped - maybe he’d forgotten how big it was - and I dug my fingers in that golden hair of his to guide him forward. I sat back, relaxed, and let the jock’s velvety mouth bathe my impatient boner in pleasure. I pulled up some of his blonde locks and inhaled his scent, slowly bucking into his mouth. He gagged a little when I went too far, but I didn’t care.

“Deep-throat it,” I said. Jake tried, taking as much of my boner as he could, but he burst out gagging before he could take it all. I had him try again and again. Finally he pulled back, his chest heaving up and down with his head all red.

“I can’t,” he panted. “It’s t-too big.”

“Breathe through your nose. Focus on relaxing your throat,” I said. “Try taking it as far as you can, a little further every time.”

And so he tried again, and again, as I started to fuck his face with more and more eagerness. He still gagged a fair bit, but he improved, and I even managed to hit the back of his throat a couple of times without triggering his reflex. The student athlete was clearly doing all he could, taking my cock pretty well for someone on his second ever blowjob. Finally, when I felt myself getting close, I pulled his pretty face off my boner and pushed his hair out of his face. He was bright-red and panting from all that gagging, but it somehow only made him look hotter.

“See how much you like that, Jake?” I said, grinning from ear to ear as I nodded toward his obvious bulge. The stud looked down and frowned. His own body was betraying him. 

“I didn’t even have to touch you,” I continued, “Having another man’s cock in your mouth is enough for your little stick to get all hard and eager.”

The poor boy didn’t know what to say, confusion and self-loathing running rampant across his face. Less than an hour ago, he’d still been the big, famous football star around campus; now he was half-naked on the floor, sucking off an old gay man and even getting aroused while doing so. His big dick was rock-hard, whether he liked it or not.

“Go on, show me,” I said, after I’d made him get back to his feet. “Show me that fat fucking cock of yours.”

Jake silently pulled down his boxer-briefs, finally revealing his enormous manhood. Last month I’d already felt the size of it in my hand, of course - but I hadn’t actually seen it until now. It truly was magnificent; his boner reached even higher than his belly-button, a real thick and veiny piece of meat with two fat balls below. He was circumcised, and the pale pink bell-end was glistening with precum. I enclosed my hand around the base, and gave it a couple slow tugs.

A soft moan escaped the jock’s throat, and my smile widened.

“How’s that feel, boy? Your hard cock in another man’s hand. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Jake looked at me, vulnerable and adorable, and I felt my own boner twitch in my pants.

“Yes,” the naked linebacker muttered.

“Yes, what?” I said.

He frowned, confused at first, but then I saw it dawn on him. For a moment, the hunk debated whether he was really going this far, but then I touched the sensitive head of his dick and all his resistance vanished immediately.

“Yes, s-sir. Feels good.”

“That’s what I thought. Unfortunately for you, your dick is not what I’m most interested in. There’s another part of your body that I’m much more anxious to explore,” I said.

My hand found its way to that beautiful bubble butt and took a good handful. Jake jumped, startled by the sudden invasion of an area he had never really even thought about. He stepped backwards, back to the stubborn demurral I had worked so hard to get him out of.

“Have you ever had anything up that thick ass, Jake?”

“N-no,” he said, shaking his head, “No, I don’t - I’m n-not into that.”

“I’ve heard that before,” I chuckled. “Anyway, it doesn’t matter what you’re into. My house, my rules, boy. I’m not gonna tell you again. Get on all fours, right now.”

Jake stayed frozen for a moment. The big jock was still standing naked before me in nothing but his socks, his huge cock stiff as a pole and his intoxicating mixture of musk and sweat filling the room. I was getting a little impatient with the hunk, but I knew I should keep myself together. Luckily, he decided to obey before I could really hurt him. Suddenly he was on all fours, exposed for me to toy with, and I dove onto his fat ass.

I’d seen his gorgeous glutes before, at the games, trapped in those skin-tight football pants. Finally I could touch them for myself.

Jake groaned as I slapped his ass, hard. My handprint appeared in red after I’d slapped him a second time, and a third; every slap was sending another wave of pain and humiliation through the handsome athlete, but I knew he was starting to love it. His massive cock always gave away his true feelings.

“Damn,” I said, grabbing onto that juicy butt, “Grade-A, virgin jock ass. Been a while since I had one as nice as yours, boy. You must’ve worked hard on these cakes.”

The stud didn’t respond, so I gave him one more good slap and spread his ass-cheeks. He was still a little hairy down here, but that didn’t matter for now. I brought one finger to his face, and pushed it past those soft lips without waiting for consent. Jake obediently let me invade his mouth, although somewhat passively. Then I moved back to his behind, and applied my wetted finger on his pink entrance.

The linebacker gasped loudly as I pushed my finger into his tight, virgin butthole. God, it’d been a while since I felt such a tight fucking boypussy. He clearly hadn’t been lying about never having stuck anything up here before; this was completely untouched, uncharted territory. I pushed my finger all the way in, and Jake’s gasp turned into an uncomfortable groan.

“How’s that feel, huh? Like having a finger up your ass?” I asked. The hunk weakly shook his head, but couldn’t even form a proper response before I added a second finger in his hole.

“F-fuck,” the jock mumbled, “That hurts. Fuck, dude.”

“Oh, come on, big boy. That’s only two fingers. You’re gonna have to take a lot more than that,” I said.

Slowly, I started finger-fucking the jock, stretching that tight boycunt bit by bit. Jake hated it, constantly moaning and bitching in pain, but his cock stayed hard at all times. The pain and embarrassment must’ve been enough to make his perverted brain go crazy.

After a while, I added a third finger and stretched his hole even more. Soon enough, I decided he was loose enough - he wasn’t, really, but I was getting impatient - and positioned myself behind the big blond bitch. I applied a good amount of lube on my cock and his entrance, and the boy gasped at the feeling.

“You know what’s gonna happen now, don’t you, boy?” I said, slowly grinding my boner between those cakes of his, just to let him feel the size of it. Jake gulped, and nodded slowly. He was nervous, but he had already accepted this. I stroked his muscular back in an attempt to calm him down, and applied a little pressure to his hole.

“I want you to say it,” I continued.

“Y-you’re gonna fuck me,” the jock muttered, then quickly added “sir.”

“That’s right. And you want this, don’t you? You wanna feel what it’s like to get fucked by a real man?”

“Y-yes, sir.” His voice had gotten a whole lot huskier, all of a sudden. It only turned me on even more, and I gave his ass another slap before finally readying myself.

“W-wait!” he said, just before I pushed into him, “You don’t have a condom-“

Jake’s words were quickly cut off by my rod invading his thick ass. Too late, stud. He let out a loud groan, clearly in a great deal of pain as I finally snatched his anal virginity away. God, that tight ass felt incredible around my cock.

“F-fuuuck!!!!” the linebacker yelled out, “Fuck, f-fuck, fuck, take it out! Take it out!!”

“Not a chance, boy,” I chuckled, further pushing my dick up his shitchute.

I took a handful of his golden hair and yanked backwards, forcing him to arch upon my big cock. The poor jock seemed to go insane with pain, his throat producing the most wonderful whines and cries. I drove my boner all the way into him, and he howled like a fucking dog.

I slapped his ass again, and actually started to fuck the jock.

“That’s right, you big bitch,” I growled, porking him without a sliver of mercy. Maybe a little too rough for a virgin, but whatever. He was a collegiate athlete, for fuck’s sake. 220-something pounds of muscle and masculinity. He could take it. 

“Fucking take that dick. Like having your butt fucked, huh?”

Jake tried to shake his head, but I was still holding his hair; I made him nod, and laughed at the sight. Fuck, he felt good. This was one of the tightest fucking boypussies I’d ever come across. I was already addicted - the blond hunk was in for a whole lot more pain that night.

At some point, he started to plead; real pathetic, desperate whimpers. He already sounded like he was on the verge of crying.

“P-please,” the linebacker whined, “Please, please-“

His begging only made me hornier, frankly. I increased the pace, and Jake reached a whole new level of hell. My hips were slamming into him like a jack-hammer, completely wrecking his virgin hole and sending wave after wave of hot pain through his entire body.

After a while of fucking him like this, the boy’s voice had died out. It was a hard, exhausting night for him, of course, and he had simply surrendered to my torture. Jake only weakly groaned every time I slammed my cock into him. No matter how good his insides felt, it was getting boring without any sort of reaction from the stud; to humor him, I finally flipped him around, so he was lying on his back and facing me. I immediately entered him again, and jabbed at that little spot that I’d purposely been neglecting. I wanted him to feel the pain, first, only the pain and the subsequent submission to my excruciating cock. Now we’d gotten past that stage, I decided it was time to start working his prostate.

That certainly got a reaction from him. His gorgeous eyes widened, his mouth fell open and wouldn’t close again; suddenly his groans turned into gasps, unmistakable little sounds of pleasure that made the hair on my body stand upright. He was looking like such a perfect slut. Jake’s pain had been music to my ears; his pleasure was absolute heaven to me. I had turned the big alpha stud into my moaning, gasping bitch, naked on his back in my living room getting his ass fucked, and I had never loved anything more. I started to fuck him even harder, now relentlessly battering his prostate while the jock was overtaken with a kind of pleasure he had never experienced before.

“Like that, Jakey? Want me to keep pounding this tight hole of yours?”

He was too far gone to answer. The blond jock was even bucking his hips into me, now, complying with my rhythm and completely surrendering himself to my dick. I grabbed those beefy pecs of his to steady myself, and I started fucking him as hard as I can.

“Oooohhhh!!! F-fuckkkkk!!!” Jake moaned at the top of his lungs, looking prettier than ever.

Suddenly I felt him arching back, his abundant muscles contracting as he closed his eyes and let out a howl that probably everyone in my street could’ve heard.

The boy reached his climax.

Without a single touch, his fat cock started shooting endless strings of thick cum onto his torso. Some of it even hit his face, and got in that perfect golden hair of his. As he came, Jake’s tight ass milked my dick at the same time, and I could no longer keep myself together. We both howled like madmen as we shot our loads. I pumped my seed into his boycunt, breeding him and properly marking that virgin territory as mine.

In those few seconds, everything was perfect. 

The way the big linebacker was lying there, his face and body sprayed by the cum that I’d fucked out of him, his eyes filled with something so beautifully innocent and submissive, and the feeling of his wet hole around my cock; this was what I’d waited for, the reason I had managed to stay so patient with the rookie fag.

This moment was absolutely priceless. I knew neither I or he was ever going to forget this moment, this night, here on my floor.

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