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Behaviour Modification
Chapter 6
By ProfGuy15

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With Todd now sedated, Professor Gray began to work for the second time on the still sleeping Frank. According to his calculations, the tranquilizer should be wearing off just in time for his second round of reprogramming. The professor was very pleased with how well everything was proceeding: two unconscious, well-built young men for him to play with tonight. "What job could be better than this?" he thought to himself.

The professor had just finished at the computer when he heard soft moans coming from Frank. "Perfect timing," he thought as he walked back over to the young man. As Frank again struggled back to consciousness, he pulled at the restraints which kept him secured to the chair. He opened his eyes and slowly became aware of his predicament. As his vision focused, he saw the familiar face of Professor Gray smiling down at him.

"What happened, Professor?" asked the confused stud. "The last thing I remember is getting into a fight at the restaurant. How did I get here? Why am I tied down? Where are my clothes?" Frank's anxiety level increased with each question.

"So many questions, Frank," began Professor Gray. "Just calm down. Everything will be fine. After the fight, which you apparently won handily by the way, you were tranquilized and brought back to the lab by this young man here." Professor Gray moved slightly and indicated the slumbering Todd.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Frank.

"Nothing at all. He's just sleeping off the effects of a new sedative I developed. He'll be fine in a little while. You and he are going to have fun later on tonight."

Despite his uneasiness at his present circumstances, Frank's dick began to stiffen at the sight of the unconscious waiter. Professor Gray immediately noticed. "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Frank," he said as he caressed the organ to its full length. Frank let out a pleasurable moan. "There will be lots of time for this sort of thing soon enough. But first you have another appointment with the computer. It's time to teach you a few more skills and make you even more receptive to men than you already are."

The professor moved around Frank to retrieve the earphones and goggles which he had used before. Frank began to get agitated when he saw the professor pick up the devices. "Stop it, Professor. Why are you doing this to me?"

"You will soon forget all this unpleasantness and will thank me for the opportunity, Frank. In the meantime, you need to relax so the computer can do its work. I think a little nitrous will do the trick." He put down the earphones and goggles and picked up the anesthesia mask. Standing behind Frank's head, he expertly fitted the mask over Frank's nose and mouth. He turned around and started the flow. A slight hiss could be heard as the gas entered the mask. To be sure that Frank was cooperating and breathing in the nitrous, Professor Gray moved back down Frank's body, his hands caressing Frank's arms, chest, and abdomen. When he arrived at his groin, the professor once again began massaging Frank's dick. Another moan emanated from Frank's lips. "That's right, Frank. Enjoy the feeling. Take deep breaths. Everything's fine."

Frank was lost in the pleasurable feeling of the professor's hand moving on his dick. He could no longer hold his breath. As soon as he inhaled the nitrous he began to drift. His eyes began fluttering after a few more breaths. When the professor saw that Frank was almost out, he stopped playing with Frank's cock and adjusted the flow of nitrous to a level that would maintain Frank's current state of near-unconsciousness. Frank did not really notice that the stimulation had ceased; he was now adrift from most sensations around him. Professor Gray placed the goggles and earphones on Frank and began the computer program. Frank was now undergoing part two of the process.

Professor Gray looked at his watch. "Well, now to get Todd ready for his part." He wheeled over another computer with a set of earphones attached. He quickly accessed the correct program and placed the earphones on Todd, getting him ready for his next encounter with Frank.

Professor Gray took a step back and looked at the two young men being reprogrammed before his very eyes. He smiled as he thought to himself, "Well, my young friends, this next stage should be quite enjoyable for all of us."

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