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Part 5 - 13 Part 5
By SHeroNY
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The Super Friends in


By SHeroNY

Part 5

Once he was certain that Superman was totally under the influence of the powerful sedative, the Doctor prepared him for the first stage of the enslavement process. Reaching above his seated super-subject, Overlord lowered a heavy metal dome-shaped helmet infused with Kryptonite particles (which he had especially designed in anticipation of The Man of Steel‘s eventual internment), then placed it over his unwitting patient’s head, carefully positioning it so the contact pads touched the appropriate parts of the skull.

The Doctor ensured that the speaker attachments were positioned over Superman’s ears and secured them in place. Precision was vital. Nothing must be left to chance. Satisfied with his work, Doctor Overlord now moved a large screen in front of the helmeted Superman, placing the monitor right before his unblinking eyes.

Many months of research had gone into developing this mind-bending invention and the Doctor was quite proud of his accomplishments. It was a shame really that he couldn’t share these achievements with the rest of his peers at the university, but this top secret annex of his secluded home had to remain hidden from view. That was why he had built this very secure underground medical facility beneath the modest country cottage in which he lived, many miles away from Downtown Metropolis. Here, he could indulge his real life in total peace and quiet, unseen and unknown by anybody else. And even those few who do drive by on this desolate dirt road would never guess from the quant appearance on the outside that underneath this otherwise simple-looking house lurked a state of the art subterranean laboratory on one side and a fully-stocked dungeon on the other. The dark dreary dungeon was filled with many manacles, stocks, slings, and cages as well as the most sadistic punishment devices ever designed, almost any kind of sex toy one could ever imagine, a wide variety of whips and floggers and countless numbers of dildos available in every shape and size. The doctor has amassed this impressive collection of sexual paraphernalia over the years yearning for the day he could finally put this torturous equipment to good use on some unsuspecting volunteer. And from the looks of things, his long wait may be nearly over. Unfortunately for our helpless heroes, it starting to appear as though they might very well be the first victims to experience this deviant doctor’s sadomasochistic fetishes whether they have chosen to participate in such debauchery of their own free will or not!

The Mad Doctor felt a familiar thrill run through him as he thought about the process to come. The first stage was designed to wipe all resistance clean by effectively erasing parts of the subject’s brain that stored their existing personality, values and identity. It always made him so aroused to be able to reach deep into a person’s mind and scrub away everything that they held dear. Later, that empty mind could be refilled with whatever the Doctor desired. Just thinking about it made the Doctor’s cock tingle in anticipation.

Doctor Overlord typed something on the keyboard of his computer, then pushed ‘Enter’ and suddenly the helmet was activated. The indicator light above Superman’s forehead started to flash rapidly, indicating the brain-draining program had been initiated. A loud whirling sound quickly filled the room, immediately followed by a series of computerized bleeps and buzzes. Despite all of the noises, The Man of Steel just sat there perfectly still, seemingly unfazed by everything going on around him. Although he may appear to still be conscious, actually the restrained superhero had fallen into a peaceful dream-like state, blissfully unaware of the vicious crime that was about to be perpetrated.

Once he turned on the helmet, the Doctor left the room. It would take several days at least to complete this stage of the program so he would check on his prized patient’s progress later. That would allow him plenty of time to follow the inevitable cover stories for Superman’s disappearance that were sure to come over the next few days. The cold and calculating doctor had covered his tracks way in advance and started putting his ingenious plans into motion long before Superman‘s arrival. The rumors had previously been planted, the mainstream media took the bait just as he had hoped and now the majority of the general public already considers the JLA traitors for turning their backs on them. With the rest of the Super Friends out of commission, the nation’s crime rate had risen dramatically over the past several weeks, just as the doctor had expected it would. And this situation is only bound to get worse now that Superman is no longer there to protect them. So it won’t be long until widespread panic engulfs the entire country and naturally people will be looking for someone to blame. And, since the Justice League are currently in no position to defend themselves, they will, of course, become the obvious scapegoats.

The crafty Doctor thinks to himself, “You know, human behavior is so predictable. People love to put their heroes up on a pedestal only to watch them fall right back down. And the press knows this as well. All they care about is a good story, it makes no difference whether it’s true or not. Yes, thanks to some personalized stationary direct from the Hall of Justice, one of these noisy reporters are about to stumble upon some very damaging evidence which shall confirm that the Justice League of America did indeed turn their tails and run just when their country needed them most. Once the word gets out about their alleged cowardice, their stellar reputations will be ruined for good. This apparent act of betrayal will surely lose the Super Friends whatever followers they still have left. Then not only will no one ever know what has become of their former icons, nobody will even give a damn! The whole world shall soon forget they ever existed and life will simply go on without them!”

Meanwhile, Superman was just staring helplessly at the swirling spiral on the screen in front of him. The hypnotic programming soothed and dulled his passive mind. The light on the helmet now remained on and was shining brightly above his eyes, indicating the connection between the doctor’s computer and the subject’s mind had been established and the thought changing process had already begun. The ominous hum coming from the helmet grew even louder, sounding almost like a big noisy vacuum cleaner. The life-threatening currents began to surge through the cables attached to the top of the metal dome over Superman’s head as they released a strategic pattern of low level shocks to his skull, deliberately targeting certain regions of the brain. The electrical charges were so slight, they could barely be felt yet powerful enough to cause significant changes in the patient’s mind processes.

Slowly but steadily, the helmet began to stimulate the various sections of the brain that contained the higher areas of conscious thought and memory. The normal brain activity that controlled such essential functions as walking, talking, breathing and regulating the patients’ heart rate and blood pressure were left untouched as the helmet systematically began to reshape Superman’s mind. One by one, the relevant neural pathways were exposed to the computer’s scrutiny, which then decided whether or not they should be eliminated. Whenever the computerized scan came across any part of the subject’s brain that it deemed nonessential or unnecessary, it administered a measured bolt of electricity to that specific site which would permanently disrupt the neural connection and effectively erased whatever information that was contained within forever. Once it had completely purged Superman’s previous identity and personality from his memory banks, this would allow the computer to override the subject’s brain circuits and start installing the enslavement program directly into its recipient’s emptied mind without any impediments.

As the computer sifted through the contents of Superman’s brain, selecting which memories he shall retain and what impertinent information it will choose to discard, a number of tiny little laser beams radiating inside his helmet were probing his dormant mind, seeking and destroying anything that came in their path. These Kryptonite laced energy rays purposely zapped away any unwanted details of the superhero’s past life that the computer found to be irrelevant to his future existence as a designated slave. For the entranced Superman, the sensation was like thousands of pins and needles were stuck in his head all at once. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. Superman just glared wide-eyed and vacantly at the screen as his mind was slowly being wiped clean by the lobotomizing lasers. This would go on for many days …

To be continued…

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