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Robin Forever Changed
Chapter 9 - The Next Level
By GIX (Illustrated by Gix)

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The Doc didn’t say anything to Robin, not the Robin was in any condition to reply as he walked around behind the helpless hero. He wrapped his arms around the hero as if to give him a warm caring huge like a couple would do. Robin returned the favor pushing his body into the man who held him not only in his arms but captive as well. The gesture Robin produced took the Doc by surprise. His plan to screw with the mind of hero was working, he needed to push forward.

He continued to hold Robin with one arm while his other hand made his way to Robin's ass, beginning to rub and caress it. Robin apparently forgot who was doing this to him, let out a moan of pleasure, and mumbled out, "mmmm oooo, feels so good, don’t stop."

The Doc had no intention of stopping in fact he was about to take things to the next level. He gently kissed the back of the hero's neck and nuzzled it. "Don’t worry Dick soon you will be all mine, you will be in heaven."

All Dick or Robin could do was moan in pleasure, anticipating what was yet to come. The Doc gently removed his hand from the hero's ass taking the time coat his fingers with some lube he had standing by. The hero was now totally relaxed by all the stimulation. The Doc gently worked his finger against the love hole of the hero. Robin still was feeling nothing but pleasure.

Then the Doc took it to the next level as he pressed the tip of his index finger against the anal muscle of the hero. He was asking for entry to an area he was sure had never been probed before. He incurred some natural resistance at first but his finger easily popped through the muscle.

When that happened, Robin's eyes flew open and he screamed out, "what the hell."

The Doc had his finger now fully buried inside the hero in search of his next target. Robin again was having feeling he had never experienced before. Feeling of pain mainly at first, but there were more sensations he could not process, his brain was on full over load now. He wanted to stop, but yet wanted to beg for more.

As Robin was about to voice a new round of protests, the Doctor's finger hit something deep inside him that made everything turn white, causing all of his senses and feelings to explode all at once. He was feeling so much pleasure and so many new feeling he could not manage to do anything but breathe.

The Doc continued to probe the hero, unlocking more new feelings to the hero further overloading both his body and his brain. Finally he gathered himself and managed to get out "What is that, what are you doing to me? I have never felt this before."

"You like that hero boy? That is your prostate; some people call it a love nut. It's the center of sexual feelings."

“I never knew it could be like this." He knew he should not love this, but he couldn't help it he was have new and amazing feelings he was forced to admit he was enjoying.


Robin's mind was now blown and the Doc knew it, now was the time to take the hero and make him his, finish fucking his mind. His own cock was now standing at attention and ready for action. He took it in hand rubbing the head on the entry way to the young hero's love canal. He spread some more lube on it as he rubbed it up and down on the thin muscle that was blocking his entry.

"You ready for this big boy? You ready to become my bitch?"

Robin was almost in a drunken stupor, unable to answer. The Doc took that as a yes, not that it would have mattered. He leaned into the hero forcing the head of his cock to breach the anal muscle of the hero. When it popped passed, Robin let out an "owwwww"

The little nerd proceeded to slide his whole length inside stopping only when the base of his cock was fully inside. He let it rest there for a minute as Robin got used to being full and having another man inside him. He needed to let that sink into him body and mind both. He whispered into the hero's ear. "How does it feel hero boy, to have a man inside you, fucking your ass."

Robin either couldn’t or wouldn’t answer; he was crying on the inside, he was trying not to let his emotions show. The crying was both because he wanted it to stop and continue, his mind was so fucked up right now he had no clue what the hell he needed or wanted.

The Doc now began to pull in and out, fucking the hero in earnest. He picked up the speed as he rocked back and forth, in and out. He had a rhythm going and soon Robin was matching his rhythm with his body. Yes it appears that the Doc had gotten to the Hero, his mind was now as fucked as his ass was.

After about ten minutes of the Doctor relentlessly fucking the ass of the hero he could feel it was time to pump his seed deep within the hero and leave his mark on him so to speak. He emptied his balls deep within Robin, shooting volley after volley. Once he was done his softening cock fell out of the hero. Leaving a line of his spent cum running out of Robin's ass and down his inner thigh.

He walked around in front of Robin who at this point was exhausted and spent. His cock was still rock hard, red headed and throbbing, almost begging for another release. He smiled at Robin who looked at him almost pleading with his eyes to give him the release he needed. "You wouldn't want me to help you out there hero boy would you? One would think you were beginning to like this!"

"Hell no, I am not gay." Robin managed to gasp out, but what he was really thinking is "oh God yes get me off now, do it now!"

"Good, I am glad you feel that way, because you only get to get off once, at least for now."


The Doctor went to a different part of the room while Robin recovered and wished that he could get off again even if it was at the hand of a man. He soon came back to the hero carrying some kind of odd looking device. "Now enough with the fun, it’s time to get down to business."

"What are you doing? What is that thing?"

"Do you really want to know? I figured you would not care, but if you want me to explain things I can do it in basic terms you might understand."

"You know I am not stupid, and yes I assume it involves me I want to know exactly what you are going to do."

"Well you are not at the level I am at, but I am glad to explain. This here is a hood that will, oh how should I put this, and in effect it will make a copy of your brain. I mean not in a physical sense but it will copy all of your thoughts, memories and brain functions and store them in electronic form."

"Can that be done? And more important why?"

"Well yes it can, it has been a long road and a lot of trial and error, several test subjects but I finally worked out all the kinks. The odd part, all this is thanks to funding provided by Wayne Industries, kind of ironic, don’t you think?"

"Kinks worked out, what kind of kinks?"

"Well we have worked all that out now, but let’s just say a couple of the first tests didn’t end so well. The first one we got no copy and the subject was left a mindless zombie, the second one the same except we did get the copy! But no need to worry that is all in the past."

"Easy for you to say, you are not the one having that things strapped on."

"True, shall we get started? Hope you see me in a few hours."

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