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Mountainman and Vortexalator
Part 2 - Part 2
By Jackson Pickett

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Mountainman and Vortexalator

Chapter 2

Henry Burns, other wise known as Vortexalator, looked down at Benjamin who was just starting to show the first signs of recovery from the chloroform. Vortexalator smiled. He had used every technical skill he had to go through the millions of cell phone calls and texts made in the tri state region each day in order to determine that Mountainman, was in reality, Doctor Jeremiah Kowalchuk, a well known environmentalist and that Dr. Benjamin Kowalchuk was his chemist brother. Vortexalator developed a plan. He would kidnap the older brother, and then use Benjamin as bait to capture Mountainman. Then he would use Mountainman and sap him of his strength.

Kidnapping the chemist was easy. He had taken delight in spooking him for the past week. He liked seeing his victim’s squirm and get anxious. Then today, the chloroforming had gone so easily. No one had seen him enter the professor’s house through the back door. The actual knockout had been simple as well. Benjamin had been caught totally off guard. He’d put up a mild resistance at first but the anaesthetic quickly took the fight out of him, and Benjamin soon fell helplessly asleep.

The night before the kidnapping Vortexalator knew he had to use the psychic bound between his brothers to his advantage. Yes Mountainman had superhero powers, but Benjamin did not. Take the older brother hostage and that made Mountainman vulnerable..

Vortexalator noticed Benjamin was just beginning to come around as he prepared the syringe with the compound of valium and morphine which would keep the chemist unconscious for hours. Vortexalator hoped that Mountainman would still be able to sense his brother’s whereabouts but not be able to communicate with his brother.

Vortexalator picked up the deeply unconscious chemist and carried him out to the car. He drove him to his lair and laid him on the bed and waited for his guest to arrive.

Around dusk, Mountainman snuck into the madman’s lair. He followed his senses to a room on the second floor. He opened the door and found Benjamin in a deep sleep. He tried to rouse his brother, but Benjamin was so out of it. He’d been drugged.

“Come on big brother, let’s get you out of here.” Benjamin stirred only slightly as Jeremiah slung him only shoulder and then fell back asleep. Benjamin was about three feet from the door when Vortexalator opened the door. “Vortexalator. What have you done to him?”

“Aah, Mountainman, we finally meet. Your brother? Don’t worry about him. He’s just been heavily sedated. He was tired and I thought he needed a nap. In fact your looking tired yourself,” Vortexalator said producing a gun from his pocket. “I think you need a nap as well.”

Normally Mountainman would have been able to run up to a man and wrestle a gun out of his hand. But normally he didn’t have a 170 pound unconscious man on his shoulder. The first dart hit in him the neck and the second dart hit him in the shoulder. Mountainman slunk to his knees and then collapsed with his brother on top of him. Soon he joined his brother in a deep, deep sleep.

Benjamin tried to clear his head. It was like their were spider webs all over. Gradually his vision started to clear. Benjamin became aware of his surroundings. He was naked and chained to the ceiling and the floor. How’d he get here? Oh that’s right. He had been attacked with chloroform. He noticed two men in the room. One he had seen on television. It was Vortexalator, the criminal mastermind who had terrorized the city for months. Next to him was another chained figure who looked very familiar. “Jeremiah? Vortexalator what have you done to him?”

“I thought he looked tired so I just put him down for a nap. He’s fine my boy. He’ll be asleep for another three hours. I gave him a pretty heavy dose with the tranquillizer darts. Anyways, it will give us a great chance to get to know one another.” Vortexalator began stroking Benjamin’s 7 inch cut cock.

“Get your fucking hands off of me you sick pervert.”

Vortexalator stopped stroking the chemist’s dick for a second and gave the chemist a hard punch to the stomach winding the chemist. “Now look we were having a nice time here. I was enjoying myself and it looks like you were enjoying yourself too judging by that hardening of your dick there. Now no more calling me names. I am going to give you the blowjob of your life and you are going to enjoy it.”

Through his winded gut, Benjamin croaked out a yes. Benjamin was disgusted as he felt Vortexalators warm wet mouth envelope his cock. Benjamin had never been sucked off by a man before. But Vortexalator was an excellent cocksucker. Soon Benjamin’s cock was rock hard and he knew it would be not long until he shot his load. Benjamin’s breathing became much more ragged as he neared climax. His back began to arch. Suddenly, he cried “Holy fuck,” as load after load of his sweet cum was swallowed by this super villain. Benjamin sighed in complete ecstasy. “There that’s better than any bitch whore can do isn’t boy. Now you look a little tired boy after that workout. And princess Mountainman here won’t be awake for another hour. Why don’t you go sleepy time boy?” Vortexalator grabbed the amber bottle from a shelf and gave a good splash of liquid onto the rag. “Sweet dreams boy,” Vortexalator said as he clamped the rag on his face. After a minute Benjamin was sound asleep.

Benjamin awoke 20 minutes later. He had a chemical hangover. He was still chained to the ceiling. Vortexalator was gone. And Jeremiah was still sleeping off the effects of the tranquillizers. Fifteen minutes later faint moaning sounds came from Jeremiah. He was regaining consciousness. Vortexalator entered into the room. “Ahh the princess awakens. Hate to do this Benjamin, but I need you quiet when he’s awake.” Vortexalator stuffed four sweatsoxs into Benjamin’s mouth. He then tied a bandanna around his mouth and then took a roll of duct tape and ensured there was no way Benjamin could make a sound. He then pulled a curtain which blocked the brother’s view of each other.

In the meantime, Mountainman was waging a war in his body. He kept trying to regain consciousness and then, the drugs would pull him back in again. But soon he was winning. He was going to wake up. It seemed to take forever, but finally he was awake. He tried to move, but electronic chains seemed to hold him in place. “You’re not going anywhere my friend. These force field chains are strong enough to hold ten bull elephants. Now here is what’s going to happen. I am going to inject you both with this drug. It’s something my laboratories have developed. It is going to make you very horny. Soon you are going to be begging me to jerk you off. Your balls will be aching. I am sure once you cum, you are going to feel so asahamed knowing a man has jerked you off. And now Mountainman, I think you need to be gagged to watch our show until its your turn.” A red banadanna was tied around Mountainman’s mouth and then four times duct tape was wrapped around his mouth. “There now just sit there and be quiet. It is time for me to get started with big brother here. But you just sit there and be patient. It will be your turn soon enough.”

“It’s your turn first professor. A little shot in the neck and you will be hornier then you have ever been before in just a minute or so.” Vortexalator noticed the fear in the chemist’s eyes as he brought the hypodermic close to his neck. “Don’t cry professor. You are really going to enjoy it.”

Benjamin yelped as the needle punctured his neck. He momentarily felt a bit breathless and then within a few seconds, his balls began to ache. He had to shoot his load and he had to do it now. He frantically pulled at the chains holding his wrists hoping he could free himself, but they would not give. “God help me,” Benjamin cried.

“What’s wrong friend?” Vortexalator said with a wicked smile on his face.

“You gave me that drug. I have to cum, and I have to cum right now.”

“Well why don’t you then,” teased Vortexalator.”

“You know why you bastard. You have my hands chained up.”

“Oh that is a problem isn’t it. And you really are feeling horny aren’t you professor. It’s too bad you can’t do anything about it.”

Benjamin cried out in total exasperation. He had to cum and he had to do it now. But could he, a straight man ask this fucking faggot pervert to jerk him off. Yes he could. His balls were bursting. In a weak voice he said, “Please jerk me off.”

“Say please Daddy Sir jerk me off. Make me shoot my load.”

Benjamin was in no position to argue. “Please Daddy Sir jerk me off. Make me shoot my load..”

“Well why didn’t you say so.” As Benjamin screamed in desperation Vortexalator slowly put on nitrile gloves. He then placed a huge dollop of lube on Benjamin’s hard cock. He got a bottle of poppers and gave Benjamin a snort up both nostrils. Finally Vortexalator began to work on the chemist’s solid rock hard dick. It did not take long until Benjamin screamed out in ecstasy as streams and streams of hot lava erupted from his cock. It felt so good, Benjamin could not help but smile. Vortexalator took that moment of complete ecstasy from the professor and quickly grabbed the chemist head and planted a huge kiss on the chemist’s lips. “There now how do you feel?” Benjamin was in such ecstasy all he could do was let out a contented sigh. “I thought so,” Vortexalator smiled. He prepared a syringe with the same potent sedative compound that he used on Benjamin before. He gave Benjamin a shot and he was soon in a deep dreamless sleep.

“And now its time for our superhero to know what my drug can do. But he needs a superhero sized dose. A double dose I think.” From underneath his gag Mountainman swore at Vortexalator. The villain pushed Mountainman’s head to his right shoulder. Vortexalator grabbed the syringe and plunged it into the superheroes neck. “And there you go my friend.” Like his brother, Mountainman began to pant a bit as the drug began circulating. “I don’t think we need these anymore,” Vortexalator snarled as he removed the gag from Mountainman’s mouth. Mountainman was about to swear at his attacker when all of a sudden his balls seemed to be burning and a wave of horniness like he had never felt before overwhelmed him.

“Please. I need to cum. I need to cum right now.” There was an animalistic desperation in his voice. Vortexalator knew that Mountainman would do anything, give out any secret just to be able to shoot his load. With his mind totally focussed on the needs of his cock, Mountainman tried to remember what his brother had said to get his own relief. “Please Daddy Sir jerk me off. Make me shoot my load.” The words felt like poison in Mountainman’s mouth. Imagine. Him a macho superhero having to beg another man to jerk off his cock and make him cum. But the drugs coursing through his system left him no choice. His testicles felt like they were about to explode. And if he had to be someone’s faggot bitch for it, so be it.

Mountainman felt streams of tears of joy run down his face as Vortexalator placed a huge wad of lube on his cock and balls. But his tears of joy soon turned to anguish as he felt his balls and erect cock being forced into a tight metal cock ring. Then it felt like his cock might have broken as his cock was stuffed into a 2 inch metal tube. Over Mountainman’s screams, one did not hear the click of the padlock as the chastity cage was locked on.

“I need to cum,” Mountainman pleaded. His balls ached so badly and now his cock was trying to burst through it’s miniscule metal prison.

“Oh you are not going to be cumming anytime soon my friend. Not for months. But don’t worry. Each day you are going to get the same shot that has made you so horny. Your brother will get it too. He will cum every day but you my friend will not. “

Mountainman at this point was screaming. He needed release but none was coming. “I am going out for supper now. Don’t scream too loudly. The only one who will be able to hear you is Benjamin, and he is going to be quite unconscious for at least the next 14 hours. Goodnight Mountainman and I am going to give you the same shot I gave your brother. Well actually, I am going to give you a double shot. Pleasant dreams asshole.”

To be continued

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