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Chapter 9 - Terminus ad quem
By Randi2511

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Ivan bounded down the stairs from his room under the eaves of the great house. His huge hairy arms held tightly to the railings swinging his torso and small legs forward, taking the stairs two at a time. It was 6:00am and he knew he was late for his duties in his master’s lab. Passing through the kitchen he grabbed an orange and headed for the stairs that led to the basement. He pulled out his key and unlocked the huge steel door and skittered inside. Even before he turned on the lights he could sense something was wrong. The monkeys were racing back and forth in their overturned cages banging them against the concrete floor. Their screeching was deafening.

He flipped on the light switches and as the fluorescent tubes flickered on he could see the lab was a disaster. Dropping the uneaten orange he saw tables and gurneys were overturned, equipment destroyed, beakers and test tubes smashed. He looked around for Ishmael but he was nowhere to be seen. The locked door to the industrial refrigerator was hanging from its locks, the hinges torn out of the base. He ran over to it and looked in but the beakers full of cum were gone most particularly the large one harvested last night from the boy Ethan. He looked down and then saw the empty beaker with its label still attached smashed on the floor. Ishmael.

He ran out into the hallway leading to the elevator. He could see instantly that the door was closed meaning that it was upstairs on the main floor. He ran back inside the lab and went to the locker where he had put the few clothes he had purchased the day before for the automaton. Gone. Oh my god, what would the master say? It wasn’t his fault but he felt guilty and he knew the master would take out his rage on him. He looked around frantically for the remote and found it under a pile of glass and rubbish. Thank god it still seemed operable. Maybe I can still find him before the master gets up he thought racing up the stairs and back into the kitchen.

He ran into the front hall and saw the elevator door was open, swung his head around and saw the front door too was yawning wide. Ishmael was gone.

Gordy was happy to be getting back to campus. He loved going home to be with the family but three days was his max. This occasion, his dad’s fiftieth birthday,

was no different despite the feeling the family exuded of the importance of the event. He wanted to get back to Rachel and get laid or at least a blowjob before his first class at 2pm. He didn’t remember having recently gone so long without sex. He hadn’t cum for a week and it had taken every ounce of willpower not to have beaten off to completion in his bedroom at home. He’d jacked off but had stopped short of shooting his load about 10 times each night over the long week. His PJs were crusted in precum but he was saving up to shoot a big load for Rachel. She was a real cumslut and loved sucking on his big bone and getting a mouthful. He may be only 5’6” but he was a grower not a shower and went from about 2” soft to a full 6 ½” hard. He’d never forget the surprised look in her eyes as he looked down at her the first time she sucked his dick from soft to hard.

As his car climbed the last hill before heading into the valley and the campus he spotted a tall figure standing by the road with his thumb out. The light was just beginning to brighten in the east. Despite the chill in the air the young guy was just wearing a T-shirt, jeans and trainers. He pulled up, rolled down his window and asked “Are you headed to campus?” My god the guy was huge!

Ishmael answered in the positive and was invited in. As they sped down the hill the big guy reached over and put his hand on Gordy’s thigh. Gordy looked at him and said “Hey man I’m not gay.” Ishmael flashed a beautiful smile and said “I’m not either but I’m really hungry and I’d really like to suck your cock if I may. If you’d just pull over here for a minute I can finish you off and you can be on your way.”

Gordy looked over and thought, “This guy is totally crazed!” “I…I…I don’t think so man, but thanks for the offer.” “Hey dude, what are you doing?!!” as Ishmael

suddenly released the boys seat belt, grabbed the stirring wheel and deftly flung the boy into the back seat. He leaped over the center compartment and into the driver’s seat slowing the car and pulling it over to the side. Then before Gordy could react Ishmael vaulted over the back seat and pinned the boy down.

As Gordy screamed Ishmael placed one of his huge hands over the boy’s mouth the other fumbled with his jeans, rubbing up and down over his crotch. His massive body weighed down the boy’s body so that he couldn’t move. Ishmael found the belt buckle on the jeans tore it open and ripped open the buttons on his fly. Despite the muffled screams of the boy the automaton knew exactly what he was looking for and with a mighty pull yanked both jeans and briefs down to the boy’s knees. He ripped off a part of Gordy’s shirt and stuffed it in the boy’s mouth, securing it in place with the belt. With one hand he pushed the remnants of the shirt over the boy’s head and with the other pushed his pants to his ankles.

Gordy thrashed about wildly with his arms and body trying to get free but he was no match for Ishmael. With one blow he sent the boy into semi- consciousness. The giant looked down at the boy’s shrivelled penis and low hanging balls and licked his lips. He gently cradled the ball sac in his left hand as if weighing its contents and lowered his head licking the soft shaved skin, lubricating it with the clear viscous semen left from his previous meal. He moved his tongue up the sac to the boy’s cock and took in his lips just the small pink head. Then with a slurping sound he sucked in the whole thing. His tongue worked up and down the shaft and around the head eliciting a groan from the groggy boy.

Despite his semi-conscious state Gordy responded to the automaton’s ministrations. It was as if he were in a dream. He could feel his cock getting harder and longer although he wasn’t clear as to how this was happening. As the minutes ticked by Ishmael picked up the pace on the now tumescent organ. He knew his meal was close as he felt the head pulse, the cumslit dilate and give him his first taste of the boy’s precum. He pulled off and his tongue swirled around the slit sucking in the equivalent of the appetizer course.

Gordy’s body spasmed and through the haze he felt an orgasm building the likes of which he had never experienced during his entire 19 years. But Ishmael, the cocksucker unsurpassed, paused allowing him to almost cum but listening with his acute hearing as he heard the fluids build up in the boys reproductive ducts. “Not quite yet my friend.” A minute passed and the sucking began again. A pause and again the automaton dove onto the throbbing cock licking up more of the sweet-salty precum extruded through the cumslit.

After the sixth suck and pause Ishmael said “Now my boy give me my meal!” and he swallowed Gordy’s cock and balls, working the muscles of his throat to bring the boy to the orgasm of a lifetime. Shot after shot of the sperm cocktail, 12 in all, went down the automaton’s gullet before he pulled off and spat out the genitals. His long tongue reached down and licked off the last dribblets leaking out of the softening cock.

The dazed boy lay there motionless as he allowed his attacker to flip him over on his stomach, part his firm round ass cheeks and dive in with his tongue. Gordy gurgled, a sound that was a combination of resistance and pleasure. He was gradually coming-to when he felt an excruciating pain in his ass as Ishmael pushed the head of his enormous member into the boy’s virgin hole. Although barely inside he gradually pushed back and forth increasing the size of the opening and pushing the huge tube further inside. Such pleasure followed by such pain! He thought he was going to be split open when he suddenly felt something hit a spot within him that transformed the pain to pleasure and caused his dick to reawaken and regain its full size and hardness. The automaton’s huge glans rubbed back and forth over the boy’s prostate eliciting moans of pleasure. Within minutes the in and out movement increased the friction and Ishmael shot a load of spermless semen into the boy’s ass and pulled out with a pop as the head passed the entrance. At the same time Gordy shot another small, thin, almost colorless load onto the car seat.

With that Ishmael sat up, stuffed his massive cock inside his jeans, zipped up, opened the car door and exited leaving a dazed Gordy, legs spread and a stream of semen running out of his stretched hole, to ponder what had just transpired. “Thanks for the ride. See you around campus.” And the giant loped down off the shoulder of the road into the bushes and disappeared.

Fleckenstein paced up and down in his office running his fingers through his hair and cursing in a combination of Hungarian and German. He had to find the automaton before he could wreak havoc on the college community. All he needed was a posse of outraged town and gown citizenry advancing on his house with torches and pitchforks.

Where could he be? What could he be doing? He looked at Ivan who cowered in a corner trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. And for the first time ever he asked the dwarf for his opinion. “Ivan what do you think Ishmael is up to?”

After a long pause the dwarf said “Well his main motivation is food and so I would guess he’s out looking for someone to feed on.” “Of course!” said Fleckenstein.

“He might snack on other men or boys he’d run into but it wouldn’t be nearly enough to satisfy him. He’s going to go looking for Toby and Ethan. Their smell is imprinted on his core memory so he’s obviously going to be headed to the campus. Thank god he put on the clothes you bought. Although his height will definitely draw passing attention at least he isn’t walking around naked. Bring the SUV around to the front door and we’ll go after him. I’ll bring the remote. The imbedded homing device should lead us to him. Since the housekeeper is at her sister’s for the week we’ve got until Monday to get things back to normal around here.”

Night had fallen as Toby, Ethan and their four friends stealthily made their way up the long drive to the house. Each carried a club fashioned from a 2x4 or tree limb. After their previous encounter there was no way they were going to be caught unprepared again. Three went around one side of the house and three the other meeting at a rear door that was obviously the entrance to the kitchen. Wes bumped into a garbage can and sent it clattering to the ground followed by the others saying SSSSHHH! So much for stealth. Still, no lights came on and no one inside seemed to stir.

After a long pause while the entire group stood motionless waiting to see if they had aroused anyone, Toby walked up the few steps and tried the door which gave way. He entered and the others quickly followed him into the kitchen. He snapped on the flashlight app on his phone and cast the beam around looking for a door leading to the rest of the house. He found it and led the boys into the dining room and from there into the great hall. It was huge, with 20 foot high ceilings and French doors and windows hung with floor length velvet draperies with gold fringe. Above, around the entire perimeter, were scores of oil portraits of long dead ancestors. At the far end was an enormous stone fireplace with several smoldering logs in the grate. In the dim firelight Toby could make out above it the portrait of Fleckenstein himself.

As he flashed the light around the walls they heard a click and a door at the far end opened and Ishmael stood there his flickering shadow cast to the height of the ceiling. “Hello Toby. I see you’ve returned and brought your friends. It will be nice to get to know them all but of course you and Ethan will always be my favorites.” The boys stood frozen in place, no one daring to move as the apparition advanced on Toby. Suddenly he moved with lightening speed, grabbed the boy and pushed him to the ground, holding him down with one hand and ripping off his pants and underwear with the other. His head dove between the boy’s legs and he took the entire cock and ball sac in his mouth in one gulp. Toby exclaimed “Agghh . . .” in what sounded like a mixture of pleasure and terror. The other boys stood rooted to the ground staring until Ethan standing just behind the prone figures raised the limb he was carrying and swung it with all his strength hitting the automaton across the massive shoulders.

With a guttural growl the huge figure spat out the enlarged genitals, which were to be the source of his next meal, and turned on his attacker. As Ishmael rose

Ethan swung again with all his strength hitting the giant along the side of his head leaving an indentation that distorted the manufactured beauty of the thing.

The blow landed with such force that the limb flew from Ethan’s hands and into the fireplace scattering the logs into the room. As Ishmael grabbed him the other boys set upon the automaton with their clubs just as another door opened and Fleckenstein with Ivan cowering behind him entered.

“STOP!!” he shouted as he saw the possibility of his creation being destroyed. He ran into the melee trying to pull the boys off but he was no match for their combined strength. Meanwhile the boys saw this as another attacker and flailed at him too with their clubs landing a few blows. Ishmael turned and not knowing friend from foe grabbed Fleckenstein and with one blow broke his neck and dropped the body to the floor.

Meanwhile the smoldering logs had lighted the rug on fire and the flames had now spread to the draperies that quickly caught fire as well. Toby had now leaped to his feet, pulled up his pants and at once took in the situation. “Guys, out through the French door over there!” he said pointing. Their friend Jonathon took a parting swing at the automaton and with all his strength brought his club down on the machine’s skull where the center of its mechanical brain lie. Ishmael dropped to his knees next to the body of his creator and let out an unearthly cry.

Ivan, who’d been standing in the doorway hadn’t moved. He watched as he saw his entire world crumble. The great room was now totally in flame and he knew the house itself was doomed. Where would he go, what would he do? He made his decision and slowly walked into the inferno.

The boys stopped at the bottom of the drive and looked back. Toby reached out and brought Ethan into his embrace. Their four friends looked at them and Wes said “I guess this means that you guys are a couple?” “I guess it does.” they both said in unison. As they watched the roaring fire destroy the mansion each was thinking of their lucky escape. They turned and walked into the woods as they heard the fire trucks in the distance. What they failed to see was large shape walking calmly down the slope behind the burning house.

The End