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Chapter 8 - Realization
By Randi2511

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Ethan yawned, stretched his arms and suddenly sat bolt upright in bed. He looked down at where his left arm had landed, right across Toby’s muscled shoulders. He pulled his arm back instinctively. What he really wanted, of course, was to leave it there and throw his whole body on the boy and hug him but he couldn’t be sure how Toby would react.

He looked around the room and realized he was in Toby’s bed, but how had he gotten there? The last thing he remembered was losing consciousness in the small closet where the two of them had ended up when the floor had given way in the front hallway of the mansion.

Still sitting up in bed he slipped off the sheet and realized he was totally naked. But that was the least shocking thing as he fixed his gaze on the outsized

hard-on standing straight out from between his legs. Sure, it was about the same length he was used to but the girth and his balls. . . my god they were huge! Then he remembered. Toby’s recounting of the story, the mad doctor, the experiments of the previous night. The same thing must have happened to him after he had lost consciousness. But what about Toby? So many unanswered questions he thought as he tore his gaze away from his now wilting cock and stared at the boy next to him.

Reaching down he gently touched the slumbering boy’s shoulder and shook him.

“Toby, wake up . . .” Eyes fluttering open Toby stretched, yawned and rolled over

on his back. As his eyes focused on Ethan he leaped up to a sitting position, threw his arms around his friend and kissed him deeply. Ethan returned the embrace and the kiss, shocked but ecstatic. As they broke Toby said “You’re here, you’re OK! God I’m so in love with you!”

“Well it’s about time. I’ve been waiting for this for two years.” responded Ethan with a laugh, and with that returned the deep kiss, his tongue probing between Toby’s teeth, circling around the other boy’s tongue and forcing his own as far as it would go toward his throat. They lasted like this tasting each other, each not wanting to break off this new exploration. But both cocks were now demanding more. Toby took the initiative gently pushing Ethan back on the bed and breaking off the kiss to let his tongue explore, first the chin, with just the hint of a day’s stubble, then traveling lower to the Adam’s apple and the soft hollow just below. Ethan moaned softly as he felt his love’s hands moving from his shoulders to his pecs and softly kneading them before turning serious attention to his nipples. The finger stimulation was replaced by Toby’s mouth, first his tongue licking and then his teeth softly biting the left nub, moving quickly to the right and suckling. Back and forth, right to left then back again.

Ethan’s penis, which had lost its erection when he first awakened and realized where he was, was now fully hard again and pulsing with each beat of his heart.

As Toby broke off his nipple sucking and replaced his mouth with his tweaking thumb and forefinger, he moved his head slowly down the center of the boy’s body, leaving a trail of saliva in the cleft between the abs leading to Ethan’s navel. He swirled his tongue around the indentation lingering there briefly. Ethan could feel a bead of pre-cum traveling up his urethra toward the exit. Had he thought “bead”? As he felt his cum slit dilate a clear viscous spoonful of pre-cum was extruded from his cock landing on his belly. In fact the amount was so large that it made a plopping sound when it hit distracting Toby. He looked down and watched the expanding puddle and the string leading to Ethan’s cockhead as the crystal liquid pooled on the boy’s stomach.

Toby dove for it and slurped up the entire amount, which was well over a tablespoonful, following the string up to the opening in the now distended purple head of Ethan’s cock. He licked his lips making a slurping sound and with one motion took the entire tube of flesh down to the root. Ethan moaned as he sucked in air, filling his lungs. Never in his life had he experienced such an incredible sensation. His entire body tingled from his toes to the tips of his fingers to his scalp he was alive with feeling. He trembled, his toes and fingers flexing as he felt an orgasm starting. The sensation was too intense to stop. Suddenly the explosion shot from his enlarged balls and prostate, through his perineum, up the hard thick column of flesh into the back of Toby’s throat, the boy trying to catch it all. But the volume of cum was too much for him and he choked as the sperm and semen cocktail shot down his throat, filled his mouth and came out through his lips and nose. Ethan’s stomach, pubic hair and balls were bathed in the thick, milky gelatinous fluid.

Toby pulled back swallowing and choking as the second shot flew from Ethan’s cock landing on Toby’s forehead. In quick succession the third, forth and fifth splattered on his face before he was able to duck. He held on to the cock as ten more explosions hit the wall behind him. He said “ Wow! Talk about premature ejaculation. Dude, next time you’ve got to warn me.” Ethan lifted up, threw his arms around his lover and kissed him. “Man that was my first blow job and I’ve never felt anything like it in my life. Have you done this before or is this just

on-the-job training?”

“Blowjob? A blowjob takes at least a couple of minutes I think. I’ve never had one or given one but that was amazing. You taste unbelievable. So I’ll take your reaction as an affirmation of a job well done?” They both laughed but the heat of their passion was too strong to be sidelined by joking. Ethan grabbed Toby’s head, licked off his cum covered forehead and pressed his lips to his lover’s mouth kissing him passionately and forcing the cum into his mouth.

Toby’s cock was hard, rising like a scimitar from his groin. He jerked Ethan’s legs up bending his knees until they touched his shoulders, then buried his tongue in the boy’s crack and licked his way down to the soft pink sphincter winking at him. He hadn’t swallowed the cum Ethan had forced into his mouth. Curling his tongue he used the point to jab at the opening until he felt it give way to the intrusion. As it passed through the opening he blew the collected cum into the boy’s now open, pulsating hole. “Unngggh, oh my god”

said Ethan. Toby pulled out and softly massaged the opening with his middle finger finally inserting it up to the first knuckle. “I’ll take it slow but I’m now going to fuck you if that’s ok.” “Ok? my god yes, please just do it.”

Toby’s excitement couldn’t be contained any longer as he grabbed his huge cock now dripping with pre-cum and smeared it up and down the boy’s crack. After two or three runs he placed his cum slit at the entrance to Ethan’s hole and

jabbed back and forth until he could feel the entrance yield ever so slightly to his probing. Holding his cock steady he pushed the huge slime covered head inward about a quarter of an inch, pulled back and pushed in a half inch, pulled out again and then smoothly pushed the whole glans passed the entrance until he felt and heard a pop as Ethan’s ass lips closed around the head. Ethan took in a deep breath ”Sssslllllll Ohhhhhh!”

Toby paused briefly but was now home free. Two inches in, only five more to go. He started to gradually push the entire shaft home finally coming to rest as his pubes rubbed up against Ethan’s perineum. Ethan could feel the soft ball sack resting against his butt cheeks. Then began the slow withdrawal and forceful push back in, both boys now groaning with pleasure. With each withdrawal and thrust the huge cockhead massaged the enlarged prostate in the boy’s anal canal sending a paroxysm of ecstasy through his body. His penis, which had slightly deflated after his explosive cum in Toby’s mouth, was now fully hard again, his balls drawn up tight and his cock pressed between his stomach and Toby’s abs as the two rocked to the motion of their fucking. He was again leaking a huge flow of pre-cum that squelched with each movement in and out.

This may have been Toby’s first male-to-male fuck but the techniques were basically the same aided in no small part by instinct. As they picked up the pace Ethan grabbed Toby’s ass cheeks and pulled him in after each withdrawal almost as if he feared losing the cock that was filling him up. Finally after what seemed like an eternity to the two hyper sexed boys, but was in reality only about two minutes, both boys felt their orgasms mounting, their contractions starting. Both gasped and simultaneously shot rope after rope of jizz, Toby into the recesses of Ethan’s ass and Ethan covering the two stomachs pressed together. Fleckenstein would have been furious to see the loss of so much of the precious cocktail he had worked so hard to procure for Ishmael.

After laying inert for several minutes as they came down from their high, Toby’s softening rod gradually slipped free of Ethan’s anus, his glans making a popping sound as it passed Ethan’s ass lips. He raised himself up on his elbows and looked down at the sticky mess on their stomachs, long strings of cum tying them together.

He leaned down and kissed his friend/lover and said “We’ve got to clean up this mess and get going. Thank god we don’t have any Saturday classes We’ve got to talk to Wes and Jon and get them to come with us and confront Fleckenstein. He can’t get away with this. He’s obviously totally mad.” As the implanted chips kicked in, Ethan, usually the more cautious of the two immediately seconded the suggestion. “How about getting a couple of my friends on the swimming team to come along too. There’s safety in numbers.”

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