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The Seven BDSM Nights of Superman
Chapter 4 - The Fourth Night
By Henry Dee

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Disclaimer: I do not own Superman or related characters and am not making a profit from this story. The characters are owned by DC Comics.

Clark Kent did not front for work at The Daily Planet the next day but rang in sick, once again blaming abdominal issues. The truth was a little lower in his trunk. He had not slept well, hardly at all in fact, and although impervious to tiredness there was nevertheless a disquiet about him.

He spent the day laying naked in his bed, his mind occupied by memories of the previous three nights and the unexpected and almost overpowering arousal that he had experienced. Luthor's attempts at humiliation had awakened a sexual hunger that demanded attention. His cock felt hot and hard in his hand and for the first time in his life he allowed his fingers to explore his hole, pushing through his sphincter to find that sweet spot that sent a shiver through his body and quickened his orgasm.

Once again he arrived early at Luthor's headquarters and this time the two men exchanged knowing looks when Luthor's helicopter flew in. Smirking, Luthor silently handed a third glossy magazine to the expectant Kryptonian, this one entitled NURSERY TIME. Superman greedily flipped through the more than 100 pages filled with captions and photos of the previous night's play. Then he looked through again, this time allowing himself to linger on the images and the memories they evoked.

There were shots from every angle of his long session in the bath, when one set of "parents" after another bathed and played with him without restraint. He recalled the ecstasy of total obedience and passivity, as he had lain back in the bath while hands, fingers and mouths explored and played at will. He remembered that first almost electric surprise of fingers entering his virgin hole, finding his prostate and making it theirs.

He remembered the delicious taste of humiliation and surrender as he had allowed himself to be dried and powdered like a baby, and there was the evidence in photo after photo, his eyes closed or glazed, his lips parted in soft sighs, his tumescent cock straining hard and flowing pre-cum, his balls tight in their sack.

And then, the piece de resistance, the orgaistic milking in the baby chair when multiple hands had felt, stroked, played and finally milked him, until his balls had given up every last drop of the hot sticky white liquid that had then become his evening meal. And the final images of him almost unconscious, exhausted, silently sitting alone in the chair, the cummy bowl like a lop-sided hat dripping trails of cum through his hair and down his face.

When it was time for him to once again enter Luthor's hall, he had spent two hours leafing through the magazine and dwelling on his experiences of the previous night. A strange shift had taken place in his psyche. He had begun to think of Luthor differently; if not as a friend then at least as a sort of sexual mentor, a man experienced in the ways of a world in which Superman was a total novice. Luthor was opening him up to a new awareness of self he could never have discovered by himself, left to his former lifestyle and understanding. Perhaps, once the week was past and Luthor had been taken into custody, they could negotiate some continuation of the relationship? Perhaps he could arrange for some special treatment, some luxuries for the master criminal soon to be convict, in return for a continued education in the ways of the flesh? One thing was certain; his eyes had been opened and he would not go back to a life devoid of sensuality.

As he entered Luthor's hall from the balcony entrance, he was surprised to see it devoid of any special preparations. Luthor stood alone in the centre, his six burly thugs in their wrestlers' outfits lined up against the far wall. Luthor looked him squarely in the eye:

"Well Superman? Did you enjoy the read?"

"Yes, I did," answered the caped superhero quietly, almost passively. For the first time there was a noticeable shift in status between the two men. Without any overt statement to the effect, it was clear that Superman had acknowledged Luthor's superior mastery of the world of sensuality and that his Kryptonian nemesis was the novice and ingenue.

"Good. I thought you might." And his broad grin signalled his growing inner sense of impending triumph. The Man of Steel would soon be putty in his hands.

"I thought I would prepare you myself for tonight's fun. Come here. I'm going to dress you."

A shiver went through Superman as he walked to the centre of the room where Luthor awaited. He knew that he was surrendering much more of himself and his will than he had ever intended when he first agreed to this bizarre contract, but the allure of the world of strange sex he had been introduced to was too strong and he found himself obeying despite his better judgement. Curiosity and anticipation raced through his brain, and the possibility of the erotic adventure ahead caused his cock to stir within his red briefs.

"Strip," came the firm instruction from Luthor, and without hesitation Superman began to remove his famous red, yellow and blue costume. As each element of clothing fell to the floor, Luthor bent down, picked it up and held it out for one of this thugs to take hold of. Superman was soon standing completely naked in the centre of the hall, his now fully erect cock standing as an impressive token of his readiness to participate.

"Good. Now let's get you primed and ready." Luthor stepped close to his naked enemy and began to lightly stroke the superhard flesh lightly, beginning at the shoulders, working down over the nipples, the fully formed abs and belly until he came in contact with the swollen red helmet cap moist with its salty secretion. Squeezing and stroking he milked the pre-cum until his hand was wet, then wiped it over the trunk and buttocks of the now heavily breathing nude hunk. He repeated the action again and again until Superman's body gleamed with liquid and his cock felt ready to burst. His egg-sized balls were held high and hard in their tight sack against the base of his erect organ as further sign of his total arousal.

"Now let's put this on." sais Luthor and he took a white hospital gown from one of his men, moved behind Superman, and, wrapping his arms around his compliant foe, pulled the sleeves of the gown up over the muscled arms. He tied it securely behind Superman's neck so that the opening was at the back, and the butt crack was still clearly visible.

"Come with me." He took one of the huge strong hands and walked Superman to the far end of the hall, to a lead-lined wooden door. He opened it and led him into what looked to be large science classroom. The wall at the far end was covered with an electronic whiteboard in front of which was a long demonstration desk covered in scientific equipment. Behind the desk and looking directly at them was a beautiful statuesque red-haired woman, perhaps 40 years of age, wearing glasses and a lab coat. Between her and them were around 25 students desks and chairs, all occupied by young college age men and women. They all turned to look as Luthor closed the door.

"Ah," said the 'teacher', "our volunteer demonstrator has arrived. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Kal-el, who has offered to help us with our learning and investigations today. Please give him a round of applause."

With a firm nudge from Luthor, Superman began to walk tentatively past the applauding "students" towards the front of the room. He was intensely aware of their eyes on him as he strode past them, revealing the opening at the back of the gown and his exposed body beneath. The teacher walked around the desk to meet him and, placing her hands on his shoulders, turned him to face the class.

"Male anatomy 101 will now commence," she announced, and with that she deftly untied the gown and let if fall tot he floor. There were smiles of approval from the staring students, and several soft whistles, as Superman's body was presented to them in its complete perfection.

"Now let us examine the visible male sex organs. You can see that this penis, or cock, is fully erect and is emitting Cowpers' Fluid or pre-cum as it is colloquially known. This fluid is flowing nicely from Kal-el's urethral slit here at the top of his glans, which is the swollen red helmet at the end of his cock." As she said this she ran her polished nail along the 8" shaft from base to tip, circled the glans and tickled the dripping slit.

"You can see the firmness of Kale-el's erection," she said, and pushed the stiff organ down hard until it pointed towards the floor, then released it so that it sprang back quickly, slapping against the beautiful smooth belly, and sending a spray of pre-cum into the air. "Would any of you like to test the firmness of the erection?"

About a third of the class, boys and girls, immediately left their seats and gathered around the teacher and her naked model. A pretty young blonde girl of about 19 was the first to test. She squeezed the cock hard and pushed it down with her full body weight. Superman inhaled deeply feeling an strange excitement at the humiliation and exposure. The girl released the engorged organ and again it slapped up hard against Superman's body, flicking pre-cum onto several of the students, who laughed out loud and wiped it from their clothes and faces. The fun was then repeated by two other girls and one of the boys, and impressive college jock.

"Can I try an experiment, Miss Taylor?" asked one of the boys.

"Of course, Troy. This is a Science class after all."

"I want to measure the power of the elasticity."

Troy took Superman by the cock and used it as a lead to take him to the other side of the desk.

"Lie on your back on the desk, so that your head is towards the door and your feet towards the whiteboard," ordered Troy, and Superman obeyed, confused but compliant. Troy took up a position between the naked man's legs, facing along his prone body towards the door. He took a firm hold of the hard wet cock, pulled it as far as he could towards himself, then released it suddenly. Pre-cum sprayed high over Superman and into classroom in the direction of the door, splattering onto the floor.

"How far did it go?" asked Troy. "Gus, get a tape and measure the distance." And a skinny little boy in glasses jumped up and grabbed a tape measure from a shelf. Troy held the end of the tape on Superman's cockhead while Gus ran it out into the room.

"Just under 5 metres," he announced.

"Hey," called out another jock-type, "I bet we can make the door with a bit of preparation."

"Go for it!" "Yea, do it Tony!" Calls of encouragement filled the room.

Tony strode arrogantly around to the crotch of the prone Superman, who was now breathing heavily at the arousing effect of being made into a Science room guinea pig and plaything for college students.

"First I'm gonna prime this baby." said Tony, and he grabbed the cock in both hands and started expertly working it, stroking it and twisting it round and round until Superman's sighs turned to deep groans, and his hips began involuntarily to work in time with the jock boy's milking. Pre-cum flowed profusely, wetting cock, hands, belly and balls in a sweet-smelling salty flood. He couldn't believe he was allowing himself to be played with in such humiliating fashion by this young fit boy in front of a classroom full of whooping college kids but the fascination and sexual urge was too strong to resist. Such total surrender of control and dignity was overpowering.

"Hey Tony, you keep that up, you're gonna get more than pre-cum from that cock!" called a petite blonde standing close alongside, her eyes wide at the close-up view she was getting of the beautiful body and cock being expertly dominated. She couldn't resist the temptation to touch and she added her hand to Tony's, paying special attention to the throbbing red glans and the swollen vein running the full length of the shaft, so that three hands were now squeezing and stroking the amazing organ.

"Here we go!" shouted Tony, and he pulled back hard with both hands, let the cock go, and sent a veritable shower of pre-cum flying into the room.

"Bull's eye!"

The room was filled with applause and cheers as the sticky liquid found its mark and splashed into the door at the far end of the room.

"Well done, Tony," said Miss Taylor, "You have effectively demonstrated the powerful elasticity of Kal-el's erect penis. Now, Kal-el, resume your previous position standing at the front of the room." And as Tony and the blonde returned to the class, taking high fives as they did, the teacher pulled Superman up by his cock and led him around to the front of the desk.

Superman was still breathing heavily, and his head was spinning from the uncontrollable seduction of submissive exhibitionism. He knew he was being used and exploited by Luthor and the participants of this classroom game but he was a totally willing and enthusiastic victim.

"Now class, we have seen Tony's inventive approach to the use of a hard cock. Imagination is the core of scientific exploration. I want you all now to see how many used you can come up with for this tumescent penis, and demonstrate these for us."

Superman stood there obediently, cooperating completely as one after another the students came forward to demonstrate their ideas for using his cock. The first girl showed how it could double as a metronome, slapping it hard from side to side in a steady beat as her classmates urged her on. Next was "a springboard for insects" and once again pre-cum flew upwards as the supercock was pressed down hard and released repeatedly. A conductor's baton was next, and then a ventriloquist's puppet, which saw a fat boy working the lips of the piss slit like a mouth in time with the song "Danny Boy".

"It would make a good dental swab," suggested a thin girl with braces, and she knelt in front of the humiliated superhero and, grabbing his cock in both hands, began to work it around the inside of her mouth, licking it and taking as much of it she could deep into her throat. The urge to cum was almost overpowering now but a stern "Don't you dare" from Miss Taylor made him exert his self-control for the moment.

After several more creative ideas, including "hand warmer" and "paint brush" (which saw pre-cum smeared directly all over the whiteboard) the final suggestion came from Miss Turner herself.

"I was thinking 'hand cream dispenser' to finish with," she said, "But why not face cream? Kal-el, please climb back onto the table on your back, and curl over so that your knees are alongside your ears."

Superman did as he was told and was soon on his back, curled up with his toes touching the table and his magnificent ass pointing at the ceiling. His cock was now immediately above his face, pointing at it and dripping pre-cum onto his eyes. The students stood all around enjoying the spectacle of the mighty superhero in the most undignified and vulnerable position possible.

Two strong young men grabbed onto the cock and began tugging and milking it hard and fast. The pre-cum flowed freely, thoroughly wetting the Man of Steel's face. The swollen red head was now hot, pulsing and throbbing. The veins bulged as if ready to burst. A short-haired butch-looking girl grabbed a large thick test-tube and knelt on the table, pressing herself against Superman's raised back.

"This will help," she said, and inserted the long test-tube deep into his ass. He gave an involuntary inhalation and groan as she started pumping the instrument in and out, using it as a thick glass dildo, and contacting his fluid-filled prostate at every plunge.

Superman's breathing increased in rapidity and strength as he felt the impending orgasm. The boys tugged quicker and harder and the girl increased her furious work with the dildo, working it as fast and as hard as she could.

"Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" With a loud wail and cry, and a mixture of ecstasy and defeat, Superman orgasmed onto his face, almost half a litre of hot white Kryptonian sperm juice covering his world-renowned beauty. The three milkers continued their work until there were no further drops of cum while their classmates and teacher cheered and applauded.

Superman lay there exhausted and covered in his own cum. Two of the girls then bent over him and began to massage the hot sticky fluid into his face.

"Should make excellent face cream," one of them giggled.

"Hair gel too!" suggested one boy, and he filled his hand with cum from the still wet, now increasingly flaccid, cock and used it to tease a peak into the humiliated superhero's hair.

"Well done, everyone," said Miss Taylor. "Now we have just a little more to do before the end of class. Kal-el, if you are feeling up to it, I would like you to assume a position kneeling on the desk with your anus high, legs spread wide and your face on the desk."

"What next?" wondered the bewildered Superman but he obeyed without complaint or comment.

"Students, we have just seen some of the many uses for an erect cock, and Angela has demonstrated to us the efficacy of direct prostate stimulation in achieving orgasm. Now we shall investigate that particular organ more closely and observe its involvement in the process. Watch."

With that she opened a drawer in the desk and withdrew a long metal tube and a small clamp.

"With this speculum," she said, holding up the clamp, "we shall open wide Kal-el's anus and hold it in place. This sigmoidoscope will be entered into the exposed cavity and the camera in it will project the internal activities of his lower bowel onto the electronic whiteboard as we again stimulate him to orgasm. We should be able to observe the movements within the prostate during the process."
"There go the last shreds of dignity and privacy," thought Superman, and yet he stayed where he had been ordered to, feeling his arousal return and awaited the invasion of the medical instruments.

With the students crowded around, the teacher clamped open the huge muscular ass with the speculum, exposing the pink interior for the first time to the world. Next she pushed in the long thin tube, the sigmoidoscope, and threw a switch at the base. Instantly an illuminated image of the Kryptonian's rectum appeared on the screen.

"Now watch the screen as I again milk semen from our volunteer."

Superman's cock had begun to grow hard again once she had begun the anal procedures. Now, with her hand firmly around its base, and repeatedly pulling down in milking fashion, it hardened again into a fully blown erection. The students' eyes moved with fascination between the image of the screen of the rectal pulses, and the action taking place before them as their teacher went about a rigorous miking of the magnificent stud. Superman began to groan again, softly at first and then louder and louder as his orgasm built.

"Miss," said the fat boy," as he's being milked, shouldn't he be making cow noises?"

"A good suggestion Roy. Kal-el, the only sounds I want to hear from you are those we would hear from a cow. Do you understand?"

"Yes," whispered Superman with a tone of defeat.

"Wrong!" She shouted, and slapped the cock hard.

"Mooooo!" said Superman.

"That's better!"

As the rapid, almost violent milking resumed the students' eyes darted eagerly between the action on the desk, and the images on the screen of the pulsing prostate and rectum. The soft mooing from the object of their fascination quickly grew louder as once again pre-cum poured from the enlarged organ. The stroking and tugging quickened as if signalled by the increased volume and now the milking was going faster than ever. Faster and faster went the teacher's hand, louder and louder grew the lowing of the "cow" whose hips were now thrusting hard in time with the jerking. The image of the screen showed rapid pulsation and contraction, then with a deafening sound cum exploded out of the engorged cock and splattered across the desk.

"MOOOOOOOOOOO! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!" The teacher stopped the rapid milking but did not release the cock. Slowing her movements, she continued to lightly massage the still hard organ as the rain of cum petered out and the shouts from Superman turned to low sighs and heavy breathing.

"I would like all of you to come forward now, take advantage of this singular opportunity and take a direct look into this beautiful, perfect anus." And she withdrew the metal tube, leaving the clamp in place as the students one at a time looked deep into the Man of Steel's body. Some went further and inserted fingers and tongues in their uninhibited exploration. Hands and mouths explored balls, sack and cock as well as ass, as his entire body became theirs to play with. He breathed and sighed in ecstasy as legs, arms, face and body felt the sensual strokes of strong young hands over his entire body and soon he grew hard again, longing once more for orgasmic release.

Then as if by signal they all stepped back and away.

"The images from the sigmoidoscope have been captured as an AVI movie, and will be available on memory stick for more detailed study at home. If there are no questions, that concludes the lesson for today, class."

"Miss Taylor," said Tony, "Kal-el has made quite a mess on your desk. Is it right that the janitor should have to clean it up?"

"No. Good point Tony. Kal-el, you will need to lick that mess up before you go."

And the humbled superhero obediently dragged himself from the desk and lowered his tongue to the pools of semen which had shot from his cock just moments before.

"I think he deserves a spanking," said Angela with a smirk. "What do you think Miss Taylor."

"Undoubtedly he does but unfortunately the particular physiology of Kal-el renders a spanking useless. As a Kryptonian on Earth he would feel no sting, no pain from spanking. It would be waste of time resulting only in sore hands for the spankers."

"Not necessarily." It was Luthor's voice from the back of the classroom. He had sneaked in for the final part of the "lesson" revelling in Superman's relegation to milking beast.

"What do you mean?" asked the teacher.

"It's experimental of course, but we could use the Environmental Manipulator to enable our boy to experience the peculiar delights of S&M."

"Of course! It would have limited effect but yes, it would indeed provide the one possibility for his participation in the fine line between pleasure and pain. Perhaps we can explore that in future?" And with a broad grin, she and her class exited from the room.

Superman finished his mopping up with his tongue and turned to face Luthor who stood watching with a look quiet delight on his face.

"Enjoy that, Superman?"

"It was... it... it was..." He paused uncomfortably. "Yes... It was amazing..."

"Three more nights to go and then it's all over."

Superman frowned.

"What's the Environmental Manipulator?"

"Ah. That interests you?"

"I'm... curious. I've heard that song you mentioned, 'There's a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain'. I never thought about it seriously before, but is it true? I've never felt physical pain so I I've never had that experience."

"The Manipulator is an experimental device my scientists have created. It can change the physics of a small space for a limited time so that it responds in specific ways to specific individuals. It would, might, allow us to create a room where for a little time you would experience the space as if it were on your home-world Krypton. You would be able to participate completely in some of our little games, and learn the delicious truth behind the song."

"It sounds... interesting.... I don't know."

"Think about it, tell me tomorrow." And with that he dropped the red, yellow and blue costume onto the floor in front of the naked hunk. "Time to go."

And with that he turned and walked from the room, leaving the cum-stained Kal-el to reflect on the experiences of the night just past, and speculate on the possibilities of the Environmental Manipulator.


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