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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 0 - Prologue
By Michael Randall

Quaarton the Invincible


It was a hot humid day even at 7:00 am when Derek Warren walked through the steel gate of the construction site, his tight jeans clinging to his ample package and his bubble ass. His t-shirt dampened by the humidity of the day was stuck to his remarkable pecs and chiseled abs. At 6’2” Derek has a 45.5” chest with perfectly sculpted pecs each crowned with a pale brownareola and capped with an erect nipple the size of a pencil eraser that are always firm. His powerful chest tapers to a 33 inch waist. Biceps of 16 inches with 13 inch forearms give him the powerful upper body strength needed to work construction. The handsome figure was complete with his robust legs measuring 24 inches at the thighs and15 inch calves. Yes, Derek was the “total package” turning the heads of most women and even many men wherever he happened to be, and although he enjoys the attention of either sex, he is quick to make it crystal clear that he is 100% hetero when it comes to choosing his partners. The substantial bulge in his crotch area conceals a thick, 8 inches of manly cock and hefty balls that swing low in their velvety smooth sac when freed from confinement. Although on the surface, Derek was known only as a red blooded American man, he carried a secret with him always and there was only one other human being who knew the secret that Derek carried inside his muscularand handsome body; his alternate persona, as the crime fighter “Quaarton the Invincible”.

Derek was no ordinary human being, he was an orphan from the planet Epsilon Eridani and Quaarton (his Eridanian name) was stashed aboard a small space capsule that was launched from the planet to save him from certain death resulting from a bloody insurrection led by political prisoners who united against the authorities assassinating those in charge and slaughtering all of the police forces as well as the entire military sending the planet into a terrible downward spiral. Quaarton was a toddler of only four years old when his parents, the governor and first lady of the capitol contracted with a leading scientist to have Derek leave the planet before he could be killed.

The scientist took advantage of the situation and injected the infant with a special formula that he had worked on for years to build a race of supermen. The serum contained sperm harvested from some of the most muscular, virile men on the planet. He injected a microchip in the base of the infant’s brain that would be activated when and if the child reached pubertyand that chip would send information to his brain revealing his entire history as well as the source and weakness of his special powers.

The trip from Epsilon took a total of 14 earth years so that Quaarton was 18 years old by earth standards when he arrived on earth. When his vessel landed in a remote part of Africa, the microchip was activated and his mid was flooded with information about his past, data about his mission and all of the secrets instilled within his body. He had been supplied with a human name and persona including considerable wealth so that he did not have to rely on any one human to support him; all compliments of the scientist from Epsilon Eridani.

As his alter-ego Quaarton, Derek wears the tight light green body suit that clings to his massive form like a second skin accentuating his muscles, his ample bulge and his tight bubble butt. The billowing cape attached to his collar contains some of his supernatural powers such as his flight ability and the creation of an aura of invisible protection around the hero fending off any danger of any kind allowing him to use his muscles freely to subdue lawbreakers without concern.

Derek’s best friend and confidant, Boyd Graham has the single honor as being the only living mortal aware of Derek’s “secret” life. As his first human friend and roommate, Derek took Boyd into his confidence and revealed his concealed crime fighting identity to him when the two were in college. Closer than brothers, Derek needed someone with whom he could share his secrets and he found in Boyd someone to confide in and he trusted his friend to keep his secret. As he grew to understand the importance of Derek’s secret, Boyd vowed to never betray that trust. He admired his friend and understood the importance of his secret life to keeping the criminal element in check; at least he had for the last 6 years.

Boyd Graham was born into a wealthy family. His father owned Graham Construction Company which employed Derek as an architect and Boyd as a project manager. The two of them enjoyed working together and in fact they did most everything together, double dating, vacationing, playing sports and most everything else they were, in a word, inseparable.

Like his buddy, Boyd was extremely good looking and had a fine, muscular body. He stood 6’3” with closely cropped light brown hair. His nearly hairless body was as close to perfect as possible with two mounds of pec muscle that the girls loved to massage while kissing him. His 46 inch chest narrowed to a 31 inch waist with a firmly muscled ass admired by all when encased in a pair of tight jeans or any other garment that hugged his ass. His thickly muscled legs completed the perfect human. Boyd spent a lot of time in the gym to keep his masculine physique; often working out with Derek a few times a week.

Boyd’s history with women was legend among those who knew him. The girls he dated through high school and college were nothing compared to the beautiful women he dated after college. Boyd’s eight inches of healthy cock hardened easily when he was aroused and he was aroused any time he spotted an pretty girl, so he spent a great deal of time walking around with a hard on! Boyd knew that many gay guys lusted after him as well and though he accepted a blow job once from one of his frat brothers and he admitted to the guy that it was fantastic, Boyd definitely preferred the fairer sex when it came to bedtime.

Boyd and Derek became best buddies in college where they were roommates. Both of the came from wealth, were extremely handsome, possessed sculpted bodies and attracted the ladies like bees to honey. Although they were not they may as well have been brothers given the bond that developed between them. Boyd would do anything for Derek including burying his secret deep inside of his subconscious. Nobody would ever be able to force him to divulge that information, he was sure of that.

Though there had been a long list of girlfriends, Boyd’s latest had been his longest and within a week he planned on asking her to marry him. Melanie was the best thing that ever happened to Boyd; next to Derek, she understood him deeply and complemented him in most every manner. Boyd had never had a relationship this serious and he had also never been so happy and contented. Of course, Derek would be his best man, there could be no other.

Yep, Derek and Boyd were the best of friends and each would pledge his life for the other which we will see will be a good thing as our story unfolds.


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