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Donny does the trailer park
Chapter 3 - Part 3
By Louis C. DePasquale

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The usual disclaimers apply. This is my original work. If male on male sex doesn't interest you or your under age then don't read it. I would prefer no one post this on another site without my permission. Comments are always appreciated.

As Donnie walked out the front door of the double wide trailer he shared with his younger brother and his parents he sparked a Marlboro Red. Inhaling the acrid smoke deep into his lungs he sat down on the steps immediately lost in thought. He couldn’t believe what he let happen to himself. Two weeks ago his younger stud of a brother fucked his face and dumped a load of cum in his mouth. Ever since then he couldn’t stop crotch watching every guy he saw. Yesterday, not only did he go down on his two best friends Rusty and Trey but they also talked him into sucking off the pizza delivery guy as a tip.

What the fuck was happening to him he was straight wasn’t he? I mean he’d never thought of guys sexually before had he? He always got off when he watched straight porn. I must just be a phase he was going through. He had to take a stand and make it stop. He wasn’t sure why he started sucking cock but he was done. He would just put his foot down and say no. His deep thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his name being called. Taking another deep pull on the red he looked up and saw his next door neighbor Bud walking toward him and calling his name. “Sorry brother, I was lost in my own head and didn’t hear you calling me.” “No problem little man Bud said with a smile in his voice you got another one of those reds for me?” Reaching for the pack on the step next to him Donnie handed it to his friend but rather than taking the offered pack Bud asked him “Why don’t you spark one up for me.” Following instruction Donnie handed over the lit cigarette. As the two guys smoked in silence Donnie who was still sitting on the step about crotch high couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his buddy’s marine shorts. As Donnie licked his lips at the sight in front of him he heard his friend’s voice saying “nice”.

Bud’s real name was Francis but he had been Bud or Buddy as long as anyone could remember. He’d lived almost his entire life in that trailer. He had been a few years ahead of Donnie in school. He stood 6’4” tall with a lean but heavily muscled body. When the country had gone to war in Iraq Buddy had joined the Marine Corps. He did a couple of tours in the sandbox seeing combat each time. Before he went away to war Buddy had been the kind of guy everyone wanted for a best friend. Kind and loyal to a fault he used his size and muscle to look out for some of the weaker kids in the trailer park. Since his return however, he was a different man quiet and withdrawn. There always seemed to be a sadness about him. His parents had been killed in a car accident while he was away leaving him with the trailer he had been born in and the few thousand dollars that had been their life savings.

Looking down at Donnie with a knowing smile on his face “hey brother how about coming over to my place for a beer? I got something I want to talk about with you.” “Sure Bud lead the way who turns down free beer.” Donnie said with a grin. While Donnie’s parents had a much larger double wide this was a very small two bedroom single wide that clearly had seen better days. Walking in Donnie could see pizza boxes on the kitchen table and a sink full of dirty dishes. Plopping down on the ratty old couch Buddy patted the seat next to him with one hand and reached into the cooler at his feet pulling out two ice cold PBR’s. Putting his beer down on the coffee table Donnie grabbed the ash tray that was full to overflowing and dumped it into the kitchen trash can. Giving him a good ol boy smile Buddy said “sorry it’s the maid’s day off.” A big smile on his face Donnie also plopped his fat ass down on the couch next to his friend and opening his beer he took a long draw on it. Lighting up a red for both of them Donnie said “I don’t mind helping you out. How about I do the dishes and straighten the place up before I go? “You ain’t got to do that” he said knowing what Donnie’s response would be. “No worries I like helping you out.

“So what did you want to talk about” Donnie asked sitting back on the couch his thin arm brushing against his friends more muscular one. “It sure is hot in here today boy” Bud said taking off his t-shirt. Taking a long glance at his friend’s incredibly muscled upper body Donnie noticed that he had tattooed his parent names with the date of their death and the letters R.I.P over his heart. On his right shoulder was the Marine Corps logo and down his right arm the words brothers forever and the names of the buddies he lost in combat. “Sorry if my pits are too ripe for you Bud said with a smile but I haven’t gotten around to showering yet.” “It’s alright” Donnie said before realizing what words were coming out of his mouth, “I like the way you smell.” Chuckling Buddy said “here’s what I wanted to talk to you about. You know my bedroom window looks into your brother’s right? Well the other week I was glancing out the window and I saw something that bothered me. You were sitting on the bed and your 18yr old younger brother was fucking your face like a real man and you were taking it like a bitch. Continuing on before Donnie could say anything “and last night when Bobby delivered my pizza he told me not only had you given him one of the best blow jobs he’s ever had but that you had already sucked off your buds Rusty and Trey. Now it seems to me that there are only two conclusions that I can draw, either they all forced you, in which case I will beat the shit out of every one of them if you want me to, or you’re some kind of faggot.

Not knowing what to say Donnie just sat there staring at his friend his mouth hanging open in shock. “Now little Donnie I have looked out for you ever since the bullies first noticed you and if you really are some kind of faggot I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t offer to take care of him.” Buddy said while pulling down his shorts. Looking down into his friends lap Donnie got another shock as he saw the largest soft dick he had seen in his life. It had to be a good 7 inches and hadn’t even started to get hard yet. Grabbing Donnie’s hand he wrapped it around his dick. Without even thinking about it Donne started to stroke the monster in his hands. “Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a fag like you I fuck girls too but I learned back in high school a really good fag can come in handy. In the corps my buddy Josh took it to the next level and showed me that I am probably bi, “as he talked about Josh he pointed to his name on the list of the fallen on his arm. “He was probably the only guy I could have fallen in love with.” While he had been talking Donnie’s hand had done its job and Buddy’s dick rose to a majestic 11 inch column of steel.

Putting his hand on the back of Donnie’s head and pushing it down toward his meat stick he said “I’m a real man I can go either way I can fuck both types of bitches. Now a fag like you needs dick as much as the rest of us need oxygen.” Opening his mouth Donnie let the beautiful piece of cock meat in. Wrapping his lips around his teeth he started sucking on that cock like it was the last one he would ever get. “That’s it baby suck my cock like you were born to do. I don’t know why but some of us are born to be real men and some are born to be bitches. Josh became my bitch the first day we met and now you are becoming my bitch as well.” Continuing to work the cock in his mouth Donnie realized that not only were his buddy’s words humiliating him but they were turning him on as well. Redoubling his efforts to please his friend Donnie tried to take that thick cock head down his throat but had to pull off choking. Stroking his cocksuckers head Buddy said “it’s ok brother just relax and take what you can by the time I’m done training you not only will you be able to swallow every inch of my big boy but I will ruin you for smaller dicks. Grabbing Donnie’s head in both hands he started moving his head up and down on his dick careful not to push it down further than the cocksucker could handle. “God Damn that is so good. Shit I’m not ready to shoot yet.” Buddy said pulling Donnie’s head off his dick.

“Damn baby it’s been a while since I had someone has good as you are working my dick. Stand up and get naked I want to see all of you. Following the instructions given Donnie dropped his blue shorts on the floor and pulled his polo shirt up over his head. Embarrassed by his small dick he covered it with his hands. “Turn around let me see that ass” Buddy said. Damn you are so pretty. I mean Josh had the body of a muscle stud on the outside but was all bitch on the inside. But you, with your long hair, pretty face, girlish curves, and that big ass are all bitch inside and out”. Blushing with embarrassment Donnie’s little dick got even harder. “Don’t be embarrassed baby, let me see that boi clit of yours. Reluctantly Donnie moved his hands showing off his little dick. “With sincerity in his voice Buddy told him “Wow just as pretty as the rest of you. Baby, women are born with their clitties on the inside and boy bitches like you are born with theirs on the outside. “Little Donnie don’t ever be ashamed of who you are or the body God gave you. You are beautiful to me inside and out.” Smiling with the pride he felt after his friends praise Donnie realized his boy clit was very hard. He turned that word clit over in his mind and decided he didn’t mind his small piece of meat being referred to as a clit.

“Get your sexy ass over here” Buddy said to him “but up.” Donnie moved on to the couch with his head on the arm and his but facing toward his friend. Rubbing his hand across the booty in front of him Buddy asked “have any of your friends tapped this yet? Realizing what he meant Donnie quickly said “No, I would never.” “It’s ok baby. All this ass and still cherry, shit I would love to pop it but mine isn’t a starter dick. I would tear you up.” Donnie started to assure him no one would ever be popping his cherry when Buddy ssshhhed him. “You will. When you are ready have one of your close buddies with a normal sized dick fuck you for the first time. Rusty might be a good choice he genuinely seems to care about you. After you get fucked a few times come and see me and I will show you heaven. A bitch like you is made to take big dick. I’ll tell you what I will get your started.” Not sure what his buddy meant about getting his started he sat there for a second until he felt his ass globes being spread open and something wet rubbing against his ass lips.

It took Donnie a few seconds to realize that it was his friend’s tongue that was rubbing against his hole. That tongue was sending sensations through his body that he had never felt before. How could something rubbing his asshole feel so fucking good? Then the tongue was gone and Donnie moaned out in disappointment. “Don’t worry baby just give me a second to sip some beer and I will back to work on that sweet hairless pussy of yours.” Buddy said opening up a fresh PBR and taking a couple of sips. While he was drinking the beer his finger was rubbing against Donnie hole sending new sensations coursing through his body. His voice racked with pleasure don’t looked back over his shoulder and said “I don’t understand.” He couldn’t get any more words out because the finger that had been rubbing his hole was not pushing inside and the pleasure was overwhelming Donnie’s ability to put coherent thoughts together. “It’s going to be ok baby your pussy had been asleep all this time but I am waking it up. Once I finish waking it up its going to be hungry all the time.” “Hungry? “Donnie said with confusion in his voice. “Don’t worry honey you will.” Taking a final sip of beer Buddy dove tongue first right into Donnie’s ass hole.

The sensations he was feeling from his hole so Donnie did the only thing that made sense he reached down and started playing with his little dick. As so as he did he felt a hard smack on his ass. “Bad boy! Bois like you don’t touch your boi clits unless a man gives you permission. Do you understand me? Startled by his friends stern tone Donnie dropped his dick and answer with a quick “yes” followed a few second later by a “sir.” “Put your hands under your knees so you’re not tempted to touch yourself again bitch. Donnie immediately complied and felt that incredible hot tongue back in his ass. Buddy continue to work his hole with both tongue and finger for the next ten minutes. Every time he could feel himself getting close to shooting buddy would back off until the urge died down. After the third time he almost shot his load without touching himself buddy sat up gave his ass a pat and said “now that is one hungry pussy.” Slapping Donnie on the ass Buddy said “now it’s my turn.” Sitting down he glanced at his friend’s dick and realized it was rock hard. Seeing where Donnie was looking Buddy smiled and said “I love to eat pussy! Girl pussy or boi pussy it’s all the same to me. Now take me into your mouth and start working the head.”

As he took the head of that stud cock into his mouth and started to work it with his tongue and lips he felt a funny feeling in his ass. He realized it was a feeling of emptiness almost like his ass need to be filled. Putting those thought out of his mind he went back to work on the cock he was nursing. He put every ounce of energy he had into pleasing his buddy and making his cock feel good. He wanted this to be the best blow job Buddy had ever received. He was rewarded when he heard from above him “that’s it baby! Oh dam suck that cock. Fuck I am so close. When I cum I want you to keep it all in your mouth don’t swallow. With my cum in your mouth you can jerk off your little boi clit but make sure you cum in your hand. Oh, shit yeah here it is!” Donnie did his best to hold all the bitter cum inside his mouth but some did escape down his throat. It only took one up and down stroke before his clit fired a weak watery load into his hand.

“Good boy now swallow my cum. It is your job as a bitch to swallow everything that comes out of a real man’s dick. Now what do you say to a man who has just given you such a wonderful present?” “Thank you Bud for the gift of your stud cock and delicious cum.” Alright now lick that clitty juice off your hand and start cleaning the trailer. I am going to take a shower and get dressed. As soon as you finish head home cause I got some buds from the corps coming over and if they get a good look at that fat ass of your they would throw you over the couch and tear you up and your not ready for that yet.

Ok guys part 3 is finished. Who do you think should pop Donnie’s cherry and how. If anyone wants to read about Donnie’s first time with his brother let me know and I will write it. As always I will try to respond to all comments. Your feedback is always a gift.


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