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Part 6 - Robin learns what Lex & Penguin are really up to!
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story “The Complete Takeover” by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Six

Taken to Lex’s newly appropriated and very secluded estate, located an hour or so north of Gotham City, The Penguin led Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson into his partner-in-crime's spacious four story mansion. Luthor was waiting for them at the doorway of his home office, down on the first floor.

Lex greeted his invited guests with a big smile, “Welcome, Mr. Wayne! And I see you brought your young ward Richard with you, just as we discussed. .... Good, good! .... I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you both here in my humble little hideaway."

Bruce's bright blue eyes immediately locked on to Lex's deep green spheres as he replied, "I'm so glad to .... see you again too, .... Dr. Luthor!" His voice was slow and monotone which only served to confirm what Dick had already suspected .... Luthor must have placed Bruce under some kind of spell!

Luthor looked down at the crotch of Bruce's pants. He could tell from the obscene bulge in the front of his tight-fitting slacks that the enamored Wayne's cock was already fully erect. "Yes, I can see that you are quite eager to meet with me again, aren't you, Brucey boy? .... But, first, I have to talk to your teenage charge Richard here for just a moment ... I promise, this shouldn't take very long. .... So why don't you wait for me in my office ..... Just sit down at my desk .... I have a pretty new spiral up on the computer screen for you to look at .... ”

Dick interrupts, “Bruce, don't you see what Lex is doing? .... He wants to keep us apart! .... You cannot let him get away with this! .... We have got to stick together! .... ” Young Grayson pleaded.

Bruce turned to look at Dick with a confused expression on his face. ... It was almost as if he was torn between his past and his future.

Sensing his hesitation, Lex put his hand under Bruce’s chin, turning his head so the entranced Wayne was now gazing directly into Luthor's eyes. "Please me, boy! .... Now make yourself comfortable and go watch the video in the other room .... I shall join you in a few minutes .... ”

Bruce felt weak from a overwhelming desire to please the man he now loves .... So he respectfully conceded, "Yes, .... Doctor."

"No, Bruce! .... Don't go! ... You can't leave me alone with these two evildoers! ..... " Dick cried out but Bruce paid him no mind as he drifted off into Lex’s private office. Luthor closed the door behind him so Mr. Wayne would not be able to hear what was being said in the hallway.

“Any problems, Penguin?" Lex asked.

“No, none of any significance, Luthor." The Penguin replied. "Wayne succumbed just like you said he would. By the time Grayson here got into the limo, Wayne was totally under your power. So I could not resist telling my young passenger here what lied in store for him. Dickie insisted that I take them back to Wayne Manor. But Mr. Wayne would have no part of that! You should be very proud of what you have done with that boy. I have never seen you modify anyone so quickly.”

“Thank you, Penguin .... I knew Mr. Wayne's will would be stronger than most ... But with this latest brainwashing program that I have just created, I was certain that I would be able to break him! ... Not even he could resist my most technologically advanced mind control methods yet!" Luthor boasts.

"I must say, I'm very impressed, Luthor! .... If you can take control of Wayne's mind that easily, I bet you could probably take control of almost anyone's! .... " The Penguin suggests.

"That was exactly what I was thinking, Ossie .... And with Mr. Wayne's help, we could set our sights on an even bigger .... Oh well, we'll discuss that later. .... " Lex then turned his attention to their young guest, "Now as for you, Richard .... ”

“Dick to you, you chrome-dome .... ” Grayson corrects him.

But Lex ignores his request, “Now, Richard ... you should have a fair idea of what you’re up against."

“Yeah ... Your chubby accomplice here already filled me in on the ride over here. ... " Dick responds, " .... And what he didn't tell me, I could figure out just by looking at your gun-toting goons in their tight-fitting gold lamé jockstrips and matching collars. ... So that's how you been acquiring all of these huge corporations. .... By turning their executives into your toy boys! ... I gotta hand it to you, Luthor. ... That's one way to fuck the competition."

"Thanks for the compliment, Richard. .... However insincere. .... I thought it was a rather ingenious idea myself." Lex smugly says.

"But I'm sure the Federal Trade Commission would be interested in investigating your rather questionable business practices, Luthor ..... not to mention the Department of Justice .... "

But Lex states with an air of confidence, "Ah, but you forget, Richard. I am now one of the richest, most powerful businessmen in the entire country ..... nay the whole wide world. .... And a man of my considerable wealth has got a lot of friends in high places ... Like The FBI, The CIA, the Congress, even the White House. .... and if I go down, they will all go down with me. ... So, you see, Richard, all I have to do is call in a few favors and any charges against me will be dropped (snaps his fingers) just like that!"

"Holy widespread corruption! .... Well, I can't be bought. And as soon as I figure out a way to get out of this deplorable den of iniquity, I intend to tell everyone just what you're up to, Luthor!"

"You won't be telling any one, Richard! Because you will not be going anywhere. .... For you and Mr. Wayne are about to become my latest 'acquisitions'."

"I can understand why you want Bruce. .... So you can take over his company. But why me, Luthor? .... I am only a apprentice at Wayne Enterprises. I'm just working there this summer for some extra college credit. .... Hell, it's not like I am on the Board of Directors or anything like that.”

“But you are Bruce Wayne's ward .... His likely heir .... " continued Luthor. "To tell you the truth, Richard, you would not even be here at all if you hadn’t barged into Bruce’s office during our meeting this morning. As soon as I saw you .... your well built, athletic body .... your pretty boy good looks .... I knew you would be the perfect puppet to dangle in front of some of other executives whose companies I plan to absorb."

The Penguin adds, "And I also think you will make the perfect personal assistant for me, the newly appointed COO of LexCorp. Oh yes, I wouldn't mind having a handsome young private secretary like you working under me. And I do mean 'under', my soon-to-be bottom boy! .... Waaaaa waaa waaaa!!!"

Dick flatly rejects his offer, "Forget it, you big, fat bird! ... I already told you, I'm straight."

"Not for long, Dickie .... " The Penguin corrected him. "Call me a big fat bird, will ya? ... Well just wait until you get a load of my big fat cock. ... Soon you are going to acquire a taste for some Penguin meat! .... Waaaaa waaaa waaaa!!!"

Dick is appalled by the mere suggestion, "Holy indigestion! Don't make me gag, you fowl felon!"

"Oh, wouldn't I love too, you smart-mouthed brat! .... Waaa waaa waaa!" The Penguin jests.

"Ossie's right, Richard! ... Before this night is over, Bruce will be my boy. And by tomorrow morning, you shall be The Penguin's. .... You shall become infatuated with all parts of his body .... and you will be willing to go to any lengths to please him!" Lex insists.

"Not a chance, Luthor. I like girls, not guys .... Besides, since when did you turn gay, Penguin? ... " Dick asks.

"Well, when you have been incarcerated as many times as Luthor and I have, after awhile, you are bound to have your share of prison sex. Right, Lexie?"

Luthor agrees, "Right, Ossie! Let me tell you, Grayson, there is nothing more satisfying than fucking a couple of goody-two-shoe guys like you and Mr. Wayne. You have no idea what a rush it is to totally dominate a straight male! .... Why, the best sex I ever had was raping a man who was way more muscular and stronger than I was and knowing that he was completely powerless to stop me. Take it from me, Richard, it is the ultimate power trip!"

Penguin elaborates, "Me, I don't care if it's an asshole or a cunt, as long as I get off! And particularly if my partner is young, fit and attractive .... just like yourself!"

The Penguin then caresses Dick's cheek with his right hand as he tries to grab his limp dick with his left. But Grayson puts up a fight, only to have his arms pinned behind his back by one of Luthor's loyal manservants while the other gold-suited guard points the barrel of the gun right at his temple. Still, Dick will not be intimidated.

"Keep your dirty wings off me, you vile vulture! .... I swear if you ever touch me again, I'll punch you right in the beak!" Dick threatens.

"Waaaa waaa waaa! Soon you will be kissing me right on this noble beak! And longing for the feel of my feathers! .... Waaaaa Waaaa Waaaa!!!" The Penguin alludes.

“Don't hold your breath, Penguin. .... I don’t know what Luthor has done to Bruce, but you'll never succeed with me!”

But Luther reminds him, "If I had no problem convincing an accomplished man like Bruce Wayne to give me his company, what makes you think I will have any difficulty persuading a mere child like yourself to submit to the Penguin, Richard?"

"Because I have one advantage over Bruce. .... I already know what you two felonious fiends are up to."

"It makes no difference, Richard. ..... You will soon succumb just like all of the others!" Lex assures him.

"But you seem to have forgotten one thing, Luthor ... "

"Really? .... And what's that, Richard?"

"What about Batman and Robin? .... It won't be long until they find out that we're missing. .... Then they are sure to come to our rescue!" Dick says with certainty.

Since he has already knows that Bruce and Dick are really Batman and Robin, Luthor can't help but be a bit amused by his assertion, "Oh, will they now? .... And how can you be so sure, Grayson?"

"As soon as they discover that you two villains are operating here in Gotham City, the Dynamic Duo will figure out that you are the ones who kidnapped us. And then they will put an end to your criminal organization."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Richard, but I seriously doubt that the Dynamic Dunceheads will pose any kind of threat to either me or my corporation. .... In fact, I believe that Batman and The Boy Wonder could actually prove to be quite useful to The Penguin and I!" Luthor suggests.

"Just what do you mean by that, Luthor?" A suspicious Dick wonders.

"Oh, you will find out soon enough, Grayson. .... " Luthor alludes. "Well, as much as I have enjoyed our little chat, I do have some other business to attend to. As you are well aware, Bruce is waiting for me in my office .... After all, that hunk of man is the main course .... You are just the dessert, kid. .... The icing on the cake, so to speak. But I plan to spend most of this weekend with Mr. Wayne .... leading him down the path I have chosen for him. Now, as for you, Richard .... ”

“Dick .... ”

“Richard .... you’re going to induce most of your enslavement to me and my cause all by yourself .... ”

“Fat chance, Baldy! .... ”

"Oh, we shall see, Grayson .... we shall see .... Penguin, take Richard away and prepare him for me. I will see you two later .... ”

Taking hold of Dick's forearm, The Penguin is anxious to get started, "It will be my pleasure, Lexie. Now come with me, Dickie. Waaa waaa waaaa .... "

As The Penguin dragged Dick into another room down the hall, Luthor walked towards his office door where Bruce awaits.

Meanwhile, over in Metropolis, it's now half past eight and a slightly worried Clark Kent is still waiting for a phone call from his best friend Bruce. .... But he won't be calling him back tonight. ... Or tomorrow night. .... Or even the next. .... Unfortunately Mr. Wayne has been detained .... indefinitely.

To be continued ....

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