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Robin Forever Changed
Chapter 8 - Almost Naked
By GIX (Illustrated by Gix)

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Of course it did not stop; nothing could stop what was going to happen. The Doc took his fingers and inserted them between the fabric of the shorts and under uniform that Robin was wearing. Ever so gently he traced down the side of the band inserting them farther as he went along. Finally he made contact with what he was searching for. The tips of his finger touched the hardening cock of our bound hero. The contact made both of them gasp for different reasons. The Doc knew what he wanted and he knew he would have it; it was just a matter of time.

For Robin the gasp was two-fold, one he had never been touched by a man there, and he was offended by it, but on the other hand for some reason it sent an odd wave of pleasure he had never felt before over him. Whatever was happening he could barely bring himself to respond in protest.

Once the Doc had finished his little game of touchy feely with the hero, he said, "Now I am going to release your legs one at a time and remove some more of your uniform, I trust you learned your lesson and I will not have to use my little device again."

Robin refused to answer, he knew he could not fight the Doc while he was in this device, he would have to bide his time and wait for a better opening, but he was going to be dammed if he would give in, so he remained defiant and silent.

The lock snapped open on one leg, allowing the removal of one boot and half of the bottom part of the suit. Even though the heroes manhood was visible, the Doc ignore it and kept on plan as he relocked the first leg and repeated the process on the other legs with out to much resistance from Robin. Once he was again secured Robin began to take in an almost fully naked Robin.

His body was impressive to say the least. "Why Robin, you are almost hairless? I am guessing that is not natural and done by choice." It was true the only hair Robin had from the neck down was a light treasure trail on his belly that went into a small well-trimmed patch of hair that rested above his perfect cock.

Robin could not answer, but it was true he liked the look and the feel of it. He was so embarrassed to be called out like this on it; all he could do was hang his head in shame. He had never had a man look at him this way before, many a women had and loved the smoothness of his body, truth be told Robin loved the look and feel of being hairless himself, he truly loved everything about his body.

The Doc could sense and see Robin's embarrassment, "Aww don't be shy and ashamed by your body my little hero, it is perfect and one of the most amazing things I have seen, you have a right to be proud of it, I just never figured you to be as vain as you are, I can tell you love your body. I do, please don’t be shy about it, after all it is mine and shortly I will do as a please with it."

That comment got Robin's attention, "What does that mean?"

"Nothing you need to be worried about right now, all will be clear soon enough. You just relax and let me enjoy your body, take the compliments."

Hearing those words fed right into Robin's ego. He loved having his body praised and it didn’t seem to matter who did it. His head came up and seemingly forgetting where he was and who was giving him the compliment; he began to smile, lost in his own lustful thoughts.

After a while of petting and feeding the hero's insatiable appetite for compliments about his body the Doc said, "I knew why I wanted to have you; I have clearly made the right choice." Those words snapped the hero back to reality.


"As much as I would love to sit here and admire your body all day, I can't, we have to get going so we are done by the time Bats comes home."

"Let me go you sicko, I am warning you, don’t touch me anymore or you will pay for this, I promise you that! I will hurt you."

"Robin, Robin, Robin, when are you going to learn your threats mean nothing to me. Now shall we get started?"

"Started? Started with what?"

"I have a surprise for you, a gift of sorts, or maybe a first for you, something I don’t think you have ever had before?"

"Whatever it is I don’t want it, what I want is for you to stop this and let me go."

"Oh no, I think you will enjoy this far too much, at least in time you will, to turn it down. No we will go ahead with the surprise now." The professor smiled at the hero as he kicked off his shoes, and then slipped out of his pants and lab coat, leaving him naked standing in front of Robin.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"It's your surprise silly hero."

"Well if seeing you naked is it, it’s not much of a prize."

The words didn’t bother the Doctor he was used to it, and besides things would be changing soon enough.

"No Robin the surprise is much better."


"What are you doing?" Robin asked as the Doc stepped closer to him.

"This is the first part of your surprise Robin. I am sure you have experienced some of this before and some will be new for you, just let yourself go and enjoy yourself."

Robin again began to protest, wildly jerking at his restraints, "You get the hell away from me, now, you are not going to touch me! Dam you, please stop this now."

The Doc stepped up to the hero placing his hands on Robins waist, much like one of his girlfriends would do if they were going to dance or kiss. His hands rested on the strong massive hips of the bound hero as he looked at the hero's face. For some reason the look the two were exchanging got to Robin. He didn’t know what was happening; he had never been in this situation with another male.

The Doc slowly moved his hands over the body of the hero, caressing his chest gently touching every inch of his body as he wrapped his arms around Robin's body moving his attention to the hero’s muscular strong back. He moved in closer as if to hug him tightly, furthering the confusing going on in Robin's head. He in one way was disgusted and turned off by what the Doc was doing to him, but in another way he was soaking it all in, taking in feelings and sensation he had never encountered before.

He kept searching the back of his mind; anyplace he could to explain why he was having these feelings. He surely could not like men, there was no way on earth he could be gay? Could he? No no way, not a stud like him, he thought to himself. I mean sure he could see why another gay guy would want to be with him, after all, what was not to like or love. He was strong, full of muscles, has a huge cock, he was the perfect male specimen.

It still didn’t make sense why he would be having feelings. This was all beginning to get to him. What the hell was happening to him? There is no way he could be gay. Could he. He was so tied up in his thoughts he didn’t even realize what was happening to him.

The Doc had turned his attention to Robin's cock. He knelt down if front of the hero, with his half hard cock right there. He gently began to lick the head of the massive cock. Then beginning to take the head inside of his mouth. This all caused the cock to become fully hard and expand to its maximum size. He pulled back to enjoy the view, taking the tip of his tongue playing with the piss slit.

That action was enough to get Robin's attention. He jerked as much as he could, screaming out, "What are you doing? Get away from me!"

"Enjoy it, I am sure you have had this done many many times before." The Doc said taking more of the cock deep within his mouth.

"Yeah, I have, but never from a man." Robin said as he tensed up. "Please stop, get your mouth off of me, this is not right."

He pulled off momentarily, "If it's so wrong and you don’t like it, why are you so hard?" He said as returned deep throating the massive cock.

This was getting to Robin, he was enjoying it, but he could not understand why! He had to admit as this went on he had never had a blow job like this. He wanted to lower his hand to the nerds head and regulate his speed and movement. In lower and shaky voice he said "Dam, you are a good little cocksucker! How the hell do you know what to do and do it so dam well?"

He pulled off, "I had plenty of chances when the jocks in high school forced me to service them and keep them happy. You learn fast and learn a lot. I can tell you like this, tell me you want me to continue."

Robin had to fight to keep from saying yes, "No you need to stop please."

"Your lips say no, but your cock and eyes are begging me to finish what I started." He said as he returned to his task.

Truth be told Robin was glad he didn’t listen as he threw his head back in ecstasy. The Doc sucked and licked on the hero's cock like there was no tomorrow. It didn’t take long for the hero to know he was about to lose control and blow his load. He fought the sensation with everything he had; he did not want to give this little nerd the satisfaction of knowing he could get a man like him off.

He tried to think of other things, but it was just no use, the mouth that was pleasuring him was just to dam talented to ignore. He had tried everything but it finally came to the point of no return and he knew he would be giving up his precious white milky fluid of life to the nerd that had him trapped.

He always warned the girls he had been with, this time he didn’t know of he said, "Pull off I am going to blow" out of habit or because he really wanted to warn his captor. To his surprise the Doc didn’t pull off in fact he pushed the massive cock farther down his throat than it had ever been. The he made some kind of vibrating action deep in his throat. That was all it took for Robin to reach his limit and explode. His massive nuts pumped his seed through his cock and into the throat of the little nerd. Robin bucked in a limited way since he did not have total freedom of movement being bound to the table. He had never experience an orgasm of this intensity before and he had had plenty in his life. He felt like his cock was overloaded by the stream of cum his massive low hanging nuts had produced, at one point he screamed so load because he thought his cock would be ripped of his body.

When all was said and done and the hero came to a rest, he looked down at the little red head who somehow managed to take almost all of it only losing a small amount from his lips.

Robin was totally spent. Not only was his body wrecked but so was his mind. How the hell could he ever enjoy this from this nerd? If he were not bound he would have collapsed. The Doc, pulled off standing up before the confused hero.

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