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Part 5 - The Penguin takes Robin The Boy Wonder for a ride
By SHeroNY
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By SHeroNy

(Inspired by the unfinished story "The Complete Takeover" by M2MNIPU8me)

Chapter Five

Ossie pulled the limo up to the front steps of Wayne Manor around 6:45 PM and impatiently blew his horn. Dressed in a suit and tie, Dick Grayson said his goodbyes to Alfred and then got into the car. A suspicious Alfred stood at the front door as he watched them drive away.

The observant butler thought to himself, "Funny but I don't believe I have ever seen that limousine before. Nor do I remember the license plate number. .... LXCP2? ..... That certainly isn't one of Mr. Wayne's fleet. .... I am not sure why ..... But I just have the awful feeling that something is terribly wrong. ....... "

When Dick Grayson entered the limo, there was no immediate evidence of what had just happened to Bruce on the way to Wayne Manor. .... At least, none that Dick could see. The always-plotting Penguin had previously ejected the dvd and turned off the monitor long before he ever picked up his new passenger. Even the cum stain that had formed around the crotch of Bruce's pants had already started to dry and, by now, was barely noticeable. The only hint of there was anything amiss was the way Bruce introduced Ossie to Dick. There was an slight tone of awe in his voice when Bruce said his name.

Trying to look through the tinted divider, Dick could only see the back of the chauffeur's head. Although he could tell he was a short, stout man, it never even occurred to Dick that Ossie could ever be the Dynamic Duo's arch-nemesis, The Penguin. Just to be polite, Dick said hello. The driver waved back at him in acknowledgement but never once took his eyes off the road. After that, the limo became awkwardly silent.

Dick couldn't help but notice that Bruce seemed sort of quiet, like he had something on his mind. So, while they have a moment alone together (well, almost alone), Dick took this opportunity to question Bruce about his relationship with Vicki, "So I understand that you broke off your dinner date with Miss Vale tonight. Gosh, Bruce .... How'd she take it?"

"She was pissed." Bruce's answer was short and direct as he just kept looking out the side window, eager to get to their destination as soon as possible.

In light of what Alfred had just told him, Dick was truly sorry to hear that, "Gee, Bruce, that's too bad. .... It sure sounds like you had quite a romantic evening planned. I'll bet Miss Vale was really disappointed .... "

Bruce just blows it off, "Don't worry, Dick. ..... She'll get over it."

It was obvious to Dick that Bruce didn't want to talk about it right now. So Dick decides to drop the subject, at least for the time being. He had lived with Bruce long enough to know how he can get when he is in one of his moods. After all, they don't call him 'The Dark Knight' for nothing. In fact, the stark contrast in their personalities, not to mention their conflicting views on crimefighting had become an increasing source of contention between Batman and Robin all throughout his high school years. And their differences seem to have only gotten worse ever since Dick turned eighteen and went away to college.

With Bruce firmly ensnared in Lex Luthor’s web (and Dick himself soon to follow), The Penguin could not resist the urge to toy with the unsuspecting Boy Wonder. After all, he had already activated the door locks so Grayson could not open them. And even if he could, he's not about to jump out of a speeding car. So there was really no reason he should wait to antagonize his young passenger, regardless of what Luthor had told him earlier.

Disguising his voice, The Penguin cleared his throat before he spoke up, "Ahem ... So, Mr. Wayne, don't you think it's time to tell young Grayson here where we are going?"

"Oh, Bruce already told me all about it at the office, Ossie. Barbara Gordon invited us to a surprise birthday party for her father, The Commisoner at the Gotham City Country Club. That's why he told me not to tell anyone. It is supposed to be a secret." Dick replied.

"Yeah ... it is a secret all right! ..... But that's not the real surprise, is it, Mr. Wayne? ..... " The Penguin mockingly asked.

"What is he talking about, Bruce?"

"We're not going to Commissioner Gordon's birthday party tonight, Dick ... " Bruce informs him.

"We aren't? .... Why not?"

Ossie interjects, "Because the party doesn't even start for another 72 hours! ..... You see, Grayson, the Commissioner's big birthday bash is not tonight .... It's Monday night. .... Isn't that right, Mr. Wayne?"

"Right, Ossie .... "

Dick is confused, "Hold on a minute. Let me get this straight. So you lied to me, Bruce? ..... "

"Yes, Dick .... " Bruce confesses.

"But why? .... "

"I had to lie .... "

The mischievous chauffeur then defends Bruce, "But he had his reasons, didn't you, Mr. Wayne? .... "

An angry Dick snaps at the nosy driver, "Do you mind? ... We are trying to have a private conversation here. ..... Then, just where are we heading, Bruce???"

There is a long pause as Bruce tries his best to ignore his question, hoping to avoid a confrontation. He just keeps staring out the side window, refusing to look Dick in the eye.

A frustrated Dick is really starting to get annoyed with his mentor, "Damn it, Bruce! ... Answer me!"

"It's alright, Mr. Wayne .... You can tell him .... " The trouble-making limo driver tries to coax the truth out of Bruce, "After all, the lad has a right to know! .... "

Dick gives the driver a dirty look, wondering what business it is of his.

At Ossie's urging, Bruce finally turns his head to face Dick as he reluctantly divulges, "There is a very urgent business meeting that we must attend instead ..... "

"An urgent business meeting? ..... On a Friday night? .... With who?"

"Lex Luthor! ...." Bruce admits with a blush.

"Lex Luthor? .... You're kidding, right?"

"Wrong, young Grayson." Ossie answers for him, "You see, LexCorp has decided to acquire Wayne Enterprises and all of its assets, including yourselves. In fact, you and Mr. Wayne here are going to be two of the most lucrative investments our firm has ever made! Your bodies are far more valuable to us than any stock!"

"WHAT??? ..... Forget it, jerk! .... Bruce would never sell out to the likes of Lex Luthor!"

"That’s what they all say ... but we have our methods ...... "

"Hear that, Bruce? ... They’re talking about a hostile takeover! ..... No way!" Grayson exclaims as he then realizes that they are now leaving Bristol Township and heading north, which is the exact opposite direction of Gotham City. "Hey, we're going the wrong way! Tell this loudmouth limo driver to turn this damn car around and take us straight back to Wayne Manor this instant!" Dick demands.

At first, Bruce did not say a word during this rather heated exchange between Dick and Ossie .... but now Dick was attempting to keep him from seeing the most important man in his life .... Lex Luthor! And, as Lex had told him earlier, he cannot allow Grayson to stop him from attending this meeting.

"No, Dick, we are not going back .... the future of my company is at stake! .... I must meet with Mr. Luthor tonight ..... I gave him my word ..... "

"But Lex Luthor is a corporate raider! .... He’s planning to absorb Wayne Enterprises into his conglomerate just like he did the rest of his competitors! ... We have to stop him! .... "

"No, Dick ... you have Lex all wrong. .... Lex is my friend. .... And Ossie is Lex’s friend ... so he is my friend too .... and soon they will be your friends as well .... isn’t that right, Sir?"

Grayson did not like this sudden turn of events ... how Bruce was refusing to listen to him .... the way he addressed the limo driver with such reverence ..... that someone as committed to upholding the law as Batman could ever think of a known criminal like Lex Luthor as his friend.

"Bruce, have you lost your mind?..... "

"No, not completely. ... At least, not yet! .... " The Penguin answered as he finally turned his head around to face his shocked young passenger.

"No, it can't be! .... Look, Bruce! .... The Penguin!" Dick cries out.

"Save your breath, Grayson! .... There is nothing you can say that will change his mind. ..... Another much more powerful than you has Mr. Wayne under his sway ... just as we shall soon have you! ..... "

"Don’t bet on it, you crooked bird! .... You can’t hold us against our will forever. .... Batman and Robin will come to our rescue ..... as soon as they figure out that you and Luthor have kidnapped us ..... "

The Penguin doesn't let on that he already knows all about their secret identities, "Kidnapped? ..... Waa waa waa waa waa ..... I'll have you know that it was Mr. Wayne who arranged this little meeting with Mr. Luthor! .... Didn't you, Brucie Boy? .... "

"Yes I did, Ossie!"

"And he wants to make a business deal with Mr. Luthor, don't you, Mr. Wayne? .... One that will be mutually beneficial for both parties! .... After all, we shall soon own Wayne Enterprises. ... And then LexCorp will own the both of you! ..... You see, Grayson, that way, everybody wins! ... Right, Mr. Wayne?"

"Right, Ossie!"

"No, Bruce! ... You don't know what you're saying .... "

"You heard Mr. Wayne, Grayson! ..... He's already made his decision! .... And no one will stand in the way of our multi-million dollar merger, not even The Dynamic Duo!"

"Don’t bet on that either, you feathered fiend! ..... Mark my words, Batman and Robin will find a way to stop you!"

"Mark MY words, Grayson! .... There's no way those Dynamic Doofuses can stop us this time. Mr. Wayne is about to sign over his entire company to LexCorp. Then you two hot studs shall soon work for us. .... Once we acquire Wayne Enterprises, its former CEO here will be demoted to Luthor's new 'errand' boy. .... Waaaa waaa waaa! .... "

"Holy indignities! .... Are you listening to this, Bruce?" Dick asks, nudging him. But Bruce doesn't respond. Instead he just sat there with a dumb look on his face.

The Penguin continues, "And as for you, Dickie, you're going to become .... how shall I put this delicately .... my own personal assistant .... both in the boardroom as well as my bedroom, if you know what I mean! .... Yes, you are going to learn to love your new job, kid! ..... Waaaa waaa waaa!"

"No thanks, you big, fat, disgusting slob! I'd rather be unemployed than take that position!" Dick flatly refuses.

"Oh, you're gonna be in lots of different positions, pretty boy .... down on your knees, legs up in the air, doggy style, 69 ..... Oh yes, you will be willing to do anything to please your new employers at LexCorp! .... Especially ME!!!!!"

"Why don't you take your job and shove it, Penguin! And that goes for Luthor too!"

"I like your defiance, kid ... if only because I'll find it so much more rewarding when your will is finally broken. .... Trust me, you unruly runt .... By this time tomorrow, you will accept my job offer. In fact, you will beg to be at my side serving and servicing me, your new boss, any way I dictate! And I'm not talking about your shorthand either. ..... I'd much rather have you go down on my nice long dick instead!"

"Holy sexual harassment! No way, Turkey! .... I'm into girls, not guys!"

"Believe me, straight boy, by the time our corporate takeover of Wayne Enterprises is complete, you’ll no longer have eyes for the ladies .... you’ll only be interested in pleasuring men .... One older, slightly overweight man in particular ..... Catch my drift? ..... "

"Yeah, that's a good one, you loony bird! Now tell me another fairytale .... "

Then, much to Grayson's surprise, the car turned off the main road onto a very, very long driveway,

"Hey, isn’t this the estate of media mogel Ronald Trunk?"

"It used to be, but Mr. Trunk relinquished his entire empire to Lex Luthor earlier this month. Only the details of their business transaction has yet to be made public. You know, our lawyers at LexCorp are paid very well to find ways to get around all those unnecessary rules and regulations. But, just to be sure, Luthor has also made some very sizable donations to a few high-ranking government officials ..... So the FTC should be approving the merger any day now. Waaaa waa waaa .... "

"Holy highway robbery! He was one of the richest men in the world! Now why would a wealthy man like Trunk do a thing like that?" Grayson pondered.

"To express his love and admiration ..... " Bruce whispered.

The limousine went through the gate and came to a stop at the main entrance. Just then, the front door was opened by a muscular manservant dressed in nothing but a gold lamé jockstrap with a matching solid gold collar around his neck. Looking out the car window, Grayson saw other servants ... all male .... all dressed alike. The skimpy ‘uniform’, if it could be called such, showed off the well defined bodies of each one of Luther's loyal employees. Even their jockstraps were skintight .... leaving little doubt of the size of what lied hidden underneath.

The Penguin unlocked the backdoor and then pulled Grayson out of the car by his thick forearm, "Come on, Dickie. Mr. Wayne has a very important meeting to attend .... and some even more important contracts to sign. So we mustn't keep your new CEO waiting!"

The Penguin led Mr. Wayne and his young ward through the front entrance of the luxurious mansion and guided them down the hallway, towards Luthor's office. Two gold-suited manservants were following closely behind, each pointing a loaded gun at the broad backs of Bruce and Dick, just to make sure they wouldn't try to escape. Bruce's blue eyes lit up the moment he saw Lex was waiting for them at the doorway of his home office. But a look of both dread and anger came over Dick's handsome face as he wondered what Luthor had in store for them next.

To be continued ....

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