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Mountainman and Vortexalator
Part 3 - Part 3
By Jackson Pickett

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Mountainman and Vortexalator

Chapter 3

Benjamin woke late the next morning. At first he felt quite good. Then he remembered that he had been chloroformed, kidnapped, drugged into a frenzied horned up state, milked till he shot his load, and then drugged asleep again. Worst yet, his brother in his superhero disguise had tried to rescue him. Vortexalator had captured him as well.

Finally Benjamin’s head began to clear up from that last sedative. He realized that for the first time since he’d left his office, he was not tied up. He was lying naked on the bed. He sat up slowly and looked around the room. At one end of the room there was a large cabinet. To his left was a metal door with an electronic locck. At about Benjamin’s 4 o’clock, there were the two pads on the floor where the electronic bounds had held the two men in place. And immediately to his right, was another cot. There, wearing only the miniscule cock cage, was his brother sound asleep. Benjamin got up and called out “Mountainman, wake up.” He shook his brother’s shoulder. But thanks to the double dose of sedative, Mountainman did not stir.

“Your brother will be sound asleep for a few more hours,” said Vortexalator who had snuck in through the door. “I gave him a double dose of sedative. I wanted to make sure that you and I had some alone time together.” Vortexalator moved lightning quick and forced Benjamin to lie on his cot with his butt cheeks up in the air. Benjamin could not move as Vortexalator laid on top of him. “I have given myself the same medication I gave you last night. I am so horny. And your little ass my friend is going to take my load. Vortexalator rammed his 9 inch hard cut cock up the professor’s ass. Benjamin screamed as the rigid pole seemed to rip him in two. Vortexalator revved up from the medication, attacked Benjamin’s ass with a vengeance.

“Your virgin ass is so tight boy. I am going to enjoy shooting my load up your ass. I am going to breed you.” Benjamin was crying. He was being raped. And he was powerless to fight off the supervillain.

Vortexalator’s rhythm became much more frantic as he approached climax. He let out a mighty scream. Torrents of cum filled Benjamin’s poop chute. Vortexalator kissed Benjamin on the side of his head. “You were a fantastic bitch professor,” the villain whispered as Benjamin sobbed.

Meanwhile, Mountainman still showed no signs of regaining consciousness. As the professor tried to calm himself down, Vortexalator lifted the unconscious superhero from the bed and using the electronic chains, refastened Mountainman to the floor and the ceiling.

“You going to rape him too?” Benjamin said through sobs.

“Not quite yet. I have something else planned for your little brother first.” While they waited for Mountainman to wake up, Vortexalator read a few things from Facebook on his phone. Benjamin was in shock from his attack. He filled his pipe, lit it, and slowly tried to regain his composure. Twenty minutes passed. Benjamin was finishing his pipe. And from the electronic bonds, Mountainman was making slight moans as he slowly fought to wake up. “Ahh time to prepare for round two of tonight’s card,” Vortexalator smiled.

The supervillain prepared two syringes with the horniness medication. He injected the first into the professor’s neck. “If you try to masturbate, I will kill your brother,” grinned Vortexalator. The second syringe was injected into Mountainman’s neck.

Five minutes later Mountainman was fully awake. He was in even more agony then he had been yesterday. He was even hornier. His cock rammed against the metal chastity cage. Meanwhile Benjamin was also hornier than he had been yesterday. He had to cum and he had to do it soon. He knew he couldn’t use his hands. And then he saw it. His brother’s naked, virgin ass was there just three feet away from him. He had to have it.

Benjamin approached his brother. He took a big gob of lube and smeared it on his cock. And then he rammed his rod up his brother’s tight hole. It felt so good. He was finally getting some relief for his horniness. His brother’s virgin butt was going to give him all the relief he needed.

Meanwhile Mountainman was in agony. His cock and balls strained against the tiny metal prison. He needed relief but none was coming. And worse yet his own brother was raping him. Mountainman couldn’t believe it. It was so painful; Benjamin’s cock seemed to split him open. And then it happened. Benjamin hit his prostate and suddenly Mountainman found himself moaning in ecstasy. This was so so wrong. Here he was the macho superhero being raped by his own very ordinary brother. And it felt so good.

Suddenly Benjamin began to pump even faster. He was going to fill his brother’s hole with his seed. And the mixture of feelings was filling Mountainman’s mind. He was furious he was being raped by his own brother, his cock and balls were straining against the chastity cage, his virgin butt screamed with pain as his brother impaled his hole, and it felt so good. Benjamin screamed and arched his back as he bred his brother- the now vanquished superhero.

“Quite a good show boys. Got it all here on video tape,” Vortexalator sneered. “You guys must be tired after that workout.”

Vortexalator grabbed the bottle of chloroform and a white rag. He pounced on Benjamin who was still in the dreamy effects of afterglow. Benjamin still managed to put up a bit of a fight as the chemical fumes began to mess with his head. Then his struggles weakened and soon he was breathing in the drugging vapours easily. He let out a sigh and fell fast asleep.

“It’s your turn now my friend,” Vortexalator said as he clamped the stupefying rag over Mountainman’s face. Mountainman tried to hold his breath and thrash his head about to get away from this attack. But Vortexalator held firm. Mountainman took in his first gulp of chloroform and his head began to spin. “That’s right. Just relax and go to sleep puta. When you wake up, I’ll be fucking you bitch,” Vortexalator said.

Mountainman continued to try and fight off his attacker. But he was just feeling so sleepy and warm. His struggles became less and less as he took in more of the chloroform. “Nighty-nite asshole,” was the last thing Mountainman heard. He took in a deep breath of chloroform and fell sound asleep.

To be continued

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