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Donny does the trailer park
Chapter 4 - Part 4
By Louis C. DePasquale

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Donnie Does the Trailer - Chapter 4

By:  Louis C. DePasquale

The usual disclaimers apply. This is my original work. If male on male sex doesn't interest you or your under age then don't read it. I would prefer no one post this on another site without my permission.  Comments are always appreciated.
Sorry for the long delay in getting this chapter out. I have been dealing with some serious health issues that kept my mind focused elsewhere. I also had to move from Norfolk VA to Titusville Fl. Chapter 5 should be out soon.

As Donnie walked out the front door of the double wide trailer he shared with his younger brother and his parents he sparked a Marlboro Red.  Inhaling the acrid smoke deep into his lungs he sat down on the steps lost in thought.  He couldn’t believe what he let happen to himself.  Two weeks ago his younger stud of a brother fucked his face and dumped a load of cum in his mouth.  Every since then he couldn’t stop crotch watching every guy he saw.  Two days ago, not only did he go down on his two best friends Rusty and Trey but they also talked him into sucking off the pizza delivery guy as a tip.  Hell, not only did he let hid best bud Rusty cum on his face  he walked home that way when Rust ordered him to like some kind of bitch. 

There was even a video floating around of him sucking off Trey and Deacon in the woods yesterday.  God only knows how far he would have let Deacon go if Rust hadn’t found them and pulled him away.  It was strange one day Rusty had him blow the pizza guy as a tip the next he is protective and pulled him away from Deacon.  The rest of the day had been great.  He spent the day helping Rusty fix up that old truck he bought.

He needed to take back control of his life.  He wasn’t a faggot he was a straight guy.  Just cause he’d never been with a woman didn’t mean he was queer, just meant he hadn’ found the right one yet.  His train of thought was interrupted by the screen door opening and his younger brother Matty walking out and sitting down on the step next to him.  “Let me get a red from you bro”  Matty said reaching over and grabbing the pack of smokes off the step and lighting one up.  His brother had just turned 20 a month ago.  He had dark brown hair he wore in a ponytail  that went to the center of his back.  At 6’3 he was taller than his older brother  by a few inches.  He also outweighed and out muscled his brother.    Matty worked out 6 days a week and had the rock hard muscles to prove it.  He only had half his first tattoo sleeve completed.  It would have to wait till he got a job to finish it.

The two brothers sat smoking in silence until Matt asked his brother “can you pick me up some weed when you’re at work today?  Sure” Donnie replied.  “I saw your video last night, Deacon sent it to me, I had to tell him I’m the one who turned you out in the first place.  I don’t think he believed me so let him know the truth next time you blow him.  I can’t believe how big a fag you’ve become in just two weeks.”  Getting defensive Donnie looked over at his brother he said “I’m not a fag that was a mistake.”  “ Come on bro, tell that to someone who hasn’t bathed your tonsils with his ball cream.  I Would make you the happiest faggot in the world and let you choke on my 10 inch love muscle but Cindy is picking me up in a minute.  Hearing a horn blow Matty stood up grabbing his brothers pack of smokes and his lighter and walked towards his girls truck.  Turning back towards his brother he said with  smile “if you’re lucky I might let you swing on it tonight.”

A few minutes later Rusty pulled up in his Ford f150 to take him to the shop.    After they greeted each other Donnie asked “can we stop at the Wawa I need to grab a pack of smokes and can you get me some weed from Buz?  I’ll get you back on payday”  Looking over at his best buddy Rusty said “bro if you keep buying his smokes, weed, and beer he’ll never get a job”  “You know jobs are hard to find for a high school drop out.”  Donnie said defending his brother as Rusty pulled the truck into the Wawa parking lot.  

Later on that morning at the shop Buz the shop gopher walked up to Donnie while he was working on a car and asked “ you got a minute bro?  “Yeah what’s up?”  “Rusty said you wanted some weed but didn’t have any cash.  He offered to pay for it but I told him it was on me to pay you back”  Donnie looked confused “pay me back, Buz you don’t owe me any money.”  I will owe you when you suck me off like you did Deacon in that video he sent me”  Without even realizing he was doing it Donnie glanced down at Buz’s package,  Noticing where Donnie’s eyes were glued he smirked and said “Yeah I bet a fag like you would love to wrap your lips around this bikers hog.  I’ll throw the weed in for free cause I know once you taste my dick and sweet cream  you’ll be back begging for seconds.”  “Don’t worry bitch I got a big load to feed you, Jenny’s knocked up again so I ain’t getting any at home.  I’(( be able to feed you as often as you want it.”

Buz was good at two things fixing cars n bikes and making babies.  The 35 yr old biker was probably the best mechanic in the shop but didn’t ant the responsibility so for the last 10 years he had been the shop gopher working on cars only when the shop was overloaded with work or one of the guys had a problem they couldn’t figure out.  This arrangement left him free to hop on his 1975 Harley soft tail and go on a bike run when ever he got an itch to travel.  He and Rusty dad have been best buds since high school and used to ride together.

Jenny the girl he lived with already had two boys by him.  Buz also had a string of kids across the country conceived on his bike runs.  “Yeah fag next time you want a load of my sweet cream I may just pop that cherry of yours and put a baby in your guts too.    Let’s go to the can so I can feed you a load before lunch.”  Donnie forgot all about his resolve not to suck another dick as he followed Buz without thinking about it.  Once inside the shop restroom Buz quickly pulled down his worn grimly jeans and exposed his piece of rock hard biker meat.

While his ball juice was potent his dick was nothing special at 5 1|2 inches it was still an inch bigger than what Donnie was packing in his jeans.  “Alright fag boi let’s get this show on the road” Buz said while pushing Donnie down to his knees.  As soon as he was at eye level he opened his mouth and took in the uncut dickhead,  He used his tounge to clean the pungent cheese from inside the foreskin.  Donnie taste buds came alive with the new but enjoyable flavor.  Donnie’s licked was rooting around in that skin for more cheese.  “Yeah boi clean out my dick cheese, you like that don’t ya bitch.  Don’t worry I’ll keep it dirty so you can be the one to clean it out.  Damn your mouth feels good on my dick.”  Running out of dick cheese to clean Donnie took more of the dick in his mouth and started to work his lips and tounge up and down the length of BUZ’S meat   “yeah, work that cock you faggot bitch.  Your really enjoying being a cock smoker aren’t you now boi.

In the back of his mind he realized the older biker was right he was enjoying the cock in his mouth.  The taste wasn’t bad a little salty.  It was the smell that was really getting him hot and he realized he was hard in his jeans.  On his down strokes his nose was in Buz’s pubs and that masculine smell of real man sweat was driving him crazy.  The smell reminded him of Rusty back in high school when they would win a football game and his best friend would pull him in for a hug.  Yet, it was different this smell was uniquely Buz.  “That’s it buddy huff my man smell I can hear you down there huffing away.  You’re a natural born cock sucker.  You were born to make real men like me and Rusty feel good.  To swallow our loads when our balls are full, to lick our sweaty balls clean after a hard day, and to do do whatever it takes to make the real man in front of you feel good.  Some one already popped your mouth cherry and made you a cock sucker.  I’m posing the cherry in your mind that will turn you into what you were always meant to be a natural born faggot.”

While he was talking Buz grabbed a hand full of Donnie’s and started ramming  into his mouth and throat.  Donnie started gagging and checking as he was skull fucked by the older man.  For a dozen or so strokes that smallish cock did the most damage it could.  “that’s it bitch take a real man’s cock it may not be huge but it can still choke you.”    Buz started another round of hard cock thrusts designed to drive his point home to the low life fag on his knees in front of him.  Donnie could feel the cum cannon in his mouth starting to expand and knew he was about to taste yet another man’s ball cream.

“Oh yeah your mouth feels so good.  Damn I am getting ready to feed you a hot nutrients lunch.    Here it comes baby. Shot take it and swallow my whole load like a good fag”.  Donnie could feel the man’s load hitting toe back of his mouth 8 solid squires of potent protein rich cum covering his tounge and filling his mouth.  He had to swallow before it overflowed his mouth and started dripping down his chin.  The taste overloading his taste buds was good even great sweet and rich.  He swallowed down that delicious tasting treat.   “Go ahead cocksucker finish your job.  Donnie looked up at Buz a confused look on his smiling face.  When a man does you the favor of letting you suck his meat and swallow his a good faggot should always clean off the last drips of cum.  With a guilty lol on his face Donnie leaned forward a d too the cock back in his mouth and used his tounge the clean out the bikers foreskin.    Reaching down he patted the boys head like a dog and said “good boi.  Now let’s get back to work before your boyfriend comes looking for you.”

For the rest of the morning while he worked on the engine of the Mazda in front of him all he could think about was Buz’s comment that he was a natural born fag whose role I life was to please  and take care of real men.  Was Buz right?  He knew in his heart he had really enjoyed sucking the older man off.  He hadn’t understood why he let his brother turn him into a cock sucker in the first place.  He could have fought back instead of just letting his younger brother turn his mouth into a cum dump.  All his life he had been smaller and weaker than his brother and friends and just followed along doing what they wanted.  Could he be this person they wanted him to be?  His train of thought was interrupted when Buz smacked him on the ass and said “I’ll be stopping by Rusty’s place for a few beers after work if you want another taste of my baby batter.”  Whistling to himself as he walked down the bay of the repair shop.