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The Seven BDSM Nights of Superman
Chapter 5 - The Fifth Night
By Henry Dee

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Disclaimer: I do not own Superman or related characters and am not making a profit from this story. The characters are owned by DC Comics.

He stood a long time in the room, silently pondering the possibilities Luthor had opened up for him. His superhuman powers, his great strength, and his invulnerability set him apart from the rest of the world in almost demi-god fashion, but ironically they also isolated him from ordinary pleasures and experiences. The past four nights had given him the most intimate of encounters he had ever known, and now Luthor's mention of the experimental machine raised the possibility of an even more complete immersion into the sensuality from which he had been alienated. Almost unconsciously his hand slipped behind him and removed the speculum, letting it clatter to the floor, and his fingers slowly caressed his still dilated rosebud. He wondered what delightful invasions awaited him if Luthor could indeed deliver on his offer.

When at last he left the room, the main hall was empty and quiet, and soft moonlight flooded in through the balcony entrance. In seconds he was in his Metropolis apartment again. He quickly dressed in tracksuit and cap and walked out into the night. He spent the hours until sunrise wandering the sleazier streets of Metropolis, visiting sex shops to browse through magazines of assorted fetishes, sitting in booths and steadily stroking himself to videos of bondage and discipline. Back in his apartment, he lay naked on the bed throughout the day, masturbating and fingering to scene after scene of deviant sex on dvd. When the phone summoned, he let it ring out. And when he slept, his dreams were of Luthor's lair, and the machine called the Environmental Manipulator.

Around sunset, Luthor's helicopter arrived on schedule, and again the Man of Steel was waiting, impatient for the evening's play. He leafed hungrily through the proffered magazine, entitled Science Education. High definition close up photographs showed his body being played with by the young college students with no regard for his dignity. Humiliating captions accompanied the pics: "Watch That Pre-Cum Fly!"; "Milk That Cock Boys!" and "Lick It Up Bitch!" Despite the degrading nature of the pics and text, he found himself growing rapidly hard and longing for the evening's games to begin. He imagined how even more thrilling it would be if Luthor's device worked as predicted.

While the aroused Kryptonian pawed through the erotic depictions of his debasement outside on the ledge, Luthor and one of his technicians were examining the machine dubbed the Environmental Manipulator.

"What do you think Mr Luthor? Will it do?"

"It seems perfect," replied Luthor as he studied the stainless steel cylinder. It stood six feet high and had a diameter of about two feet, and was featureless except for a series of small flashing red and green LED lights running in a band around the middle of the device. It emitted a low, steady hum.

"Show me how it works."

"Well it's quite simple Mr Luthor. You press these up and down arrows on the remote to increase the rate of flashing, and these to raise and lower the volume of the hum. But it's just a light-and-sound show, that's all it does; what's it for?"

"A most important experiment, Gerald. For the past four nights I have been breaking down Superman's psychological defences. I reasoned that his isolated status as the super-powered defender of the world would leave him sexually naive and vulnerable, and I have been proved right; in fact, beyond my wildest dreams. It has always been assumed that his physical powers were vulnerable only to kryptonite but I believe that his amazing body is also subject to domination by one other thing."

"Really? And what is that?" queried the technician, his curiosity aroused.

"His own mind, Gerald! I believe that if he desperately wants to be relieved of his power and invulnerability, which he does thanks to the experiences I have provided for him, and he believes that this machine can do it, then the power of his own belief and desire would neutralise his body's great powers and invulnerability and render him powerless. His own psyche will overcome him and surrender him to me!"

"Mr Luthor! That is amazing! It sort of sounds like hypnosis."

"And what is hypnosis but the willing surrender of one's own will to the influence of another? I have psycho-sexually primed him to desire release from his super powers more than anything else and he believes I can provide that very thing. If I am right, his own desire will undo him! And then the fun can really begin!"

The handsome young technician grinned broadly.

"Oh Mr Luthor, I would dearly love to see that. I have fantasised watching that self-important super shit being used like a bitch for as long as I can remember!"

"And you shall my boy. Stay close and play along. He'll be here soon."

Shortly afterwards the red-cloaked figure alighted on the balcony and entered the hall. He walked across to where Luthor and Gerald appeared to be adjusting a metallic cylindrical device, apparently oblivious to his arrival.

"Well Luthor, is this the Environmental Manipulator?"

"Ah, Superman! Yes indeed it is. We are just preparing it for tonight's test. Are you ready."

"Yes I am. How does it work? Are you sure that it will?"

"Well my chief scientist Gerald here knows all the technicalities but I will take you through the setup as we adjust it to your particular metabolism. Then, if it works as we hope, you will be able to enjoy complete immersion in the sensual pleasures that have been denied to you so far. You have such amazing discoveries ahead of you! Shall we start?"
Superman could feel his breath quickening and his genitals stirring.

"Yes. Let's see what it can do."

"Good. Fingers crossed. Let's start with you power of flight. Hover if you will towards the ceiling and we'll begin the process."

The mighty Man of Steel rose effortlessly upward until his head was just below the ceiling and his feet slightly above Luthor's head.

"Good. Now Gerald here will begin to adjust the machine."

Taking his cue, the burly young technician began to press the arrows on the remote. The lights began to blink more rapidly and the hum grew louder.

"Now Superman," said Luthor, "you will begin to feel a strange sensation. It is the pull of gravity. You will be finding it more and more difficult to maintain your position. Your power of flight should be fading. How does it feel?"

"I.. I.. it's strange. I've never felt anything like this before." Already the combined power of Luthor's deceit and Superman's overwhelming need were having their effect.

"Gravity is pulling you down, isn't it?"

"Yes, yes it is." And indeed he could feel the pull of the earth overcoming him, feel himself being pulled down and unable to remain in the air.

"Your power of flight is disappearing thanks to the work of the Environmental Manipulator! You are falling!"

And with a sudden collapse Superman found himself in a heap on the floor.

"I can't fly anymore!" And he gave a nervous laugh as if not sure whether this was a good thing or not. Luthor bent forward and offered his hand to pull the Kryptonian to his feet.

"It seems to be working exactly as planned, my friend. Let's see how it effects your strength. Lift the oak table over there above your head and try to hold it there while Gerald continues his adjustments."

Superman strode excitedly across to the large table that stood against the far wall. He held it high with ease as Gerald again began to play with the remote.

"Now you will begin to feel the weight of the table. It's becoming heavy, isn't it?"

"Yes, yes it is. It feels so strange." His mighty muscles which hitherto would not have even noticed the weight of the massive table had started to ache and strain, and his arms began to shake with the effort.

"The effort is becoming too great isn't it?"

"Yes. It's heavy, very heavy. I.. can't.. hold it.." and the heavy table clattered to the floor sending Superman sprawling.

"Wonderful!" crowed Luthor. "It's working brilliantly." And indeed his plan was working exactly as he had hoped. Superman's desire to be a normal man, to participate in the sado-masochistic play with which he had become fascinated, coupled with the powerful influence of Luthor's suggestions, were undoing his physical might and powers. His own psyche was indeed proving to be the master of his body, and his perceptions were firmly under Luthor's influence. His situation was the most precarious it had ever been yet he gave it no thought, so fixated was he on the sensual urges driving him.

"Now Superman, your strength is gone, and your special vision, speed and hearing will have faded along with the power of flight. It is only your invulnerability that needs to be addressed and we will be ready to play. Come here while Gerald makes the final adjustments."

Superman crossed to the criminal mastermind. He stood before him and Luthor extended his hands and grabbed both nipples firmly between his thumbs and forefingers, twisting as he did so. It had no immediate effect but as the technician continued to play with the remote, Superman began to feel a discomfort in his chest.

"The nipples are very tender and twisting them causes quite an intense pain. You're starting to feel it, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes I am. Owww!" And he pulled back, breaking Luthor's grip. "I can't believe it! That really hurt; I felt pain!"

"Good! It seems we are almost there. Just one last check to be sure. Gerald, reach into Superman's pants and grab onto his testicles tightly." Superman looked quizzically at the young 'scientist' and backed further away. "Now Superman please keep still. Gerald is just going to check the machine's effect by applying some pressure to the most sensitive part of your body. This will tell us with certainty how effective the Environmental Manipulator has been in dispelling your invulnerability."

Superman nervously complied as Gerald enthusiastically thrust his hand into the pants and grabbed the large bull testicles. The strong young man squeezed and pulled with delight, as hard as he could, and with a yell of agony Superman doubled up in pain and crumpled to the floor, with Gerald maintaining his vice-like grip.

"Owww! O my God! Owww!" For the first time in his life Superman experienced the gut-wrenching impact of testicle pain but this only encouraged Gerald's enthusiasm and the strong young man increased the pressure, squeezing and pulling with all of his strength until Luthor, smiling, suggested that that was probably enough to demonstrate that the machine was working quite satisfactorily.

"You can release our Kryptonian friend's balls now Gerald. We know that the manipulator is having the desired effect. Perhaps you can do some readings to determine how far that effect extends." With one final firm twist that caused Superman's eyes to water Gerald let go of the warm meaty gonads.

"I'll take some readings in the adjoining rooms Mr Luthor. Shouldn't be too long." He left the room with a wide grin spreading across his face. There were no readings to take of course and this was just a further layer to the deception that was being played out on their unwitting victim.

"Well Superman? Are you pleased? You must admit, I have delivered admirably on my offer. A whole new world of experience now lies before you, beginning tonight!" Luthor watched as his beguiled foe got unsteadily to his feet, rubbing his crotch.

"Yes Luthor. You have."

"And how are you feeling?"

"Strange. Excited and a little apprehensive I guess. What happens next?"

"We'll take this slowly and easily to start, so you can savour and really enjoy what is to come, perhaps as much as I will enjoy delivering the experience to you. For tonight we are just going to revisit the scenarios we played on the past four nights, but this time with the added sting in the tail that this machine provides. How do you feel about that?"

"It sounds exciting. And we still have two more nights after this. To be honest, I'm getting hard at the thought!"

"Good boy. You know where the kitchen is. Go and get your costume on and I will summon you when we are ready."

Superman made his way quickly to the kitchen where he found the French Maid costume waiting as before. With nervous expectation he hurriedly dressed and sat on a chair to wait, stroking his cock into massive tumescence and fondling his still aching balls. It was some time before the door opened again and one of Luthor's massive wrestler thugs beckoned him back into the hall.

The large dinner table and its many older male guests were waiting just as they had four nights earlier, and the evening proceeded also as before. A smiling Luthor sat at the head of the table.

"Ah, our slutty little coquette is with us again! I am she will be pleased to hear that my chief scientist has completed his readings and has determined that the effect of this machine here encompasses this entire establishment. How much fun we are going to have! Now, begin serving whore!"

Once again Superman adopted the persona of a mincing parody of femininity as he served the guests and once again his body was groped and handled obscenely; his cock, balls and ass became their playthings, and this time whenever he bent to pick up cutlery which had been "accidentally" dropped (which was often) he felt fingers and the occasional tongue probing and entering him.

As the meal drew to a close, Luthor, seated at the head of the table, announced coffee would be served... with a special flavouring. Two of the attendant wrestlers who had been standing by the wall stepped forward and grabbed onto the "maid" roughly and lay her flat on her back on the centre of the table, tearing apart the costume as they did.

"Cream will just be a few seconds," said Luthor as the seated guests stood as one and crowded in around Superman. One of the wrestlers produced a small cream jug and placed it in position to receive the Kryptonian's cum as he began to work the swollen red cock. At the same time the other thug grabbed a single silver candlestick from the far end of the table and removed the still burning candle. He lifted Superman's legs high and wide as his companion continued to pump away furiously on the cock, and thrust the candlestick deep between the cheeks and into the waiting hole.

Superman gave a gasp and then a scream. He had been completely engrossed in his impending orgasm and enjoying the humiliating attention of the ogling guests and was unaware of the actions of the second thug until his legs had been yanked high. The sudden and violent intrusion into his body was totally unexpected and he had no chance to prepare himself. He felt as if he had been ripped apart. He screamed for it to be removed but rather than remove it the thug began to rhythmically work it in and out in time with his partner's stroking. Superman struggled and writhed, yelling and crying for it to stop but the wrestlers continued their assault, holding him down with the help of the guests as they did so. One wizened, wrinkled, grey-haired old guest, grinning broadly and cackling with delight, now took another candle from the table. He held it high over Superman's chest as the wrestlers continued their work on the superhero and began to drip hot wax onto the large pink nipples. Superman wailed and cried as another layer of pain was added. His confusion was enormous: the tearing pain of the candlestick dildo blended with the sting of the wax and the pleasure of the hand-job and the gathering orgasm. Endorphins raced around his body and brain sending him into a euphoria he had never experienced. The cries of pain became wails of ecstasy and with a sudden, climactic wave of sensation he orgasmed hard and full, sending spurt after spurt of hot white cum into the waiting cream jug.

The wanking wrestler continued the milking until no more of Superman's goo would flow, then released the magnificent cock as the other thug withdrew the candlestick and the old man lay the candle on the table. Luthor took the cream jug, now half full of Superman's hot cum and held it up for the grinning guests.

"Cream, anyone?"

As the laughing dinner guests stood around their host sipping on their super-cum flavoured coffee, the two wrestlers grabbed the still groggy Kryptonian and pulled him from the table. They tore the remaining remnants of costume from him, leaving him totally naked. They quickly secured a dog collar around his neck, dragged him towards the low door on the far side of the hall, and flung him into the low corridor beyond.

Superman had been here before, three nights earlier, knew where it led and what was expected of him. Taking a deep breath, he gathered his strength and began to crawl towards the far end of the corridor where he knew he would be leashed like a puppy again. He remembered the delight of being dominated like a pet, and treated as a plaything by the leather-clad men.

As he emerged from the small low door however he was surprised to be grabbed by the hair and collar by several pairs of hands and forced face down and flat out onto the floor. Other hands forced his legs wide apart and he felt his ass cheeks being roughly parted.

"Let's give this dog a tail!" growled a throaty voice and he felt a bulbous butt plug entering his hole.

"Hehe! That does it!" snarled the voice and the hands pulled Superman up onto all fours. As a dog-chain snapped onto his collar he managed to look behind and saw that a long rubber tail was now protruding from his still aching ass.

"Come on puppy, time for walkies," giggled a high-pitched not-quite-feminine voice and playtime started again. Again he found himself being degradingly felt up and handled by the assembled leather men, made to display and perform tricks, and present himself for close up examination and fondling. This time however his "masters" were far more demanding and if he didn't co-operate and obey quickly enough he felt the harsh end of the dog-chain across his ass. He winced as he heard the whistle of the chain in the air and yelped as it left long red welts across the muscular cheeks. Soon he was scuttling quickly around the room, desperately trying to respond without hesitation, as the repeated lashing turned the sting on his butt to a burning throb.

When the time came for the final phase of play he lay spread-eagled on his back as he had before and presented himself for tickling and handling. But no tickling ensued. Instead the smirking leather men knelt around him and began to place spring-loaded clothes pegs all over his body. Rows of pegs pinched his eyebrows, nose, lips, and tongue making his whole face look and feel like a pin-cushion. Two rows of pegs extended from his nipples down along his magnificent 8-pack and his abdomen, coalescing on his cock and balls which were completely covered with close-packed pegs, each one pinching as tightly as Gerald's hands had earlier in the night. Two rows then extended down the inside of his thighs and calves, ending on his big toes. He breathed in rapid puffs, trying to contain the need to cry out for the removal of the claw-like pegs, each one a tiny torturer on his screaming skin.

The pegs on his eyebrows obscured his vision so he could not see the two men standing at his feet, each holding a cord in his hand. Thick string had been woven through the pegs so that every peg in each row was connected.

"Give him the zipper," called the gruff voice, "one, two, THREE!"

Suddenly there was a ripping sound and a pain that ran through every part of his body. The pegs had all been removed in a single pull of the two cords and every pinch point was like the stab of a hot pin. He felt it especially across his cock and balls and for a horrible instant he thought he had been castrated.

"Noooooooo!" The cry erupted full force and he curled up into a sobbing ball of pain while Luthor, watching through a video monitor, gave a whoop of delight. Strong hands pushed him over onto his back and yanked the butt plug dog-tail from his ass, then released him. Through teary eyes he watched as the laughing leather men left the room and Luthor's wrestler thugs entered and pulled him to his feet. Half dragging him they returned once again to the main hall.

Throbbing with pain in every part of his body, he saw at once that the hall had now been set up as the nursery he had played in two nights earlier. The dozen or so pairs of parents waited with broad grins and the first "mother" and "father" moved forward at once to greet him, and the two wrestlers relinquished him into their grasp. They led him over to the oversized baby bath and lay him down on the rug beside it. "Father" ran his hands up and down the length of the supine body paying special attention to the red-purple pinch marks.

"Poor baby! That looks so sore. Mummy and Daddy will kiss it all better!" And they began to run their lips and tongues all over his body, taking his cock and balls into their mouths and sucking long and hard. Again he experienced a strange blend of pleasure and pain. As his cock began to harden and his ball-sack to tighten the myriad pinch-marks hurt more and more.

"Please, no, stop! It's too much. Enough..."

"What's this? Our baby talks?" The 'mother' gasped in mock surprise. "That can't be right!" And she grabbed reached into the toy box and pulled out a small red ball. It was in fact a ball-gag and before he realised what was happening she had shoved the ball roughly into his mouth and tied it behind his head. Unable now to speak he could only grunt his protestations.

"Hey, and look!" said 'father', "Our little boy has body hair; that can't be right. We have to do something about that!"

With that he drew a razor from his pocket while simultaneously 'mother' and several other of the 'parents' held Superman down and again he found himself spread-eagled on the floor.

The razor moved quickly and expertly over his chest, around his still screaming nipples and down along his thin black treasure trail. Watching from his hidden vantage point, Luthor mouthed a silent "YES!" as he saw the black fuzz, formerly invulnerable to blade or flame, fall easily away from the superhero's body. Chest and abdomen were soon naked and then the blade moved down to the pubic area and scrotum. The thick black curls were soon gone and the beautiful masculine body now took on an almost child-like appearance. The long muscular legs were next and then the armpits.

"Almost done!" said 'father' and then hoisted the great legs high and wide where they were held in place by his accomplices. The razor descended into the hairy cavity between the beautiful ass cheeks and before long the pink puckered hole was totally exposed, no longer hidden behind the small forest of black curls which now lay on the floor.
"Now he's ready for his bath!" said 'mother' and the struggling form, now more naked than ever, was lifted bodily into the water.

Superman gave a load gasp from behind the ball-gag as the biting chill of ice-cold water. Multiple hands held him down as his wide eyes pleaded to be released., and his gasps changed to muffled screams.

"Don't struggle baby; gotta get clean!" someone laughed, and then a strong hand took hold of his hair and pushed down. He was now fully submerged and panicking as water rushed into his nostrils but his struggling and thrashing were to no avail as all 'parents' now joined in and held him down.

Just as he thought he was about to drown the hands removed themselves and he sprang up, spluttering and sucking air in through his distended nostrils; and then without warning they pushed down again, and again the fear of drowning filled his consciousness. Again he was released just in time, and then again he was submerged. Again and again the pattern was repeated until his strength to struggle had gone and all he could do was struggle for breath whenever allowed.

On the verge of collapse and unconsciousness, he was lifted out of the tub and lain face down on a bath sheet.. He sucked air in hard through his nostrils and gradually his rapid heart-beat began to calm. Soft hands now dried him all over, caressing gently as voices cooed a lullaby.

"Hush little babe, let the cradle rock;
Papa's gonna stroke your balls and cock..."

His body was now being softly stroked and caressed all over with baby oil. Several hands now worked between his mighty legs, some finding balls and cock, others the pink rosebud of his ass. He could feel himself being entered by multiple digits, then something larger but he did not have the strength to turn to see the baby rattle with which he was now being dildoed, or the hands now rhythmically working his now engorged cock. The pace and pressure of the group massage now began to grow and so did the dildo-fucking and the milking. Now the ball-gag was at last removed and he could breath more easily and deeply. His groans grew louder and turned to moans as he felt his arousal grow, and then, almost with a whimper his cum flowed freely onto the bath-sheet beneath him. In the same instant, and without comment, all of the 'parents' then stood and silently left the room. He remained alone, face down on the floor, eyes closed, sighing, on the point of exhaustion.

He was just beginning to recover and to feel he might be able to stand when his hair was unexpectedly grabbed and his head jerked violently up.

"Well, look who we have here!" He was stirring into the eyes of Tony, the assertive jock from the night before. Standing alongside him was his fellow student, Troy, who had initiated the cum-flinging experiment in the Science class. Both boys had mischievous smirks on their faces. "What shall we do with this naughty boy, Troy?"

"I think Miss Taylor has some unfinished business with him, Tone. Let's take him to her."
"Oh no," moaned the weary, aching Kryptonian, "Please, no more..." But the two college boys had seized him by the ankles and were dragging him face down towards the door he had walked through 24 hours earlier.

The room was set up as it had been previously as a Science classroom and the class was in session.

"Miss Taylor, look who we found lurking outside," said Troy as they entered. "He was lying down outside without a stitch of clothing on."

"Just what I'd expect from him," snarled the teacher. "We all remember the disgusting mess he made on my desk yesterday. I think I've had quite enough from this repulsive lowlife; it's time he was properly punished. Bring him over here."

Without strength to resist Superman allowed himself to be dragged over to the front of the class where the teacher sat. As the two college boys lifted him by wrists and ankles and stretched him out across her lap the whole class gathered in close to get a good view of the proceedings.

"Now Kal-el, you will count out loud the smacks I inflict on your bottom and you will thank me for each one. Do you understand?"

"O God! If I must!"

"THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I'LL HAVE NONE OF YOUR RUDENESS!" And with that, she raised her right hand high and brought it down with full force on the naked buttocks.

"Owwwwww! I'm sorry, I'm sorry," yelped the powerless Superman.

"Good! That's much better. Now start counting, and remember to say 'Thank you'."

Crack! Her hand descended again on the quivering flesh already red with welts from the dog-chain.

"Ahhhh! One! Thank you Miss!"


"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Two! Thank you Miss!" He twisted and squirmed on her lap but the two strong young men held him in place and the spectating class laughed and cheered their approval.

Crack! Crack!

"Ahhhhh! Three! Thank you Miss! Ahhhhh! Four! Thank you Miss. O God! Please stop!" His legs had begun to shake and shudders ran up and down his body.

Crack! Crack! Crack! The spanking continued with surprising force until the beautiful ass was glowing bright red all over and the yelps had turned to loud crying.
"Awww... F... Fifty... Th... Thank you M... Miss," he sobbed, his whole body shaking and his face red with tears and utter humiliation.

"Good! Now hopefully you will have learnt your lesson. You will not disrespect me! Unfortunately for you, your behaviour has also insulted your fellow students so they also must have their opportunity to impose punishment upon you.

A sense of total defeat descended on Superman with those words and he collapsed into inconsolable weeping. How could his poor ass cheeks take any more?

"Now students," continued the teacher, "how shall we proceed from here?"

Angela, the girl who had first suggested the spanking the night before, spoke up excitedly,

"Miss, I'm not sure what the boys might want but I think I know an appropriate response from us girls. Can I ask the guys to hold Kal-el up in standing position while I demonstrate?"

"Of course," said the teacher, and Tony and Troy with the help of two other boys lifted the howling man onto his feet and held him there facing Angela. She lifted the tear-stained face and looked directly into his eyes.

"Kal-el, this is from me!" And with that she raised her knee sharply into the already bruised balls. With a loud cry he doubled up in agony, but the strong hands of the college boys held him up. "That should teach you not to disrespect me!"

Taking their cue from Angela, the girls lined up and one by one delivered their ball-busting blows. Most used their knees but several decided on fists and finally the thin girl with braces took a run-up and delivered a football style punt kick to the bruised and swollen gonads.

"Now boys, your turn" said Miss Taylor, "what punishment will you deliver?"

It was the fat boy Roy who took over at this point. Superman was made to kneel on all fours on the floor and one at a time at Roy's instruction, the each delivered a solid kick to the ass. With each kick Superman went sprawling face forward and each time he was lifted back up onto his hands and knees. Gradually he was propelled towards the door until with one final huge boot he went skidding out of the room and back into the hall. He lay face down, his body heaving with such loud howling that he didn't even hear the laughter from the class or the slamming of the door behind him. At length he was aware of a figure standing beside him, and then of his Superman costume being dropped on the floor by his face.

He rolled on his side and looked up at the smiling face of Luthor.

"I've just turned the Environmental manipulator off, Superman. Your powers should be returning now."

Believing the influence of the counterfeit machine annulled, the negative effect of Superman's mind over his body ceased to disempower him. Luthor stared in amazement as the welts and bruised faded before his eyes. The pain which had filled his awareness evaporated from Superman as he felt power flowing back into his mighty frame. Taking a deep breath he stood and began to silently clothe himself.

"Amazing," muttered Luthor. "If I hadn't seen it myself..."

He turned and walked away to the far door. Superman, simultaneously filled with relief and seething rage, watched without comment. As Luthor exited he paused, turned and looked into the Kryptonian eyes.

"Tomorrow night then."

And he closed the door behind him.


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