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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 7
By ProfGuy15

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Both Frank and Todd were undergoing reprogramming at the hands of Professor Gray. He enjoyed watching the two well-built youths under his control. After about 15 minutes of simply gazing at the young men, the professor realized that Todd's program was completed. He smiled in anticipation as he walked over to the still-slumbering lad and removed the specialized earphones from his head. The professor knew that Frank's program had a while still to go so there was time to play with Todd. He hoisted Todd over his shoulder and carried him to a small room off the back of the laboratory. Upon entering the professor gently placed Todd on the bed which was in the center of the room next to a small night stand.

Professor Gray began removing Todd's clothes for the next step in that evening's festivities. The professor reveled at the young man's form, remembering the details of only a year ago when Todd was in Frank's position. Todd had also been a successful addition to the Foundation. His training had proceeded well and showed in the sculpted muscles of Todd's arms, chest, stomach, and legs. It would be entertaining to watch him and Frank go at it later on. But now was the professor's time, and he was going to make the most of it. He secured Todd's arms and legs to the leather restraints at each corner of the bed. Todd was quite a specimen spread-eagle on the bed.

As if on cue, Todd began to wake up from the sedative in his drink. He struggled slightly against his bonds. He opened his eyes and looked into the familiar face of Professor Gray. "I trust you had a nice nap, Todd," said the professor. "While we wait for Frank to finish, I thought I'd reward you for brining him back to the lab." Todd began to get hard at the thought of his reward. "Very good, my boy," smiled the professor.

The professor walked over to the nightstand and opened the drawer. From among the several items, he retrieved a small tube of lubricant and squeezed some from the tube into his hand. He placed the tube back in the drawer and rubbed the lube into his palm. He sat at Todd's waist and could see the look of anticipation in Todd's eyes. He began at the young man's chest, tracing his nipples until they became hard. Todd began to breath more heavily at this sensation and pulled more tightly at the restraints. The professor worked his way down Todd's abdomen, first caressing and then licking at his tight abs. Todd moaned and began leaking precum from his now rigid cock. The professor finally took hold of the organ with his lubed hand and began to first slowly and then more quickly pump up and down. Todd's breaths now came in gasps. His back arched whenever the professor stopped pumping the shaft and instead teased the tip of his penis in slow circular motions with the tips of his fingers. Professor Gray continued for cycle after cycle: first pumping the rod and then teasing the tip. Todd could hold out no longer and finally spewed load after load of cum, his breathing ragged after such incredible stimulation. He sighed and fell back as the professor milked the last drops from his throbbing penis.

The professor smiled down at the now exhausted youth and cleaned his hand with a cloth from the drawer. "I hope you enjoyed that, Todd, because I certainly did," said the professor. Todd barely heard him as he was still enjoying the physical sensation. He did not see the professor reach once more into the drawer and pull out a small vial which he used to wet the cloth in his hand. Professor Gray sat down by Todd's head. "I have to return to Frank now, so why don't you get a little rest. You must be exhausted after all that exertion. But don't worry, both Frank and I will be back shortly." The professor proceeded to cover Todd's nose and mouth with the cloth. In his present state, Todd could not do anything to remove the cloth from his face and so was forced to breath in the fumes of the chloroform. His slight movements slowed down considerably after a few breaths, and then his body went limp as his eyes rolled back in his head and his eyelids closed.

The professor removed the cloth and enjoyed the peaceful look on Todd's sleeping face. His own dick was now hard. The professor knew that he would be getting his own reward from Frank shortly.

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