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My Jock
Part 1
By Stud Stealer

Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and intended to stay that way. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of my imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual people or events is coincidental or fictionalized.

[Michigan, October ‘12]

“What’s your name, boy?” I asked.

The blond stud was blushing heavily, probably tearing himself apart right there and then, knowing this was a bad idea but unable to walk away. He was young, full of hormones, probably a little drunk, too; I could almost smell the curiosity rushing through his veins.

“Jake,” he said.

As if I hadn’t recognized him yet. His long, golden hair was pretty famous round these parts. The varsity linebacker for the biggest university in the state. The most handsome guy on the team. Michigan’s very own, All-American Thor. 

I took a step closer to the hunk.

Jake tensed, suddenly looking on his guard again.

“I assume you know what happens in these woods, don’t you, boy?” I said, and he nodded slowly. Good. The jock had come here to experiment, and I would give him the experiment of his life.

He froze when I placed a hand on his shoulder. I was already loving the feeling of his warm muscles in my hand, but Jake didn’t look so content. He was probably still trying to tell himself how wrong this was, convinced he was still straight.

“You ever done anything with a guy before, Jake?” I asked, and he shook his reddened head. Meanwhile, my hand was impatiently rubbing up and down that beefy arm of his. I could feel the strength of his deltoid, a real boulder of muscle, carved out through years of tackling and playing ball.

“Never? A pretty boy like you?”

He somehow got even redder at that, and shook his head again - before something must’ve entered his mind, some repressed memory he had tried to forget but never could.

“I-I kissed, once,” he muttered shamefully, “In high school. The first time I got drunk, with this guy on the team. Just kissed.”

“Just kissed, huh?” I grinned, “So you’ve really been saving yourself all this time. What made you decide to come out here?”

The big jock shifted uncomfortably on his legs as my hand started to feel up his biceps. He was completely jacked, his arms about the size of his head, just like I liked ‘em.

“I, eh, I j-just wanted to see what it’s like,” he said. “To see, eh, if… if-“

“If you’re really a fag,” I finished his sentence for him. His face hardened at that last word, but I couldn’t help it. He was so beautifully innocent, so perfectly naive; I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him and ruin his life.

I put my other hand on the back of his head, and carefully leaned forward to place my lips on his thick neck. He had even put on cologne for this adventure. How cute. I felt like a hungry wolf, playing with an unknowing, delicious deer; every movement was counted and thought out, tiptoeing around the woods, stalking silently before one wrong move would make him flee.

“H-how old are you?” he muttered, while I had started giving him hickeys. I couldn’t help chuckling a little at that question.

“Old enough to be your dad,” I said. Maybe not the smoothest move. Jake shook me off, startled, and he took another step backward. I silently cursed myself for being so impatient with the rookie.

“If you wanted to try out with one of those young, fem twinks, you should’ve looked around at school, boy,” I said. “Might as well have fucked around with a girl, then. This here is where you can find a real man. If you don’t think you can handle that, you should go home, before you do something you might regret.”

He looked at me with those gorgeous puppy eyes, confused and overwhelmed with feelings he never knew he had. I took another step toward him, and was glad to see he didn’t back off. I grabbed his golden hair, and pushed my lips onto his.

Tentatively, Jake placed a hand on my arm and started to kiss me back. God, he was adorable. I felt my temperature rise as his taste filled my mouth, his hesitant hand on my skin; I quickly started to wrestle his tongue into submission, and let my hands travel down that beefy torso of his. I dug my fingers in his big pecs, clawing those slabs of beef with little gentleness.

A soft groan escaped the jock’s throat when I brushed over his nipples. The corners of my mouth curled up as I felt how hard they already were, and I decided to let one hand slip underneath his t-shirt. His warm, smooth skin felt wonderful at the touch. He was even more ripped than I thought; I clearly felt a good set of abs on him, and his chest was truly impressive.

Jake moaned again as my fingers started to play with his sensitive nips.

“W-wait,” the linebacker muttered, breaking our kiss when my other hand found its way to his crotch. He was undoubtedly hard already, but he stopped me when I tried to enter his shorts.

“Just relax, boy,” I said, “Let me make you feel good.”

“I-I… I don’t know- I shouldn’t-“

Without warning, I grabbed his bulge. I could already tell he was massive, a big fat cock above a big fat set of balls, and the jock gasped involuntarily as his junk was being grabbed by a real man for the first time.

For the first time in his life, he wasn’t treated like the strong, alpha male. Michigan’s handsome Thor was being treated like a bitch.

“Don’t that feel good? Don’t you want more?”

Jake looked wonderful, completely torn between humiliation and the irresistible lust my hands were conjuring up within him. I took his silence for a yes, and mercilessly pulled down his basketball shorts to reveal his beautiful thighs and a bulging pair of white boxer-briefs. He had not a second to realize what was happening as I grabbed his dick again and began to tug on his enormous shaft.

“F-fuck,” Jake whispered, closing his eyes and trying to surrender to the pleasure.

I grinned and started to kiss his neck again, slowly working his boner inside his underwear. I could feel he was close to shooting already; the poor stud had probably been secretly fantasizing about this ever since he reached puberty, and his mind couldn’t deal with all these new feelings I was giving him.

Before he would cream his boxer-briefs prematurely, I moved my hand back up his torso and onto his broad shoulders. Jake opened his eyes again, looking confused and at a loss. His hand travelled instinctively to his leaking cock, but I grabbed it just in time and held him back.

“Not so quick, Jake,” I said. “I’m more than happy to make you feel good, but this is a two-player-game. About time for you to start learning how to make another man feel good, too.”

I pushed the big hunk to his knees, and Jake’s face reddened even more as he realized what was about to happen. Looking down on the handsome jock like that, his puppy eyes filled with fear and confusion, made my cock twitch in my pants, and I quickly started to undo my belt.

“W-wow- wow! I-I’m not- I ain’t into this!” the linebacker stammered. “I don’t-“

“It doesn’t matter what you’re into, boy,” I said, keeping him down on the ground, “It’s my turn to feel good. You wanted to experiment, right? See what it’s like?”

“No, no, n-not this, I just wanted - I don’t wanna do anything like that.”

While the jock continued to protest, I pulled down my pants and revealed my rock-hard dick. Jake’s voice died out as he saw my boner hovering above his pretty face, the sheer size of my cock looming over him like an ominous weapon. His eyes were wide and shocked, and his cheeks were redder than ever. I placed a hand on his head, and the boy looked up at me with all of his beautiful innocence.

“Relax,” I told him. “Stop thinking. It’s just us two. No one else in the world. Like you said, you’re just here to try what it’s like. So go ahead and try.”

“I c-can’t,” he muttered, his voice so perfectly husky, “I-I… I don’t know how… I’ve never…”

“That’s okay. You’re just trying out. Don’t worry.”

He was breathing heavy, his world probably spinning around him. For the first time in his life he was surrendering to those feelings that had plagued him for forever, giving in to feelings he’d been told were wrong but felt so undeniably good. Jake tentatively placed a hand on my leg, and moved closer to my cock.

I was having an awfully hard time keeping myself from fucking his face right there and then, but I knew I had to take it slow. These were his first steps, his first moments in the next phase of his life, and I couldn’t ruin things by blindly giving in to my lust.

Jake opened his mouth, slowly taking the head of my dick between his lips. He winced instinctively at the taste, and I laughed at the face he made.

“That’s the taste of a man, Jake,” I grinned. “Take it slow. You’ll get used to it.”

He pulled himself together, and tried again. I let out a gasp as I felt the warm, wet insides of his mouth enclose around my member. The sound must’ve encouraged him, because he tried to take my entire boner before inevitably gagging.

I started to guide him, telling him to use his hand and tongue, teaching him how to give me the most pleasure. Before long I was slowly thrusting into his mouth, loving the feeling of his soft lips on the most sensitive part of my body. 

I dug my fingers in those golden locks of his and let the gorgeous jock give me head.

After a while, it started to rain. First only a light drizzle, which we ignored, but then more and more, drops falling harder with the second. Within half a minute, we were caught in a torrential downpour.

Jake jumped back to his feet, pulling his shorts back up and trying to get himself back together while the heavens poured down on us.

I was pleased to notice he was still rock-hard.

“Well, my car’s this way, boy,” I said. “You coming, or what?”

Jake didn’t respond, just looked at me with those innocent, unsure puppy eyes. He knew it was a terrible idea, but he also didn’t want this experiment to end yet. I didn’t really give him a choice, either; I simply sighed, turned my back toward him and started walking to the parking lot.

“Suit yourself,” I said. It took maybe eight, nine steps before I heard the linebacker move, his footsteps coming towards me.

“W-wait!” he said, “I’ll- I’ll come with you. Just for a little bit.”

Soon enough we were sat in my Mercedes, the rain patting on the roof and windows. I had made the boy take off his muddy shoes & socks and thrown them in the trunk, pretending to be concerned about the interior of the expensive car. In reality, it just served as another way to make him feel inferior to me. Suddenly he was the inexperienced, barefoot rookie, sitting next to an older man with the taste of my cock still on his tongue. I loved everything about the situation.

Jake looked at me, and I couldn’t hold myself in any longer. I grabbed that beautiful long hair of his and pulled him towards me, crashing my lips onto his. I wasn’t playing around anymore; I wanted to taste him, bad. My tongue forced its way into his mouth again, and dominated the jock’s tongue around while my other hand slipped back underneath his soaked shirt.

A soft groan escaped his throat when I took his nipple between two fingers and started to tweak it. I tweaked it a little more, and he groaned a little louder in pain; but his cock was visibly twitching in his shorts, and he was looking heated as ever when I pulled back from our kiss.

“Take it off,” I said, holding his wet t-shirt.

Jake blinked a couple of times, still stuck in his little world of horniness and excitement.


“Take off your shirt,” I repeated. “Go on. Show me what you got.”

The stud frowned, but did as I said. As his sculpted torso was finally revealed to me, I felt the flames of desire within me grow bigger and bigger. Everything was slightly damp from the rain, and it made his skin glisten beautifully.

He truly was a stud, big juicy pecs above a perfect set of washboard abs. His arms looked even bigger than I’d thought. I grinned, and patted his beefy chest for a bit, stroking his well-defined muscles. Jake was blushing heavily, but he let me touch him all I wanted.

“Very nice,” I said, digging my fingers in those bulging tits. “Seems like all that football is good for something after all.”

This struck something with the boy. His frown deepened, and he shook my hand off him.

“I… I never told you I play football,” Jake said. “You know who I am?”

“Of course, Jake. Everyone in this damned county knows who you are. Hell, people would probably even recognize you all over the Midwest. If you wanted to have stayed anonymous, you should’ve gone to Detroit, or something.”

“Fuck,” he said, hiding his pretty face in his hands. “Fuck! I’m so fucked!”

“Relax,” I said, placing a hand on his bare shoulder. “Nobody’s going to find out that their favorite college linebacker is a fag.”

“Fuck you. I’m not a fag,” he snarled.

There it was. Finally he was fighting back a little. I certainly liked this look of anger on him. This was the fire I wanted to see, that famous football fury I so wanted to take in my hands and squeeze to death.

“You just sucked off a strange man almost twice your age,” I reminded him, “And you were rock-hard while doing so. I bet you can still taste my precum, can’t you? The taste of a real man? How’s that feel?”

Jake didn’t say anything, just threw me the most hateful look he could muster up. Behind that anger, I saw the panic in his eyes, that lifelong fear of being exposed. He was probably cursing himself for having done any of this.

“Besides, you almost jizzed your underwear just from me touching your nips, boy,” I continued. “And all those hickeys on that neck o’yours pretty much speak for themselves. You’re a fag, and a real good-looking one at that.”

“I’m not a fucking fag!!” the shirtless hunk raged.

Poor boy. All those years of Catholic upbringing and heteronormative surroundings had made him incredibly closeted and insecure. I was going to have so much fun breaking him out of that shell of his.

“Well, then, you have about three seconds to get out,” I sighed. “I don’t need boys who won’t admit to what they are. Get out of the car.”

He looked taken aback for a second, then fury returned. 

The jock tried to reach for his shirt, but I yanked it away from him and held it for myself. He had another weak attempt at grabbing it, but I held it out of his reach. I got out a waterproof marker, and wrote down a string of numbers on his shirt before throwing it back to him.

“For if you ever decide to change your mind,” I said. “Now get out.”

Jake mumbled one last curse before stepping out of the car, back into the pouring rain. Maybe he expected me to open the trunk so he could get his shoes, but I wasn’t in such a forgiving mood. The second he closed the door, I started the car and drove off, leaving the young athlete barefoot and alone in the torrential showers.

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