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The Alpha and his Beta
Part 4 - Part Four
By Cracker

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The Alpha and his Beta: Part Four

By Cracker

To erastes from his devoted eromenos

We walked in silence to his car. I got in without his having to tell me to do it. By now, I was fully enthralled by thoughts of serving him. I was so nervous, I couldn’t speak. He instructed me to open the glove box and take out what I found inside of it. When I did, I saw a black leather dog collar with a leash attached. He took it from me and quickly secured the collar around my neck. I detected a light scent of leather. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath; savoring the aroma. I heard him laugh. That warm sounding authoritative voice that now made my balls tingle in excitement. He asked if I liked being collared to him. I just sat there incapable of saying anything. All I could think was my cock was fully erect in my pants. So, I merely nodded. He patted my head and called me a good pup. We drove off. Twenty minutes later were in a section of the city populated by the areas’ growing minority upper-class. 

He ordered me out of the car. I stood on the well-lit street standing in my best Armani suit while sporting a dog collar and leash. I was humiliated yet, even more of a total mind-fuck, was the obvious tentpole in my crotch. He walked to me and took the end of the leash. Saying nothing, he led me down the block to a three-story townhouse. I could feel everyone staring. I never felt more embarrassed or more sexually thrilled. A we walked up the steps of the townhouse,  I saw a large, muscular Latino guy in an expensive suit standing guard at the front door.  He gazed at me. There I was, standing there on a leash with my erection pressing outward. He shook his head showing me a with a mixture of amusement and contempt. As we passed him I heard him say he hoped he’d get a piece of my ass tonight too. Seconds later I was led inside. Around me where  black men of every size , age , and shape. I was led to a small side room and told to strip. He explained white men were forbidden to be dressed in the club. I again found myself saying nothing, just doing as I was told. After I was bare-assed, he took my leash and led me out to face everyone. I glanced down in embarrassment at my waving boner. He again laughed and said erections by white men were normal in the club. He explained it was due to the power of such concentrated black sensuality that was overloading our minds. My own mind tried to take it all in as we moved from room to room.

All throughout the place, numerous good-looking, collared, naked white men with athletic builds were busy serving the black clientele drinks or food. I noticed more than a few equally hot looking and fully naked white men were collared and leashed. They silently sat at their owners feet, gazing up at their masters with a look of utter adoration. To my shock, I recognized quite a few of those collared men as well-known, young, up-and-coming business executives with a macho reputation among the women in the city. Here they were, totally enthralled and submissive to superior black owners.  I also saw a variety brand marking on every one of their asses.  He saw me checking out all those branded asses and told me soon I would wear his unique signature brand too. I said nothing but my erection quivered and a large bead of precum emerged from the slit on my cock’-head. He laughed as we watched it slowly drop to the floor at my feet. He pointed to the small glistening blob. “Clean it up.” He sharply said. I dropped to my knees. It felt as if every eye in that room was watching me as I lapped it up. More precum dribbled from my dick, forcing me to shuffle backward on all fours to quickly slurp it up. When I rose I felt the twin heats of humiliation and absolute arousal. 

As we entered one room, I saw one strikingly hot, collared white guy in his middle-thirties with his face deeply buried in the butt of an pudgy, older black guy. Sticking out between the cheeks of his well-muscled rounded white rump was dog tail plug. From his low contented moans, he was enjoying eating out the man’s ass. Judging by the erection the man had, his boy was doing a great job too. When he finished, he pulled his face out from between the man’s massive butt-cheeks. I recognized him as our state’s powerful, MAGA spouting, US Senator.  The black guy tousled his hair then actually jerked off into the guy’s face and cream-pied him in front of everyone! My cock twitched and another glob of precum oozed out. The second it hit the floor I instantly dropped and licked it up. As I did I could hear some of the other black men tell my leash holder how well trained I was. I felt him pat my head and call me his pathetic white bitch. I close my eyes let out a contented moan as I gulped in the scent of white men in heat. I rubbed my cheek against his leg and lightly whimpered my contentment. A sharp pull on my leash brought me out of my blissful trance. I rose and we continued walking through the club.

In another room, I saw a famous young, macho strutting, action movie star’s whose arms were tied up to an overhead pole. Numerous elderly black men were taking turns fucking his Instagram famous, stunning, gym-toned body. Judging from his howls of pleasure and his waving erection, America’s All-American white boy was loving every minute of it. His well-known handsome face wore a goofy grin of utter contentment. Those famed killer-blue eyes were dully unfocused, as he surrendered an ass many moviegoers lusted after into being these black men’s cum-dump. As he got fucked, his hefty ball-sack slammed into a metal chastity device that enclosed an impressive looking cock. With every thrust into him, he loudly whined in pain yet still begged to be fucked over by the men who, by now, were happily giving each other a high-five. Each room we passed through showed numerous black men being sexually serviced by white guys. Soon, I was in full rut mode, my body quivering with desire to be used, my mind lost in a haze of submission, and salivating to service my new owner.

Before I knew it, we were in a room that only had long table and a brazier in the center. A fire raged inside of it. An iron rods extended from the bowl. From the heat it was clear the rod was being heated up. Three other black men were in the room. They said nothing.  I nervously stared at my master, for I now thought of him in such terms. He grinned and led me to a table. Saying nothing, he bent me at the waist and face forward onto the surface. Two of the black men came over. Each griped an arm, to keep me securely down on its surface. I wanted to cry out but instead I merely whimpered. My brain was reeling but my cock, however, was totally erect. My master quietly spoke to me. His calming tone of voice quieted me down. He told me I needed to carry his mark on my rump if I wanted to be his white boy; he wouldn’t however, force me to endure it. If I refused to be branded,  I could leave. If I agreed, he would breed me while at the same time, another friend would burn his owner’s mark into my right butt-cheek.

If I had any doubts they were overruled by a vison of his massive black dick, the one I’d lusted over in those high school showers, breeding my white hole. I moaned and nodded. A gag was inserted into my mouth. He pulled my legs apart and quickly lubed my anal entryway. I grunted in pleasure as his finger expertly worked on my chute. When his first finger penetrated my hole, I gasped in delight. My cock waved about as if encouraging that hand onward. I could sense my precum oozing out. By the time he was done fingering me out, I was loose and ready to be fucked.  My brain was also in full heat and craving wear his personal brand on my well-rounded, pink, bubbled rump. I felt him move behind me. His thumb massaged my anal ring sending shivers of pleasure up from my balls to the tip of my cock. I groaned and oozed more pre-cum. I was lost in sexual heat. I heard him say, “he’s ready.” As he whispered how much he knew I needed him to breed and seed me  while rubbing his large cock-head against the outer muscles of my hole for its entry. When I turned my head, I dimly saw his friend take the white hot rod from the brazier. The end that was in the fire displayed a glowing circle, inside of which was the image of a howling wolf. I am going to bred and branded by my black master , my now sex crazed brain silently moaned. 


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