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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor
Part 0 - Tarzan and the Witchdoctor
By Neck40

Prologue - Tarzan and the Witchdoctor

The vast amount of, lush green, trees sped by Tarzan as the ape man swung from vine to vine. His massive, and calloused hands griped each green and sturdy vine as he soared through the dry heat of the African jungle. Eyes forward as he kept an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. The ape man is currently on a mission, which he had been employed by various tribes.

Usually Tarzan had been on the bad side of most of the tribes in African. Mainly since in his teenager days he was captured by them just because he looked different. He caused so much trouble escaping and assaulting most of their best warriors, and ruined some of their best plans. Some even put a price for returning to their village with his head.

Yet unforeseen circumstances caused the tribes to employ the ape man’s help. Many of their young men would venture out into the jungle for scavenging, or training, but they would never return. Many search parties were sent out yet they were never found, and more still kept on disappearing.

It soon became apparent that only the very handsome and young males, around 18 to 25, were the ones to disappear. Which happened to be their best, new, and virile warriors. The number of disappearances became so great that every young male would have to be accompanied with a few older warriors when they went out of the village. Still their numbers were dropping and they needed them to be found, which led them to employing some help.

The tribe leaders got together and it was decided that the chief of the Wazuri tribe were to contact and ask Tarzan for help. The Wazuri were the only tribe that Tarzan trusted. When Tarzan was younger the Wazuri found him after getting bit by a snake. They brought him back and their shaman healed him. He spent a few days recovering and getting to know the tribe, which happened to be real friendly to him. By the time he left he was made an unofficial member of the tribe. But it was the chief that made him feel welcome. The Oldman was the only reason why Tarzan agreed to go looking for the missing males. He owed such a debt to them that it was time to return the favor.

Which lead to now as the ape man let go of the vine, dropping down and landing on a large tree branch. His bare soles sticking to the wood like glue as the white man stood up to his full six-foot-five height. The hot sun shining through the leaves of the trees and landing upon his well-built body. A bead of sweat cascading down his bulging pecks, and six pack abs, only to be stop by the loincloth wrapped around his waist. His hand reached up to brush away a long lock of his dark brown hair as he scanned his surroundings.

Many trees surrounded him as he spied a stream not too far from him. He has been searching for hours already and hasn’t found a single clue yet. But all that movement built up quite a thirst for the ape man. A small drink wouldn’t hurt, so looking around he found another vine against the tree he’s on. Grabbing it he then slid down to the mossy ground and walked to the stream. The water is crystal clear, which showed that it was clean. Crouching down on his strong legs Tarzan then cupped his hands together and dipped them into the cool water.

Pulling back up he had some in his hand and brought them to his lips. The liquid entered his eager mouth as it flowed down his throat and into his body. He immediately felt refreshed just from that one sip. Putting his hands back in he repeated the process a few more times.

A snap of a twig caused Tarzan to jump on his feet and spin around quickly, eyes searching the area for the source of the sound. He listened carefully for any sounds that may follow but there was nothing. But that caused Tarzan to realize something, there was no sound. Except for the stream behind him there was nothing else. No birds, animals or the sound of leaves brushing against one another. Something isn’t right.

Just then Tarzan jumped as he felt a sting on his neck, his hands automatically clutching on the hurt spot. He felt something protruding out and pulled it free. Looking down he found a feathery dart, which the tip is coated in some kind of salve. Almost in an instant Tarzan could feel the effects of it as his vision started to get a bit hazy, and eyes started to feel like they were made of lead.

“N-No…” he said as he could feel himself getting weaker, and his legs had trouble trying to support him.

His equilibrium started to go as his balance started to go and legs finally gave out. His strong back now on the mossy ground as he looked up at the trees, the sunlight shining through them as his eyes slowly started to close. As much as Tarzan tried to fight the effects of the sedative there seemed to be enough to even to knock out the lord of the jungle. Finally, both eyes closed as the darkness claimed Tarzan, leaving him defenseless on the jungle floor.

A few seconds passed as footsteps now could be heard. A new figure then entered the area, carrying a long blowpipe. A set of dark skin bare feet stopped right at Tarzan’s side as a heartfelt laugh is then heard.

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