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Part 4 - 13 Part 4
By SHeroNY
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The Super Friends in


By SHeroNY

Part 4

Strapped into some sort of futuristic chair in what appeared to be some strange laboratory, a still groggy Superman tries desperately to free himself from his Kryptonite bonds as Doctor Overlord informs the restrained superhero of his diabolical plans for him and his 12 fellow Super Friends, wringing his hands in anticipation.

"You'll never get away with this, Overlord. The Justice League has faced ruthless villains like you before. And we have always found a way to stop them. We shall manage to defeat you as well," Superman insists, shaking his head trying to regain his composure.

The Doctor answers back, "You may be the finest of all warriors, Superman. But, unfortunately for you, this was not a battle of might but of wits. And even with all your muscles and better than average intelligence, you still are no match for my vastly superior intellect. Why I'm far more brilliant than any of the other ‘usual' villains you previously encountered. Compared to me, you have the mindset of a mere child. While I, you see, am the most educated, knowledgeable person that you will ever meet. So there is no way that you will ever figure out a way to defeat me. Don't believe me? Ask your fellow super-simpletons there in the next room. If they could answer, I'm sure that your friends would tell you what kind of genius you're up against. They all learned the hard way that they couldn't escape my brilliance… And neither shall you, Super-dolt!"

Although the Kryptonite is wreaking havoc on his defenses, a still defiant Superman shouts, "You're mad, that’s what you are! If you're as smart as you claim to be, Doc, then you would know that crime doesn't pay!"

Overlord snickers at his self-righteousness, "Oh, I'm afraid that you are mistaken, my stupid superhero. Crime does pay… and quite handsomely, I might add!" Then the doctor reaches down and grabs the crotch of the defenseless Superman's red shorts over his costume, feeling up his prized patient, "Yes, very handsomely indeed, my hot hero. For I am about to commit the perfect crime and you Super Friends shall make the perfect victims!"

Superman turns his head in disgust as he tries to reason with his captor in desperation, "You say you're a doctor. Well, doctors are supposed to help people, aren't they? Then you should be using that advanced medical training of yours for good, not evil!"

The bitter Doctor raises his voice in anger, "I've spent my entire scientific career working to help others and just what did it get me? Nothing, that’s what! What good is it to have a shitload of degrees, your name appear in medical journals and the respect of all of your peers when you come home to an empty house each and every night? All of the acclaim and the accolades in the world don't mean a Goddamn thing when you have no one there to share your success with! So from now on, the only one I'm going to help is myself. Who cares about the honors and the awards? I've finally decided to use my vast scientific knowledge to get what I really want! And what I've always wanted was to have The Justice League of America all for my very own. Besides, stealing the minds of you priceless superheroes will be far more gratifying to me than finding some cure for the common cold. And holding your rugged bodies here in my private clinic forever just so I can physically examine them anytime I choose and sexually experiment upon you muscle-bound guinea pigs anyway I desire will be much more satisfying as well. You're sure to be a hell of a lot more fun than my old lab mice. Oh yes, my foolish hero, being evil definitely does have its rewards. Especially when your victims are as beautiful as you!"

Just then, the ugly doctor leans over and kisses a startled Superman directly on the lips, forcing his tongue in the rebellious hero's mouth. Superman tries to resist his captor’s unwanted sexual advances, releasing a stifled "No" in protest. But the doctor ignores his pleas, stroking the straight superhero's flaccid cock through his tight fitting costume. Superman is obviously repulsed by this grotesque looking dirty old man but cannot get away from his filthy touch.

"Well, the introductions are over. We'll have plenty of time to get better acquainted. But now that we have dispensed with the formalities, it's time to proceed with your training, my latest super-slave! This Kryptonite based needle should do the trick," the Doctor tells Superman as he produces a syringe in his hand and suddenly plunges it into Superman's strong arm. The sharp tip pierces the screaming Man of Steel's normally hard-to-penetrate skin while the dastardly Doctor administer the white creamy formula directly into Superman’s veins. As the fast-acting chemicals traveled quickly through his Kryptonian bloodstream, Superman's thoughts immediately began to slow down, making him utterly passive and docile. The Doctor stood over him, observing his latest victim carefully, watching as the mentally destructive drug went to work on his besieged brain.

"Yes, Superman, just sit back and relax. I must admit, you were much easier to subdue than even I imagined. But then again, you never faced an opponent as clever as me before. So there was no way you could have ever prepared yourself to combat my unrivaled genius," The gloating professor boasts.

Superman can still hear what the doctor is saying to him although it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to concentrate. He tries as he might to resist the influence of the mentally corrosive chemicals rushing to his slowly saturated brain but, as he soon realizes, any resistance is futile. He opens his mouth and attempts to speak but the words fail him. He had wanted to voice his defiance but by the time he was about to say what was on his mind, it had already been forgotten. At this point, he is completely unable to form any independent thoughts of his own. His eyes glazed over as if he had fallen under some kind of a spell.

With Superman obviously out of it, the even more cocky scientist continued to brag about himself, "Face it, super-fool, you were just outsmarted by the better man. That is nothing to be ashamed of. For you put up a good fight. But my exceptional knowledge had your limited mental capacity at a distinct disadvantage. And once I had set my mind on you, you never even stood a chance. So why delay the inevitable any longer? We both know what the future holds for you. For I was always meant to be your Master. And as you will soon realize, you were destined to be my slave, just like the rest of your fellow Super Friends. So why not make it easy on yourself and accept your fate. Now surrender to me, my uncooperative patient! After all, the Doctor knows what’s best for you. Yes, Superman, just submit to me completely and it will all be over before you know it! Ha ha ha ha… "

The pompous professor's smug laugh echoes loudly throughout the entire chamber yet no one on the outside is aware of what is really happening behind these soundproof walls. Subsequently, nobody could ever know of the unspeakable horror Superman was about to be put through...

To be continued…

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