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The Alpha and his Beta
Part 5 - Finale
By Cracker

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The Alpha and his Beta: Finale

By Cracker

To erastes from his devoted eromenos. Any feedback would be great.

As I was held down my Master’s cock-head firmly pressed into me. I let out a gasp as its thick shaft spread apart the outer muscular walls of my anal ring. I recalled seeing his cock in the showers ; its thick girth and how, when he once jokingly fondled it into an erection, its impressive length. Now that massive equipment was going to punch its way into my guts. I took in a deep breath and made an effort to relax as he slowly thrust his dark meat into my hole. It felt as if my inner anal ling was on fire. I grunted as he whispered encouragements. He remined me I’d wanted this since our school days. How he should have taken my ass back in high school. How he was enjoying that I was a tight white bitch that needed him to open me up.  As he spoke, I could feel my guts eagerly unwinding to suck in more of his manhood. At some point his massive tool went in full tilt and hit my prostate. Through my gag, I yelped then whimpered in pleasure. I backed up my ass into his pole. The men holding me laughed and said he had finally tapped my white boy’s sweet spot. It was at that moment he began to really fuck me. Violently, savagely he pounded my G spot until I was howling in heat. My cock was fully erect and getting stimulatingly mashed on the surface of the table. 

Suddenly I felt a burning pain on my right butt-cheek. It quickly got worse whenever his hefty cum-filled balls slapped against my rump. I yelped but my cry was muffled by my gag. I moved forward only to have him grab me by the waist and push even harder into me. The smell of burned flesh filled my lungs then surprisingly  the burning sensations unexpectedly stopped. The pain on my cheek was soon replaced by the renewed inner arousal of getting fucked by a man who knew how to fuck! My white ass was shown the pleasures of being turned out to be a strong black man’s cunt. I heard him laughing in that deeply sexy growl. My rear-end took on a life of its own as it humped upward to meet his thrusts. When I turned my head, I saw him give a high five to the man who I assumed had branded my pale white rump. We fucked while I shamelessly cried out and acted like a dog in heat until, with one loud whoop of triumph, his seed exploded into me. Bred , my mind thought, as his searing hot spunk flowed into me. I’m bred.  as his liquid heat filled me. my body quaked. I rammed my cock on the table's hard surface and climaxed. To shouts of, 'look at that white boy cream' I unloaded my nuts.

As he pulled his rod out, I loudly moaned in disappointment. I felt empty. I lay there panting while sensing his cum leaking out of my anal chute. Before I knew it however, one of the men in the room moved behind me. Getting my Master’s approval, the man began screwing me. My hole, now loose and slick with cum, eagerly sucked his tool into me. After a few minutes, he too blasted his jizz into me. When he pulled out, another took his place. Over the next half hour, all the men in the room took turns plowing my pink butt hole. By the time they were finished, my once hard, flat eight pack was slightly bulging outward from being filled with their heated cream.

I lay on the surface of the table, covered in sweat and panting. i could feel their spunk dripping from my anus’s entryway then down my thighs. My hole was sore and a sharp dull pain emanated from my right butt cheek. My master suddenly pulled me up to my feet by my collar. He undid the gag and, led me to a nearby mirror where I saw his brand on my ass. There is was, seared forever on my flesh, a fiery red growling wolf enclosed within a circle. You’re my bitch now, he whispered to me as we took in the sight. I dropped to my knees and leaned down to kiss his feet in sheer gratitude for this privilege. I was owned by an alpha black man. As I kissed each foot, I heard all of them laugh. When I got back to my feet, he pointed at the table where my own spunk lay pooling on its surface. I nodded and, like the now mind-fucked obedient pussy I was, I licked it all up. When he patted me on the head and called me his good white punk, I boned.

That night I was paraded around the club as its members applauded over the fact that another white man has been broken into his true role as a submission to a superior black man. I was led to another room. My ass was red with my brand; their jizz oozing down my legs. I was fitted with a metallic chastity locking device on my cock that also had an attached to a butt plug.  As the  plug was pushed into my ravaged hole, he told me that from now on my balls, cock, and butt were in his control. He pressed an app on his phone. Instantly the plug vibrated against my now highly sensitized prostate. I groaned as my cock, now tightly encase in a metal tube, unsuccessfully tried to expand.  I realized that, thanks to the tubular prison that enclosed my cock,  I could no longer bone whenever I was stimulated. My head spun, with the thrilling knowledge that thanks to the cock-lock, I’d been symbolically castrated by him. We later left with me trying to adjust to my new cock device. As he led me by my leash to his car, I felt proud to bear his mark and my guts holding his cum inside of it.

Over the next few days I adjusted to my new situation. I relearned how to urinate without making a mess. I quickly realized that, like a women, I had to squat to accomplish this task. Unlike a man, standing was no longer possible.  I still found that, no matter how careful I was about my flow, I had to wash my nuts afterwards. Soon, my cock seemed to shrivel in its cage even as my nut pouch appeared to swell in size. In the end, it made no difference to me how my cock and balls were affected.  My master only had need of my mouth and anus. Every fucking he gave me was now a mixture of arousal, from being royally screwed, combined with the pain of my dick being crushed inside its confinement. I was completely unable to achieve any erection. Any orgasms from me now consisted of squirting’s that seeped out from my squeezed cock and which left my balls covered in spunk.

I brought pleated pants to cover up the bulge the device gave to my crotch. At work, like his good bitch, I made sure to quickly funnel to him any new developments on all company projects. At times, while I was at work, he set off my anal plug to send a series of erotic vibrations upward my from ass to my nuts. It took all my strength not to jump when it happened and, especially not to groan out loud. Every unexpected vibration caused my cock to itch with the knowledge he was enjoying it. It was a constant reminder he owned my ass. At night, he would laugh about what he had done as I contently slobbered upon his erection.

Thanks to the information I sent him, combined with some subtle sabotages he had me inject into projects, my old employer went bankrupt. I now work under my new master’s direction at a new rival to his company. When I do I good job securing information on one of their projects, I am allowed to sit under his desk at his home and suck him off while he downloads the stuff I’ve secured. I’ve sold my condo and handed over all my assets to him. I’ve moved into his place and contentedly sleep a large dog cage in his bedroom. Every Saturdays night, he attaches my leash and takes me to the club. There, like all the other eagerly owned white men, I happily sit at his feet ready to use my holes to service him or anyone else he wishes me to serve. My life finally feels complete.


The End